The SHOCKING ENDING To "Reug Reug" vs. Kirill Grishenko

28 apr 2021
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The heavyweight mixed martial arts battle between Senegalese wrestling sensation "Reug Reug" Oumar Kane and Belarusian beast Kirill Grishenko ended in SHOCKING fashion at ONE on TNT IV!
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  • Do YOU agree with the ref's call?

    ONE ChampionshipONE Championship9 giorni fa
    • Yes the decision was right. Kane took himself out the fight, knew he was getting owned and basically quit by pretending to be hurt by a shot that hit the inside of his arm. Poor show by Kane, nobody needs to see that, it isn’t football.

      Darth190784Darth190784Ora fa
    • @Juan Wick Would be for the best to deter play acting

      Deek DouglasDeek Douglas11 ore fa
    • @Deek Douglas He would if this was the UFC.

      Juan WickJuan Wick16 ore fa
    • 100%

      William GWilliam G17 ore fa
    • That's a Hell No!! Reug Reug was hit in the throat after the bell. It should have been a no-contest and the two need to run it back. Not cool!!

      Antoine SimpsonAntoine SimpsonGiorno fa
  • Ghost face killah's secret ghost punch. This white man got the lost scroll of Wu Tang Clan.

    Puro SapoPuro Sapo41 minuto fa
  • This guy has big muscle with no heart, not a fighter

    Ian WayIan WayOra fa
  • Sterling inspired everyone

    TenshiTenshiOra fa
  • could someone elaborate on the possibility.

    aliweskeraliwesker8 ore fa
  • reung rueng did a run run kause he got beat beat

    187daPOPO187daPOPO8 ore fa
  • That was almost as good as Koscheck....Almost..

    Smoke DogzzSmoke Dogzz8 ore fa
  • Took a Russian guy as always to deflate that dummy

    Anatoliy MorozAnatoliy Moroz9 ore fa
  • Wait, I swear this guy wanted to fight Francis😂😂😂😂😂

    Moses CPMoses CP10 ore fa
  • This man has brought shame on his country of Senegal at a time when his people need a hero - not a coward. He should be thrown out of MMA and blacklisted by all organisations.

    Paulie TVPaulie TV10 ore fa
  • I know a dive when I see one

    Tim HarmonTim Harmon13 ore fa
  • Wow he just quit

    Christopher DillonChristopher Dillon15 ore fa
  • He found his boogeyman.

    mackson mukondemackson mukonde15 ore fa
  • Yup, that was perfectly legal

    Dee KDee K16 ore fa
  • chivalrous behaviour 👏

    iuvaiuva17 ore fa
  • Too much meat, no cardio

    Phong NguyenPhong Nguyen18 ore fa
  • Are they really playing Informer in the background? Snow circa 1994😬

    Max WindMax Wind19 ore fa
  • Reug Reug 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳👍🏼

    Mandou Rék . علي جنغMandou Rék . علي جنغ21 ora fa
  • Play acting done badly, even his mother said get up!

    onap onaponap onapGiorno fa
  • Smh, rug rug run out of gas, and thought he'd try some thespianism to get outa his predicament

    Ian GordonIan GordonGiorno fa
  • Он с футболом перепутал наверно, все жизнь в него играл, а тут ММА.

    Сергей РысаевСергей РысаевGiorno fa
  • What bad acting!!! really sad... Reug Reug is all hype

    Garthy BrookensGarthy BrookensGiorno fa
  • Figures if LesBrain James can flop, so can he.

    Hunter1960Hunter1960Giorno fa
  • And this guy was supposed to be scarier than Francis???

    Daniel IntocciaDaniel IntocciaGiorno fa

    Steven ObinatorSteven ObinatorGiorno fa
  • Happy to see this.

    Anglo IsraelAnglo IsraelGiorno fa
  • Disrespectful he fights someone who stands up to him and is tough so he gives up wow. Cmon Reug reug

    Sunny ListonSunny ListonGiorno fa
  • He had enough.

    Koi ShooterKoi ShooterGiorno fa
  • i'd rather just take the L

    TK-823TK-823Giorno fa
  • Why does the referee have to tap the winner on the belly. I am sorry but while Grishenko really deserves the win, the referee gesture sounds racist to me. Congratulations Grishenko, you fought a good fight.

    Abraham SeCoEAbraham SeCoEGiorno fa
  • I still think Reug has star potential but you can clearly see in this fight that his opponent was on a skill level above him. I would Advise Reug Reug to take his time and fight easier opponents and slowly rise. Dont rush it

    Checkers LaneCheckers LaneGiorno fa
  • Reug Reug......Lmfao!!

    D BeatonD BeatonGiorno fa
  • Great decision, He was unused to stiff opposition and looking for victim hood.

    Lithe SteelLithe SteelGiorno fa
  • TF was that, this must be from the school of Aljamain Sterling in faking. It didn't hit his throat period. @ 2:28 clear as day didn't touch.

    rajinbinrajinbinGiorno fa
  • He was losing the fight..

    Street GuruStreet GuruGiorno fa
  • Somebody greased his palms it probably wouldn’t be to hard to do at this point in his career

    Raheem entRaheem entGiorno fa
  • Reug Reug is a clown

    D GD GGiorno fa
  • HA HA ...cheaters never win...

    Tim RoseTim RoseGiorno fa
  • I'm so disappointed ☹️☹️

    Navas ArnoldNavas ArnoldGiorno fa
  • Aljo DiCaprio would be proud.

    Wolf and ShieldWolf and Shield2 giorni fa
  • Big up to the referee. I have no respect for these fighters trying to win through technicalities like this.

    Alexandro HuttAlexandro Hutt2 giorni fa
  • Great job ONE 🤣🤣🤣

    josef2012josef20122 giorni fa
  • The announcer has watched too much Pride

    Gaz Mach1Gaz Mach12 giorni fa
  • Reminiscent of Neymar. Actually reminds me of Diego Sanchez vs Michel Pereira. African guy needed a way out of that fight.

    B WB W2 giorni fa
  • Reug reug gni fo wouniou dé..ou leq senegalais mes likes gaaw

    adam cissadam ciss2 giorni fa
  • With a walkout like that you expect him to not try to steal the spot light??? Cmonnn get this man his aljermain sterling award.

    Bats OmegaBats Omega2 giorni fa
  • Rigged to the max!!! he got hit in the arm .. That punch didn’t even land on his chest It landed on his right arm 💪

    Puzzled SoulzPuzzled Soulz2 giorni fa
  • Reug Reug is a quiter

    MrNgalaniMrNgalani2 giorni fa
  • what a poor cardio of this man. But hell of an actor !

    stoo leetstoo leet2 giorni fa
  • Did he get punched in the adam's apple?

    BorisBoris2 giorni fa
  • That was the most blatant IRL rage quit ever

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi2 giorni fa
  • Trained by Aljamain Sterling

    Pete OlivarezPete Olivarez2 giorni fa
  • What a waste of good film on that decision!

    Michael BrownMichael Brown3 giorni fa
    • Black person crying looking for a handout? Sounds legit

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi2 giorni fa
  • I can't believe this guy would be so cheap, it really is pathetic. He literally could have won if he just fought properly, instead, the guy thinks I will cheat, pretend and do some play-acting. What a mug.

    rci kaalrci kaal3 giorni fa
  • Still wanna fight Ngannou ? ?

    Vall deroyVall deroy3 giorni fa
  • No comments on the repeating pants grabbing?

    fuufuu3 giorni fa
  • It was a throat punch.

    djbenzodjbenzo3 giorni fa
  • It didn't even connect. Now we have a Neymar on MMA.

    Márcio de AbreuMárcio de Abreu3 giorni fa
  • New clip for videos titled: fighters who took a dive in fights

    Takingout thetrashTakingout thetrash3 giorni fa
  • Yeah he simply ran out of gas.. I finally buy into the notion "the more weight you have the less wind".. There was so much hype/hope for this guy.. This is not a good look.. You gotta be able to keep up fam..

    Chris SimpletonChris Simpleton3 giorni fa
  • Roug Roug needs to change his name to Flop Flop

    Isak LevyIsak Levy3 giorni fa
  • Bidon se reug reug

    Lals LalsLals Lals3 giorni fa
  • Man this MMA, not soccer. Floppin got penalties here.

    Nover 05Nover 053 giorni fa
  • hahahahahahahahahaha and guys like this call themselves a fighters ,what a joke , first that Sterling dude now this one ,disgrace both of them!!!

    lesafighterlesafighter3 giorni fa
  • Damn the title wasn’t lying

    Allen KabandaAllen Kabanda3 giorni fa
  • must have been a chi punch lol

    Boanerges57Boanerges573 giorni fa
  • You know the famous saying. . . "cardio (or lack of) can make COWARDS out if anyone"

    Sam ShermanSam Sherman3 giorni fa
  • Black person crying looking for a handout? Sounds legit

    Zaf MoZaf Mo3 giorni fa
  • Smh.

    FracturedFoxFracturedFox3 giorni fa
  • What was that? Reug Reug wanted a way out of the fight and he thought that was it. It’ll give him a built in excuse for the loss. He was throwing a punch at the same time he got hit. Definitely TKO. No other choice to make

    Taran TempleTaran Temple3 giorni fa
  • Kane expected to fight default setups the whole time. Levels*

    Dmac9994Dmac99943 giorni fa
  • THe worst actor of the year

    le bourreaule bourreau3 giorni fa
  • Africans are really coming up

    Cassius StoneCassius Stone3 giorni fa
  • Voila les limites d'un lutteur lorsqu'un ne réussit pas les takedawn. Reug Reug doit continuer à travailler surtout son striking, le cardio

    yves nicolasyves nicolas3 giorni fa
  • was he trying to get the dq win ? didn't go his way..

    Rolly SJRolly SJ3 giorni fa
  • I wanted to give the video a dislike because Oumar quit, but the ref made the right call. When you quit the fight is over.

    Adobo HuttAdobo Hutt3 giorni fa
  • Great call by the ref

    Hussein OsmanHussein Osman3 giorni fa
  • And for someone to argue that Reug Reug can take on even Stipe Miocic or Ngaanou is absurd!

    Erick EtaleErick Etale3 giorni fa
  • Non.

    Daouda NdourDaouda Ndour3 giorni fa
  • Meanwhile mike Tyson continuing fights after the bell 😂

    Anthony PierreAnthony Pierre3 giorni fa
    • “Ow, you poke my heart”

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose3 giorni fa
  • Aljomain setting the trend for black fighters

    Ja MesonJa Meson3 giorni fa
    • Reug Reug Koscheck

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose3 giorni fa
  • Fighters that do this should be banned for life from the sport

    Alae Farm Estates LLCAlae Farm Estates LLC3 giorni fa
  • Негр думал как у Стерлинга получится а тут проигрыш))) самое интересное на повторе показывают что даже удар мимо прошел)))) вот клоуны эти афроамериканцы

    Вячеслав ИлларионовВячеслав Илларионов3 giorni fa
  • he got punched in his throat?

    John KwakJohn Kwak3 giorni fa
  • LOL! Dude was looking for the DQ but got another easy way out.

    Toilet BreadToilet Bread3 giorni fa
  • The Aljo Revolution

    James SanchezJames Sanchez3 giorni fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Took a dive!

    Jeff SedamJeff Sedam3 giorni fa
  • Musta saw aljo.

    killgorekillgore3 giorni fa
  • Grishenko's ability to get the under hook immediately in every clinch is very impressive

    Moaad MMoaad M4 giorni fa
  • Embarrassing!

    Market ResearchMarket Research4 giorni fa
  • Aljamain Sterling bu11 sh1t

    ibadrovibadrov4 giorni fa
  • Two facts: The punch was after the bell/ Kirill hit Reug Reugs throat

    Nilton RochaNilton Rocha4 giorni fa
  • Embarassing

    jimofthenorthjimofthenorth4 giorni fa
  • Reug Reug Koscheck

    True AnarchyTrue Anarchy4 giorni fa
  • “Ow, you poke my heart”

    ClemskerClemsker4 giorni fa
  • First aljo and now this! And they say the Oscar’s don’t have enough black representation...

    James BondJames Bond4 giorni fa
    • Underrated comment. Lol

      Ilias KiourtsidisIlias KiourtsidisGiorno fa
  • Did he break his collar bone?

    Bryan DukeBryan Duke4 giorni fa
  • When soccer players transition to MMA

    TS13FTS13F4 giorni fa
  • damn i really liked reug, this is sad :/

    Jeremy MillerJeremy Miller4 giorni fa