Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002

29 lug 2020
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Let's review your deepest questions in another "LAst Time I Told You"
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Hey mehdi 200k likes are soon

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  • 8:12 Almost 200K, so come on guyss 😂

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  • Well my favorite show is you so . . . i'm good

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  • I have one of those "cursed" adapters. No the other prongs aren't live. There's a twisting ring on top that let's you select the right set of prongs.

    Nathan HNathan HGiorno fa
  • 8:34 the toilet after tacobell

    Lucus HyltonLucus Hylton2 giorni fa
  • 7 :14 , we have seen this girl growing up 😙❤️

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  • When he laughs 🤨+😆=🥸

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  • only need just over 4000 more likes

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  • PROTECT YOURSELF and yeah your family sure

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  • Ha you're the man! Your techie videos are my equivalent of a shot of speed!!well my morning coffee! ...I have a request can you upload something on making an ultrasonic humidifier using the barest componetry! Thanks from Zambia

    steve` Zulusteve` Zulu5 giorni fa
  • Jesus christ his daughter gre up so fast

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  • Lincoln Wamae where u at??

    The AViatorThe AViator5 giorni fa
  • Only 4.4k likes away from a "new induction heater with no safety features" is born.

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  • 4:15, 4:25

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  • "It was me!" LOL

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  • Plz a video on purpertral motion

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  • 5,000 likes away from Induction Heater no safety

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  • AæÆ

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  • Come on guys, se are just 5K likes short

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  • He didn't hit 200k likes but he still made a induction heater with no safety protection....good job mehdi.

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  • water

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  • Weird to hear a trusty German voice here

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  • زدم لایکو به عشقت 👍👏👌

  • Was are there so many germans ?

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  • Induction heater now

    amit choudharyamit choudhary10 giorni fa
  • hasn't hit 200k yet, but he already made the induction heater video

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  • الله

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  • "Let's pray for world without borders" This line hit me hard....

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  • guys get this vid to 200k likes... he promise he wants to design induction heater without safety features

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  • Mahdi using a scalpel as a demonstration device gives me ptsd

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    • *Mehdi

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  • Almost 200k likes..ahah

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  • Getting close to 200k likes

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  • From starting till now whenever he touches something I'm like "SOMETHING IS GONNA BE WRONG NOW"! This never changed!

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  • We almost at 200k

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  • 3:00 I did not know Mehdi was a member of flagsmashers.

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  • Oh wow! My favorite show is not available in my country? What am I going to do? Buy the snakeoil bullshit that VPN is selling? NO!! I use one of a billion a free, anonymous proxies. Stop selling this bullshit please.

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  • I like that world without borders idea

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  • Almost 200k likes

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  • 200k almost there damit!!! Induction heaters away! Stay safe!

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  • 0:38 he said trees 😭😭 those are cacti

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  • 4:38 there was the transformer behind the structure

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  • I still believe we can get to 200k likes for that induction heater

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  • oh, customs, i can´t buy anything of amazon because it get´s charged 20$, so a 3$ goes for 23$ + shipping

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  • am i allowed to make these:No will i still do it anyway: yes am i going to die: yes

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  • god i love close ups of his face so fucking much

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  • The video is getting close to 200k likes, I hope you will keep yor word ;-)

  • Eshghi mehdi jan❤🍻🤟🏻🤩

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  • I blown up so many capacitor

    Adithya MoorthyAdithya Moorthy15 giorni fa
  • I'm way to comfortable with electricity coming from 3 generations of linemen and master electricians. I know when and what not to touch.

    _Ole_CornPop__Ole_CornPop_15 giorni fa
  • That whole bit at 9:50 when he is explaining grounding by waving his hand around an X-Acto Knife is really stressful.

    Brandon DBrandon D15 giorni fa
  • 8:08 It's 8k likes more to go...

    Sarah KatherineSarah Katherine16 giorni fa
  • Electroboom: let’s hope for a world without borders Me, a marvel fan: you mean like hydra

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  • Chinese shops avoid customs by setting the price as "free"

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  • Better my Internet Provider knows what im doing. Not an American Company selling my data ;)

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  • Video has 191k likes come on guise we need 200k

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  • 5:12 funny thing is that's not a PC, it's a PlayStation 2

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  • It was meeee

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  • 8:23 wait is he persian?

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  • 4:15 Boom!. 4:18 ouch so bride. 4:19 I don't think my capacitor could handle 120-volt Peaks. 4:23 Well let's just do it without the capacitor for now.

    David Bak skaarupDavid Bak skaarup21 giorno fa
  • 0:32 that is actually how they make those live-streams where they shou u their screens while “playing” the game and never loosing.

    David IonescuDavid Ionescu21 giorno fa
  • Put This Wand On Tesla Tab. Sure It'll Never Freeze 😂😂lol If not Hope Your Tesla Would Drive Even Without It😁

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  • There is a reason I’m subscribed and this dude fulfilled my reason

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  • When we still haven't read 200k likes

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  • 9000 Likes left guys! Lets go i want that real induction heater with no safety features xD

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  • Lincoln is a very good person

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  • 7:17

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  • Sir you are the best practical man...💥💯😇

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  • Can you make electric blanket to keep us worm in winter

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  • I just lost it at "Thomas Mehdison" 🤣🤣🤣

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  • 8:31 ElectroBOOM videos in a nutshell

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  • Other people: I'm excited to buy a new dress. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile Mehdi: I'm excited to have a "FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER"!!

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  • 8:18 almost at 200K likes, waiting for the induction heater video.

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  • African import taxes are super expensive. So much that its 50 to 80% of the price of the items. No wonder they are poor

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  • 6:28 Me when I see cursed images in ITworlds

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  • 8:32 what is this video and what did the person do to make that explode and what is it about, I have so many questions and I want the video, no memes and only the original one

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  • "Let's pray for a world without borders." Yeah, then we can all be completely fucked at the same time and have no means of leveraging out of it. You need some Chesterton's fence in your life.

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  • Bro may you live long

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  • Me too are a good teacher for me also.thank you

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  • yeah a world with out borders would solve everything.. what a joke. ignore the real problem

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