FORTNITE MEMES that will Nerf Aim Assist...

24 feb 2020
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These Fortnite MEMES are bound to make Epic nerf aim assist! This edit is filled with hilarious fortnite aim assist memes and funny moments. I really enjoyed editing this one, the mongraal aim assist memes are just too funny 😂 Hope you enjoy these Fortnite Memes edited by me!
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Cartoon - Why We Lose

#fortnitememes #aimassist #roguerebel

  • Why the fuck most of them kbm lmao so why would it get nerfed it legit shows kbm has incredible aim aswell so idk why it would get nerfed

    CyCyGiorno fa
  • Horribles memes

    Matixx CantiMatixx CantiGiorno fa
  • Just one thing CONTROLLA PLAYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Antonio BravoAntonio BravoGiorno fa
  • If you get so mad about controller players be a COTROLLA PLAYA!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer Skinner-CisseJennifer Skinner-Cisse2 giorni fa
  • 3:42 no thank you

    OA SolsionsOA Solsions2 giorni fa
  • Laomoaoaoaoaoaoaoaooaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoooaaoo

    Priscilla JaramilloPriscilla Jaramillo2 giorni fa
  • Who thinks half of that was Mongraal 😂

    Razer MoNoRazer MoNo3 giorni fa
  • But still controller players are the best

    GamerGod 8GamerGod 84 giorni fa
  • Some respect for controller players #Have respect for controller players🎮🎮

    Rishav BajajRishav Bajaj4 giorni fa
  • sono tutto forte io

  • .

    Jeremiah A gamer BroJeremiah A gamer Bro5 giorni fa
  • Fuck you! My ears. 3:51

    AYANAYAN5 giorni fa
  • they just have better gaming chairs

  • Funniest shit I’ve ever seen!

    KAMSZKAMSZ6 giorni fa
  • hahaha I'm controler player I am of XBOX

    Emiliano Gomez RamirezEmiliano Gomez Ramirez7 giorni fa
  • 3:33 I've wasted my nights You turned out the lights Now I'm paralyzed Still stuck in that time, when we called it love But even the sun sets in paradise I'm at a payphone, trying to call homeeeeeeeee

    luca Vignaliluca Vignali7 giorni fa
  • 16:47 lol

    Skee BlockSkee Block7 giorni fa
  • All I hear in the beginning is crying and wining

    filing cabinetfiling cabinet8 giorni fa
  • most were on pc lol

    OsmanVidz 14OsmanVidz 148 giorni fa
  • this is so good

  • Half of this "aim assist" is just lucky bloom. Thats it

    Ace of AxesAce of Axes9 giorni fa
  • Its called aim assist and pc players complain about it

    Kordae CheathamKordae Cheatham9 giorni fa
  • xD

    gbi kilergbi kiler9 giorni fa
  • im a controlla playa and i dont have aim assist wait i dont have aim assist as a thing in my settings

    anime hubanime hub9 giorni fa
  • It is meta to have a controller next to your keyboard

    MojostibsMojostibs11 giorni fa
  • Mongraal you are so stupid

    kingracer 123kingracer 12312 giorni fa
  • 1:18 girl acting like she didnt just get deleted when she just didnt build or look around! She had 3 kills you dont have the right to be saying 'oh i get it it should be nerfed'! LOL im dead

    Ryan CorcoranRyan Corcoran13 giorni fa

    mark schuermansmark schuermans13 giorni fa
  • Lamo bad pc players in controller

    Luis NetoLuis Neto14 giorni fa
  • This video......just deserves my like

    Austin Goal9Austin Goal914 giorni fa
  • mongraal is crazzy

    fre3ezerfre3ezer15 giorni fa
  • Keyboard is more unfair bc the 200pumps and edits

    Kel DuboseKel Dubose15 giorni fa
  • im watching this almost every day

    rajendra azizrajendra aziz16 giorni fa
  • True gamers respect all consoles or PCs 🙂

    XC-4XC-416 giorni fa
  • PC Players: Controler Player. Screw #NerfMechs, #NerfAimAssist 😭😭😭😭 Also PC Players: Ok I Will Use My Scroll Wheel Edit Around The Map.

    Simon O'CSimon O'C16 giorni fa
  • U know the controller ain't floating in air like pc a some aren't hacking

    MatheoJohan DeHoyosMatheoJohan DeHoyos18 giorni fa
  • 6,9 million views lmao

    Guilherme PasturaGuilherme Pastura18 giorni fa

    BeetsBeets18 giorni fa
  • I feels the aim assist in my bones

    Erick RiofrioErick Riofrio19 giorni fa
  • Kontroller Plajeyer

    VxPerVxPer19 giorni fa
  • i remember being subbed when he was at 3k this is so cool :)

    Imaad UzunImaad Uzun19 giorni fa
  • Coontrolla playa

    lautaro asadolautaro asado19 giorni fa
  • 4:23 I'm stuck, HEHEEE BUAHH

    Pai DaPai Da19 giorni fa
  • No entiendo esta picha los de pc tienen mucho mas aimlos de control no pueden deletear bastardamente en el aire como los de pc

    Aaron Leon Alvarez 7-3Aaron Leon Alvarez 7-320 giorni fa
  • PC players have no input lag

    siddique khasimsiddique khasim20 giorni fa
  • 200 mil inscritos

    Miguel oficialMiguel oficial21 giorno fa
  • 4:15 lmao🤣🤣🤣

    Fylaxeen FNFylaxeen FN21 giorno fa
  • ff por el mando

    Pro GanadorPro Ganador22 giorni fa
  • Respect the religions, stupid.

    TomElite2010TomElite201022 giorni fa
  • where all my ps4 players🙌🏾

    Only SkyOnly Sky23 giorni fa
  • 3:30 holly shitt marry christmas 😂

    Angry FadeAngry Fade24 giorni fa
  • 7:14 2 eliminations +0 points nice

    EskEsk24 giorni fa
  • I feel ovended cause most clips are mause and keyboard clips. BTW the aim assist now a days is trash just very veu peaple have old aim assist

    Esteban VegaEsteban Vega24 giorni fa

    Erik OrsiErik Orsi24 giorni fa
  • nice , im playing on controller and my aim is trash

    NalrimNalrim25 giorni fa
  • Why my AIM asyst is to broken

    KlOcKoWaTy !!KlOcKoWaTy !!26 giorni fa
  • Before the pc complain about aim assist and now most use softaim and macros🤡, hypocrites

    FELIGRA XFELIGRA X26 giorni fa

    Landen PennerLanden Penner27 giorni fa
  • 1:30, he doo be breaking history doh

    Jaeden RaguindinJaeden Raguindin27 giorni fa
  • LAST DAY to ENTER the iPhone 12 GIVEAWAY on My INSTAGRAM @LegitTim 📲

    Angie ScottAngie Scott27 giorni fa
  • A lot of these “controller player” moments are actually from mouse and keyboard

    Lauralee CzachLauralee Czach27 giorni fa
  • 3:42 mongraal 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    Yemen AlyemenYemen Alyemen27 giorni fa
  • controllers: why do they insult us aim assist: i have a theory

    Ayden GerardAyden Gerard27 giorni fa
  • Oh they did mate

    BathmanBathman28 giorni fa
  • This is wht u call a meme video 😂😂

    Gaurav ManjunathGaurav Manjunath28 giorni fa
  • I love how Wolfiez was so calm when he got sniped from 250m Lmao

    Neels On CrackNeels On Crack28 giorni fa
  • 6:22 LOL

    Reflect GemReflect Gem29 giorni fa
  • 3:43 XD

    Reflect GemReflect Gem29 giorni fa
  • Controler❤

    Kamil RutkowskiKamil Rutkowski29 giorni fa
  • Me:cant hit a single shot Also me:*gets controlla* Controlla:Aim Bot Activated Me: *HE HE BOY!*

    AdamCarminGamer093AdamCarminGamer093Mese fa
  • 1:45 Highsky: Look broken now Me: Smashes keyboard: wow look my whole setups broken now

    CLU1CH Blake The BossCLU1CH Blake The BossMese fa
  • tis actualy nerfed controler aimasist rip

    Gaming with ManasGaming with ManasMese fa
  • mobile players with their autofire: *meme of the monkey looking to the side*

    I̵̢̋ń̸̪t̶̎͜e̴̪͒r̸̤̎n̸̩̔ẹ̷̒ṭ̶̍S̴͙̍h̷͎̋ǐ̷͎b̶̥͋e̵͌͜4̶̜͌7̵̢̒I̵̢̋ń̸̪t̶̎͜e̴̪͒r̸̤̎n̸̩̔ẹ̷̒ṭ̶̍S̴͙̍h̷͎̋ǐ̷͎b̶̥͋e̵͌͜4̶̜͌7̵̢̒Mese fa
  • 4:12 lol good poem tfue

    elecTrohelecTrohMese fa
  • bro when controller played have aim asist but pc has pc build ing

    vins memsvins memsMese fa
  • 4:13 After Tfue eliminate someone he got karma😂😂

    Donut DrumDonut DrumMese fa
  • That guy is a disgrace to us controller player 1:33 plus controller is aim bot right con- Troller it's a troll

    Fired with Flames YTFired with Flames YTMese fa
  • when rouguerebel saw that he cannot aim properly, he just took his controller and got the kill. thats what i call the domination of controller. keyboard and mouse are lame. they are just used widely cause they have colourful lights and and it looks cool. but controller is the father of controlling games. and keyboard were invented for typing, not gaming. he who went up with the concept of keyboard mouse gaming was a filthy hypocrit////////

    Unknown MomentsUnknown MomentsMese fa
  • Ha ha ha

    PS4 rubioJI FortnitePS4 rubioJI FortniteMese fa
  • 1:12 i do this evrey time and i have no aim assist

    NLE ranDANNLE ranDANMese fa
  • Mongrall just to funny

    Ekam JhajjEkam JhajjMese fa
  • 2:41 it was the b4est moment of the video

    Istiaq ZamanIstiaq ZamanMese fa
  • hah, its my favourite streamer and u

    smo kensmo kenMese fa
  • LMAO I cant belive yall keyboards players mad knowing yall have the same potentianal as us yall can double yall just hating because were better lmao

    Darrick ButlerDarrick ButlerMese fa
  • Fuck you keyboard Player noob 1vs1 i clap you Bitches

    echt jetztecht jetztMese fa
  • The Mongral clip tho XD

    arrow Ψarrow ΨMese fa
  • Rogue rebel like this you wont

    Mr ShrimpMr ShrimpMese fa
  • Funny how half the clips are mouse and keyboard players dominating

    Swirvin2000Swirvin2000Mese fa
  • Keyboard and mouse players don't understand that controller players have a joystick to aim. How do they even aim with a joystick? I am a keyboard and mouse player btw.

    Team SlayersTeam SlayersMese fa
  • I swear I love the homie mongrall 3:42

    Cole maguireCole maguireMese fa
  • 3:15... HARPOON DOES 74 DAMAGE

    Ismael DialloIsmael DialloMese fa
  • gg

    Luka IvanšekLuka IvanšekMese fa
  • 3:57 me when someone kiss my _GF_

    KARKARMese fa
  • 8:50 Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Timthetatman: NRG MrsavageM of friends

    Elias ContrerasElias ContrerasMese fa
  • That one guy who smashed the controller on the ground had a 360 controller

    Nathan Geske [Student]Nathan Geske [Student]Mese fa
  • 1:30

    SuperdarkninjaSuperdarkninjaMese fa
  • Jesus, I'm on controller and this is not any where close to how I play.

    Jessica JonasJessica JonasMese fa
  • Heh they nerfed it now bring back pls

    Joshua TamJoshua TamMese fa
  • Whey was she suprised like I don't get it 0:46

    SCRLT ViodSCRLT ViodMese fa
  • When 99 percent of these guys are on kbm

    AKR7AKR7Mese fa