🩸Among Us: Football Edition 🩸(Feat Ronaldo Messi Neymar Zlatan +IMPOSTOR!) Frontmen Season 2.1

14 nov 2020
1 629 268 visualizzazioni

The Frontmen are back for Season 2! What do you want to see in Season 2?
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂Lewandowski is a legend

    elitemaster 2.oelitemaster 2.oOra fa
  • Wait , Hattrick club is in Ronaldo's Mansion?

    Josh JohnesJosh Johnes2 ore fa
  • Why you doing Bulgarian people like that

    Borimir KirovBorimir Kirov3 ore fa
  • Im here from ur 213k subs

    Gregory 11Gregory 114 ore fa
  • Frontmen fall guys

    irene sourirene sour4 ore fa
    • 2:10 Suarez Voted himself.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo23 minuti fa
  • Make more of this videos

    Official DarianOfficial Darian5 ore fa
    • 7:30 didn’t know rashford was related to Kane

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo22 minuti fa
  • Do more

    Ttv GrainepierreTtv Grainepierre5 ore fa
  • Do more

    Ttv GrainepierreTtv Grainepierre5 ore fa
  • Doesn't Rashfords voice sound like Maguire

    Devyn RobertsDevyn Roberts6 ore fa
  • Pla make part 2 442oons

    Shourya BansalShourya Bansal8 ore fa
  • Vardy got a redesign

    Andrej BekanAndrej Bekan9 ore fa
  • Grizemann in the Frontmen

    Huguette NkuzuHuguette Nkuzu9 ore fa
  • I new it was levy

    Csi spirti80Csi spirti8010 ore fa

    Garv BharadwajGarv Bharadwaj10 ore fa
  • I like ur videos they make me laugh😂😂

    Jayden HallJayden Hall10 ore fa
  • U can make Ramos as a crewmate and his red card as a mini crewmate

    Seenu GSeenu G10 ore fa
  • Next immobile in lazio

    Jason KimaniJason Kimani11 ore fa
  • 9:13 lewandowski says hm

    Jan MajewskiJan Majewski11 ore fa
  • 7:30 didn’t know rashford was related to Kane

    Frankie ElliottFrankie Elliott11 ore fa
  • 2:10 Suarez Voted himself.

    JapeshJapesh12 ore fa
  • Lewandowski 🇵🇱🤣

    Łagodny KeczupŁagodny Keczup16 ore fa
  • He were are misse

    ريان الحسين - RYAN ALHOUSEINريان الحسين - RYAN ALHOUSEIN16 ore fa
  • 5:35

    Nestor GamerNestor Gamer16 ore fa

    Nathan DesmondNathan Desmond19 ore fa
  • Zlatan doesn't deserve to play among us. Among us deserves to play Zlatan

    Nathan DesmondNathan Desmond19 ore fa
  • L

    livart IFamilylivart IFamily19 ore fa
  • This has to be funniest 442oons video this year

    ZakZak23 ore fa
  • make a frontmen a fornite

    Carlos Daniel Castillo RiveraCarlos Daniel Castillo RiveraGiorno fa
  • do part 2

    Viggo Isberg 5-6AViggo Isberg 5-6AGiorno fa
  • Do a part 2

    Nick DaviesNick DaviesGiorno fa
  • Why must Kane clean Ronaldo's ball

    Wendy MabeleWendy MabeleGiorno fa
  • Salah:whitch is? Ronaldo:kicking alvaro out of the game Me: (dies with so much laughter)

    Aidan & Connor HollandAidan & Connor HollandGiorno fa
  • At 1:03 zlatan has no kit on him

    Ellis Jack Griff boiEllis Jack Griff boiGiorno fa
  • I want to play among us too

    Lord BendtnerLord BendtnerGiorno fa
  • Morata 100000000%

  • KANE: Vardy mencoba membunuhku! Vardy adalah IMPOSTOR!!!!!! VARDY: Astaga! apakah Kane sudah gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RASHFORD: Ada apa ribut-ribut di sini! RONALDO: Pasti ini ulah Lewandowski! ZLATAN: Setuju! Itu masuk akal!

    Tsunagizu OFFICIALTsunagizu OFFICIALGiorno fa
  • Harry Kane sangat bijak dan MBE sejati

    Tsunagizu OFFICIALTsunagizu OFFICIALGiorno fa
  • John Terry is the IMPOSTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tsunagizu OFFICIALTsunagizu OFFICIALGiorno fa
  • Kegemaran saya adalah SpongeBob SquarePants, Kamen Rider, Sepakbola, dan Among Us

    Tsunagizu OFFICIALTsunagizu OFFICIALGiorno fa
  • 9:03 I didn t get this

    Дамян ИлиевДамян ИлиевGiorno fa
  • i first know for among us

    Leo MajićLeo MajićGiorno fa
  • Nice👍

    ARKAN fathurARKAN fathurGiorno fa
  • Suarez🤛🤛🤛🤛🤛🤛🤛

    Brigitte MorendeBrigitte MorendeGiorno fa
  • Do another video about among us

    zayd cellozayd celloGiorno fa
  • I thought it was messi the impostor

    Radu DimaRadu Dima2 giorni fa
  • But lewandoski didn’t kill one of his rivals that might get the ballon dor, messi left the game lol

    Draw ReactionzDraw Reactionz2 giorni fa
    • Absolutely fantastic work!!!?

      minij hooiminij hooiGiorno fa
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    BIORNOBIORNO2 giorni fa
  • i love how ronaldo calls Harry “Harold”

    Hi poppy AsaHi poppy Asa2 giorni fa
  • PolskaGurom

    Tobiasz MajTobiasz Maj2 giorni fa
  • nice

    Tobiasz MajTobiasz Maj2 giorni fa
  • I'm Bulgarian 🇧🇬

    Potato GamerPotato Gamer2 giorni fa
  • what lack of respect

  • where is messi messi is thead o life

    alan musaalan musa2 giorni fa
  • PART 2

    Diogo DuarteDiogo Duarte2 giorni fa
  • 5:47 😂

    Estefy GiEstefy Gi2 giorni fa
  • Why messi quits

    shannu vlogshannu vlog2 giorni fa
  • I love you guys 442oons and Among us

    3Majed Chlela3Majed Chlela2 giorni fa
  • that Nani joke :)

    Yusuf BilalYusuf Bilal2 giorni fa
  • ha lol this was so funny

    Sammy DodgerSammy Dodger2 giorni fa
  • Footballers attempt Silvio Santos (bald) magazine melodies of brazil 1971 frontmen eu tenho a foto dele careca

    PauloNatanael Dos Santos SanabrePauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre2 giorni fa
  • this is the worst channel ever

  • This is so bad.

    Shreyas NairShreyas Nair2 giorni fa
  • 22

    Ahmet RGAhmet RG2 giorni fa
  • Falto aguero.

    RubeNinjaRubeNinja2 giorni fa
  • I don't even understand the among us game but found this hilarious

    Russell DunninghamRussell Dunningham2 giorni fa
  • No cr7

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • sh*t

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • shot

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • and luis na ni?

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • Se esta meeeando

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • HaaaaaaaaaaaaalaáaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaAnd

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • John Terry

    Pedro Vicente SánchezPedro Vicente Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • Pls party 2

    Mihajlo JovanovicMihajlo Jovanovic2 giorni fa
  • Uff🔥😂

  • 2:15 *Luis Suarez was not the impostor* Suarez: I HOPE YOU ALL GET MALARIA!!!!!!

    Zack AzminZack Azmin2 giorni fa
  • He was always there Muller was always there

    Eh NaniEh Nani2 giorni fa
  • 2:15 me when i get kicked out in every among us game

    Stemen StickmanStemen Stickman2 giorni fa
    • I got the face of your cat pic when i saw your comment 😂

      Alan ManzoAlan Manzo2 giorni fa
  • This is literally one of the most funniest videos I've ever watched

    Antonio FontaineAntonio Fontaine2 giorni fa
  • “Yes it is I, Robert Lewandowski”

    opzz xsinopzz xsin2 giorni fa
  • Lewandowski rocks 🤣🤣🤣

    Nakshatra ChauhanNakshatra Chauhan2 giorni fa
  • Make part 2 with coutinho

    NAZIM 17NAZIM 172 giorni fa
  • That portugal reference.... daaaamn! I think the whole country had forgotten about that nani "goal"! Well done!

    bernardo pinto leitebernardo pinto leite2 giorni fa
    • I liked it very much i am very thankfull?

      opzz xsinopzz xsin2 giorni fa
  • l wont more among us

    arsan shivanarsan shivan3 giorni fa
  • Do a part 2 pls

    Jaskaran SinghJaskaran Singh3 giorni fa
  • How has Nani been working for 10 years if the babys are about 3 years old

    LordHarry12 the GOATLordHarry12 the GOAT3 giorni fa
  • You’re taking the pfish

    Rafael KarabajakianRafael Karabajakian3 giorni fa
  • 442oons are you a christain

    Ifeanyi EzukaIfeanyi Ezuka3 giorni fa

    ReshirexReshirex3 giorni fa
  • What,among us as football,that's a first,great video

    freezey freezeyfreezey freezey3 giorni fa
  • I love you guys 442oons and footballers play among us

    Nahol ChlelaNahol Chlela3 giorni fa
  • Your "kinda" sus even if you kill right infront of the entire crew

    Turtley the turtleTurtley the turtle3 giorni fa
  • 9:08 Fun fact:Hat-trick klub is in ronaldo basement

    Kacper KKacper K3 giorni fa
  • Part 2 with messi kdb mbappe ozil lewandoski lukaku pogba costa hazard mane

    WanXWanX3 giorni fa
  • I'm surprised Ramos wasn't playing, otherwise he would have been the one to kill Salah.

    Sean ClarkSean Clark3 giorni fa
  • Me: **sees 11 players** *’wait that’s illegal’*

    Cheesy VibesCheesy Vibes3 giorni fa
  • Where lewand9wskk

    rybitwa newrybitwa new3 giorni fa
  • Lewandowski Polska z tobą jesttt!!

    SkarbiSkarbi3 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info?search_query=%23rhpower

    Beaming VortexBeaming Vortex3 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info?search_query=%23rhpower

    Beaming VortexBeaming Vortex3 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info?search_query=%23rhpower

    Beaming VortexBeaming Vortex3 giorni fa