Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)

27 ott 2020
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Lonely out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Directed by Jake Schreier
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  • Man the control between body and head voice is perfect, truly beautiful

    Luke UnderdownLuke Underdown25 minuti fa
  • Wow. Amazing

    Lee TorresLee Torres43 minuti fa
  • Check out my sax cover - hope I can do such a meaningful song justice 🤞🏻

    Nicholas James BrownNicholas James BrownOra fa
  • I get you homie, minus all the fame & celebrity. We are all lonely in our own ways.!! I-E

    Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaOra fa
  • I love this song🥰 good job😁🥰

    Patryk WuttkePatryk Wuttke3 ore fa

  • I can appreciate his fillings and pain

    yoshida haruyoshida haru4 ore fa
  • He's a good Guy after all

    yoshida haruyoshida haru4 ore fa
  • I can listen to this over and over and it never gets old.... Thank you for this beautiful song!

    Allie RaineAllie Raine5 ore fa
  • Hermosa canción

  • ᴛʜɪs sᴏɴɢ ʜɪᴛs ᴅɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ♥︎

    Cry bxbi.eCry bxbi.e5 ore fa
  • It’s okay don’t worry 🥺❤️

    Yasmine BouabdellahYasmine Bouabdellah5 ore fa
  • I don't believe some people still unliked this video and song ....

    Call me MonnyCall me Monny6 ore fa
  • All those people who hated on this guy ...... Why did you do that huh

    Call me MonnyCall me Monny6 ore fa
  • O my god

    Marika CanaleMarika Canale6 ore fa
  • I feel you because people are forever mercy

    Ali AliAli Ali6 ore fa
  • If the world narrowed for you, just call me an injection, cry me

    Ali AliAli Ali6 ore fa
  • You are not alone, I am here, I will be your friend, not a fan

    Ali AliAli Ali6 ore fa
  • You want lonely at least you got money to sit in a nice house pay for all animals when sick lonely I watched my mom beat almost daily shot at stabbed by my Father pets killed in front of me and also physical abuse terrorized mentally thats FUCKEN LONELY now with all my mental issues from abuse unable to leave home or even try to have a dream watching my assistant dog die as i can not afford meds and i just got diagnosed with cancer no family well thats obvious helpless and FUCKEN Lonley

    Teresa BrighamTeresa Brigham7 ore fa
  • You need the real love 🙃

    cherihane myth شيريهانcherihane myth شيريهان7 ore fa
  • Thanks its just like now

    Shahad Al-bariShahad Al-bari7 ore fa
  • awww it ok no worry im here

    Rose_PieRose_Pie8 ore fa
    • @unlimited wat you mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Rose_PieRose_Pie7 ore fa
    • aaaaaaaaaaa

      unlimitedunlimited7 ore fa
  • Woooow I like it,your voice is perfect

    Edita MikayelyanEdita Mikayelyan8 ore fa
  • Perfect voice Perfect song 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

    Peter MajtanPeter Majtan8 ore fa
  • I loved this song and felt it, had to do a remix 😌 itworlds.info/round/aKxuiMd9o72ChKo/video

    Virginia’s Most WantedVirginia’s Most Wanted9 ore fa
  • really good song justin........but it is hard to feel for a person who.behaved so badly in the past 10 years............you are the master of your fate........if you want good-you have to be good.............what will you do with the next 10 years ?....the future of happy or sad ---good or bad is in your hands....only you are to be blamed for it....i wish u well young man.

    mike xmike x9 ore fa
  • Great song... Nadie sabe de los demonios internos que todos tenemos....

    RaCsO MDRaCsO MD10 ore fa
  • who

    Julia mendoncaJulia mendonca10 ore fa
  • Maradona RIP itworlds.info/round/nKKHh7mAn6-qj4g/video

    Mohammad FathiMohammad Fathi10 ore fa
  • My favorite ❤️❤️❤️

    Nikki BlackburnNikki Blackburn11 ore fa
  • What a beautiful song. Everyone can relay to this. Everytime somebody gets lonely think off the people you love ore lost. Cry, laugh, but most off all love yourself. Just remember there's a little sunshine in everyone. You are yourre own sparkplug. You just got to ignite. Love to the world.

    Matrix NeophyteMatrix Neophyte11 ore fa
  • 😈👹👺😠😡💥

    Ivana MancicIvana Mancic11 ore fa
  • my mom asks me why am I crying.

    Zack WongZack Wong16 ore fa
  • Damn why this actually sad low key

    n2k_ lvndonn2k_ lvndon17 ore fa
  • Greetings from Poland

    Hanna KaminskaHanna Kaminska17 ore fa
  • This Justin Bieber is the one who we can’t hate for sure !

    LuciferLucifer18 ore fa
  • Babe♥

    The maleficentThe maleficent19 ore fa
  • Eh man I know your not gunna see this but hey yah owned up to ur dumb ways and made a man out of urself much respect man keep it up 🙌👑 keep ur head up dude I'd imagine being a child star was fun and crazy but probably horrible at the same time you never got to live the life we all had and by the sounds of this tune you really wanna know what that's like 😔 don't do anything rash man just keep pushing threw the pain

    mike Connorsmike Connors20 ore fa
  • I hope this song somehow raises awareness against online bullying, specially those under the spotlight; we don't the damage a simple twit can cause.

    Marie D.Marie D.22 ore fa
  • this song is both beautiful & heartbreaking at the same time. i’m speechless

    ShinyOshawott GamingShinyOshawott Gaming22 ore fa
  • hey juststeel barbar and hello barbar

    ShubhajitShubhajit22 ore fa
  • what an awesome song and performance

    CURTIS StapletonCURTIS Stapleton22 ore fa
  • 🥺❤

    Alyssa VillaflorAlyssa Villaflor23 ore fa
  • I am no JB die hard fan by any means but a lot of his songs are so good I cannot deny. This song definitely hits hard plus the guy can actually sing 👌💯

    paulpaulGiorno fa
  • So good 🎶 I'm Brazilian, thanks Justin beautiful sing.

    Arthur LontraArthur LontraGiorno fa
  • Me enamoré más

    riverista Lupriverista LupGiorno fa
  • 💔

    Bendarhal MerBendarhal MerGiorno fa
  • Hes so cute

    jeff longjeff longGiorno fa
  • Vicio demais por essa musica!! BR

    Thobias OliveiraThobias OliveiraGiorno fa
  • So could we know why people hate him???

    Mays MaysMays MaysGiorno fa
  • Marcin Dubiel 🥰❤️

    ejjOpanujsieeejjOpanujsieeGiorno fa
  • damn that was deep, also what was that big bang sound?

    Falicia WilhoitFalicia WilhoitGiorno fa
  • F*CK all those who thought he was an idiot kid. This is the type of society we live in. People just can digest your success and they will do anything and everything to pull you down. JB has been above all in every part of his life, a perfect human, I have never seen a simpler celebrity. He is a gem and he will always be. A guy who adds random people on his insta live video, talk to them. Makes their day amazing. He is just amazing.

    Mr. RibhuMr. RibhuGiorno fa
  • I have always been a fan! Since i was 6 or 7 i always listen to his music.

    Shuroke AlhajShuroke AlhajGiorno fa
  • As an artist, this song is a hit srsly🔥This song is so emotional.. I wasn't listening to him and I'll Do it now I promise 🤞

    N808N808Giorno fa
  • Man his voice has changed man so great it is keep doing the great work bieber boy loved you from skul time had a girl loved your songs now she is married

    kashyap's cribkashyap's cribGiorno fa
  • Every thing is not the same now

    Abdullah Wasi SamiAbdullah Wasi SamiGiorno fa
  • Nice bro I really liked this song and u left me in my feelings

    Afraiim DehghanAfraiim DehghanGiorno fa
  • no autotune, hes the king of acoustic

    SezinSezinGiorno fa
  • love u

    뭐해Siti Aminah뭐해Siti AminahGiorno fa
  • Beautiful song.His voice is amazing. I hope you keep doing music.your vocals are amazing we love you.god bless you stay motivated

    Tailor BlueTailor BlueGiorno fa
  • I just came here to say that God loves you, and I already went through a bad phase despite having everything ... God loves you❤💓

    Rebeca CaetanoRebeca CaetanoGiorno fa
    • Jésus t'aime🇫🇷

      Rebeca CaetanoRebeca CaetanoGiorno fa
    • Jesús te ama🇪🇦

      Rebeca CaetanoRebeca CaetanoGiorno fa
    • Jesus love you🇬🇧

      Rebeca CaetanoRebeca CaetanoGiorno fa
    • Jesus te ama🇧🇷

      Rebeca CaetanoRebeca CaetanoGiorno fa
  • BrillianT * [[ . ]] & [[ . ]] Are We Comparing diz 2 WhiTney or SpearS & . I’ve Mastered my Signature VerberTo * 🎙

    Jahiiirah CarLoSJahiiirah CarLoSGiorno fa
  • Arreeeeeeeeeeebemtou

    Lucivanio SilvaLucivanio SilvaGiorno fa
  • Hi, person from the future KKK Enjoy here so I can listen to this hymn more often ahead. Until then I tell him I love him and everything goes well KKKK

    Tio DélioTio DélioGiorno fa
  • if you guys watch the justen Bebber gets mad you won't like him anymore

  • What exactly did Jake Schreier direct in this?😂

    Tarun YadavTarun YadavGiorno fa
  • Woh.

    AurochlorideAurochlorideGiorno fa
  • Love😍😍😘💋

    Mario Sancho MaraverMario Sancho MaraverGiorno fa
  • The lyrics make so much sense, doesn't matter who you are, what you are, how much you have, how much you don't have. You can still experience mental health, nobody should suffer it hope your okay and I respect you for saying all that in your song. 💯❤️

    Bradley AdamsBradley AdamsGiorno fa
  • I couldn't imagine myself nor being able to even walk down the street without being harassed and not knowing who is genuine. I really pray for you JB May God bless you and keep you.

    Cjay JamesCjay JamesGiorno fa
  • itworlds.info/round/q2h-dtNqppSDi6I/video 😊 I made a cover of this song!

    VeeVeeGiorno fa
  • Just going by the comments section so don’t need a like my comment

    AmyzanAmyzanGiorno fa
  • This song always gets me in my feels

    doctor fatedoctor fateGiorno fa
  • Damn this hits different

    louis kleinlouis kleinGiorno fa
  • Is it just me, or did it seem like that noise in the background 2:18 pissed him off? 😅

    Dom PrimoDom PrimoGiorno fa
  • this song is soooo diferent from the rest of all heartless no feelings songs of these years ... i feel it ... and i know a lot of people notice this diference... justin youre awesome man keep your good work you have my respect.... algo im impressed cause this song touch my heart and its short. in less than 3 minutes i feel your pain ... and y apologize for all people that give you bad energy including myself.. im sorry bro... im sorry

    TotaledAuto23TotaledAuto23Giorno fa
  • I really like the emotions behind the song

    Da PriestDa PriestGiorno fa
  • I’m so looonlu

    eli tarangeli tarangGiorno fa
  • Bibs, I love u so much 😔

    Jeon GianinnaJeon GianinnaGiorno fa
  • I love this song and his voice ❤️

    Amanda ConradAmanda ConradGiorno fa
  • Sending lots of love to Justin Bieber.💜🙌🏽

    Missy RichestMissy RichestGiorno fa
  • Can we respect benny blanco? He's an incredible songwriter and musician. Its a beautiful song

    devi bittler-arevalodevi bittler-arevaloGiorno fa
  • Everyone is lonely today...I love you JB!

    Andrea ZabinkiAndrea Zabinki2 giorni fa
  • Agora eu sei o significado de sentir a dor do outro....

    ketylen conceicaoketylen conceicao2 giorni fa
  • So talented Justin Bieber nice ♥️

    Adee Ben-NaimAdee Ben-Naim2 giorni fa
  • This song makes me want to rip my ears off. A wounded dog sounds better. I never gave consent for my ears to be raped like this. Please never make anything else. Please just stop.

    fahkrazyshaggyfahkrazyshaggy2 giorni fa

    sonny nzsonny nz2 giorni fa
  • I'm a 50 year old woman and this song guts me...

    Lara PicardLara Picard2 giorni fa
  • funny how a beautiful song could tell such a sad story Bravo Justin Bieber 💪🏽👏🏽

    Stella stellaStella stella2 giorni fa
  • 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏

    Alexandra WolffAlexandra Wolff2 giorni fa
  • When I was younger he made me laugh the baby song was good but everyone hade a different opinion. Now he is getting hate for trying to be himself like come one

    Archie Hey McIntyreArchie Hey McIntyre2 giorni fa
  • I’ve never been a big fan of Justin Bieber, but I love this song. This is the first time something he’s put out has felt authentic and heartfelt, where the persona is gone and he’s just a normal human being like everyone else with feelings of loneliness and emptiness that we all can relate to. His money and fame and all the girls and ego is gone and underneath is someone a lot of people can level with and understand. This is the first time in years that I feel like one of his songs has taken off in a genuine way, and I sincerely hope he keeps making music like this. This sound suits him so well and it really gives him a chance to show off his vocal abilities. I’ve only ever loved songs where I could feel the artist, and this is the first song of Justin’s that I could feel him in every word. Goosebumps.

    averedespeaveredespe2 giorni fa
  • Celebrities are some of loneliest people out there ☹

    Zakiya DorseyZakiya Dorsey2 giorni fa
  • It is about redemption

    Viridiana PerezViridiana Perez2 giorni fa
  • I hope you're ok Justin.

    Maj LolasMaj Lolas2 giorni fa
  • 2:18 my favorite part

    Alvin WAlvin W2 giorni fa
  • BrillianT * [[ . ]] & [[ . ]] Are We Comparing diz 2 WhiTney or SpearS & . I’ve Mastered my Signature VerberTo * 🎙

    Jahiiirah CarLoSJahiiirah CarLoS2 giorni fa
  • Me llegó al alma, lo quiero abrazar.

    Agustina CarcagnoAgustina Carcagno2 giorni fa
  • I just lost my parents and this song hits me hard , I literally have nobody now , lonely :(

    Eduardo GarciaEduardo Garcia2 giorni fa
    • I’m so sorry 🥺

      suriya Samarakonsuriya Samarakon12 ore fa
    • I love you ❤ and you will always have the love of your parents in your heart.

      Janice LopesJanice Lopes22 ore fa