6 mar 2018
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Which one are you?
Daniel Cutting:
Charlie Morley:
Stereotypes: Football/Soccer: Inspired by DudePerfect
The Diver
The rage monster
The ‘I got it’ guy
Mr Dramatic
The Skiller
The Mover
And many more!
Football soccer freestyle epic skills tricks and tekkers experiment with new skills that have never been seen before!
Kieran Brown.

  • I love how on the touch of a brick wall had lukaku on his back

    Sid MuppallaSid MuppallaGiorno fa
  • Funny

    Drake SimpsonDrake SimpsonGiorno fa
  • I'm the I got the ball

    Megan HydeMegan HydeGiorno fa
  • I was shooting on toes BUT o do not do it anymore I was so bad before but now I am good in footbaal bye peace

    Gaming Digital WorldGaming Digital WorldGiorno fa
  • im the skiller

    toxic angel7toxic angel73 giorni fa
  • Im the skiller:)

    LegendPlayzLegendPlayz4 giorni fa
  • I am touch of a brick wall

    Regen AdamsRegen Adams5 giorni fa
  • l am the skiller pov

    Ishmael CutajarIshmael Cutajar5 giorni fa
  • I’m probably the skiller

    SLXZ DSLXZ D6 giorni fa
  • I got this but I’m better then him

    QuinnMartinTheMightyQuinnMartinTheMighty8 giorni fa
  • When you think of dives you think of neymar When you think of bites you think of Suarez When you think of head but you think of zidane

    Mohak DoshiMohak Doshi8 giorni fa
  • You forgot that one kid who thinks he’s the ref

    The beast On 18The beast On 1810 giorni fa
  • i’m. the skiller....

    Jeffrey SunJeffrey Sun11 giorni fa
  • Mr.dramatic

    Claire FieldClaire Field12 giorni fa
  • I think I’m the brick foot and the one where you can’t get the ball into your feet those ones I am I’m only a kid tho

    Orange sons ImposterOrange sons Imposter13 giorni fa
  • I like the skiller I am one of them😂

    Khan ansKhan ans13 giorni fa
  • The skillet is me

    李石妹李石妹14 giorni fa
  • I’m the skiller

    Maksim BrelakMaksim Brelak15 giorni fa
  • Mr dramatic should be neymar

    john milbournejohn milbourne15 giorni fa
  • The skiller

    John's gamingJohn's gaming17 giorni fa
  • I am the unskiller

    Ognjen StojcicOgnjen Stojcic19 giorni fa
  • game grumps compilation

    gianna bachinogianna bachino19 giorni fa
  • The skilled

    Alisson.b FanAlisson.b Fan19 giorni fa
  • Lol 😹

    Gamer BudsGamer Buds20 giorni fa
  • I'm the skiller I skill even the ball is already out to wast time 😂😂😂

    Maged AwadMaged Awad21 giorno fa
  • I play rugby but i can think im the hole in the boot cuz i cant control the ball properly

    Adam Mickhael Bin AmeirAdam Mickhael Bin Ameir22 giorni fa
  • 3:24 fitting that he’s wearing a Lukaku shirt

    GDMSsamGDMSsam24 giorni fa

    scratchyoutuberscratchyoutuber24 giorni fa
  • I am the skiller

    Karen TheoKaren Theo24 giorni fa
  • হাগল

    Shehab khanShehab khan25 giorni fa
  • I’m the goalie

    Johny CzarnuchJohny Czarnuch25 giorni fa
  • I’m probably the heavy touch lol😂😂

    Star Wars FanStar Wars Fan25 giorni fa
  • I am the skiller

    Terence GriffinTerence Griffin25 giorni fa
  • The time waster is usually Antony Martial

    Katso MajangKatso Majang25 giorni fa
  • I'm the celebrator😂

    Rory ClarkeRory Clarke26 giorni fa
  • I’m mr dramatic

    BMW fanboy520iBMW fanboy520i26 giorni fa
  • the part where it says touch of a brick wall killed me

    Mueen TinubuMueen Tinubu27 giorni fa
  • I am the hole in the boot

    Harry GriffithsHarry Griffiths28 giorni fa
  • why is neymar pretending to be keiran? ( 1:20)

    W's 4 LIFEW's 4 LIFE28 giorni fa
  • I am i got the ball

    Sjoebidoe1Sjoebidoe1Mese fa
  • Am not like a normal person, am all of type of player

    5_Jol5_JolMese fa
  • Skiller I maradonad a kid then then this kid just comes out of know were and I rainbow flick him volley and then I scored

    Leah DeanLeah DeanMese fa
  • I’m hole in the boat

    Daydream ClodDaydream ClodMese fa
  • Mr dramatic

    grimmyboltongrimmyboltonMese fa
  • I'm hole in the boot and skiller

    Kelly DaemoKelly DaemoMese fa
  • I’m the mover for real

    Carolanne MoyneCarolanne MoyneMese fa
  • I can’t be the celebrator cause I’m a defender and I’m terrible up front

    SW-weirdkids 4evrSW-weirdkids 4evrMese fa
  • i m the skiller

  • Why did kieran said football and than put bracket soccer. i mean who says football is soccer. Lol.

    Azlul Kalilah ZaghlolAzlul Kalilah ZaghlolMese fa
  • I’m the skiller but I don’t mess up

    TTV CalvingriTTV CalvingriMese fa
  • What abount the people that never pass the ball

    shad Fuadshad FuadMese fa
  • I’m time waster

    Allan VoAllan VoMese fa
  • The mover 😂😂

    Neymar Ronaldo MessiNeymar Ronaldo MessiMese fa
  • This is me The skills master

    Beverly WilliamsBeverly WilliamsMese fa
  • Mr dramatic should of been named neymar

    Rony UchihaRony UchihaMese fa
  • Romans 10:9 NIV If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be save

    Brichanise TerrellBrichanise TerrellMese fa
  • I am the most skillful player in the team and i am not like skiller ???

    Rawen Ben salahRawen Ben salahMese fa
  • Like this coment

    ZipsZipsMese fa
  • Who else is commenting BC their wi fi cant turn on the vid

    ZipsZipsMese fa
  • I am the Scylla

    Stacey WilkinsonStacey WilkinsonMese fa
  • I’m the celebrator for sure

    CosmoCosmoMese fa
  • U forgot the people who change the teams half way

    Dashing MortisDashing MortisMese fa
  • Isn’t it funny the “I got it guy” have lukaku on his jersey

    LeftyLeftyMese fa
  • (Charlie) “stop looking stop looking 😂”

  • "On your toes" 😂😂 knowing damn well that I made a bad pass

    Vincent WiyaVincent WiyaMese fa
  • Hey Kieran you have the same name as me :)

    Kieran DuncanKieran DuncanMese fa
  • Wow I love this

    Nec FloNec Flo2 mesi fa
  • I think I’m hole in the boat sometimes

    Daydream ClodDaydream Clod2 mesi fa
  • 3:08 when you attempt cool skill tricks but the game keeps doing the same thing. Then you do the trick you want and fail

    Unknown UserUnknown User2 mesi fa
  • I am the skiller

    Arijit ChoudhuryArijit Choudhury2 mesi fa
  • I’m the celebrator

    FifaTVV SoccerFifaTVV Soccer2 mesi fa
  • I like how the "touch of a brick wall" wears a lukaku Jersey, lukaku gave him his powers

    Abdullah judehAbdullah judeh2 mesi fa
  • i'm the skiller and my sister is the time waster

    Priscilla WhittPriscilla Whitt2 mesi fa
  • Me like skiller

    Adha DineejanAdha Dineejan2 mesi fa
  • I am the skiller

    Ali Ahmad HabibAli Ahmad Habib2 mesi fa
  • The Skiller

    Syed Ammad BukhariSyed Ammad Bukhari2 mesi fa
  • If one who scores celebrates

    netana ilesnetana iles2 mesi fa
  • I like how the touch of a brick wall was lukaku😂

    Jay MatharuJay Matharu2 mesi fa
  • The dramatic is neymar

    Kavita SawantKavita Sawant2 mesi fa
  • I like how Charlie was wearing a lukaku Jersey xuz of touch of a brick wall

    BlueSpikeGuyBlueSpikeGuy2 mesi fa
  • Did you make another stereotypes video and could you put the Flopper in

    Robert The GOATRobert The GOAT3 mesi fa
  • I am definitely the mover

    Johnsterthemonster123 YeetJohnsterthemonster123 Yeet3 mesi fa
  • Hi I have subscribed to your ITworlds channel live your football skills and videos

    Travis BentleyTravis Bentley3 mesi fa
  • I love how the touch of a brick wall is wearing a lukaku shirt!🤣

    Lisa CrockerLisa Crocker3 mesi fa
  • I live near wixams

    Lucas ThomasLucas Thomas3 mesi fa
  • Im this dude called Mr DRAMATIC 1:20

    Hamza The Pro gamerHamza The Pro gamer3 mesi fa
  • 32

    Megan EdwardsMegan Edwards3 mesi fa
  • The skiller

    angel Machadoangel Machado3 mesi fa
  • My friend is I got this I'm non

    Aston GAston G3 mesi fa
  • I'm Mr dramatic

    the marcos playzzrobloxthe marcos playzzroblox3 mesi fa
  • I am a defender and I am the I GOT DA BALL REF

    Romain WoolfordRomain Woolford3 mesi fa
  • Celebrator me

    neetu pandeyneetu pandey3 mesi fa
  • im 1:02 or 1:42 in late game

    Leo HeikkilaLeo Heikkila3 mesi fa
  • Me = mr dramatic. Me also = the celebrabter

    lil freterzlil freterz3 mesi fa
  • Defending

    Dan MadsenDan Madsen3 mesi fa
  • 1:52 when your mum is calling you for dinner

    Daniel drawsDaniel draws3 mesi fa
  • I'm definitely Mr. Dramatic and timewaster Mostly Mr.dramatic

    KidmaxKidmax3 mesi fa
  • Definetly I got the ball

    ASKOMK GoalkeepingASKOMK Goalkeeping3 mesi fa
  • I'm mr dramatic lol

    XploiterXploiter3 mesi fa
  • Do môre stereoyipes plese,,🤗

    Neemo MehmoodNeemo Mehmood3 mesi fa