OMG! DID you know this IPHONE CHARGER LIFEHACK?! - orzutiextra TikTok ! #shorts

24 apr 2021
19 557 709 visualizzazioni

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Funny moments from TikTok 😂. This is funny video like others on TikTok: with some stuff, tricks, jokes, comedy, fun. I have compiled many videos from TikTok, check out TikTok Compilation! TikTok videos like this can really make people entertain and laugh, provides a good mood.
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    ZutiGangZutiGang4 giorni fa
    • findndjfjahhfnfnncnxjncncncnndncnvnc vaca 🐄 dios está aquí está aquí

      Erick david Martinez valdezErick david Martinez valdez7 ore fa
    • 1 milion

      АртурАртур13 ore fa
    • ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢʸᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

      Sweet Mango123Sweet Mango12315 ore fa
    • Why? This impossible 🤯

      Амин БеделовАмин Беделов15 ore fa
    • Pure trash

      n on o16 ore fa
  • That doesn't work

    Riclol_54Riclol_544 ore fa
  • only works for iPhone?

    XxcrisxX mieoXxcrisxX mieo4 ore fa
  • Fake

    that one creepy music lover llthat one creepy music lover ll4 ore fa
  • Is disse fack??

    Kelvin MatusseKelvin Matusse4 ore fa
    • Fake??

      Kelvin MatusseKelvin Matusse4 ore fa
  • what is the name of the song in the last of the video

    BLACK CAT القط الاسودBLACK CAT القط الاسود4 ore fa
  • Fake reattachion

    Megan McLaughlinMegan McLaughlin4 ore fa
  • This whole coment box is iconic legendary means I come to read comments that if that hack was real but no is talking about hack all I can find is just ' he is the type of guy ' 😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    SnehaSneha4 ore fa
  • He’s the type of guy that wakes up at the time he’s supposed to be somewhere.

    Oakley FisherOakley Fisher4 ore fa
  • He’s the type of guy to tell the teacher abt homework in the last Minute

    icewallococ LOLicewallococ LOL4 ore fa
  • He’s the type of guy that still writes emails

    icewallococ LOLicewallococ LOL4 ore fa
  • Stupidity 100

    DaikiouTenDaikiouTen4 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy to miss out on his doctor's appointment cuz he was sick

    Barek OmabaBarek Omaba4 ore fa
  • Who's the type of person to brush his teeth then drink orange juice

    Angelina GonzalezAngelina Gonzalez5 ore fa
  • А зарядка та без проводная

    VLADIKVLADIK5 ore fa
  • I hate the human race

    KirianKirian5 ore fa
  • Why does almost every comment beggin with *"hes the type of guy"*

    de boii and de other boiide boii and de other boii5 ore fa
  • He have under the desk a charger base wirless

    Salvatore UsticaSalvatore Ustica5 ore fa
  • The guy that wonders why he couldn't run on water even though he had water proof shoes on

    Just some guy with half a MustacheJust some guy with half a Mustache5 ore fa
  • Me: searching for a comment that does not say he is the type of guy like 👁️👄👁️

    the last OG bananathe last OG banana5 ore fa
  • I smell sooooo much cap on this vid

    Patrick MoorePatrick Moore5 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy that be this kind of type of guy.

    ower joower jo5 ore fa

    Ari_reads - writesAri_reads - writes5 ore fa
  • Nice edit

    wild force red rangerwild force red ranger5 ore fa
  • 99 percent of the comments : he's the type of guy... 1 percent: your scrolling through the comments to see of this worked

    Random Stuff TikToksRandom Stuff TikToks5 ore fa
  • Know wayyy!!!

    giana everettgiana everett5 ore fa
  • Totally no wireless charger under table

    The Very Tall MidgetThe Very Tall Midget5 ore fa
  • o dele batendo 1 milhão 🤡🤡🤡

    NALUNALU5 ore fa
  • Eu não quero fazer isso não né

    Lorenna SilvaLorenna Silva5 ore fa
  • mentira da peste kkkk

    Miguel Marques ریالMiguel Marques ریال5 ore fa
  • It’s the iTs iN rEvErSe🤪♥️♥️ for me

    TTV_peytonplayss 11TTV_peytonplayss 115 ore fa
  • How do they do this?

    Gülşah AydınGülşah Aydın5 ore fa
  • well than im happy i have got android😂

    Fa1r CZFa1r CZ5 ore fa
  • Bruh Not real

    Arivan BarznjiArivan Barznji5 ore fa
  • Or just dont ruin your charger and not be an imbecil😀😀😀😀😀😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    Abel GuobadiaAbel Guobadia5 ore fa
  • He’s the type of guy to say “i saw a guy pour air and an object started to float, I’m breathing so shouldn’t my body be floating?”

    RainRain5 ore fa
  • That’s not how science work

    Purple guy at 3amPurple guy at 3am5 ore fa
  • O cara tava usando uma linha de desenho para coneaquitár o celular

    denes alves areasdenes alves areas5 ore fa
  • Kiddo be like

    Kawaii Cakie UwUKawaii Cakie UwU5 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy that wud water his lawn when it is raining.

    Clinton CupidoClinton Cupido5 ore fa
    • Dude. AAAAAAAA

      Ash BashAsh Bash5 ore fa
  • The mans using redstone give him a break

    WarriorYT 01WarriorYT 015 ore fa
  • Why cut your charger in 1/3???

    Jaiden WieringaJaiden Wieringa5 ore fa
  • Cableless Chargers LOL

    Clã dos DiamantesClã dos Diamantes5 ore fa
  • sorry man got androids ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Rabbyalthaf WardhanaRabbyalthaf Wardhana5 ore fa
  • LIE

    Danielle HartmanDanielle Hartman5 ore fa
  • The type of guy to put hot chocolate in a freezer

    Tfk VoidTfk Void5 ore fa
  • Es mentira es la poqua energía que le queda

    Elizabeth VegaElizabeth Vega5 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy who crashed his bike but said it was a car

    XD LexiXD Lexi5 ore fa
  • The stupidity radiating from this is giving me brain damage.

    Bready Steady BAKEBready Steady BAKE5 ore fa
  • He's the guy who buy iPhone for apple sticker

  • What

  • Tik tok people: Me: just buy a new charger

    shrceshrce5 ore fa
  • so this is what such a shenanigation is.....

    hehehe boyyyhehehe boyyy5 ore fa
  • كيف بتعملوها

    Mareiam AliMareiam Ali5 ore fa
  • Who would believe that 😑

    The Codm GamerThe Codm Gamer5 ore fa
  • WHAT THE???!!!

    Waleska Arelim Mendez GramajoWaleska Arelim Mendez Gramajo6 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy who jumps over a glass wall to see what's on the other side

    FegariiFegarii6 ore fa

    carol gamersYTcarol gamersYT6 ore fa
  • Cap

    hlumelo madlodlohlumelo madlodlo6 ore fa
  • Work

    Marcel InochMarcel Inoch6 ore fa
  • It's not real at all you just put charger under phone

    Fares AttarFares Attar6 ore fa
  • Nice editing

    Mohamed MahmoudMohamed Mahmoud6 ore fa
  • Partyshirt its up to you

    Happy_DeerHappy_Deer6 ore fa
  • you: wants to see in comments if this work Comments:he's type of guy...

    kacperkacper6 ore fa
  • אתה היוטיובר הכי מפורסם בישראל😏

    VezerVezer6 ore fa
  • Whats this 'he's the type of the guy'🤣

    ZoophagyZoophagy6 ore fa
  • 👏👏👏

  • Lol

    ZoophagyZoophagy6 ore fa
  • Fake😂👌

    tio p3drocatio p3droca6 ore fa
  • Everyone in the comments is the type of guy that says he's the type of guy

    Isaiah InmanIsaiah Inman6 ore fa
  • Será verdad @peter

    Ariamar0945B AlarconAriamar0945B Alarcon6 ore fa
  • Is there wireless charger!!!!!

    Akash GuptaAkash Gupta6 ore fa
  • @blowek

    Fear MrowekFear Mrowek6 ore fa
  • Litteraly 95% the comments: “Hes the type of guy” The 5%: something other

    SprinkglorySprinkglory6 ore fa
  • he's the type of guy who touches fire to check if its hot

    No NameNo Name6 ore fa
  • super lie is an obvious scam that is not true; -;

    Julia Teixeira ÙwÚJulia Teixeira ÙwÚ6 ore fa
  • Wow 😑 so real like cmon stop shitting people u fake people

    adareo playzadareo playz6 ore fa
  • He is the type of guy who would ping everyone to tell them how his day was going

    Terra GamezTerra Gamez6 ore fa
  • Mi mente: hola y bienvenidos a verdad o mentira en donde descubrimos si tus tiktoks favoritos son reales o falsos

    krystal monterokrystal montero6 ore fa
  • He is the type of guy that he knows it's dangeours to sleeps with Johny sins but he still do it and after he cries.

    Reza IQ 125Reza IQ 1256 ore fa
  • We all know that there's a wireless charger under the table

    Cole BeachCole Beach6 ore fa
  • Fake 😠😠😠😠

    Paulo RodriguezPaulo Rodriguez6 ore fa
  • Does this actually work?

    Harry hodgson bayneHarry hodgson bayne6 ore fa
  • yo now u gotta pay for my broken charger

    Nvr BettrNvr Bettr6 ore fa
  • Me:try this iphone life hack Me again:ha i kinda dumb u know

    MR. BAD LUCKMR. BAD LUCK6 ore fa
  • He is a type of gay

    Karthik SwaminathanKarthik Swaminathan6 ore fa
  • FAKE 🤬

    Madame BlumenkindMadame Blumenkind7 ore fa
  • Fake

    tatiana castañedatatiana castañeda7 ore fa
  • He’s the type of guy that he would think twice to slap his dad😆

  • He's the reason why Tidepods have a "Don't eat" warning

    Alter EgoAlter Ego7 ore fa
  • It’s a wireless charger dummys

    LukeyP123 987LukeyP123 9877 ore fa
  • He’s the type of gye who is clickbaitgod

    Rubin gaming chanelRubin gaming chanel7 ore fa
  • Yt shorts community is trash 🤣

    Ll4VALl4VA7 ore fa
  • He's the type of guy that forgets to warm up his pizza

    Tanner Marks 119Tanner Marks 1197 ore fa
  • Has a wireless charger under the table 😎

    Kumaran KumaranKumaran Kumaran7 ore fa
  • А это правда

    Камиль ГабибулаевКамиль Габибулаев7 ore fa
  • Why was this channel born

    Christel AstorChristel Astor7 ore fa
  • 🎩🧢🎓👲🎓🧢🎩👲🎓🧢🎩

    RivvikynRivvikyn7 ore fa
  • Wherever I go... I see his face.. *"he's type of guy comments"*

    Don OssasDon Ossas7 ore fa
  • مطناينفمذنلحبتلفخسكدوفىيكزوقندنينذتلههههههه🤣

    Liwae DaraLiwae Dara7 ore fa