Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Ray

25 gen 2021
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • After messing about with CRT's a bit I kept thinking "Mehdi! DEFLECTION! Magnets!" I'm a total noob but worth a thought.

    Rannug BlahRannug Blah2 ore fa
  • The cathode ray was first invented by a guy who thought he could contact spirits via the rays

    Winston SmithWinston Smith12 ore fa
  • the big glass dome at the edge of his table gives me anxiety

    NanoAxenelNanoAxenelGiorno fa
  • ur gay but ur content is cool

    PlingketPlingket2 giorni fa
  • Well, the electron ray itself should not be visible just like this, in a cathode ray tube it can be usually seen only on some screen with special fluorescent paint, maybe try that next time

    42422 giorni fa
  • That looks very cool8:32

    Chicken man but Not that manChicken man but Not that man3 giorni fa
  • Educated guess

    Teguh HadiTeguh Hadi3 giorni fa
  • 2:53 the whole world collapses 😂

    Saikat ChakrabortySaikat Chakraborty5 giorni fa
  • رو دستت ندیدم

    R KR K5 giorni fa
  • really cool

    sub demassub demas6 giorni fa
  • You very genius and Smart 👍🏻💫⭐

    Fasa F.PFasa F.P6 giorni fa
  • i studied about cathode rays in class 8 which was related to discovery of electron

    Vishwajeet DhaliVishwajeet Dhali6 giorni fa
  • There is no earthly reason why this guys gags should still work and still be so goddam funny. I attribute it to genius. Comedy genius combined with electronics genius. Who woulda thunk it. Kudos man!

    Dominic Del PrincipeDominic Del Principe6 giorni fa
  • Very interesting! Is this how a Dyson motionless fan works?

    JustsomeguyJustsomeguy6 giorni fa
  • He has a shirt that says "EYE-BROWSE"

    Democratic DetoxDemocratic Detox6 giorni fa
  • Can you make a tv please 🙏🙏🙏

    TiviruvaaTiviruvaa7 giorni fa
  • DIY CRT when?

    wendynwendyn7 giorni fa
  • possible to make a desk fan with this?

    Ivan the StrangeIvan the Strange8 giorni fa
  • Fried chicken fried chicken and a potato

    Razqa & Arka wahyudiRazqa & Arka wahyudi9 giorni fa
  • one day I will wakeup in morning and see news famous ITworldsr mehdi injured 5 neighbors during his new video shoot.

    shinigami ryukshinigami ryuk9 giorni fa
  • Mehdi, did you try watching your own video in 0.25 playback speed?

    At A GlimpseAt A Glimpse9 giorni fa
  • Wairing

    Ahmad RizaniAhmad Rizani9 giorni fa
  • Молодец ...

    Олег ЕремкинОлег Еремкин10 giorni fa
  • u need to direct electrons with magnetic field.

    muhammet cakmakmuhammet cakmak11 giorni fa
  • electronics make me crazy,,,i like this

    andy serviceandy service11 giorni fa
  • Are you trying to create double slits experiment?

    Chanissara SuksomChanissara Suksom11 giorni fa
  • I want a unibrow!

    David MckendryDavid Mckendry12 giorni fa
  • Why dont you build a TV

    Bath TubBath Tub12 giorni fa
  • 1:17 but if an electron experiences more force towards up then it will go more up than centre and nsow has more down force. So it will go in a SHM.

    Pravar GuptaPravar Gupta12 giorni fa
  • Why do you need an hairdryer

    {Captian Titan}{Captian Titan}12 giorni fa
  • I came here after a long time. It was worth it! 🙏

    Sourabh RaviSourabh Ravi13 giorni fa
  • How transistor 5:25 works with DC 1:00 ?

    wolkirswolkirs13 giorni fa
  • Hey electroboom I am a kid and I want to understand electronic from the starting point. Please provide me set of video so I can be expert like you.

    Throttle ScienceThrottle Science13 giorni fa
  • You can use petrolium jelly to make your vaccume chamber more efficient. Just aplly it on the edges and it will be sealed.

    Soham SisodiaSoham Sisodia13 giorni fa
  • 7:11 hhhh

    B DeenB Deen14 giorni fa
  • You should make a classic CRT oscilloscope with this.

    Thomas The Crunk EngineThomas The Crunk Engine14 giorni fa
  • What song is this? 0:27

  • Isn't the cathode positive? Why does he say its negative.

    alphabravo007alphabravo00715 giorni fa
  • Make a tv pls

    agustin ariasagustin arias16 giorni fa
  • Your gasket innovation is perfect, now you just need some vacuum grease for a perfect seal. Love your videos my friend !

    Mark MetzgerMark Metzger16 giorni fa
  • be careful. lots of string x rays

    Rafael EstradaRafael Estrada16 giorni fa
    • strong*

      Rafael EstradaRafael Estrada16 giorni fa
  • Grollan Cream Dolsh August 21s 2021 West First farm person Dad

    BippityboppityBOOBippityboppityBOO16 giorni fa
  • 2:53 12:07

    KR - HKR - H17 giorni fa
  • me: broo the coolest invention yet elon musk: >:(

    CaizBlazerGamingCaizBlazerGaming17 giorni fa
  • And this my friend, was once done by JJ Thompson too, which led to the discovery of electron.

    Harsh RajHarsh Raj17 giorni fa
  • Please get a Geiger counter/ionisation chamber and measure how strong the X-rays were.

    Weaponsandstuff93Weaponsandstuff9317 giorni fa
  • That thumbnail doe-

    RipperPlaysClonRipperPlaysClon18 giorni fa
  • imagine this guy's electric bill

    Camilo CastillonCamilo Castillon18 giorni fa
  • I like your skills in electronics.. 👌👌

    Sershin ThomasSershin Thomas19 giorni fa
  • خیلی باحالی مهندس دمت گرم

    Hamid MohseniHamid Mohseni19 giorni fa
  • DIY Aurora Borealis !

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher20 giorni fa
  • It would be really interesting if you could do the double-slit experiment with electrons in a cloud chamber. Would the alcohol vapor cloud cause the wave to collapse and behave like a particle immediately causing two vapor trails (i.e. similar to placing the observation screen extremely close to the double slit) or would it show trails of vapor disruption that align with how the interference pattern would form?

    Kash JayaramanKash Jayaraman21 giorno fa
  • Now I want to build this and try with a dosimeter to see whats coming put. Or maybe a germanium crystal and a photomultiplier? Hmmm getting expensive very fast

    ElMircElMirc22 giorni fa
  • Hey people of the internet, why is corona discharge an arc? I mean isn't a straight line the shortest distance? I googled and nothing interesting came up.

    Pain D. GodPain D. God22 giorni fa
  • Wow you must love the pAin 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Great GrizzlyGreat Grizzly22 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one bothered by the glass vacuum chamber hanging over the edge? at 12:07

    Vytas BingelisVytas Bingelis23 giorni fa
  • Ok I got a little bit scared when he said Xray, let's hope it stays there and doesn't go up to gamma rays!

    Mazhar ZandsalimiMazhar Zandsalimi24 giorni fa
    • If you're so scared of radiation, i recommend watching some videos about it. It's not as demonic as the average person thinks. I personally recommend _Illinois EnergyProf_ and _Thunderf00t_ Both have or still do work with radiation and are very good at explaining it. They both have multiple videos about this topic. Enjoy learning \(^.^)/

      KitsudōteKitsudōte17 giorni fa
  • move a magnet near de cathodic ray

    Edgar Ricardo Perdomo AyalaEdgar Ricardo Perdomo Ayala24 giorni fa
  • That anode looks like Uranus.

    Jiří VestfyJiří Vestfy25 giorni fa
  • So in a way this function similarly to an electrolysis tank

    George CogginsGeorge Coggins25 giorni fa
  • 4:14 lol well it is high voltage

    Raul pavel 3dRaul pavel 3d25 giorni fa
  • My reaction to 2:00 Holy *profanity* And 3 secs later *Kalm*

    AdityaAditya26 giorni fa
  • Would you mess around 220V? ;)

    フェリックスフェリックス26 giorni fa
  • Jj Thompson would be proud!

    Classic TechClassic Tech27 giorni fa
  • Famous words: "here we are forks"

    just normal pigeonjust normal pigeon27 giorni fa
  • Where is the high voltage stuck in acrylic video?????

    shiningstaershiningstaer27 giorni fa
  • 2:53

    ꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂28 giorni fa
  • my brother- what kill dinosaurs me- 0:35

    Amit BajpaiAmit Bajpai28 giorni fa
  • Crazy bastard! Smart but is also some real mad scientist vibes here

    Alastair CorsairAlastair Corsair28 giorni fa
  • Not enough vacuum, more Kv and something to test for Xrays, (if u have a target) then u will have it LOL.

    Bush Camping ToolsBush Camping Tools29 giorni fa
  • Are you indian..

    Sumit JSumit J29 giorni fa
    • Hes iranian-canadian

      フェリックスフェリックス26 giorni fa
  • When I put away my electrical stuff away I feel that I'm gonna to work on a new project. That's why my table is messy

    not _blacknot _black29 giorni fa
  • that is one simple way to modify weather through HV electricity

    SonikbytesSonikbytesMese fa
  • That sure looks like a nice x-ray source!

    autarchexautarchexMese fa
  • 11:30 the mad scientist! 😂❤️

    Vinnit GeorgeVinnit GeorgeMese fa
  • 2:00 he knew what everyone was expecting, so since it didn't happen, he put it in post production

    Samuele BigiSamuele BigiMese fa
  • This is a very poor vacuum -- unfortunately, the tech for making a really good vacuum is frustratingly expensive and specialized. You can get much better results, and a much better distinction between a cold and hot cathode, with a high vacuum. (you need a much higher vacuum to get truly ballistic flow of electrons, and at that point no current will flow unless the cathode is hot.)

    Ian KraseIan KraseMese fa
  • But why doesn't the anode ionize the air too?

    ViniGameViniGameMese fa
  • I'm curious, does the insurance company cover him and (if the company agrees) how much does he pay per month After a decade of making ITworlds video, well... he is still alive

    Martin DominikusMartin DominikusMese fa
  • What

    rjeptionrjeptionMese fa
  • I just realized I'm not subscribed... What the hell is wrong with me?

    SilvertarianSilvertarianMese fa
  • 3:06 he says "See? There is a bit of CORONA Discharge" is what I heard

    Windows 7 UltimateWindows 7 UltimateMese fa
  • 12:01 Oscilloscopes!

    ShadowoftheDudeShadowoftheDudeMese fa
  • Cool

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnusMese fa
  • Put Helium in the vaccum chamber... see what happens...

    Dalek CaanDalek CaanMese fa
  • Did you purchase a single stage or a two stage vacuum pump? A two stage vacuum pump produces a lower vacuum. Also would've been interesting if you could've modified a camera to image your hand with the x-rays?

    Neil RuedlingerNeil RuedlingerMese fa
  • 2:52 That scared the SH*T out of me!

    Emmanuel RossiEmmanuel RossiMese fa
  • 7:11 "Fump!" and the cap is away. It sounded a bit like a desk firework that doesn't work very well...

    Lampe2020Lampe2020Mese fa
  • Building an ion thruster... Accidentally...

    Khatharr MalkavianKhatharr MalkavianMese fa
  • "I feel a wind blowing on my hand." Yea that's called cell damage from exposure to dangerous particles.

    Warren HarrisonWarren HarrisonMese fa
  • So you still have that hairdryer from a few years ago?

    Jason LinJason LinMese fa
  • this is so funny if elactro boom got shock

    John Marco Dela TorreJohn Marco Dela TorreMese fa
  • No one: Electroboom: "I used the sillicon to destroy the sillicon" xd

  • 12:07 oof, that edge balance :X

    Skooma GnarkSkooma GnarkMese fa
  • You really should be careful regarding your anode voltage there. X-rays... Oh, there you go saying this right as I am writing this. Good man.

    Kayla and Jim BryantKayla and Jim BryantMese fa
  • Can you make that air go turbulent to act like a electric jet engine 😅😅

    Abhi YadavAbhi YadavMese fa
  • you can use a flat cathode

    dulitha vithanagedulitha vithanageMese fa
  • Please someone, make Mehdi watch Dr. Stone, i bet he'll love it

    Saïx Lunar DivinerSaïx Lunar DivinerMese fa