Goodbye Donald Trump

21 gen 2021
6 187 773 visualizzazioni

Joe Biden was finally sworn in as President and there’s a feeling in the air of celebration and joy. So we say goodbye to Donald Trump, not with venom, not with scorn, but with optimism, jubilance and celebration.
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  • whadefok

    Aileen CanoyAileen CanoyOra fa
  • By by

    DonaId TrumpDonaId Trump2 ore fa
  • Yesssss

    Soeun kimornSoeun kimorn3 ore fa
  • Moron

    Matan AzizMatan Aziz4 ore fa
  • So stupid

    Matan AzizMatan Aziz4 ore fa
  • Republican party freed the slaves lecon was a Republican trump is my hero

    Pat FairPat Fair5 ore fa

    LynxusKyanticLynxusKyantic5 ore fa
  • 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👑🤣🤣🤣🤣👑 PERIOD 1:30

    Gertie Laine TurenneGertie Laine Turenne7 ore fa
  • trump 2024

    MADDAWG 1209MADDAWG 12097 ore fa
    • Shut up

      J. RabbitJ. RabbitOra fa
  • Goodbye President Donald Trump. I sure did enjoy the low gas prices and you getting rid of the terrorists in Syria. I also enjoyed your spontaneous speeches and humor. Loud and proud, took no BS. Hello "President Not Donald Trump"

    Ellie MMEllie MM13 ore fa
  • Play these at my funeral or else the world is going with me

    Fred RideFred Ride13 ore fa
  • Bwisettt hahaha

    Richard no mercyRichard no mercy13 ore fa
  • Y’all will be crying again real soon. Get your Kleenex ready jimmy.

    JoshJosh15 ore fa
    • No I be happy

      Alyssa TowleAlyssa Towle5 ore fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Ahmed IsmaëlAhmed Ismaël15 ore fa
  • Idk how did u edit but its like the funniest vid from this time btw u choose the perfect music 😂

    ShadowDaveShadowDave16 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DANCING TOO

    EarthEarth17 ore fa
  • Se fosse Depender desta esquerda nojenta eles derrubariam e queimaria todos esses símbolos da América, assim como o fazem .

    DaYkDaYk19 ore fa
  • Se fosse Depender desta esquerda nojenta eles derrubariam e queimaria todos esses símbolos da América, assim como o fazem .

    DaYkDaYk19 ore fa
  • When satire and comedy show like this start political agendas then you must know that your country is starting to doom

    Hey HoHey Ho20 ore fa
  • Lmao... y’all really believe in things that show hosts say or movie stars 🤣💀.. y’all are brain dead and it’s sad... keep believing the main stream media and keep getting fed the lies...

    Jacob MartinezJacob MartinezGiorno fa
  • I hate Trump an I'm always watch this vid

    Gamerboy LangGamerboy LangGiorno fa
  • 😐 ok

    Eudy Camilo CruzEudy Camilo CruzGiorno fa
  • The entire class when teacher was gone

    CrozDeffildProCrozDeffildProGiorno fa
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 to this video

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      Raynald BRaynald B15 ore fa
  • Trump 2024.

    John WickJohn WickGiorno fa
    • It will never happen cause he'll be in jail!

      Raynald BRaynald B12 ore fa
    • @John Wick wouldn’t that be nice

      Samuel McLennanSamuel McLennan19 ore fa
  • La la la

    OmarOmarGiorno fa
  • Cheesy and cheap just like leftists

    Nadjrs JovanovicNadjrs JovanovicGiorno fa
  • What amazing video. *Thinking about trump supporter* Something wrong. I can feel it

    Wan Muaz HuraythWan Muaz HuraythGiorno fa
  • Instead of being biased, why don't you be equal, and bash on both sides

    Mr. JoshuaMr. JoshuaGiorno fa
  • I seen it many times.....👌 super ya

    3:16 Creation3:16 CreationGiorno fa
  • Joe Biden is worse than Donald Trump he try to bomb Sylvia isn't a bad person he's just trying his best

    z time plays robloxz time plays robloxGiorno fa
    • @Earth open your eyes, pathetic weasle. Blind Democrat

      rajchandileka jayawardhanerajchandileka jayawardhane9 ore fa
    • Bruh Mc Donald Trump is worse

      EarthEarth17 ore fa
    • He didn't try to bomb Syria, he already did.

      Elisa Castro.Elisa Castro.Giorno fa
  • Jimmy you could barely even utter Black Lives Matter when asked to

    Un SuccessfulUn SuccessfulGiorno fa
    • Wdym

      Harvey PackerHarvey Packer7 ore fa
  • 0:09 Tha status in 2021 be like when donald trump is gone: Edit: sorry Another edit

    Pamela susvillaPamela susvillaGiorno fa

    Taco BellTaco BellGiorno fa
  • I thought he was offense George Washington !

    Hồ Nhựt MinhHồ Nhựt Minh2 giorni fa
  • Orange man bad!!!!!

    Musashi MusashiMusashi Musashi2 giorni fa
  • Unbiased btw

    trick49trick492 giorni fa
  • Funny you use Lincoln to mock him but he would have hated you guys

    Jamiethor101Jamiethor1012 giorni fa
  • lol americans acting like biden will be any better

    joe mamajoe mama2 giorni fa
  • He will be back

    Sam & Mercedes RoccoSam & Mercedes Rocco2 giorni fa
  • Yeah and a month later we’re 10 times worst then we were 2 months ago. I’m one month into Biden’s presidency 100,000 dead, jobs lost, Texas has no electricity just to name a few. You people are all morons

    Nick ReyesNick Reyes2 giorni fa
    • I would like to see your justification of how the storm in texas is biden’s fault

      Max SeltzerMax Seltzer2 giorni fa
  • Enjoy your communism!

    Ian WestbyIan Westby2 giorni fa
  • Letterman hated conservatives, but he had class.

    yay4thisyay4this2 giorni fa
  • *😂😂🤣🤣👏🏻 AMAZING!!*

    Chloe MarianChloe Marian2 giorni fa
  • Abraham Lincoln has more dance skills than the giant pp on 0:21

    Cameron EnglandCameron England2 giorni fa
    • FYI i know its actually the Washington monument

      Cameron EnglandCameron England2 giorni fa
  • His official portrait should be on sheets of toilet paper throughout all federal buildings.

    1Tomrider1Tomrider2 giorni fa
    • @GDSkulll you can't make sense to someone who is closed minded as you. You are one sided, and not open to the reality of thr situation. You are just a sheep who simply follows one side.

      Mr. JoshuaMr. JoshuaOra fa
    • @Mr. Joshua if you made sense this comment wouldn’t exist

      GDSkulllGDSkulll3 ore fa
    • If biden were toilet paper, he'd love to smell everyone

      Mr. JoshuaMr. JoshuaGiorno fa
  • How pathetic is this... Bye

    John DomuchJohn Domuch2 giorni fa
    • @John Domuch You came back, I thought you found it pathetic and said bye

      BarborosoBarboroso9 ore fa
    • @Barboroso yeah sure, and your remark discloses your overall altitude. Keep reaching

      John DomuchJohn Domuch9 ore fa
    • This is art salty trumpet!!

      BarborosoBarboroso2 giorni fa
  • Goodbye Doucebag and Hello Biden

    Jack BrawnenJack Brawnen2 giorni fa
    • Biden is starting "mostly peaceful" wars in Syria and threatening war with Iran and Russia. But he's not insulting anyone on Twitter, so he's fine.

      Elisa Castro.Elisa Castro.Giorno fa
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Aryan AKAryan AK2 giorni fa
  • Nice Music Video. Because Donald Trump Sucks.

    Willis MacaraigWillis Macaraig2 giorni fa
  • The best video I have seen 🤩🤩🤩. Let’s all do the wave as well 🤣😂😅🙏🙏🙏

    Marina PachecoMarina Pacheco3 giorni fa
  • That's very very made

    Ty PenningtonTy Pennington3 giorni fa
  • "This medicine may cause inflammation, swelling, internal bleeding, chest pain, and even death." People in the Commercial: 0:17

    Celestino RacpanCelestino Racpan3 giorni fa
    • Lmao

      Shamil RifaiShamil RifaiGiorno fa
    • 😂 that is true tho

      GlossyBubbleBearGlossyBubbleBear3 giorni fa
  • "América is back" -Joe biden after bombing syria, but trump is the belic dictator with 0 wars in his 4 years run, the only president doing that since ford

    G O K U S HG O K U S H3 giorni fa
    • I heard trump attacked Iran in Jan 2020🤔🤔🤔🤔

      wathig?Dwathig?DGiorno fa
    • And don't forget Biden defended China's genocide of the Uyghers last week, saying it's just a different cultural norm. You people are blinded by the TV screen.

      Ian WestbyIan Westby2 giorni fa
    • He didn't "bomb Syria". He took out over 20 Iran backed militants in Syria that killed an American contractor and injured others. Smh. 😑

      Gana TalbotGana Talbot2 giorni fa
    • Trump attacked his own country instead. For four years he made life tough for everyone except his rich friends, and he applauded the Jan. 6th assault on the nation’s capitol.

      KEPC KatherineCKEPC KatherineC3 giorni fa
    • Right, but only 500,000 dead from corona.

      Mary KnightMary Knight3 giorni fa
  • funny if your iq is 70

    k shaddozk shaddoz3 giorni fa
    • @k shaddoz at your awful sense of humour? Cause I’m laughing at that too

      Finlay StanleyFinlay Stanley9 ore fa
    • @Finlay Stanley haha! Dude thanks! You made me laugh hard! At this awful sense of humor.

      k shaddozk shaddoz9 ore fa
    • @k shaddoz Donald Trump is 74 years old, so you’re right, he is old! Congratulations!

      Finlay StanleyFinlay StanleyGiorno fa
    • @Finlay Stanleyzzz... old...

      k shaddozk shaddozGiorno fa
    • @k shaddoz Donald Trump. There’s your joke

      Finlay StanleyFinlay StanleyGiorno fa
  • Bunch of commies in the comments.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin3 giorni fa
  • Not for long, i think the people will set things right in the next fair election!

    Wayne LyesWayne Lyes3 giorni fa
  • Lincon got moves

    John hainesJohn haines3 giorni fa
  • Which monuments were dancing?

  • Biden sucks

    JIs4JaycobJIs4Jaycob3 giorni fa
    • Listen kid, you're too young to write such a comment.

      Raynald BRaynald B3 giorni fa
  • Trump is Not my President

    ivan cahyadiivan cahyadi3 giorni fa
  • Goodbye Jimmy Kimmel and idiot joe Biden

    Isabella SalcedoIsabella Salcedo3 giorni fa
    • Trumpster💩🤢🤮

      Trump Clearly LostTrump Clearly Lost2 giorni fa
  • Bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Richard DinhRichard Dinh3 giorni fa
    • @Raynald B i am but what ur question ??

      Richard DinhRichard Dinh23 ore fa
    • @Richard Dinh : Are you a trumpster?

      Raynald BRaynald BGiorno fa
    • @Richard Dinh ?

      Connor CornwallConnor CornwallGiorno fa
    • @Connor Cornwall what else

      Richard DinhRichard Dinh2 giorni fa
    • Trumpster

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 giorni fa
  • Well here in four years you better say goodbye to biden because he’s probably not gonna win his reelection

    Mr GamingMr Gaming3 giorni fa
    • @JakeTheFlamingo ohhhhhhhh

      Silent_Gamer081Silent_Gamer081Giorno fa
    • He means the 2025 election

      JakeTheFlamingoJakeTheFlamingo2 giorni fa
    • He just won ;-;

      Silent_Gamer081Silent_Gamer0813 giorni fa
  • I hate this more like goodbye Biden

    Blake DowdyBlake Dowdy3 giorni fa
  • Funny and lol

    adzka dan almeradzka dan almer3 giorni fa
  • Not so fast. Won't you be surprised when he comes back. You watch

    Susan DuncanSusan Duncan3 giorni fa
    • @ThingsBetwixt No he won’t he will be in jail

      Trump Clearly LostTrump Clearly Lost2 giorni fa
    • @silver smoke Lol youll see.

      ThingsBetwixtThingsBetwixt3 giorni fa
    • And if he doesn't?

      silver smokesilver smoke3 giorni fa
  • This is f*cking video i ever seen😡

    trinh phamtrinh pham3 giorni fa
    • Mad 😄😄stay mad

      Brady StewartBrady Stewart2 giorni fa
  • Noice

    เเดนนี่ .exenfireเเดนนี่ .exenfire3 giorni fa
  • I can’t convey through any existing words just how cringe Yank liberals are. I seriously worry

    William RegalWilliam Regal3 giorni fa
    • @Punkanelly Lovejoy I’m not a trump supporter lol

      William RegalWilliam RegalGiorno fa
    • 🎵Then get out the way! MOVE blitch!🎵

      Punkanelly LovejoyPunkanelly Lovejoy3 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?

    Hein GuyHein Guy3 giorni fa
  • Kimmel your shows turned to trash just like our state of California

    Jck7o7Jck7o73 giorni fa
  • Could you imagine ruining your career over politics. Jimmy you do realise you’ll be dead beat in 5 years now. Join lady gaga and Jonny depp

    Unit nipzUnit nipz3 giorni fa
  • joe biden bombed my country i see him as an enemy only

    Raja PericRaja Peric3 giorni fa
    • @Raja Peric there's nothing about that really,proof?

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 giorni fa
    • @Connor Cornwall Yugoslavia

      Raja PericRaja Peric2 giorni fa
    • @Raja Peric bombed your country,which country.

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 giorni fa
    • @Connor Cornwall what where

      Raja PericRaja Peric2 giorni fa
    • Where

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 giorni fa
  • america is alive

    Muhammad Ashraf IbrahimMuhammad Ashraf Ibrahim3 giorni fa
  • yes finally

    Muhammad Ashraf IbrahimMuhammad Ashraf Ibrahim3 giorni fa
  • Lmao

    Leah Rose ChapmanLeah Rose Chapman3 giorni fa
  • Lol

    Leah Rose ChapmanLeah Rose Chapman3 giorni fa
  • Thanks for showing liberty at first 🇺🇸

    Udhay BalamuraliUdhay Balamurali3 giorni fa
  • Trump would literally get angry after watching this

    Saptadweep PramanikSaptadweep Pramanik3 giorni fa
    • @Mercury Exactly

      Saptadweep PramanikSaptadweep PramanikGiorno fa
    • I don’t think he would, ever hear of the saying of any publicity is good publicity

      MercuryMercury2 giorni fa
  • Byeeee, Donny!!!!!

    Nursayba NurayanNursayba Nurayan3 giorni fa
  • Trump is #1

    Pencil ClanPencil Clan4 giorni fa
  • Its all fun till donald trump comments

    EthanEthan4 giorni fa
  • So cool

    FrancesFrances4 giorni fa
  • This is how the left thinks, what losers

    Sid StoneSid Stone4 giorni fa
  • I never realized Donald Trump Support Philippines my own country but now that he is gone... 😔

    Mein Fücher And The Sexy BodyMein Fücher And The Sexy Body4 giorni fa
  • Jimmy kimmels wife has more testosterone than he does

    Captain FuchiCaptain Fuchi4 giorni fa
  • “F” tRump good bye🎶💃🏻

    KeljaKelja4 giorni fa
  • Awesome 😎 1:13 Whistler’s Mother 😎😎😎😎

    Mr. Conductor from Shining Time StationMr. Conductor from Shining Time Station4 giorni fa
  • Bye Trump. Hi Biden

    Joshua WalterJoshua Walter4 giorni fa
    • God bless America

      Sam SungSam Sung23 ore fa
  • This put a smile on my face Now Trump gone I'm getting my life together again

    Chrissy StewartChrissy Stewart4 giorni fa
    • You can start by being forced to fight in the middle east. Biden just started another war with them.

      Elisa Castro.Elisa Castro.Giorno fa
  • Donald Trump is the better president on my thinking

    barada sankar roybarada sankar roy4 giorni fa
  • Donald Trump is really awesome in fact United States Spider-Man superhero United States real hero we all love you Donald Trump God Jesus bless you ✍️💜🇺🇸

    Sarlas SarlasSarlas Sarlas4 giorni fa
    • Ok delusional supporter.

      lorrence castrolorrence castro2 giorni fa
  • When Trump lost I definitely felt a sign of relief. That man was destroying and separating America. He’s bad for business

    Steven GarciaSteven Garcia4 giorni fa
  • Oh yeah it was so great of Biden to cancel keystone pipeline and now the biggest consumers of entertainment are without a job.. This video is cringe.

    Liam WatsonLiam Watson4 giorni fa
  • B as

    Dorothy MckerleyDorothy Mckerley4 giorni fa
  • It's all fun and games till MLK Jr. Breaks those moves

    kak_has_eyeskak_has_eyes4 giorni fa
  • George Washington though lmao

    Imran DatImran Dat4 giorni fa
  • na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

    Cornelius Miguel SevillaCornelius Miguel Sevilla4 giorni fa
    • Adrian Shortliffe

      Donnie ShortliffeDonnie Shortliffe2 giorni fa
  • One word - HOORAY!!!

    An ObserverAn Observer4 giorni fa