Arcane: Animated Series | Official Netflix Announcement

3 mag 2021
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Arcane the animated series is coming to Netflix Fall 2021.
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  • It’s finally time to let the monster out I guess

    Anthony RoulinAnthony Roulin3 ore fa
  • Yolo

    SnacksSnacks3 ore fa
  • Wow!

    J.EJ.E3 ore fa
  • hype

    Curious-PsychéCurious-Psyché3 ore fa
  • Gắt, chuyển qua làm phim luôn 😂

    PTB Funsad OfficialPTB Funsad Official3 ore fa

    Aldrin ValdezAldrin Valdez4 ore fa
  • Now my mom will be happy I will not need youtube

    ElizaEliza4 ore fa
  • This is gonna broke the internet

    Hatim MesrarHatim Mesrar4 ore fa

    Czanea LyrellCzanea Lyrell4 ore fa
  • Next make Starguardin Series

    ✨Serafish✨✨Serafish✨4 ore fa
  • League takes no skill so no thanks

    Scott PrintersScott Printers4 ore fa
  • I'm just here for Jinx...

    MiseryMisery4 ore fa
  • i will watch this

    User DataUser Data4 ore fa
  • you really give it to us as soon as possible, Riot - The entertainment company.

    Đạt Lê TiếnĐạt Lê Tiến4 ore fa

    sentron 666sentron 6664 ore fa
  • Only on Net… gogoanime 🤣🤣😂

    Saikyou MeganeSaikyou Megane5 ore fa
  • Самые залайканые 18 секунд на ютубе)

    RanDANRanDAN5 ore fa
  • Up next, Riot plans to open their fast food chain

    yuitr loingyuitr loing5 ore fa
  • LoL

  • Moonton be like :0

    Kristan VinceKristan Vince5 ore fa
  • Finally 😍

    Bünyamin KAYABünyamin KAYA5 ore fa

      yuitr loingyuitr loing5 ore fa
  • "Adorable" ---Mordekaizer

    Christian MoisesChristian Moises6 ore fa
  • Is this before Jinx went insane?

    WisemannWisemann6 ore fa
    • Yes

      winterwinter4 ore fa
  • Finally!!! 😍

    Tipsy TaehyungTipsy Taehyung6 ore fa
  • Dear RIOT, you do know LOL is international? Why the biased with words like fall? When is that? I'm South African you know. Also can't wait for this.

    sifukdsifukd6 ore fa
  • Finally an animation

    MR. FOXMR. FOX7 ore fa
  • OMG I'm si greatfull cause Jinx is here thank you so much 😭

    Viivi ChanViivi Chan7 ore fa
  • Im gonna cry if this comes out

    Kiara CamuaKiara Camua7 ore fa
  • If there isn't a 200 years joke I'm done

    Krust BruhKrust Bruh7 ore fa
  • I'm ok with this 🧐

    Just Some Guy with a SnaggletoothJust Some Guy with a Snaggletooth7 ore fa

    Ō _ ŌŌ _ Ō7 ore fa
  • i keep searching but I can't find this song!!! riot please! please help

    3rdINFINITE3rdINFINITE7 ore fa
    • Original song from riot for the series

      Krust BruhKrust Bruh7 ore fa
  • If soyeon isnt in the OST, riot fails again

    Cyril DabuetCyril Dabuet7 ore fa
  • i hope we dont have to pay for this i wait for this...i love lol (not the game but the characters and stories and things)

    hadnagyjozsef3hadnagyjozsef37 ore fa
  • Can someone name the characters in the trailer ? ❤️

    IRezzetIRezzet7 ore fa

    Ivailo IvanovIvailo Ivanov7 ore fa
  • I'm so excited!

    DnarxusYTDnarxusYT8 ore fa
  • ooh men

    Bernard Von Kirby De Los SantosBernard Von Kirby De Los Santos8 ore fa
  • Im sure that im gonna waiting so hard for this, and im gonna finish all in 1 day

    pierro ytpierro yt8 ore fa
  • When it came out ?

    OmqlilAlexOmqlilAlex9 ore fa
  • DaViBy

    cloud8cloud89 ore fa
  • Leauge of legends: *posted a trailer* Mobile legends: ok lets go copy

    『 Cløūdïê•Skîës 』『 Cløūdïê•Skîës 』9 ore fa
  • Cool

    Kirill MamykinKirill Mamykin10 ore fa
  • Someone tell me if we’ll get any akali in this 😭

    Ari JungAri Jung10 ore fa
  • Animated series YESSSSS

    I hate life mhmI hate life mhm10 ore fa
  • I hope this is fun and not boring. 🍉

    Strength & DisciplineStrength & Discipline10 ore fa
  • CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zeynep ÖzçelikZeynep Özçelik10 ore fa
  • wtf?

    Соломон КейнСоломон Кейн11 ore fa
  • Riot is setting the standard for art that Blizzard set so long ago

    FellowGlobalCitizenFellowGlobalCitizen11 ore fa

    Zefanya LtZefanya Lt11 ore fa
  • Now way i cant wait

    Romel jay dela cruzRomel jay dela cruz12 ore fa
  • I need my main nidalee in this Please please please,

    TFT u_uTFT u_u12 ore fa
  • pls bring back kug'maw in androide

    GoofierguestyGoofierguesty12 ore fa
  • Finally something that didn't come from a video game.😌😌😌😌😌😌

    Amirai MathiasAmirai Mathias12 ore fa
  • ah finally

    mo3n_xmo3n_x12 ore fa
  • It is worth it to be the only comment in Spanish

    Martha PintoMartha Pinto13 ore fa
  • no me jodas jamas pense que harian eso bro osea hello :O

    Martha PintoMartha Pinto13 ore fa
  • Shaco won´t be here either, right. Denied in competitive... Denied in cinematics... Denied in the animated series?...

    Juan Pablo OrselliJuan Pablo Orselli13 ore fa
  • Shen and zed plzz

    Mệnh DươngMệnh Dương13 ore fa
  • New Doujin Series

    Robert BagacayRobert Bagacay13 ore fa
  • Im also very excited and can't wait for the sound track.

    Le CheeseLe Cheese13 ore fa
  • Sii8iiiiii ya era hora

    Axel Jesus Montero HuaringaAxel Jesus Montero Huaringa13 ore fa
  • Music?

    Raellysson PedroRaellysson Pedro14 ore fa
  • 我准备好了

    不愧是你 V不愧是你 V14 ore fa
  • I hope it gets a Japanese dub

    MBH212MBH21214 ore fa
  • _only on netflix_ torrent users: "let's see about that"

    Gerald BalGerald Bal14 ore fa
  • This is cool.

    Rage MaddRage Madd14 ore fa
  • This is what they needed to do with world of Warcraft, similar to the trailers but movie length. So keen to watch this series

    25 In30s25 In30s14 ore fa
  • the art style and animation is actually beautiful 😍

    Ken FrancisKen Francis14 ore fa
  • Alas our prayers have finally been answered. Thank you.

    TJTJ15 ore fa
  • Нифига не понятно, но очень интересно.

    Сергей НемовСергей Немов16 ore fa
  • I can't understand one thing about this series. Is going to be only for jinx and Vi or for all Champs of league?

    Xristos TsirakidisXristos Tsirakidis16 ore fa
    • first season is piltover/zaun

      Zion SantosZion Santos15 ore fa
    • every season tackles different region

      Zion SantosZion Santos15 ore fa
  • So much hype for just a 19 seconds of preview, and it deserves it all

    Am0Am016 ore fa
  • Ok, já posso surtar agora?

    Pablo AvizPablo Aviz16 ore fa
  • Netflix and Jinx

    Enzo RivasEnzo Rivas16 ore fa
  • Что за песня, подскажите пожалуйста

    Данила АндросикДанила Андросик17 ore fa
  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    XxKSA -_-XxLOVEXxKSA -_-XxLOVE17 ore fa
  • This song= the best 19 seconds of my life

    Flippy DippyFlippy Dippy17 ore fa
  • vieron a Viktor

    HaltharzHaltharz17 ore fa
  • See ya in 3475 when the europeans finally have a chance to see it

    TramiaGirlTramiaGirl18 ore fa
  • Finally! 🙏🙏🙏

    blackmindpinkheartblackmindpinkheart18 ore fa
  • this is more than a work of art has no comparison

    CristiánCristián18 ore fa
  • oooloooo verguuuu

    Gonzalo MansillaGonzalo Mansilla19 ore fa
  • Я так долго этого ждал и свершилоооось

    DekaliDekali19 ore fa
  • to branch out.

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo19 ore fa

    NostalgiaNostalgia19 ore fa
  • Bro at this point riot should rebrand to riot entertainment

    NostalgiaNostalgia19 ore fa

    Shane AmaroShane Amaro20 ore fa
  • why is nobody talking about this banger of a song??????? excuse me????????????

    TensieeTensiee20 ore fa
  • YAY!

    Jovanni OroscoJovanni Orosco20 ore fa
  • Iiyak nanaman mga MLtards sa subrang inggit may anime na ang lol.. shout out sainyo mga idol hahaha gayahin nyo nalang Godbless

    John lloyd GonzalesJohn lloyd Gonzales20 ore fa

    EdhelmiraEdhelmira20 ore fa
  • There will be 200-year-joke.

    Ellpunkt EffpunktEllpunkt Effpunkt21 ora fa
  • Não brinca assim comigo

    Ellen GalvaoEllen Galvao21 ora fa
  • Ooomg!

    Klaudia SKlaudia S21 ora fa
  • **FINALLY OMG I’M CRYING** Lol not literally but I might

    Rovic ValleRovic Valle21 ora fa
  • Omg im eggzoited! Hope for khazix

    SecnarfySecnarfy21 ora fa
  • Радуйтесь люди, снизошла до нас анимационная благодать

    Abduvohid AbduvohidovAbduvohid Abduvohidov22 ore fa
  • I need the full song in spotify now!

    Thomas VargasThomas Vargas22 ore fa
  • I want kaisa, jhin and ekko in there !

    SpirosSpiros22 ore fa