새끼 달팽이들을 죽게 만든 기생충.. 끔찍합니다.

7 apr 2021
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#달팽이 #기생충
얼마전 알에서 새끼 달팽이들이 태어났다.
새끼 달팽이들은 상추와 사료를 먹으며 건강하게 자라고 있었다.
그런데 어느날 움직이지 않는 달팽이들이 나타났고
자세히 들여다보니 정체모를 벌레가 나타나는데...

  • 다행히 어미 달팽이 쪽에는 기생충이 없었습니다. 달팽이 키우시는 분들 코코피트 꼭 얼렸다가 사용하세요.. 그리고 혹시 06:23 이녀석 정체 아시는 분 계실까요?? 하.. Fortunately, there were no parasites on the side of the mother snail. If you have snails, be sure to freeze the coco-peat before use. Felizmente, não havia parasitas nas laterais do caracol-mãe. Se você tiver caracóis, certifique-se de congelar a turfa do coco antes de usar. May mắn thay, không có ký sinh trùng ở phía bên của ốc mẹ. Nếu bạn có ốc sên, hãy đảm bảo đông lạnh mụn dừa trước khi sử dụng. К счастью, на стороне материнской улитки не оказалось паразитов. Если у вас есть улитки, обязательно заморозьте кокосовый торф перед употреблением. Heureusement, il n'y avait aucun parasite du côté de l'escargot mère. Si vous avez des escargots, assurez-vous de congeler la tourbe de coco avant de l'utiliser. Afortunadamente, no había parásitos en el lado del caracol madre. Si tiene caracoles, asegúrese de congelar la turba de coco antes de usarla. Glücklicherweise gab es keine Parasiten an der Seite der Mutterschnecke. Wenn Sie Schnecken haben, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie den Kokostorf vor dem Gebrauch einfrieren.

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    • 선충류입니다. 달팽이와 같은 것들을 먹고 살아요.

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    • Alguien me dice que esta diciendo el, es que no hablo taka taka

      Yossi OsorioYossi OsorioGiorno fa
    • @유빈아 랜드 옛날에는 자막도 없고 해서 외국인들이 많이 없었지만 요즘은 자막도 있어서 많이 있습니다

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    • Obrigada por traduzir pra português

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    • echale lejia o algo que los mate para que vean como sufrieron tus caracoles

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  • them bugs teleport behind you like a fuckin anime character

    ChikiPawChikiPaw2 minuti fa
  • I’m not a big fan of snails but THE PARASITES MAKES ME SO ANGRY, Poor snails :(

    • Maryam Art •• Maryam Art •56 minuti fa
  • The John Wick of Snails

    The Jeffy ShowThe Jeffy ShowOra fa
  • Parasite: *kills snails* Him: YOU'VE TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME

    EEOra fa
  • La venganza contra los parásitos nunca termina, pero venceremos!

    Cesar STCesar STOra fa
  • PleaseBee:may god fogive you but im not god.

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  • R.I.P

    Daniel Viana LimaDaniel Viana Lima2 ore fa
  • this man is a real disney princess with animal friends lucky😐

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  • That’s such a weird pet choice

    Future Looks BleakFuture Looks Bleak2 ore fa
  • Dari kalian pasti ada yang pernah pukul pake batu atau di injak kan :v ??

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  • #karma.

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  • ... Que dios cuide bien de los caracoles caidos🙏🙏🙏

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  • Para que no te pase lo mismo te recomiendo que laves la verdura (lechuga, zanaoria) Para que no te vuelva a ocurrir

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  • I’m not 100% sure, but I think they might be springtails.

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  • Ну это просто шедевр! Лайк + подписка!

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  • F for the snais

    Fabíola MartinsFabíola Martins4 ore fa
  • Now, I am thinking about falling in love with snails thinking "looks doesn't matter, what matter is your insides"

    arradhya boraharradhya borah4 ore fa
  • We called that jumping bug "baboy babuyan" in the Philippines. Baboy = pig 🐖🐷

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  • Parasites: kills snails Pleasebee: have spain without the s

    Markus LadaMarkus Lada5 ore fa
  • Parasites: kills snails While Pleasebee: “ wanna be my yoonbum hun ? ”

    하늘하늘5 ore fa
  • I dont know why but whenever i see a snail i would feel chills, but my curiosity just wont let me rest if i dont see this. In other words, im scared and amazed with snails actually.

    Mardhiah WasiqahMardhiah Wasiqah6 ore fa
  • this was a whole story arc with a climax in the finale, wow

    Sameer 20BCA010Sameer 20BCA0106 ore fa
  • damn the orchestra music is like from dark souls or monster hunter

    Potato GamerPotato Gamer6 ore fa
  • Este tipo se la tiene jurada a los parásitos

    Santiago GimenezSantiago Gimenez8 ore fa
  • Me: Awake at 12:20pm Snails: C O N S U M E

    Evelyn HiattEvelyn Hiatt9 ore fa
  • Salt

    Random guyRandom guy9 ore fa
  • Antes les tenía miedo a las arañas y cucarachas, depsues de este video ahora a los ácaros Dato interesante: si no sacudes tu cama antes de tenderla está puede tener miles de ácaros por ahí, así también si no las lavas dbwjdj me disculpo por anticipado por haberlos traumado✋

    Mishuu desuMishuu desu10 ore fa
  • Hmmm.... perhaps it's good I saw this video. I shall stop killing the snails I see in my garden( and elsewhere). It was good to hear their shells cracking and mixing along with their disgusting slime left behind as they moved. On the floor, on the trees, on the walls... Watching this video, I've had a change of heart. The snails here are of a different species I suppose. Different colors and shells... No longer are they pests to be killed. Unless of course their population increases 🤣. Now they're just pests. I shall leave them alone.

    URK20CE1004 Hino SuuURK20CE1004 Hino Suu11 ore fa
  • I think I seen that parasite before I don't now if this is the parasite you show or not but that parasite uses it's victim to late there eggs to the victim and when the egg hatch it will begin to eat the inside of the animals who they lay there eggs are 😊

    Flordeliza AlibioFlordeliza Alibio12 ore fa
  • All it takes to be jown wick is if your pet/friend dies

    Jamir BalelaJamir Balela12 ore fa
  • Este era o comentário BR que você seu serelepe procurava. 👺

    EndrikEndrik12 ore fa
  • The bug is a flea I think

    •Boba-Chan••Boba-Chan•13 ore fa
  • Me dieron ganas de tener caracoles :'4

    Dg GanuzaDg Ganuza13 ore fa
  • Don't sanitize them just give them alcohol and set them to fire

    Tan ClarenceTan Clarence14 ore fa
  • Gracias recomendaciones de ITworlds por mostrarme está joya, jamás pensé que pudiera empatiza con un caracol pero este vídeo me mostró lo contrario

    jesus blancojesus blanco14 ore fa
  • I loathe parasites. Poor baby snails ;---; I didn't like snails before this. But now, I think they're cute.

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  • I don't understand Korean, but cool nails bro

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  • Those things can teleport!

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  • Qria saber o propósito do ITworlds reunir várias pessoas de vários idiomas neste vídeo.

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  • i now love snails

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  • Top 10 momentos más tristes del anime:

    Jonás MantillaJonás Mantilla17 ore fa
  • fire extinguisher

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  • 7:00 I get it, you want to get revenge on the parasites, but think about what's going on right now around the world. That's a waste of hand sanitizer and could possibly mean 1+ person gets infected with covid. Why not use some kind of poison instead?

    xX_Lone_Wolf_XxxX_Lone_Wolf_Xx17 ore fa
  • Con 5 minutos viendo un caracol me pareció bonito y ahora quiero uno :D

    Gabriel PeñuelaGabriel Peñuela17 ore fa
  • I never thought I’d be so invested in snails...

    Duh PastaDuh Pasta18 ore fa

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  • Please indonesian subtitle

    Widhi Priyo FattanWidhi Priyo Fattan18 ore fa
  • Después de ver este video, solo quiero fundar una secta antiparasitos

    Camila IntaCamila Inta18 ore fa
  • Una historia interesante

    Douglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur18 ore fa
  • :(

    MAXfantasmaMAXfantasma19 ore fa
  • Those poor snails they were so cute, the parasites suck

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  • Snails are epic

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  • Расия это тожи смотрет!!!!!

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  • Мда...

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  • This video made me remember the time when I saw ants climbing up my window when I was little and I grabbed soap from the bathroom while pouring the soap on them and I saw their limbs slow stop. I probably killed around 50 of them and decided to stop because there were to many. I just feel really bad because they just wanted my candy I left out.

    Fabian LopezFabian Lopez20 ore fa
  • 4:11 Can someone tell me the song here?

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  • I think I might know what bug it is and can come in wheat or flower

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  • You should light up the sanitizer on fire

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  • Como chota termine acá

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  • Бедные улиточки, надеюсь те что остались в живых выросли и теперь живут хорошо:3

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  • not sure the exact species but I think these bugs belong to Collembola.(flesh eating)

    Yunfan ZhangYunfan Zhang23 ore fa
  • Onde caralhos o ITworlds me levou ksksksks? Algum BR além de mim vendo isso?

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  • They are not parasites, it call cleaningcrew eating death animal

    Nael Aries Partogi ManikNael Aries Partogi Manik23 ore fa
  • I think the water would do just thw same. Because you just drown em in sanitizer and the alcholic liquid has blocked their microscopice holes of breathing

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  • the music tho

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  • Cadê os br aqui???

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  • かわいい❤️

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  • 4:11 teleport ~~

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  • жалко улиток

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  • 1:14 the little baby coming out tho🤚🥺

    “..lofi..”“..lofi..”Giorno fa

  • Damn bro this got dark real quick.

    I am cringe.I am cringe.Giorno fa
  • Ayo this video is like a movie I love it so much. I CANT FORGIVE THOSE MIYES

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  • 상추같은 야채에도 붙어오는 경우도 있습니다 힘내세요ㅜㅜ

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  • У тебя самого проблемы с головой)

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  • maybe use bug spray to kill those pests?

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  • I would’ve burned those parasites alive

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  • Warp space WTF 😜 4:10

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  • какого черта, ютуб?

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  • 진짜 썸네일 민폐라는 생각 안해봤냐 느금처럼 늙은 것들이 보면 쇼크사 하겠네

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  • 존나 징그럽네 썸네일 좀 바꿔라

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  • I can’t believe you posted a John Wick movie thinking no one would notice

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  • fUA lA rEviiViA El cOrEanIto mEn

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  • 😭

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  • Well this is *interesting....*

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  • No one can beat... The flash

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  • Случайно появившееся в рекомендациях корейское видео про паразитов с эпичной музыкой. Конечно, что ещё я могу посмотреть с таким интересом.

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  • And I just stepped on a snail 🥲 all of a sudden snails are cute

    _•Bxnny_Bxi•__•Bxnny_Bxi•_Giorno fa
  • No sabía que los ácaros se comen a otros animales

    Soge KingSoge KingGiorno fa
  • *Execution..*

  • Итог: клещам пиздец

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  • Just looking at those bug mite makes my hair on my body stads up

    shian yurie kunangshian yurie kunangGiorno fa
  • 9:04 background name music plsss

  • 마지막부분은 꼭 영화에서 주요악역 나오는 느낌이네요 ㅋㅋ

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  • Girls: I can't nelieve boys didn't cry during titanic,do they even have feelings? Boys:

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  • That really sucks Korean: 정말 짜증나

    Tyler VaughnTyler VaughnGiorno fa
    • Oh i see thenks!

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  • The parasites you're looking for are called "Springtails". Not sure if they eat snails or not.

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  • 4:06 Uso la teletransportacion

    F R A N YTF R A N YTGiorno fa