21 gen 2021
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  • Leon .... you ate too much hahaha

    Melody MeiiMelody MeiiOra fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    A KA KOra fa
  • I really like the same Leon,bella,Louis🤗😘🥰😍

    GITA Luthfiyah OFFICIALGITA Luthfiyah OFFICIAL2 ore fa
  • Imagine having a boyfriend like Ten♡ You both loves pet especially Cats.

    CRISELLE 크리셀MARS 마르스CRISELLE 크리셀MARS 마르스3 ore fa
  • 2:05 - 2:48 my fav moment

    Cha WanyaCha Wanya4 ore fa
  • ทำไมน่ารักขนาดนี้คะ หนูทาสแมว พี่ทาสหนูอีกที ㅠㅠ

    korworlorkorworlor4 ore fa
  • Aaaaa.....mau dong jd kucingnya

    Bekti NuraeniBekti Nuraeni4 ore fa
  • Bias wrecker : Bella Leon Louis

    VaniaVania5 ore fa
  • I wonder who is the cameraman?

    Yi Yang QianxiYi Yang Qianxi6 ore fa
  • Semoga Ten bikin vlog kaya gini lagi lagi sama Louis, Leon, Bella... Suaranya Ten itu loh healing banget

    Ria AstutiRia Astuti6 ore fa
  • 케이크먹지마ㅠ따른거먹어 내뽀뽀먹어 =극락

    김바하김바하10 ore fa
  • TEN Louis Leon Bella

    Summer RoseSummer Rose10 ore fa
  • Ten is so cute.

    Narda AguilarNarda Aguilar12 ore fa

    Dilla WardhanaDilla Wardhana14 ore fa
  • love this boy

    lavrerlavrer16 ore fa
  • 😽😽😽

    Star iStar i16 ore fa
  • out of content but "WHAT LIP BALM WAS HE USING?? 😁😘

    Neelam TiwariNeelam Tiwari17 ore fa
    • La Bruket lip balm

      Sunshine 1006Sunshine 100615 ore fa
  • idk why but ten life is interesting 🧐

    Syah NanSyah Nan18 ore fa
  • goodnight ten

    xingie ًxingie ً18 ore fa
  • Lovely Ten with Louis, Leon feat Bella ❤️

    tatatatatatatata18 ore fa
  • Ten looks like an anime 🙀

    Beca Jane FrigillanaBeca Jane Frigillana19 ore fa
  • how'd I just realize Ten has a tattoo 🗿...

    rxyutarxyuta19 ore fa
    • @xingie ً OH MY GOD-

      rxyutarxyuta18 ore fa
    • he has 4

      xingie ًxingie ً18 ore fa
  • Tennie

    Sheryl LSheryl L20 ore fa
  • Enggak ada bosen sama relay cam nya TEN

    noviia prisilianoviia prisilia20 ore fa
  • 아이돌 릴캠인데 그냥 고양이집사브이로그

    촵촵촵촵20 ore fa
  • Happy birthday to ten, leon and bella ♡♡♡

    Sabira karimSabira karim22 ore fa
  • 벨라야 생일축하해애

    칱뿡칱뿡22 ore fa
  • TEN、いいパパになりそ〜う❤️

    haruna ootsuharuna ootsu23 ore fa
  • always a moodbooster

    ᅳAyiᅳAyi23 ore fa
  • Ten's relay cam is so healing to watch.I wish to have friend like ten who is talented,cute and soft.

    MY____1020MY____102023 ore fa
  • I'm here again

    MY____1020MY____102023 ore fa
  • Sub thai pls~🥺

    psychopsychoGiorno fa
  • Why it's so satisfying watching beautiful Ten's face an his cats for 23 minutes?

    Fernanda -sshiFernanda -sshiGiorno fa
  • 그래서 텐은 언제 나와요? 500번 봤는데 고양이 3마리 밖에 없는데요.. 근데 한 고양이는 말도 할줄 아네요

    널 찾아 수만리널 찾아 수만리Giorno fa
  • 2:49 I ship😌😌

    JiminX btsJiminX btsGiorno fa
    • Omg

      Louis Bella Leon stanLouis Bella Leon stan19 ore fa
  • Happy birthday Princess Bella, a luckiest girl among 9 boys (WayV + Louis & Leon) & leap year girl, thank you for being a happiness of WayV :)

    Conan DaoConan DaoGiorno fa
  • My biasss😭💗

    JiminX btsJiminX btsGiorno fa
  • Missing relay cams already ....so back here again 😭

    Xu YanXu YanGiorno fa
  • Cant lie, i comeback to this video everyday

    this is xxthis is xxGiorno fa
  • Not a fan of ten but i literally come here everyday its my free therapy

    ot7foreverot7foreverGiorno fa
    • stan then

      xingie ًxingie ً18 ore fa
  • Wow 3m

    leeyoungheum wifeleeyoungheum wifeGiorno fa
  • Saat jatuh cinta

    ChenjiChenjiGiorno fa
  • Mengapa saaat jatuh cinta

    ChenjiChenjiGiorno fa
    • Sayang sayang....

      ChenjiChenjiGiorno fa
  • 테니 덕질할수록 내 성향이 참 고맙다. 봤던 영화 또 보고 또 보고 또 보고 계속 보기 가능하고, 좋아하는 영화는 진짜 평생에 걸쳐서 계속 보는 성향. 테니 릴캠도 평생에 걸쳐서 계속 봐야지ㅠㅠㅠ 테니야 릴캠 또 해줘ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 좋아 이 영상 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Hongeuni홍으니Hongeuni홍으니Giorno fa
  • Ten are cute when said andwae andwae wkwkwk i like this

    Hilda Dewi99Hilda Dewi99Giorno fa
  • anybody know what cologne that was

    Muriah CourangeMuriah CourangeGiorno fa
  • 5:22 he is so cute

    Trần Thị Mỹ LinhTrần Thị Mỹ LinhGiorno fa
  • never fails to make me smile this vlog

    ten paboten paboGiorno fa
    • everywhere you are

      leeyoungheum wifeleeyoungheum wifeGiorno fa
  • 16:34 Bella .lol

    Trần Thị Mỹ LinhTrần Thị Mỹ LinhGiorno fa
  • Ok...what's up with Thai idol's and cats😂 Lisa and ten both have a cat named louis and they are both stubborn Lisa's cats...all L's, same for ten Then Leon and leo😂😂😂 being a blink and nctzen be like-😂😂😂😂

    Nancy Uche-ubochiNancy Uche-ubochiGiorno fa
  • omg let’s 3M!!😩

    jungwon snowballjungwon snowballGiorno fa
  • 4.207

    nur fadilahnur fadilahGiorno fa
  • Lucas with that voice tho

    Dab MasterDab MasterGiorno fa
  • Dude that cat is a multilingual creature

    Dab MasterDab MasterGiorno fa
  • My niece has a cat named Lani but my niece's cat makes me really sad, she's thin and moldy too

    Fakhira RifaFakhira RifaGiorno fa
  • Catboy!

    Narda AguilarNarda AguilarGiorno fa
  • Awww2

    Narda AguilarNarda AguilarGiorno fa
  • So cute, Ten.

    Narda AguilarNarda AguilarGiorno fa
  • Ten listening to Kai’s album while washing up? What a mood.

    cubsgirl101cubsgirl101Giorno fa
  • Wow almost 3M views. 😍

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  • BOOM 2,9M ❤️❤️❤️

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  • ทำไมเป็นคนน่ารักอ่อนโยนขนาดนี้นะ

    Future PhFuture PhGiorno fa
  • It's so funny to want to introduce you to each other

    Oktarian safitriOktarian safitriGiorno fa
  • 너모 사랑스럽다 텐아 ㅜㅠ

    똠얌꿍따리샤바라빠빠빠똠얌꿍따리샤바라빠빠빠Giorno fa
  • 1 month later and i still come here on the daily

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  • Happy Leon day ~

    dreamjojodreamjojoGiorno fa
  • Happy birthday leon

    나나누누나나누누Giorno fa
  • Happy birthday ten

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  • この動画が好きすぎる☺️☺️

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  • Happy birthday little Leon

    Louis Bella Leon stanLouis Bella Leon stanGiorno fa
  • belated happy birthday ten and happy birthday leon 💞

    ten tenten tenGiorno fa
  • i can't stop watching this video

    ten tenten tenGiorno fa
  • Still

    wonki babieswonki babiesGiorno fa
  • Happy birthday sepuluh

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  • Suami idaman banget😢

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  • Why it's 2-4pm? 2 hours...? 🤔

    a9 blackhearta9 blackheartGiorno fa
    • @aninda pramesti ohh!!! thanks 🥰🙏

      a9 blackhearta9 blackheartGiorno fa
    • bc nct has 23 members so ten got the extra hour = 24hours in total

      aninda pramestianinda pramestiGiorno fa
  • he is definitely a dad who is proud of his children.... leon and louis... you lucky guys

    BD BaşakBD BaşakGiorno fa
  • Why is ten's relay cam time 2 hrs? Hehehehe

    me fangirlingme fangirlingGiorno fa
    • Ohhh okay thankyouu😊

      me fangirlingme fangirlingGiorno fa
    • bc nct has 23 members so ten got the extra hour = 24hours in total

      xingie ًxingie ًGiorno fa
  • Which dorm is he with? Is ten and other wayv members live together too in korea? Just curious hehehehe

    me fangirlingme fangirlingGiorno fa
    • WayV dorm in korea

      Ria AstutiRia AstutiGiorno fa
  • Leon cute kaya ten🤩💘

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  • 😍😍😻

    Star iStar iGiorno fa
  • Didn't he get some scratch from his cats?

    Aura Rahman PutriAura Rahman PutriGiorno fa
  • Happy birthday Leon 🎂

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  • hii

    iioueeeiioueeeGiorno fa
  • Happy Birthday Ten

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  • what are the brown spots in his face tho?

    D MD M2 giorni fa
    • acne patches

      ten tenten tenGiorno fa
  • 리온아 생일축하해!!!

    칱뿡칱뿡2 giorni fa
  • 이 영상보고 입덕 했습니다..

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    • 축하드립니다

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  • happy birthday to leon lee

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  • Happy birthday Ten

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  • Happy Ten day !!!!

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  • 😭kenapa ya kucing ku kalo dimanjain malah nyakar dong😭😭

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  • feels like its my routine already to be in here like everyday just to watch them play 😄

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  • Knpa nama kucin Ten sama kayak kucingnya Lisa ? Hemm❤

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  • 😍😍

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  • happy birthday leon

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  • happy ten day

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  • Happy birthday Leon😽

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  • What name all the song in relay cam TEN

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  • テン君可愛い猫ちゃん達も可愛くて仕方ありません可愛いですね

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