Daft Punk - Epilogue

22 feb 2021
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  • Helmets make sense now! To save themselves from all those blown up minds...

    PianovicePianovice4 ore fa
  • Well... This was heartbreaking.

    Susanna WeberSusanna Weber4 ore fa
  • Why? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nurhalimah YasminNurhalimah Yasmin4 ore fa
  • 레전드가 탄생하는 영상

    빵뚜씨빵뚜씨4 ore fa
  • This is a major loss in the music industry, but one we should view in the form of a decorated legacy.

    Bryan AbarcaBryan Abarca4 ore fa
  • 2020:hahahah im the worst 2021:hold my beer

    24 j24 j4 ore fa
  • Legends never die

    BetaSoulBetaSoul4 ore fa
  • I want cry...... (╥﹏╥)

    DebatoDebato4 ore fa
  • ;-;7

    Literally JudasLiterally Judas4 ore fa
  • I was sad to hear about this. But watching the video, I can't help but feel so grateful that I grew up hearing and loving their music. Thank you so much for so many amazing songs, a lot of which are attached to precious memories for me ❤ Love you Daft Punk

    Rirei G MakiRirei G Maki4 ore fa
  • Live long and prosper in our collective minds! You marked us all! 🧡

    Valdo MonteiroValdo Monteiro4 ore fa
  • Kevo eres tontisimo

    pansitorikopansitoriko4 ore fa
  • The world just lost it's greatest heroes, but that's okay it is time to rest now.

    VoidVoid4 ore fa
  • "Last Night ..Had a dream about you ...!" cheers !

    nihar2009nihar20094 ore fa
  • And so I bid thee adieu.

    KwenKwen4 ore fa
  • respect for adding acapellas at end

    marczasmarczas4 ore fa
  • 😪❤️ Why things can't reset one more time

    Natacha ArnasalonNatacha Arnasalon4 ore fa
  • 😭😟😭

    Eray SezerEray Sezer4 ore fa
  • 1993 - 2021 The end

    CooperPlays ZCooperPlays Z4 ore fa
  • Vous avez pas le droit de nous lâcher hein ! 😭😭😭💔💔💔

    K BK B4 ore fa
    • Ils ne sont pas morts... ce n'est qu'une séparation... Peut-être se retrouveront-ils un jour ?

      Laurent DelaHouseMusicLaurent DelaHouseMusic4 ore fa
  • Cancion del final ?

    • TOUCH feat Paul Williams Random Access Memories - 2013

      Laurent DelaHouseMusicLaurent DelaHouseMusic4 ore fa
  • Farewell Daft Pink 1993-2021 Got lucky and other hits from you were a big part of my childhood. respect to these legends!

    GravityK2-293bGravityK2-293b4 ore fa
  • Eh ben, après 28 ans, ça fait mal... Adieu, légendes!

    Grey The SkeletonGrey The Skeleton4 ore fa
    • Et si ce n'était qu'un au revoir ?

      Laurent DelaHouseMusicLaurent DelaHouseMusic4 ore fa
  • cant have a reunion tour with no breakup

    edward bananahandsedward bananahands4 ore fa

    CooperPlays ZCooperPlays Z4 ore fa
  • f to pay respects

    berecik _19berecik _194 ore fa
  • Bueno, fue bueno mientras duró, ellos hicieron llevadero nuestro aburrimiento. Daft punk por siempre ❤️

  • I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying. Ok, I’m weeping.

    Bobby CassidyBobby Cassidy4 ore fa
  • Merci les mecs 😍😍!!! Bonne route a tout Les deux

    Sebastien Yvon HalisonSebastien Yvon Halison4 ore fa
  • ):

    rupertrupert4 ore fa
  • I hope the one who blew up is the one who made that shit 'stardust' song 😅😅😅

    John FryJohn Fry5 ore fa
  • Been their fan since the time Tron Legacy came out. Their music had me feel so many emotions and they still didn't disappoint to this day. And now seeing them go away is like losing a part of my soul and putting away that good life that I used to love forever. I don't even know what to feel anymore.

    Avocado Jr.Avocado Jr.5 ore fa
  • I only came to know daft punks music in recent year it saddens me I will never get to experience to see them live but they have changed music and influenced several genres hope they are of too enjoy retirement they deserve it

    NickolasNickolas5 ore fa
  • Es muy triste está noticia, en verdad amo su música, cada que la escucha me pone alegre, es muy triste que se retiran, ni siquiera pude ir a uno de sus conciertos... Es una verdadera pena, pero siempre seran recordados como las leyendas que son

    Bismark MontelongoBismark Montelongo5 ore fa
  • Am I the only one who noticed the hands doing the mason symbol?

    Don GalvanDon Galvan5 ore fa
  • "Leyends never die"

    Bismark MontelongoBismark Montelongo5 ore fa

    Kakang KumbaraKakang Kumbara5 ore fa
  • If this represents what I think it does, My youth just died

    Silver SooZookeeSilver SooZookee5 ore fa
  • Thank you Daft Punk for serving a major role in my childhood, your music paved the way for all the music I listen to today and I still love listening to all of the albums even the live albums and the Tron soundtrack. you will be missed by me and countless other fans. I will listen to your music till death does me part my robot friends.

    Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence5 ore fa
  • I think the silver one died to corona virus or something😯

    Andrej SofranacAndrej Sofranac5 ore fa
  • There will be beautiful music no more. Good bye Daft Punk. الولف كيف ساهل و الفراق ما قدرت عندو...

    Sam BenSam Ben5 ore fa
  • All of us daft punk fans it's easy to handle great things that made us happy but it's hard to let go at the end even if it made us happy like me I went through a lot of bullying 2 years back and I would go home and almost cry than I would go on my computer or phone and listen to daft punk music because it made me happy. I what to make my own music one day and be successful and humble. Thank you daft punk for everything

    CosmosInSpaceCosmosInSpace5 ore fa
  • Never hit a dislike button so fast before

    Rig4ton3Rig4ton35 ore fa
  • Co to , za zjebane gówno

    kgysw Sankikgysw Sanki5 ore fa

    9B Mast. Joshua Davis 39B Mast. Joshua Davis 35 ore fa
  • As a Raver I may not go to the club anymore because there are no good ones around me but that does not mean that Daft Punk was not one of the first raid groups I ever listened to

    Ashley RossAshley Ross5 ore fa
  • डाफ्ट पंक को अंदाजा भी नहीं है कि उनके पास कितना बड़ा फैनबेस भारत मे है। आपने सिखाया है कि कला किसी चेहरे से नहीं, काम से पहचानी जाती है। बहुत धन्यवाद डाफ्ट पंक। भारत की और से प्यार। 🇮🇳

    karan saxenakaran saxena5 ore fa
  • I hear you since I was a little kid, thanks a lot for all. Humans after all.

    Luis abadLuis abad5 ore fa
  • they got me in edm. thank you. 93-21

    LacheSoon Prod.LacheSoon Prod.5 ore fa
  • The two of you could not have waited until 2023 to break up that way at least it would have been 30 years of greatness I'm sad that were two years shy

    Ashley RossAshley Ross5 ore fa
  • daft funk forever

    Nas baraiNas barai5 ore fa
  • whyyyyyy!

    Gabriel StevensonGabriel Stevenson5 ore fa
  • so long and thanks for all the fish

    Hazy 141Hazy 1415 ore fa
  • Я не плачу, просто треснуло сердце

    Warrior GuseinovWarrior Guseinov5 ore fa
  • Oof

    PlasagnePlasagne5 ore fa
  • :(( nunca los olvidaré

    José Francisco Santiz GómezJosé Francisco Santiz Gómez5 ore fa
  • TERIMA KASIH dari 🇲🇾..sebab dah hiburkan kami ❤️

    AhmadFxizAhmadFxiz5 ore fa
  • Thank you for the memories

    whydontyouworkwhydontyouwork5 ore fa
  • The people that disliked this can go to hell

    DogeWannaBalliWalliDogeWannaBalliWalli5 ore fa
  • The end of an era for amazing music. Thank you both... Maybe he can be rebuilt, one day...

    Kirk's How To Channel.Kirk's How To Channel.5 ore fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Abd Kadir MohamadAbd Kadir Mohamad5 ore fa
  • Bin ich der einzige der denkt, dass einer von beiden eventuelle schwerwiegende gesundheitliche Probleme hat. Das mit der Selbstzerstörung ist ja wirklich echt krass.

    Gomnes EdelbriekGomnes Edelbriek5 ore fa
  • Damn it hurts to see them go just when I thought everything was getting better... one more time 😢

    DogeWannaBalliWalliDogeWannaBalliWalli5 ore fa
  • Why this is so sad.

    Krzysztof KKrzysztof K5 ore fa
  • F

    Görkem ÇubukçuGörkem Çubukçu5 ore fa
  • woop worst time to be depressed i think... fuck

    VitolardoVitolardo5 ore fa
  • Man, it’s crazy to believe that it’s over.

    churroschurros5 ore fa
  • Good bye❤

    Sachith DilankaSachith Dilanka5 ore fa
  • The 24k dislikes are in fact, all still fans, that can't accept this happening.

    Oni SorasoushaOni Sorasousha5 ore fa
  • I'm coming from ML Studio 😃

    Wan DrummerWan Drummer5 ore fa
  • Can we have a last tour pls .-.

    lliT 1801lliT 18015 ore fa
  • I am gonna miss these guys

    Séko • 11 years agoSéko • 11 years ago5 ore fa
  • Whos here come because of ML studios 🙌

    Muhd AizuddinMuhd Aizuddin5 ore fa
  • Only one guy blew up in this so there’s hope

    El TigreEl Tigre5 ore fa

    egeWmenegeWmen5 ore fa
  • I hope they do a tribute in life. for his great career and musical revolution they left their legacy ❤️

    mike yeezymike yeezy5 ore fa
  • Te vamos a extrañar :(

    SpringBonnie 1904SpringBonnie 19045 ore fa
  • It's amazing to see how 2 people have made many languages be ​​present in the comments! This is not a goodbye Daft Punk is a see you later! :')

    Mano SantanaMano Santana5 ore fa
  • Man noOOoO que triste :(

    Одри Любит чайОдри Любит чай5 ore fa
  • Don’t worry guys they will come back in 2022 harder, better, faster, stronger;)

    OOF GraalOOF Graal5 ore fa
  • Fucking legends!

    Marija TokhiMarija Tokhi5 ore fa
  • Many famous groups and/or individuals are either dying or retiring at the early part of the new decade. This might be the sign that a new age for us has started.

    DemigodGamezDemigodGamez5 ore fa
  • damn... and here I was practicing around the world's bass track... time certainly begins to fly as we grow older

    Lemon ZestLemon Zest5 ore fa
  • What A Comeback!

    riz aldiriz aldi5 ore fa
  • I would love to see them release any songs that were never released or not finished

    TheAlligator76TheAlligator765 ore fa
  • Sayonara Daft Punk...we will miss you guys

    Lamka 91Lamka 915 ore fa
  • I'm so saaaad about this.

    Lowkey AshLowkey Ash5 ore fa
  • See you tomorrow... *last time online 12 years ago*

    Freaking_Out_RNFreaking_Out_RN5 ore fa
  • Daft Punk, you truly are the best without a doubt in my mind. I know I’m nobody to you, but you two are everything to me. Your music brought me out of a deep dark depression and showed me there can be happiness after losing my father. I know you will never read this comment but if you ever do I just want to say, thank you so much for everything you ever created and for everything you ever inspired. You will always be my favorite group to ever exist and I’m so glad I got to experience you in my life. I hope nothing but the best for you two and I hope to see your art continue to inspire generations to come as it did for me. I will continue listening to your music forever and I will continue to love you two forever. Daft Punk forever 💛🤍

    TheAlligator76TheAlligator765 ore fa
  • 🙁

    A_chill_loserA_chill_loser5 ore fa
  • i fucking miss you dudes already😢

  • Only if I was older then maybe I could of seen them live

    ice mikeice mike5 ore fa
  • Kids I'm going to tell you the day I found out about daft punk it was legen..wait for it...

    Nonverbal ExpressionNonverbal Expression5 ore fa
  • this is sad play viva la vida.

    ْْ5 ore fa
  • Это шедевр

    Юрий КреневЮрий Кренев5 ore fa
  • One More Time, bitte.

    Kaoru MaedaKaoru Maeda5 ore fa
  • Noooo😭

    Jared PerezJared Perez5 ore fa
  • You guys are amazing. I will continue to support your music for future generations.

    Darren McMillanDarren McMillan5 ore fa
  • Good bye Daft Punk we love you very much! Enjoy retirement knowing your music has left a great and benevolent impact on us all!

    L0NEW0LF6L0NEW0LF65 ore fa
  • yo te apoyo chetanga

    ezequiel merelesezequiel mereles5 ore fa