27 mar 2021
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  • Good thing I’m not in that house. I would’ve went snip snip snip on that if I seen it

    ¿Weird MilkyWay¿¿Weird MilkyWay¿11 minuti fa
  • それであんま回ってないんかい

    ちびすけ。ちびすけ。11 minuti fa
  • To much time in your hands my friend haha

    s18FLEMY88 Flemings18FLEMY88 Fleming36 minuti fa
  • 이영진이영진Ora fa
  • 🤣 🤣

  • Oh so when he serves he's food basically he needs to get up.

    ؘؘ2 ore fa
  • Wtf

    Filip LinkaFilip Linka2 ore fa
  • I thought he was spinning yarn and making ropes

    A AA A3 ore fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Todos: eso buena idea :0 Yo: tan grande la casa

    Lyl1th 030Lyl1th 0303 ore fa
  • When your bored you made this

    pheonix024pheonix0243 ore fa
  • ? Really?

    이모티콘이모티콘3 ore fa
  • Dang so it just scrapes all your expensive furniture ☠️☠️☠️

    ChøcøbøChøcøbø4 ore fa
  • Lol dude started getting creative w/the tilts

    finallyanimefinallyanime4 ore fa
  • 🙄

    MahiEMahiE4 ore fa
  • Cap

    Nick TrupiaNick Trupia5 ore fa
  • Compared to this house i live in a dirt square home

    Boop :3 Now ur dedBoop :3 Now ur ded5 ore fa
  • When you can't yet afford a robotic slave:

    SunSun5 ore fa
  • It sounds like morse code

    Mr RoboMr Robo5 ore fa
  • when did mixing pasta become a difficult task

    ToxinicalToxinical5 ore fa
  • -Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich and have a mansion-

    Dahlia GuanipaDahlia Guanipa5 ore fa
  • Plot twist: pasta burned cuz his batteries died!🤣

    GoodVybzGoodVybz5 ore fa
  • I felt like I was in that rocket ship game at Chuck E. Cheese just without the intense vibrations

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide5 ore fa
  • legendary

    Jacob GeorgeJacob George6 ore fa
  • Now this is how you do a real house tour LMAO

    Nature leaf シ HiNature leaf シ Hi6 ore fa
  • That one thing you need in ur life:

    PolandPoland6 ore fa
  • oo bhai maro mujhe

    Hardik NadiyaHardik Nadiya6 ore fa
  • You got to let them sit for a while not ster every seconde

    alexander ramosalexander ramos6 ore fa
  • Ma che casa..

    Vister LyxVister Lyx6 ore fa
  • doing too much lmao

    oop lmaooop lmao6 ore fa
  • Yo nice house

    Valentín VadilloValentín Vadillo6 ore fa
  • Omg

    Jesse StocklerJesse Stockler6 ore fa
  • Kkkkkk

    Sofia MullerSofia Muller7 ore fa
  • ITworlds is just tik tok now

    CioccoconnieCioccoconnie7 ore fa
  • Smart but a little dumb but if you know how to use it right completely then it’s smart

    LemZ :LemZ :7 ore fa
  • I hate you because of your house

    Chadwick MacArthurChadwick MacArthur7 ore fa

    バージルバージル7 ore fa

    MistrodistroMistrodistro7 ore fa
  • Mansion tour*

    Cilum.Cilum.8 ore fa
  • Nah, the greatest invention is you moving out of your parents house and contributing to society.

    Zach NewmanZach Newman8 ore fa
  • Cap

    pghg 2009pghg 20098 ore fa
  • Clean

    Only The real RecordsOnly The real Records8 ore fa
  • Pretty lazy lol

    Beaman /WittedWhale14Beaman /WittedWhale148 ore fa
  • Claro el rico humillando al pobre :'v

    guapisimoproguapisimopro9 ore fa
  • Dont think thats how that works but sure

    Kiriachy _Kiriachy _9 ore fa
  • It’s good but the IPhone is just a lil bit better

    Charlie DearmanCharlie Dearman9 ore fa
  • *IHE music plays*

    Toaster003Toaster0039 ore fa
  • Smart

    Youtuberfan YoutuberfanYoutuberfan Youtuberfan9 ore fa
  • I know a way better invention! A firearm

    TheteritTheterit9 ore fa
  • Butthe real question is: does he really needto light every fire to boil that?

    Dénes StumpfDénes Stumpf10 ore fa
  • Sooo rich

    Oskar OstapowiczOskar Ostapowicz10 ore fa
  • Waste of time

    Louis von MalaiseLouis von Malaise10 ore fa
  • Lol

    RwaydaRwayda10 ore fa
  • I became stupid watching this 🤣

    Kane KYKane KY10 ore fa
  • this is just a house flex, i see

    VoronCredVoronCred10 ore fa
  • Clout's one hell of a drug

    Rosky RaccoonRosky Raccoon10 ore fa
  • Weird way to flex your mansion, but okay

    YKRealestYKRealest10 ore fa
  • Privileged asian

    The HoodieGuyThe HoodieGuy10 ore fa
  • Me as a gamer xd

    Laelam LiLaelam Li11 ore fa
  • Cosas de ricos flojos

    diego rendon marcelodiego rendon marcelo11 ore fa
  • You wasted more time doing this than just stirring it

    Jason MyersJason Myers11 ore fa
  • This is the definition of lazy

    TKS OverdriveTKS Overdrive11 ore fa
  • Why did I think it was water at first

    Myn UchihaMyn Uchiha11 ore fa
  • I feel like this is just a flex of their house. Funny tho

    Glowinq HxnnahGlowinq Hxnnah11 ore fa
  • ...imma cut it

    Seich-Of-Lacan-GetterSeich-Of-Lacan-Getter12 ore fa
  • Imagine messing that up

    山崎Lia山崎Lia12 ore fa
  • Is he just stirring noodles in hot water from a screwdriver on a string twirling around bunch of stuff and into a kitchen in a pot?

    Donna KendallDonna Kendall12 ore fa
  • This video is basically to flex his house

    yoboi billyoboi bill12 ore fa
  • Need a Psychologist

    Xyz ZyxXyz Zyx12 ore fa
  • Lazy people be like: man this is good for me cuz I'm soooo lazy. Btw I'm actually lazy

    CerealSphere834CerealSphere83412 ore fa
  • Tell me you have a big house without telling me you have a big house

    Μαρία ΣυργκάνηΜαρία Συργκάνη12 ore fa
  • not really that great it just puts strings all around your house and what if you overcook the noodles you're like across the house from them they could get burnt !!

    p tp t12 ore fa
  • lol

    RxneeRxnee13 ore fa
  • Hm, are you lazy and don’t feel like sitting in the kitchen for at least 10-20 minuets just to stir a pot? Then just put a string on a drill that can lead downstairs onto a shelf around a pole and over a spot in your house just to stir it, Unsupervised!

    CurrsedCurrsed13 ore fa
  • 900000 iq

    War NinjaWar Ninja13 ore fa
  • Song?

    Ty. explorerTy. explorer13 ore fa
  • Spelled gayest wrong

    Terminator 880Terminator 88013 ore fa
  • The Boss 😂😂.

    sergio cifuentes lopezsergio cifuentes lopez13 ore fa
  • I think they just want to flex their house tbh

    Jürgen HansbauerJürgen Hansbauer14 ore fa
  • Solo era para presumir la casa😒


    Rylie ClarkRylie Clark14 ore fa
  • How to show off your parents giant house without actually showing it off

    Ticker 01Ticker 0114 ore fa
  • Kkk

    Fabieli RissoFabieli Risso15 ore fa
  • Wen peopel get to lazy to cook their own own food during the pandemic

    Exant_coverage22Exant_coverage2215 ore fa
  • OMG

    Genesis CoronadoGenesis Coronado15 ore fa
  • 😅🙄🤣

    Masomeh ShafahiMasomeh Shafahi15 ore fa
  • Holy sht

    Saima RahmanSaima Rahman16 ore fa
  • How to show your house:

    The BrolyThe Broly16 ore fa
  • That's gonna f up your walls.

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson16 ore fa
  • Swing trade and chill

    CheymhdCheymhd16 ore fa
  • Хаха

    Zakhar KleymanZakhar Kleyman16 ore fa
  • How is this the most greatest invention. I have ever seen

    Jabari McleanJabari Mclean17 ore fa
  • Rich people bored....... ....

    Nuevo GravanoNuevo Gravano17 ore fa
  • Ill take your entire stock

    Imigination arrowImigination arrow17 ore fa
  • Lazy much

    Corey Poarch AdventuresCorey Poarch Adventures17 ore fa
  • 😵😵

    Razan 25Razan 2518 ore fa
  • aka house tour 🤡

    ayxhsaaayxhsaa18 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Вероникӑ̈ Фоминӑ̈Вероникӑ̈ Фоминӑ̈18 ore fa
  • 😷😷

    Vishwas SahuVishwas Sahu18 ore fa
  • These video is only for showing how big is his house

    Justin PopaJustin Popa18 ore fa