Man And His Machine | Huge Power Of Machine | Machinery Trucks 2021

10 mar 2021
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Man And His Machine | Huge Power Of Machine | Machinery Trucks 2021
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    Hervé DUMONTHervé DUMONTOra fa
  • People literally film and upload everything - but why

    Will CWill C8 ore fa
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    Rycho KubiszonRycho Kubiszon8 ore fa
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    Hiba HibaHiba Hiba9 ore fa
  • Non mi sembra che sia in tenuta di lavoro

    Andrea Di MaggioAndrea Di Maggio10 ore fa
  • cool bot video thanks China

    CoalCoal19 ore fa
  • shit my pants on this one...great work guys!!!

    islandwoodfiredislandwoodfired20 ore fa
  • wtf is going on

    gutless conservativesgutless conservatives22 ore fa
  • I just wanna say: Ecuadoooor

    Angelo RoseroAngelo RoseroGiorno fa
  • What

    Yusuf Kadir 55Yusuf Kadir 55Giorno fa
  • I bet it's strong enough to dig a hole too

  • Nooooo waaayyyy the escavator was strong enough to break a tiny root?! That's absolutely insane!!!

    • And amazing to fall asleep to

      Trump makes You retarded.Trump makes You retarded.18 ore fa
  • I don’t even know what happened, but I am CERTAIN it was amazing!

    Tim PrescottTim PrescottGiorno fa
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  • Original Song This Is Nightlight - Italobrothers.

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      Бозон ХиггсаБозон Хиггса2 giorni fa
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    Stephen BerminghamStephen Bermingham3 giorni fa
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  • China arriving in industrial age. Wow.

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    Doctor- ArneDoctor- Arne6 giorni fa
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    Pankaj Rajput_Pankaj Rajput_7 giorni fa
  • It’s a bloody digger of course it’s gonna break your stick or whatever you’re trying to point out in this video ...

    Pavol TruchlyPavol Truchly7 giorni fa
  • Kya kar raha hai

    Shamshad ChaudharyShamshad Chaudhary7 giorni fa
  • Sry i didnt understand wat happen can someone explain

    Funny videos collectionFunny videos collection8 giorni fa
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    Бауыржан ЕрбусиновБауыржан Ербусинов8 giorni fa
  • They dont know how to take the breaker of the machein and put a bucket on so there just using the pin probably dont know it brakes rock

    catalick convertacatalick converta9 giorni fa
  • This man deserves an honorary doctorit for his pure genius and innovation

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  • It’s that one song that Bruce talked about on that demo disk episode. “Ecuadoooor!!!!”

    Theflamethrower45Theflamethrower459 giorni fa
    • Sash-Equador

      Gian RaptorGian Raptor2 giorni fa
    • @Trevoorheees it’s the same base song.

      Theflamethrower45Theflamethrower454 giorni fa
    • But it's not tho, it's just a sample of the original that bruce is talking about.

      TrevoorheeesTrevoorheees4 giorni fa
  • Chi yedava

    Siva DulamSiva Dulam10 giorni fa
  • Its like using flight to land over 5 miles

    गणेश फडतरेगणेश फडतरे10 giorni fa
  • Wow this cured my diabetes😲

    John Gabriel SantelicesJohn Gabriel Santelices10 giorni fa
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  • I was lyk his balls are in danger if that springs back

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    HosentaschenfuziHosentaschenfuzi12 giorni fa
  • Wow it pulled up a root.

    William Henry Van EttaWilliam Henry Van Etta12 giorni fa
  • Absolutely incredible

    JaroodTheFabJaroodTheFab12 giorni fa
  • I'm so confused what was even the point of messing with it, talk about creating a problem just to have a problem

    Sajin688Sajin68812 giorni fa
  • Wtf is this about

    John JJohn J13 giorni fa
  • I've looked at the world map for hours now... still can't find who gives a shit

    NsPlay15NsPlay1514 giorni fa
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  • Obviously come straight to work that morning after his night out didn’t bother changing

    Nathan CNathan C15 giorni fa
  • i swear the music is the best part

    iPhone 7 Plus and iTrainiPhone 7 Plus and iTrain15 giorni fa
  • what this music??

    HiR0TAKAHiR0TAKA15 giorni fa
    • @Koba Doo Thanks!!!!

      HiR0TAKAHiR0TAKA9 giorni fa
    • Sash equador but this is a remix..

      Koba DooKoba Doo11 giorni fa
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    Lyubomir KovachevLyubomir Kovachev15 giorni fa
  • Wtf did i just watched??

    MagentoMagento15 giorni fa
  • Name of song please?

    MeneerMeneer15 giorni fa
    • Darude - Sandstorm

      Modest Mind25Modest Mind254 giorni fa
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    Rofikul IslamRofikul Islam15 giorni fa
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    50 blessings50 blessings17 giorni fa
  • I was hoping it was a power line he was getting out of his way

    Chevy Big blockChevy Big block17 giorni fa
  • Wtf is even going on here?

    RichRich17 giorni fa
  • What’s the name of the track

    Shawn KohistaniShawn Kohistani17 giorni fa
    • The remix called itolabrothers this is nightlife...

      Koba DooKoba Doo4 giorni fa
    • The remix is called 'Darude - Sandstorm' Check it out.

      Modest Mind25Modest Mind254 giorni fa
    • Actual track is (sash equador) but this is remix..

      Koba DooKoba Doo11 giorni fa
  • So thats the guy that puts nails in with a fork

    unter hoseunter hose17 giorni fa
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      Trump makes You retarded.Trump makes You retarded.18 ore fa
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    4WD ADDICT4WD ADDICT18 giorni fa
  • He could have just slid it off..

    Jon WJon W18 giorni fa
  • Waste of time and video

    Clarence KayserClarence Kayser18 giorni fa
  • Wtf was so amazing about that?

    John KoppelJohn Koppel18 giorni fa
  • Well,...that was somthin

    Doyle RossDoyle Ross18 giorni fa
  • I was waiting for it to break and slap him in the face

    Nicholas PiscitelliNicholas Piscitelli18 giorni fa
  • Was That in his way

    Nicholas PiscitelliNicholas Piscitelli18 giorni fa
  • Anything like this is dangerous standing so close. If it snaps , whips around and hits you in the face. Im an experienced excavator operator, people underestimate the power of these machines.

    Simon ChantSimon Chant18 giorni fa
  • What I do when I need 2 more inches on the extension cord

    bobby magoobobby magoo18 giorni fa
  • It's like using a calculator to see if 10+11=21

    TandinTandin18 giorni fa
    • Actually that’s 9+10

      Nate BNate B15 giorni fa
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    David OrbeDavid Orbe18 giorni fa