Opening My Gold Play Button (1 million) #shorts

2 mag 2021
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thank you

  • Congratulations 🎉❤️

    kumkumkumkum38 minuti fa
  • Congrats Milad, you have come a long way, keep making sandwiches and people’s days

    JordieJordieOra fa
  • Yooooo

    Tyler CaiTyler CaiOra fa
  • Funfact: milad have his phone on his torso to record

    Josie Del RosarioJosie Del Rosario6 ore fa
  • 59000 subscribers later

    Jenna CastleJenna Castle7 ore fa
  • Please help me reach 10k subscribers i will be very heappy🤗🤗

    RS BattlegroundsRS Battlegrounds9 ore fa
  • part of me was hoping you’d put it in between some subway bread LMFAOOOO

    ChandanChandan14 ore fa
  • congratulations

    Minecraftpotato24Minecraftpotato2415 ore fa
  • Mi dad said that too me

    Galaxy gamingGalaxy gaming16 ore fa
  • Milad you have converted me to the ways of subway.

    Dark.?Dark.?16 ore fa
  • How do people even get a million in few mouths and I’ve been on ITworlds for two years and almost 300 subs I’m not complaining I’m just amazed

    evanjuniorfluffyevanjuniorfluffy18 ore fa
  • 0:13 what he actually wanted to show off. Rock hard abs from all the subways

    WerebatWerebat18 ore fa
  • Bro he actually said he worked hard for this lol He makes videos of himself making subways while answering question . I mean like what kind of "hard work" is that

  • Noice

    MassimoneptuneMassimoneptune18 ore fa
  • I am 9 years old and I have 8 subscribes

    Gaming with MrAlex1223Gaming with MrAlex122318 ore fa
  • Facelift p

    GameDroidYTGameDroidYT19 ore fa
  • WOW! I can't believe you did this in 24 days! For many youtubers it takes years to get that many subs... Congrats!

    Extr3meExtr3me19 ore fa
  • I also wish I will get a play button one day, either silver gold diamond and more

    Aarya Bhise F1Aarya Bhise F119 ore fa
  • 24 DAYS!?!?!? bruh

    Todd SmithTodd Smith20 ore fa
  • Hey Milad I request you very very much. You know the current situation of India. So many people's are dying because of shortage in beds, oxygen, ventilators and basic materials. Please🙏🙏 try to help the people who are leaving their life of this COVID-19🦠😷 I request you to donate as much as possible by your side. Your donation can save so many lives. Please react to this comment. I beg you. The condition in India is getting very much worse. Please Milad Please make this request to everybody you know. Please tell MrBeast to donate also. I know you can do it. Please Thank you

    My Game TipsMy Game Tips21 ora fa
  • Congrats!!!!

    It’s sandy!It’s sandy!21 ora fa
  • My favorite subway guy and all around wholesome dood. Congratulations on your success and I wish many more your way.

    Joel NeffJoel Neff21 ora fa
  • You gaind 500 000 subscribers for 2 days

    bobby Stanchevbobby Stanchev21 ora fa
  • Milad is close to 2 mil!

    SeanSean21 ora fa
  • I see your face for the first time

    Rocky RockyRocky Rocky21 ora fa
  • Its been 3 days and he is already half way to 2 million! Congrats🎉

    Kori JonesKori Jones21 ora fa
  • Food just fill someone soul ya know

    Cementa Arbulida :DCementa Arbulida :D21 ora fa
  • Know what I'm going to be a gacha tuber

    Cementa Arbulida :DCementa Arbulida :D21 ora fa
  • What i wished as a kid, is a 1 subscriber play button.

    Cyaaan DudeCyaaan Dude21 ora fa
  • ITworlds algorithm has blessed him by recommending us these videos.

    Jason RavichandranJason Ravichandran21 ora fa
  • Man your faster than Dream and Stevee

    ShuricakeShuricake22 ore fa
  • Heade 500 k in 2 days??

    Alsa DiversityAlsa Diversity22 ore fa
  • I have those exact same scissors

    David Brizuela AnguloDavid Brizuela Angulo22 ore fa
  • I have hope

    BlockablakeBlockablake22 ore fa
  • Bra you going to be more popular than pewdipie

    JO - 07ZZ 909639 Lisgar MSJO - 07ZZ 909639 Lisgar MS22 ore fa
  • How does Milad get so many subs? By working at SUBway

    Esha AtifEsha Atif23 ore fa
  • Well done

    Kenn TelesfordKenn Telesford23 ore fa
  • Face revealed

    Arwa hanan MajidArwa hanan Majid23 ore fa
  • Congratulations on the golden play button

    Fire ChardsFire Chards23 ore fa
  • Noice

    Baby FlatheadBaby Flathead23 ore fa

    AleX Ꝅat ?AleX Ꝅat ?23 ore fa
  • Congrats

    Christopher DonnellyChristopher Donnelly23 ore fa
  • Omg

    Mohith SuryaMohith SuryaGiorno fa
  • Lad you filmed yourself making sandwiches & answering questions - thats not hard work

    Richard MatthewsRichard MatthewsGiorno fa
  • Filming yourself Making sandwiches and putting voiceover telling a story. "Worked so Hard for this" Yeah right

    FickrettFickrettGiorno fa
    • Yeah his videos cool and all but don't know if this is considered "hard work"

      Pral FranticPral Frantic14 ore fa
  • Congratulations! I’m Darren the one who came into your subway on Tuesday, keep on working hard!

    Naruto DarrenNaruto DarrenGiorno fa
  • You deserved it bro

    Andrew KharlamovAndrew KharlamovGiorno fa
  • Yoooo you deserve it keep making yummy sammies

    shoto todoronishoto todoroniGiorno fa
  • Congrats on the button dude🔥🔥🔥

    Adrian BAdrian BGiorno fa
  • BtW Congrats bro love from Pakistan. ❣️

    Bahzad SarwarBahzad SarwarGiorno fa
  • Face reveal. Done ✅

    Bahzad SarwarBahzad SarwarGiorno fa
  • Who the nerd wearing the camera?

    Mr EMr EGiorno fa
  • Whoop whoop I don't like tiktok so I'm glad your content is here 💜

    Google AccountGoogle AccountGiorno fa
  • Poggers

    Benigna B. Brucal-SoltesBenigna B. Brucal-SoltesGiorno fa
  • You Derserve it a lot

    Glitched SimpsGlitched SimpsGiorno fa
  • Congrats

    Jam Is ProJam Is ProGiorno fa
  • Work hard kiddos

    Fay Razie SkyFay Razie SkyGiorno fa
  • Oh no what happens if I get one when I’m still a kid :O my parents would know I have a yt channel nooooo also what’s that silver play button?

    Adorable Cat Chocolate MuffinAdorable Cat Chocolate MuffinGiorno fa
  • Goodjob were proud of you :D

    Strawberry MikaStrawberry MikaGiorno fa
  • 👑👑👑👑👑

    Positive Unicorn09Positive Unicorn09Giorno fa
  • You look like slogoman

    Sindhu V.KSindhu V.KGiorno fa
  • Jake paul 5 Mill on youtube in six months Milad am I a joke to you? Hold my sandwich

    Andris gutenbergAndris gutenbergGiorno fa
  • Hard work.....

    Brandon LangfordBrandon LangfordGiorno fa
  • I'm here late but really man u deserve this

    Aryan Sohaib 123Aryan Sohaib 123Giorno fa
  • So proud man I am glad I stuck through to see you reach such a great moment!

    Gavin AlexanderGavin AlexanderGiorno fa
  • Is that a real Gold? 😮🏆

    Robert JankowskiRobert JankowskiGiorno fa
  • He Made my day by just posting

    Fine WineFine WineGiorno fa
  • You’re videos are amazing 🤩

    zOniCzOniCGiorno fa
  • Don'r thank to us, that chest mount is the real hero

    GregoriusGregoriusGiorno fa
  • I'm so happy for you💙💙💙👏👏👏

    aisha mohammedaisha mohammedGiorno fa
  • Congrats! You should think about doing motivational podcasts

    Cee SCee SGiorno fa
  • POV: You tried to see his face through the play button

    Fabian ArambuloFabian ArambuloGiorno fa
    • @Francis Taladtad ok thx

      Fabian ArambuloFabian ArambuloGiorno fa
    • @Fabian Arambulo ye and you can realy see his face

      Francis TaladtadFrancis TaladtadGiorno fa
    • @Francis Taladtad oh really?

      Fabian ArambuloFabian ArambuloGiorno fa
    • Lol he has a face reaveal

      Francis TaladtadFrancis TaladtadGiorno fa
  • Incredible job!

    Oscar HinesOscar HinesGiorno fa
  • 0:12 his face reveal Thank me later

    jammz rougejammz rougeGiorno fa
    • He has a face reveal

      Francis TaladtadFrancis TaladtadGiorno fa
  • 24 days huh? Is that a new record?

    Jay GatsbyJay GatsbyGiorno fa
  • A well deserved button for such a hard working manಠ‿ಠ

    Afreen ImranAfreen ImranGiorno fa

    『M1dori』『M1dori』Giorno fa
  • Congratulations bro you’re my favorite ITworlds or ever subway is my favorite restaurant I’ve always wanted to go over there and say hi

    Fredrick HicksFredrick HicksGiorno fa
  • Congrats, and have u ever gotten a karen that threaned to call the cops on u?

    Gaming With RauafGaming With RauafGiorno fa
  • Every youtuber during there 1 mil subscriber play button reaction: It was a long journey. Milad: Only took 25 days.

    Doork DELUXEDoork DELUXEGiorno fa
  • I kept on rewatching the loop like a freaking idiot

    JadeJadeGiorno fa
  • That’s insane, 24 days!?!? I’ve been on here 5 years and still only have 54 subs, congrats dude you definitely earned it, I subbed with seconds of the first video I saw!

    Dyl AppleDyl AppleGiorno fa
  • Who else say the phone strap and congrats 🎉😂

    Jay And DJJay And DJGiorno fa
  • Mans beat dream in speed

    Impulse-Nati0n 1Impulse-Nati0n 1Giorno fa
  • Movin’ on Up!

    JohnnyBlazeJohnnyBlazeGiorno fa
  • He’s right if you put your mind to it you can! Thank you Milad! Huge inspiration!

    Adog DdogAdog DdogGiorno fa
  • Me who always thought the camera was recording from his forehead: 👁👄👁

    AtomiAtomiGiorno fa
  • Well how am I supposed to make waifus real I've put my mind to it I've tried i can't do anything

    ReaperBTWReaperBTWGiorno fa
  • U remind me of theodd1sout

    ThEmeraldDoggoGamerThEmeraldDoggoGamerGiorno fa
  • well deserved. now make a sub out of it

    DarkSentinelDarkSentinelGiorno fa
  • Ok this man reposting tiktok videos got 1 mil already while others like technoblade jacksepticeye had to wait years for a couple mil smh

    Collin DillardCollin DillardGiorno fa
  • "You could do anything you want in this life. Just put your mind to it and work for it" -Milad Mirg (0:21)

    Justin KurJustin KurGiorno fa
  • Congrats!

    Diet bunzzDiet bunzzGiorno fa
  • Congrats buddy. We love your content and were happy that your happy. Keep up the good work.

    PSI KidPSI KidGiorno fa
  • Congrats and thanks I really needed that cause I am feeling down we are going to put my dog that has a turner down and I really wanna be a ITworldsr and getting a play button from ITworlds is one of my dreams too

    Dylan PingDylan PingGiorno fa
  • Been here since 400k and that was like a couple weeks ago. haha

    EmpsEmpsGiorno fa
  • Me trying to get anubis in yba:my work has been gone up to 100 years

    carrotcarrotGiorno fa
  • Congrats man aiming for it one day aswell you do an amazing job Milad and you seem like such a nice dude let’s get that 10 mil next 👀

    MalikongMalikongGiorno fa
  • Respect

    sfs Orbitsfs OrbitGiorno fa

    MatthewMatthewGiorno fa