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10 nov 2020
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  • Ggggg

    Arya MahaseArya Mahase27 minuti fa
  • Imma try that in later UwU to save me from my coming exams

    Nadine AlhaddadNadine Alhaddad4 ore fa
  • 300,000 Likes =Prayers for Aftons

    Phillip HughesPhillip Hughes4 ore fa

    Phillip HughesPhillip Hughes4 ore fa
  • Lav it

    Phillip HughesPhillip Hughes4 ore fa
  • Kid: Mom do humans like us exist? Mom: *no* Eveyone on the planet: *AM I AN EPIC JOKE TO YOU?!*

    Hakaan BughioHakaan Bughio6 ore fa
  • Them : *Taking a subway* Also them : *We live in city~* Yea no shi- sherlock you're taking a subway

  • Poor children in Gacha there moms are mean from this vid

    dark_ skydark_ sky17 ore fa
  • It made me cry cause the song

    dark_ skydark_ sky17 ore fa
  • Me next time on the train Me:ArE hErOeS rEaL

    Ma.Theresa MagadanMa.Theresa Magadan17 ore fa
  • When I saw the mlb I thought the lady with the yellow hair was Chloe🧐😌

    {Sugar Cube}{Sugar Cube}19 ore fa
  • hi I just wanted to say something 😋

    Løgicbreaker 2020Løgicbreaker 202022 ore fa
  • That girl just got kidnapped in a nice way-

    Stoopid VideosStoopid VideosGiorno fa
  • They really made the Power puff girls Z version lmao XD

    im_a_gacha_kid btwim_a_gacha_kid btwGiorno fa
  • I really love the aftons one

    Maisarah Iman AbdullahMaisarah Iman AbdullahGiorno fa
  • Hi

    Sheila FisherSheila FisherGiorno fa
  • Yay attack on titan

    Januel ChanJanuel ChanGiorno fa
  • I like top 3 and top 4 the most❤

    Eisya NazirEisya NazirGiorno fa

    Lazy BlazeLazy BlazeGiorno fa
  • Kid:mom is magic real mom:awe sweetie sorry but no : kid it ok :other pepole: sings kid:oMG it cant be peeps fakeing

    Genesis NinoGenesis Nino2 giorni fa
  • Trump: covid s not real covid: WE LIVE IN CITIESSSSS

    MakenzieMakenzie2 giorni fa
  • The fnaf one warmed my heart I’m like girl your close to the scooper of love XD it almost made me cry it’s sweet I wish I was the kid in all of em

    MakenzieMakenzie2 giorni fa
  • me ; is magic real : mom no it is not sorry : gacha charcters WE LIVE IN CITES

    trinity conifftrinity coniff2 giorni fa
  • It’s math that’s how do you spell it

    Kyle liKyle li2 giorni fa
  • You show em lizzy

    juan cardonajuan cardona2 giorni fa
  • Does magic really exist

    kathyrn Smithkathyrn Smith2 giorni fa
  • Mom: you stupid children better not take of them hats or jackets. G A C H A . C H A R A C T H E R: WE LIVE ON CITIESSSSSS

    Damia QaisssarahDamia Qaisssarah2 giorni fa
  • Adopt the kids

    Oya PangilinanOya Pangilinan2 giorni fa
  • G E T L E P O R T A L R E A D Y

    TheBacon_BoiTheBacon_Boi2 giorni fa
  • 1:19 I would been like: Oh hey hey hey kill my enemie I’ll give you her address-

    Simply MelonsSimply Melons2 giorni fa
  • Noone: Brown haired human girl: *casually kidnaps a womans child*

    Lindsay tdLindsay td3 giorni fa
  • Idk if the 3 girls are a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh an old movie

    mhee philmhee phil3 giorni fa
  • its le cat noir NU CHAT bc chat means talk T^T

    Lily WolfieUwULily WolfieUwU3 giorni fa
  • Cringe

    Sakura chanSakura chan3 giorni fa
  • LEVI

    NamixPlaysNamixPlays3 giorni fa

    Milly BabaewMilly Babaew3 giorni fa
  • Make top 6 a movie please its so good

    Tabatha DandreaTabatha Dandrea3 giorni fa
  • 5:07 just normal for 4 girls dressed like FRIKEN UNICORN THREW UP ON THEM AND HAVE MAGICAL POWERS NOW

    •Pan Production••Pan Production•3 giorni fa
  • Bellissimiii

    wolfy_gacha_ lifewolfy_gacha_ life3 giorni fa
  • You no aot

    Gary LutzGary Lutz3 giorni fa
  • Creeppasta videos are out

    willow hodgsonwillow hodgson3 giorni fa
  • im sorry, but--- *chat noir* WHO. IS. CHAT NOIR? WHAT ABOUT *CAT* NOIR?

  • DUDE gacha life is cool

    Amy BattensbyAmy Battensby3 giorni fa
  • Stranger:hey little girl wanna come live with us?(not sus at all) girl:ok OvO

    Yunuen LeonYunuen Leon3 giorni fa
  • Umm aren't those two afton family boys brothers like why they makeing out

    sofiasofia3 giorni fa
  • Me: ima learn how to draw Gacha characters hands Also me: hey this is the 1000 video let’s watch another

    Kayla The loserKayla The loser3 giorni fa
  • afton family:WSP HOES fanf: i have been forgotten sisiter location:shut up me: :I

    Chris AestheticChris Aesthetic4 giorni fa
  • hi ho me tik tok

  • bruh this is so cringe people should never do this again

    Muffin time 306Muffin time 3064 giorni fa
  • Me just seeing if mine is there (I mean my video got 16k views-)

    Rxyal LemonRxyal Lemon4 giorni fa
  • Top 8 i see my name Lisa🤣

    Gacha AlphaGacha Alpha4 giorni fa
  • giso have power

    Ronnie MichaelRonnie Michael4 giorni fa
  • bruh magic does exist giso

    Ronnie MichaelRonnie Michael4 giorni fa
  • i love this song OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHHHHH

    Ellie ParongEllie Parong4 giorni fa
  • #4 :3

    Michele VitterMichele Vitter4 giorni fa
  • To top 8-or-9 it’s myth*

    Anjelica GarzaAnjelica Garza4 giorni fa
  • me goes out on cosplay: wE liVe iN ciTeeeS

    Emily PlayzEmily Playz4 giorni fa
  • 0:55 dekuuuuuuuu owo :00

    Emily PlayzEmily Playz4 giorni fa
  • This is really sad 😪

    Kalon HageKalon Hage4 giorni fa
  • I really really really like love This SONG

    Maritza Montes EspinozaMaritza Montes Espinoza4 giorni fa
  • ✋😀

    Moonlight girlMoonlight girl4 giorni fa
  • 6th one is like: 'Kids stay here and stay covered!' 'Let's take those kids!' Later... 'Where are my kids!?' 'They didn't want you, so...'

    Astro A.Astro A.5 giorni fa
  • Son hermosos todos los memes!!!!!!!

    Maria Amparo ArandaMaria Amparo Aranda5 giorni fa
  • Bruh that’s Adrian and Marinate I’m at 5:56

    XxSallygamergirl xXXxSallygamergirl xX5 giorni fa

    Giselle DalalaGiselle Dalala5 giorni fa
  • I laugh when she say MY MONEY!!

    Noa Ta òàķm & sewmillk sdonoNoa Ta òàķm & sewmillk sdono5 giorni fa

    Noa Ta òàķm & sewmillk sdonoNoa Ta òàķm & sewmillk sdono5 giorni fa
  • Meh:Hey mom, is big brother Devon gonna be okay? Mom:Oh honey, he passed away two years ago. Devon:We LiVe In CiTiEsSsS dO dA dO dA dO dAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa

    Lily ChappellLily Chappell5 giorni fa
    • What a good dream that was. Random person/maybe mom, What dream your brother came

      Name UwUName UwU4 giorni fa
  • That's nice can you give me a shoutout please I'm new I am telling the truth

    cutiepie kgotlaetshocutiepie kgotlaetsho5 giorni fa
  • That was so sweet ladybug and cat noir just show the little girl that superhero is real 💗😊 6:01

    sushi kitty verasushi kitty vera5 giorni fa
  • Error on 7:03

    Al TimpleAl Timple5 giorni fa
  • At I'm a little weird and the rest is history📜

    Mito MitoMito Mito5 giorni fa
  • At I'm a little weird and the rest is history📜

    Mito MitoMito Mito5 giorni fa
  • AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SPELLS CHAT NOIR WRONG- if you were wondering how i spell Chat Noir here Chat Nuor I'm not proud of myself ಥ_ಥ

    Andrea DruryAndrea Drury5 giorni fa
  • The parents when a stranger is singing to their child and touching their hands and body: i dun hear nothing, I dun see nothing

    ll Saraswathi llll Saraswathi ll5 giorni fa
  • You can see you soon 😚😜

    Pablo MontemayorPablo Montemayor5 giorni fa
  • 🙋

    Karla DelgadoKarla Delgado5 giorni fa
  • I really wish the afton familly was real

    Afton FamillyAfton Familly5 giorni fa
  • 1:09 If i asked my mom about that she would say : what? Who are they? Better not one of those weirdos you watch on yout tube thing. Oh and if she saw them she would say : WHAT THE- RUNNNNNNN

    drawing.kitty12drawing.kitty126 giorni fa
  • The first one should have the caption of: Stranger danger who?

    amashug10amashug106 giorni fa
  • wait who's the second one made by?

    Midnight BrighttMidnight Brightt6 giorni fa
  • That Elizabeth one made no sense

    •Lily Shewring••Lily Shewring•6 giorni fa
  • This isnt related to the video but, I cant do this anymore, I'm ending it

    worm on a stringworm on a string6 giorni fa
  • Thanks for putting mine in here! 😁🥰

    •Gęørgià••Gęørgià•6 giorni fa

    SayakeYTSayakeYT6 giorni fa
  • CBC Ccc

    Cameron CammyCameron Cammy6 giorni fa
  • Kidnapping someone child cool gacha logic yet lol

    Bag FaceBag Face6 giorni fa
  • I love on the 2nd one they misspelled cat to chat

    Aleina LalaeAleina Lalae6 giorni fa
  • How corona was invented: Mom is there someone called corona virus No... Corona:WE LIVE IN CITIES YOU WILL SEE IS VERY SOON

    Frog productionsFrog productions6 giorni fa
  • Wow gast wow

    Andrea NoseAndrea Nose6 giorni fa
  • Neprodlužuj to video!!!!!!!😒

    Lucie VránováLucie Vránová6 giorni fa

    SophieDa GamerSophieDa Gamer6 giorni fa

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms6 giorni fa
  • the 2nd one was the only one that didnt make me cringe (no hate, i think the test are cool too :)) )

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms6 giorni fa
  • My name Maria

    Maria et Elias abi chacraMaria et Elias abi chacra6 giorni fa
  • Attack On Titans!!! I just wanted to point it out!

    •Midnight_ Wolf••Midnight_ Wolf•6 giorni fa
  • Me: Mom, is The afton family and Deku from MHA real? Mom: no they arent real Me: Pretend like im talking to them The real ones: WE LIVEEEEE IN CITTTIIEEESSS

    • WolfDragonLegend • UwUz• WolfDragonLegend • UwUz6 giorni fa
  • Me:Mummy is the aftons still alive? Mum:No sweetie they died......... Me:...........;,(. Aftons:*walks up to ME UvU*. Elizabeth(Liz):We live in cites.... Chris:You’ll never see on screen. Clara:We’re very pretty......... Michael(Mike):But we surely know how to run free... William:Living in ruins.......... Mum:*smiles*. Me and Aftons:*hugs*

    Xio MataXio Mata6 giorni fa
  • ThA aFtOn FaMiLy

    LemonwoofLemonwoof6 giorni fa
  • Bro the first one literally kidnapped a child they should be in jail right now O_O

    IcyKrystal MoonIcyKrystal Moon6 giorni fa