Dog Finds An Injured Parrot And They Become Best Friends | The Dodo Odd Couples

30 mar 2021
2 772 554 visualizzazioni

When this parrot jumps out of his cage to play with the dog! 😍
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  • 💕💕💕💕👍

    lasantha ranatungelasantha ranatunge2 ore fa
  • How adorable is that?

    Ella Mae LoftusElla Mae Loftus2 ore fa
  • question...why was owner letting the bird"fly free?" domestic birds don't survive in the wild. what am I missing?

    Tabitha HilliardTabitha Hilliard2 ore fa
  • 🐾❤️🦜🎶🎵🎶🦜❤️🐾

    Karen lyons kalmensonKaren lyons kalmenson4 ore fa
  • aww i am crying on happy tears

    phantom skyworldphantom skyworld4 ore fa
  • Take "finds an" out of the tilte

    BoxNubBoxNub7 ore fa
  • Fat Little Bum

    TheCandiceWangTheCandiceWang8 ore fa
  • just like my two dogs and bunny!!

    Lily IvesterLily Ivester8 ore fa
  • So you wanna let him be a free bird but took him back inside. Sounds legit

    Mr GreedMr Greed11 ore fa
  • So flippn cuteee

    Bonnie KunclBonnie Kuncl11 ore fa
  • The dog either wants to eat or f**k that bird.

    peter3deckwizardpeter3deckwizard14 ore fa
  • I hope they still don't leave the bird outside unattended

    michael quonmichael quon19 ore fa
  • My cat has strong and lovely relationship with birds too. Especially when they are cooked.

    Jasurbek KalandarovJasurbek Kalandarov20 ore fa
  • What is the bird flew off and told his homies “hey bruh this lady will let you stay in her house if you act like a dog” 😂😂😂

    the Unsung godthe Unsung god20 ore fa
  • the video would benefit majorly without all the edited in high pitch dog squeels

  • 'little fat bum' and I-....I take offense 😔

    소주소주22 ore fa
  • We need to locate the people who disliked this video and isolate them from the rest of the society permanently

    Iron RyeIron Rye22 ore fa
  • Soo does the parrot barks too??

    Meyana MioMeyana Mio23 ore fa
  • So sweet

    DigalogDigalogGiorno fa
  • Absolutely incredible I would have a hard time to believe if someone told me, but this is absolutely fantastic, prove all animals feel everything like us❤️

    Cristina .FilipeCristina .FilipeGiorno fa
  • Since she was planning to let him go free are they in Australia/ isn't dangerous to let him out in the yard on top of the cage a cat or a bird of prey could get to him

    sarah ahmadsarah ahmadGiorno fa
  • wanted him to be free...flies away.....panics......

    arthur heinearthur heineGiorno fa
  • Humans can be the bridge for interspecies friendships. We teach care and empathy and tolerance. Hear that, Democrats?

    Mike OxbigMike OxbigGiorno fa
  • so cute

    Henny KimHenny KimGiorno fa
  • the pain of losing one really is a big compulsion to not get another at all..

    Sebastian kolroWSebastian kolroWGiorno fa
  • I found my dog after 2 years after someone took it from me

    ElRico 817ElRico 817Giorno fa
  • That bought a smile to face!! 🌝

    Khoa DuKhoa DuGiorno fa
  • Doggy!

    Harl StoweHarl StoweGiorno fa
  • Let Milo set and example for what a bff is. Another great ITworlds video on this subject Olivia's Birds on Planet Classroom Network. Summary: This film showcases activist, artist and bird lover Olivia Bouler!

    Destiny RoneyDestiny RoneyGiorno fa
  • Clip the wings so he can’t fly so far it’s seems it’s not a very smart bird can’t hunt food then lays for humans to find him weekly lol

    DMFL TVDMFL TVGiorno fa
  • Animals always make the best friends

    TeamCheesecake AirsoftTeamCheesecake AirsoftGiorno fa
  • I think it might be that time of year. Ummm as in ummmm saw a lady bird and just went for it then didn't know his way home lol

    Dee DeeDee DeeGiorno fa
  • Omg that is so cute omg

    Leah Roblox girlLeah Roblox girl2 giorni fa
  • This is genuinely beautiful. Milo is such a gentle soul.

    Stephen CampbellStephen Campbell2 giorni fa
  • Who down votes this? Woman saved parrot but didn't want it to be caged. It formed adorable bond with her dog. Flew off and came back and seemed really happy about it. Who down votes that?

    Chev JustChevChev JustChev2 giorni fa
  • The bird was looking for his own bed

    UndeadAngelUndeadAngel2 giorni fa
  • wow what a love story

    bigtaxrefundbigtaxrefund2 giorni fa

    RatTaxiRatTaxi2 giorni fa
  • those other birdos befriended him away

    RynyRyny2 giorni fa
  • This is seriously the sweetest video I’ve ever seen, and I watch the dodo religiously so I’ve seen a lot!!! Just really shows you how incredible animals are, it’s like something you can’t put into words.

    The Diamond FamilyThe Diamond Family2 giorni fa
  • That dog looks like it’s part pit bull part German shepherd

    sij 80sij 802 giorni fa
  • I've seen a lot of strange and wonderful things in Australia. This whole country is full of a lot of nonsense that wouldn't work anywhere else. But a dog and a bird being friends? Like this? Well, now i've seen everything i guess...

    Sanjay RamzanSanjay Ramzan3 giorni fa
  • The cutest thing i have ever seen... so pure...

    Jessica AlbrightJessica Albright3 giorni fa
  • Too cute

    Tony DeMariaTony DeMaria3 giorni fa
  • What a heartwarming story! You got super lucky with Milo! I have two dogs, one of whom, I know, would have eaten Cracker. She’s a terrier mix and that is just her instinct. It’s not wrong, it’s just fortunate that your dog didn’t have the terrier instinct.

    Glem WheatleyGlem Wheatley3 giorni fa
  • Odd that the parrot didn't return. I've kept semi wild birds and they always nest in my yard. Thinking about it further, that bird was looking unsuccessfully for a mate.

    johnnymcblazejohnnymcblaze3 giorni fa
  • Trim those wings or that parrot will be a hawks eagles falcons cant be fully flighted to fly away into danger....

    rubenruben3 giorni fa
  • Our dog would have eaten that bird faster then i could scream "No!"

    CollectionCollection3 giorni fa
  • That is absolutely wonderful!

    Denise AndreDenise Andre3 giorni fa
  • I have watched hundreds of Dodo videos. But this is one of the few that made me tear up.

    Tracy McPhersonTracy McPherson3 giorni fa
  • im actually gonna cry

    Dor_YTDor_YT3 giorni fa
  • parrots just fly around there? it might be someones pet.

    Little HellLittle Hell3 giorni fa
    • in flock's of up to 30'000 birds

      hugh_mungus 01hugh_mungus 0110 ore fa
  • 🥰🥰

    Stargazer AeonfluxStargazer Aeonflux3 giorni fa
  • God Almighty Jesus Christ 🔥 does these things .

    Marcus NoniusMarcus Nonius3 giorni fa
  • Birds of a fur flock together

    Dustin StopoDustin Stopo3 giorni fa
  • Plot twist: it’s actually a clone with the same memories .

    Drippy Da LizardDrippy Da Lizard3 giorni fa
  • ❤️

    Juan GuerreroJuan Guerrero4 giorni fa
  • They should make this an Animated movie called milo

    Bradley Cook-GreenBradley Cook-Green4 giorni fa
  • So sweet!

    Lori ALori A4 giorni fa
  • Talking to a bird in baby-talk English ? See how childish it is ? A parrot is a BIRD... a wild creature.

    Doug H. in VADoug H. in VA4 giorni fa

    Christoffer ÅkessonChristoffer Åkesson4 giorni fa
  • But why did the bird just fly away?

    Jay711Jay7114 giorni fa
    • @hugh_mungus 01 and it didnt come back?

      Jay711Jay7119 ore fa
    • it was spooked. look at the vid when it fly's off, about 10 other birds took off at the same time

      hugh_mungus 01hugh_mungus 0110 ore fa
  • I LOVE this video😀

    Martijn van der HoekMartijn van der Hoek4 giorni fa
  • Where do you find a cockatoo in a suburban area?

    Kitty Beauty Is A CutieKitty Beauty Is A Cutie4 giorni fa
    • Australia

      hugh_mungus 01hugh_mungus 0110 ore fa
  • Humans be making animals forget their evolutionary instincts. Impressive.

    Kitty Beauty Is A CutieKitty Beauty Is A Cutie4 giorni fa
  • What a wonderful video

    Dev SnyderDev Snyder4 giorni fa
  • All I can say is wow

    Gabe RobinsonGabe Robinson4 giorni fa
  • Humans can learn a lot from these two. Different species can connect yet humans will continue to destroy each other due to different ethnic backgrounds.

    Rock Man XRock Man X4 giorni fa
  • I cried this could be a movie! How beautiful of a world did OUR GOD make! Thank you Lord for putting beauty in every creature and species and making every single one of us specail and different!

    Arminius Tha GreatArminius Tha Great4 giorni fa
  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Hey...God love 'em! Regards from Tony, Sydney, Australia.

    Tony CollinsTony Collins4 giorni fa
  • i think that it went because something scare him, firework or something, because look it was sleeping and them it goes away with all the birds of the backyard

    G EG E4 giorni fa
  • The dodo shares heart warming videos🤗

    obiazmiobiazmi4 giorni fa
  • Beautiful story can't get enough

    Crappy ChefCrappy Chef4 giorni fa
  • Milo is so sweet. My sweet dogo would've proudly brought it in to me too. Problem is it would be dead.

    Icannot PretendIcannot Pretend5 giorni fa
  • Amazing !

    K BK B5 giorni fa
  • Great story

    Nai SmithNai Smith5 giorni fa
  • He knew his smile was total prove

    Michael TaylorMichael Taylor5 giorni fa
  • What kind of bird is that?

    KristyKristy5 giorni fa
  • 😭I wish I could live with animals

    x yx y5 giorni fa
  • Such a beautiful thing , different animals and they love each others friendship 🙌🙌❤️

    Cesar maganaCesar magana5 giorni fa
  • My Goodness they are a pair together! 🐕❤️🦜

    John FinlayJohn Finlay5 giorni fa
  • I think that's a "Galah" Cockatoo. All Cockatoos can be friendly, but they DO Scream LOUD about 2pm, every single day....

    337 337337 3375 giorni fa
  • Stories like these only come once in a blue moon. Milo is one special dog, the parrot including but Milo is able to coexist with the parrot and not accidentally kill it. Dogs are truly gorgeous creatures.

    11kwright11kwright5 giorni fa
  • Soul made for each other 👍🏻

    OMEGA NiruOMEGA Niru5 giorni fa
  • Pink and Grey cockatoo ! Not Parrot 🦜

    Act as If 77Act as If 775 giorni fa
  • What a great story.

    Kasey LeeKasey Lee5 giorni fa
  • The dog will eventually eat the bird.

    Van ShanVan Shan5 giorni fa
  • "Why are your eyes so red and puffy? Allergies?" "Yeah, allergies...." (spent the last 2hrs binging dog adoption/rescue/random vids like this and balling my eyes out)

    J RegulatoriJ Regulatori5 giorni fa
  • This is an beautiful relationship ❤️. Almost cried, the dog really missed the birdy 👏🏼💔🎥

    Tommy LoveTommy Love6 giorni fa
  • 569 thumbs down what the hell?

    Warren WilkinsonWarren Wilkinson6 giorni fa
  • A pet with a pet , that's just the coolest thing

    Nelson RedeyesNelson Redeyes6 giorni fa
  • well it's actually a cockatoo a pink and grey cockatoo to be exact or what we call here in Australia a pink and grey galah but close enough haha

    Midnight MechanicMidnight Mechanic6 giorni fa
  • This is so amazing

    DivinaLoveDivinaLove6 giorni fa

  • Wow when my dogs find injured birds, they eat them!

    Holly HuffstutlerHolly Huffstutler6 giorni fa
  • So sweet! I loves dem bofe.

    1AvrgJoe1AvrgJoe6 giorni fa
  • Dogs are dudes

    Poison SocketsPoison Sockets6 giorni fa
  • Ok, someone call Pixar and demand this movie be made

    Jacob BurkeJacob Burke6 giorni fa
  • when your pet gets a pet

    fran smithfran smith6 giorni fa