Dragon and Rose tattoo

29 ott 2020
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Done by Devin at Sundance Tattoo Hawaii in beautiful Waianae, Oahu

  • Astagfirullah hal'azim

    Iis SulastriIis Sulastri9 secondi fa
  • The name of this girl?!

    Peter HuberPeter Huber28 secondi fa
  • Супер супер

    Alesha PopovicAlesha PopovicMinuto fa
  • Que bueno que está, y el tatuaje tambien

    Lisandro DBLisandro DBMinuto fa
  • this girl wtf😈🔥

    Peter HuberPeter Huber2 minuti fa
  • Kind of funny the face of the dragon

    Outdoors GuasaveOutdoors Guasave3 minuti fa
  • Flawless

    Opulence ZTVOpulence ZTV4 minuti fa
  • Yang lukis abang jago

    Bilqis ZidaneBilqis Zidane11 minuti fa
  • Yet another tattooed woman I will never have. Depression triggered. Sigh.

    Thomas FaucetteThomas Faucette11 minuti fa
  • Wow ...she really took a nude pic just to show us the tattoos lol..smh ..this generation lost in a major way, doing everything what the ible say not to do...lol I'm just laughing on ya sin and the audacity of ya given another man wtf is he looking at while walking on the street lol yew...wtf is up

    Jam KJam K17 minuti fa
  • Deixa eu vê o dragão pai! Kkkkk

    Odilon DantasOdilon Dantas20 minuti fa
  • Hey man! Don't look to the MIDDLE!

    Morgz SurugawaMorgz Surugawa21 minuto fa
  • Girl love the art work but your so hot at the same time which makes it even hotter

    Kristian LahaieKristian Lahaie21 minuto fa
  • Lastima de cuerpo

    Agustin OrtegaAgustin Ortega24 minuti fa
  • Não consigo entender por que uma mulher com um corpo tão perfeito faz uma desgraça dessa! É fazer um rascunho na obra-prima!

    famosin anoniminfamosin anonimin29 minuti fa
  • Random rose

    AnxxiousAnxxious35 minuti fa
  • 🙅🙅🙅🙅

    Dayane SantanaDayane Santana35 minuti fa
    • Bom 👏👏

      Dayane SantanaDayane Santana34 minuti fa
  • Que hermosa tatuaje

    Lucas GonzalezLucas Gonzalez36 minuti fa
  • Se le la ¡#$%&%*%&& ijos de $%^$

    Sara López sanchezSara López sanchez36 minuti fa
  • Buen tatu buen lugar pero la cara no es muy buena

    Yesik MGYesik MG38 minuti fa
  • Best tat I've seen yet

    Anthony elliottAnthony elliott43 minuti fa
  • Top

    Matheus Plana Sales Lopes 9A n 23Matheus Plana Sales Lopes 9A n 2343 minuti fa
  • Wooooweh🔥🔥🔥

    Martin SabolMartin Sabol46 minuti fa
  • كل ساقٍ سيُسقَي بما سقَي ، إفعلوا ما شئتم .. فأنتم علي موعد مع الله ولا يظلم ربك احداً 💙

    noor AHMADnoor AHMAD48 minuti fa
  • I can appreciate graphics & the detail work. Very good pick & for the wearer/beholder Lady !Enjoy your art work done( A Treasure).

    Gareth SimpsonGareth Simpson49 minuti fa
  • 🤮

    hawa beegumhawa beegum50 minuti fa
  • If you look closer...she has a tattoo

    Tio LeoTio Leo51 minuto fa
  • Hola muy lindo y ermoso tatuaje muy bonito

    Bladi PalaciosBladi Palacios51 minuto fa
  • Haram nanti masuk neraka jahanam

    sabilasabila52 minuti fa
  • Это что за чудо ?)))

    Tcha BorzTcha Borz53 minuti fa
  • Damn that is so HOTT 🔥🔥🔥

    G MoneyG Money54 minuti fa
  • Why cover your landing strip we don't mind

    mr Gmr G56 minuti fa
  • Vine a ver los comentarios 😁😅, no me gustan los tatues 😄😁

    sin fuensin fuen57 minuti fa
  • Que cada quien haga de su culo un papalote...

    brujo Hardwarebrujo Hardware57 minuti fa
  • PUT SOME CLOTHES ON .......But I do like the tatoo.and also there are little kids on here be careful

    Lynn DawsonLynn Dawson59 minuti fa
  • Nice excuse to show off their body. What's an imagination?

    TooLoose McFloofTooLoose McFloof59 minuti fa
  • Nice job Devin

    jimi williamsjimi williamsOra fa
  • 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Nas TVNas TVOra fa
  • Супер

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  • Красавица 😘

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  • Кухтатттт

    Nas TVNas TVOra fa
  • Офарин

    Nas TVNas TVOra fa
  • Видов мис бофт

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  • 👍👍👍👍лап хип

    Nas TVNas TVOra fa
  • Good lord there a few hours work there sick tat on a good looking girl

    jimi williamsjimi williamsOra fa
  • That's disgusting !

    Angel JohnsonAngel JohnsonOra fa
  • Ôi! Đẹp. Hình xăm thôi nhé.

    Xuân Lập NôngXuân Lập NôngOra fa
  • Impresionante cuerpo, menuda joya

    Jose AguilarJose AguilarOra fa
  • We all know why this video has 36m views when the rest of his videos don't surpass 200k It's because the wall behind the person with the tattoo looks so nice

    Terrance ParadiseTerrance ParadiseOra fa
  • Hats off to the tat artist for nockin out a quality tattoo my mind would of been somewhere else

    PeaceNlove NsmileyPeaceNlove NsmileyOra fa
  • How is going to look when you will be 60? 😣

    sromo510sromo510Ora fa
  • Great tattoo and she has a nice body!!

    Mary MartinaMary MartinaOra fa
  • Ew

    tootie is godtootie is godOra fa
  • Suits him

    Patsy 051Patsy 051Ora fa
  • 😘 hola corazón

    Juan MejiaJuan MejiaOra fa
  • Pretty well done. Shading, contrast. But sad about its eyes

    Charlie BlazinCharlie BlazinOra fa
  • Mamasita

    Epimenio QuinonezEpimenio QuinonezOra fa
  • Had to watch it 348 times before I noticed there was a tattoo.

    Ferenzee84Ferenzee84Ora fa
  • yakuza🏯🗡

    slawi walidslawi walidOra fa
  • ENTER the DRAGON,starring(in the RocKs voice)IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HER NAME IS!

    Rodney NorwoodRodney NorwoodOra fa
  • sheng long

    Crypt0manCrypt0manOra fa
  • Punhetão lá vou eu

    Soltando'OVerbo TáLigado?!Soltando'OVerbo TáLigado?!Ora fa
  • woman with dragon tattoo 🎬

    Mohmad OzdoevMohmad OzdoevOra fa
  • Mas que dragão....

    Joilson LimaJoilson LimaOra fa
  • Pure perfection

    Johnny Davis jrJohnny Davis jrOra fa
  • Wow that’s extremely sexy tattoo work I’m Thoroughly impressed

    Johnny Davis jrJohnny Davis jrOra fa
  • No entiendo para que se tapa, si no se ve nada!

    juan alvarezjuan alvarezOra fa
  • If she live long enough till 70 years old, the dragon scales will look real 😂

    PtytyPtytyOra fa
  • Como te hiciste eso niña...

    Vanessa JulcamoroVanessa JulcamoroOra fa
  • Que coisa mais linda 😍 top demais quanto tempo para terminar essa tatuagem

    Marcelo PereiraMarcelo PereiraOra fa
  • The face looks mashed loll

    ManzarehManzarehOra fa
  • 😍😍😘😘🥵🥵🥵🥵

    Frank AlamoFrank AlamoOra fa
  • Dragon with Rose !?! WTF

    leon zhaoleon zhaoOra fa
  • Wow Amezing

    Khim b AagriKhim b AagriOra fa
  • Nice butt

    Paul DunbarPaul DunbarOra fa
  • Imagine that guy who done it work 🤩😅😆

    ULtRoN GamingULtRoN GamingOra fa
  • Très jolie le tatoo🥰

    Garry TableauGarry TableauOra fa
  • Did you

    معاذ حلوانيمعاذ حلوانيOra fa
  • If you look closely, there's a TATTOO somewhere in the vid.

    unknown baldyunknown baldyOra fa
  • I want to "enter the dragon"..

    angahcoleangahcoleOra fa
  • Muy linda mi amor cuando quieres jade el amor

    Nataly valenciaNataly valenciaOra fa
  • Bjitiful beybe sexsi grls

    Robert BaumholcRobert Baumholc2 ore fa
  • I like the dragon, but the roses look out of place here. Maybe if they were in a similar style to the dragon, or just cherry blossoms instead

    FantafaustFantafaust2 ore fa
  • She looks so delicious

    Saul LevarioSaul Levario2 ore fa
  • What dragon?

    shaggy balls2400shaggy balls24002 ore fa
  • Ik for a fact her cheeks were getting orally washed

    Jermaine IbrahimJermaine Ibrahim2 ore fa
  • $1000 right now girl meet up tonight !!!

    KillersentraKillersentra2 ore fa
  • Femboy...?

    Thiago AllonsoThiago Allonso2 ore fa
  • Ih parah bangat aku gak suka pepet nya ama pantat nya ih aku hampir mau pinsan ih parah

    amran pardosiamran pardosi2 ore fa
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    ክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbsክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbs2 ore fa

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    ክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbsክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbs2 ore fa
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    ክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbsክብንሺ Zbsbbsbsbs2 ore fa
  • Very nice, amazing job

    tim holtztim holtz2 ore fa
  • Très beau travail

    sebastien comtetsebastien comtet2 ore fa
  • Salah server gw

    Martin LuterMartin Luter2 ore fa
  • WOW, that is a beautiful piece of a...um..art. YEAH, THAT is one BEAUTIFUL piece of art. Do you think we could get another perspective? If you could just remove anything that obstructs her ..the canvas.....

    Brett WilsonBrett Wilson2 ore fa
  • So much negatively about a beautiful piece of art. So many toxic comments.

    john wangermanjohn wangerman2 ore fa
  • Is that Mulan's Mushu?

    Carlos MendonçaCarlos Mendonça2 ore fa