M1 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Pro - Full Comparison!

21 nov 2020
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Is Apple's new M1 MacBook Pro worth $300 more than the fan-less M1 Macbook Air?
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Apple's new M1 chip is incredibly powerful and efficient.. and Apple packed it into the Mac Mini, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.
In this video, we compare the base $999 M1 MacBook Air to the $1299 M1 MacBook Pro to see if it's worth spending the extra $300.
The MacBook Air is completely fanless and silent, so let's see if it throttles and performs significantly worse than the MacBook Pro.
We test various things like the design, the speaker quality, the webcam and microphone quality, the displays, and of course, performance in various tasks like CPU and graphics benchmarks and real-world tasks like video editing in Final Cut Pro and photo editing in Lightroom Classic.
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Pro - 00:00
Physical Differences - 0:41
Keyboards & Trackpads - 1:55
Speaker Comparison - 2:48
Webcam and Mic Comparison - 3:43
Display Quality Comparison - 4:10
Geekbench 5 CPU - 5:40
Geekbench 5 GPU Metal - 6:15
GFXBench Metal - 7:08
Thermal Throttling - 7:56
Cinebench R23 CPU Stress Test - 8:26
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test - 10:51
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing - 11:08
Logic Pro Music Production - 13:49
Final Cut Video Editing Performance - 15:45
Which M1 MacBook Should YOU Buy? - 17:34

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    Max TechMax Tech6 giorni fa
    • This is how u make a comparison video. Instant vote for me

      Jordan SabourinJordan SabourinGiorno fa
    • plz compare previous mac book pro 13 intel with new macbook air m1 shouls we upgrade

      Rohan JainRohan Jain4 giorni fa
    • Attock chya fort chi chaavi tari dyaychi. Maharaj majhya babancha fort todun aale👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

      Vishakha KoradeVishakha Korade4 giorni fa
    • This is what I am looking forward too. (:

      ricky vricky v5 giorni fa
    • Hi Vadim, excellent review as always! Please could you kindly check, does the M1 MBP have x2 Thunderbolt controllers ie one for each port and are they both full 40Gb/s bandwidth each? Asking from a music production set-up perspective where I’ll need to connect x2 external SSDs for sample libraries, an audio interface & midi keyboard all via dongles/dock so will need the bandwidth and external SSDs to perform optimally. Many thanks 🙏🏽

      K LK L5 giorni fa
  • where did u get that wallpaper for the pro?? I can't seem to find it in the ones that apple offers.

    Vraj JariwalaVraj Jariwala6 minuti fa
  • Anyone using the Air M1 for Zoom classes? I'm considering making the switch from a 2017 MBP to the new Air.

    rayleverkunstrayleverkunst3 ore fa
  • Which of the M1 MacBooks would you recommend for someone, who rarely uses “Pro” apps, but is a heavy user of Office 365 and Safari all day every day?

    Purushartha SatishPurushartha Satish4 ore fa
  • Your calculations are killing me 🤦🏾

    I. MichaelidesI. Michaelides4 ore fa
  • I would love to get another MacBook Pro. I had a 2011 MB Pro and I loved it. However MS Office for Apple is not compatible with MS Office Win. So you have to run Bootcamp which wipes out the performance advantage.

    Chris HeldmanChris Heldman5 ore fa
  • Hi there, in Logic pro I suppose you mean 94 AUDIO tracks. It also should be interested to test it with MIDI tracks as well.. Anyway thanks for this useful test!

    DokProductionDokProduction6 ore fa
  • The MacBook Air has louder but not as clear speakers while the pro has clearer speakers but a bit quieter

  • Well ... the air now is making its price

    HarryHarry8 ore fa
  • Great video. Thanks. I can choose which to buy now.

    Bharat ShresthaBharat Shrestha8 ore fa
  • hmm I'll pass and wait for the 2nd gen M2 Macbook pro. "never buy the 1st gen tech"

    E RE R8 ore fa
  • You find a lot of things interesting

    Morten OlsenMorten Olsen8 ore fa
  • Air all the way for speakers

    JonnyBoyJonnyBoy8 ore fa
  • I wanna get the MacBook Pro because of the price but I want the MacBook Pro because of the performance I’m gonna be doing online school and I might learn programming so I don’t know which one to get because they both seem good

    FantasialolxgamingFantasialolxgaming9 ore fa
  • One thing I have not seem you test: I/O on the ports including simultaneous I/O.

    J A MillerJ A Miller11 ore fa
  • Do a comparison between m1 air vs intel MacBook Pro 😍

    Risvi AishanRisvi Aishan11 ore fa
  • omG this is madness

    Sam RothmanSam Rothman14 ore fa
  • Is it safe to buy used MacBook 💻?

    rakesh guptarakesh gupta14 ore fa
  • So is it worth paying $200 for 16GB Ram?

    PWRTEKPWRTEK18 ore fa
  • this is the video that i need. thanks!

    a Ricka Rick18 ore fa
  • What volume level were you at on the laptops when doing the speaker comparison? Thank you!

    DeetroiterDeetroiter20 ore fa
    • @Max Tech I had no idea! I was thinking maybe more like 25% ~ 50%!

      DeetroiterDeetroiter18 ore fa
    • 100% of course

      Max TechMax Tech19 ore fa
  • i hate my 2020 macbook air i3 going to return for new air

    1ctf playz1ctf playz20 ore fa
  • Thank you for your great video that helped me to choose the air

    mehmetali tatmehmetali tat23 ore fa
  • thanks for the comparison. also, sweet soul patch

    Not ApplicableNot Applicable23 ore fa
  • The macBook pro has worse microphones because when you went from the air to the pro the volume dropped slightly.

    Ariel AhdootAriel Ahdoot23 ore fa
  • The air microphone sounds better

    Jason GoodenJason GoodenGiorno fa
  • make no sense the air to exsist... unless to make it lot lighter (air)

    MangoMangoGiorno fa
  • Using chrome (20 tabs), excels , words docs , pdfs , paint , Safari (20 tabs ) , screen recording apps and other daily office work related apps .. should I go for M1 mackbook air OR M1 Macbook pro !!!!? Can the fanless M1 MacBook Air handle the daily work related apps smoothly !!!?????!!!!?? Do reply.. 😊 Thanks

    Anuj Usha SharmaAnuj Usha SharmaGiorno fa
  • just the screen brightness is enough to buy the PRO

    MangoMangoGiorno fa
  • im debating between abase model air, an air with 16gb of ram or a base model pro. I am a pretty normal computer user. I don't edit videos or photos or game, but in college I will have to start coding and idk if I should get a base model air, an air with upgraded ram, or a base pro. anyone have any input or tips?

    Zoe EngelbertZoe EngelbertGiorno fa
  • I have the old macbook air 2020 and it is really good so i can only imagine what would happen if i got the m1. Also i got my macbook 5 days before the new macbooks came out.

    Anthony PetroneAnthony PetroneGiorno fa
  • bro istg man yall sound the same

    KiraiKiraiGiorno fa
  • I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.

    Tigerex966Tigerex966Giorno fa
  • This makes me wonder why they even make the Air anymore....honestly they're just SO similar now, it's pointless in my opinion. The Macbook Pro's have cannibalized the Macbook and Macbook Air's...

    Tyler BergenTyler BergenGiorno fa
  • So here's a look at my workflow and all the videos I'm currently working on. Now I just need to get more of those moved into filming.

    Alex JdyjjAlex JdyjjGiorno fa
  • Could the performance be similar between both the air and the pro because they use a similar version of Rosetta , thereby processing the same code on very similar structure ? Maybe when optimised code comes out the difference between the two could be seen. After all , it's $300 difference.

    InferoInferoGiorno fa
  • I would love to see a comparison between the 7-core and 8-core MacBook Air!

    Jordan SabourinJordan SabourinGiorno fa
  • Is the air enought for video and photo editing?

    abercrombiez123abercrombiez123Giorno fa
    • yes

      MrPlasmaMrPlasmaGiorno fa
  • Battery ?

    gangadhar pavangangadhar pavanGiorno fa
  • Apple should start giving you review units. No other channel is even close in giving us this much details and helping potential buyers choosing. Well done!

    Whitney NobisWhitney NobisGiorno fa
  • WAITING :: 8Gb vs 16Gb

    alicia thompsonalicia thompsonGiorno fa
  • I appreciate you Max Tech much for the detailed comparison! You're pro!

    SungWSungWGiorno fa
  • witch one is better for programing air or pro?

  • Can we run Xcode 12 and simulator on Macbook air smoothly ??

    tushar bhagattushar bhagatGiorno fa
  • I think the test we need now is the MBA full config with 16Go RAM vs the MBP 16Go RAM... will be fairer than comparing a 7 cores MBA to an 8 core MBP... and we will really see if the fanless one can hold enough charge without struggling.

    Yoann LeeYoann LeeGiorno fa
  • Who even uses fn keys? And for what?

    cookie monstercookie monsterGiorno fa
  • How do you get the CPU and GPU percentages on the top taskbar???

    Third Eye Photography LLCThird Eye Photography LLCGiorno fa
  • intel is gone

    PDXYTPDXYTGiorno fa
  • result: air is good and CHAP

    于Nikain于NikainGiorno fa
  • what’s the specs on air ??

    K JK JGiorno fa
    • sorry, the amazon link does not work for me in canada it automatically redirect to canada amazon where it does not show anything

      K JK JGiorno fa
  • Which one would you recommend. I’m in grade 9 and I’m looking to use it for online school and coding. Keep in mind that I have to use it for about 6 hours daily and that if I push I can get the pro. I would appreciate anybody’s help. Awesome video keep it up

    Kian SPDKian SPDGiorno fa
  • *Am so glad I was referred to leo_hack_ on INSTAGRAM ,he was able to fix mine in few minutes, despite different trials I learnt from this video but it didn't work out for me ,so glad he helped me.*

    jordan smithjordan smithGiorno fa
  • *Am so glad I was referred to leo_hack_ on INSTAGRAM ,he was able to fix mine in few minutes, despite different trials I learnt from this video but it didn't work out for me ,so glad he helped me.*

    jordan smithjordan smithGiorno fa
  • *Am so glad I was referred to leo_hack_ on INSTAGRAM ,he was able to fix mine in few minutes, despite different trials I learnt from this video but it didn't work out for me ,so glad he helped me.*

    jordan smithjordan smithGiorno fa
    • shut up

      MrPlasmaMrPlasmaGiorno fa
  • *Am so glad I was referred to leo_hack_ on INSTAGRAM ,he was able to fix mine in few minutes, despite different trials I learnt from this video but it didn't work out for me ,so glad he helped me.*

    jordan smithjordan smithGiorno fa
  • The Pro has more depth of sound; the Air seems reedy, tinny by comparison.

    Ronald ShinnRonald Shinn2 giorni fa
  • Just remove the bias and compare laptops that cost the same amount. . .

    Tom HardingTom Harding2 giorni fa
    • how is this biased?

      MrPlasmaMrPlasmaGiorno fa
    • He wouldn't get as many clicks to his YT page if he did that.

      Speakmymind777Speakmymind777Giorno fa
  • The performance of the M1 chip looks compelling but the lack of storage, ram and ports ruins both laptops for me. 1TB of storage and 16GB of ram should be a minimum and I would hate carrying dongles everywhere. Software compatibility with older, non ARM apps could also be a problem. Two questions: is the keyboard still garbage like it was with the last gen Macbooks? Also, what was the buffer size setting for the Logic Pro test? That is a key factor.

    skrenjaskrenja2 giorni fa
    • @MrPlasma 1. Even if it's "fine" now, 8 gigs of un expandable memory doesn't sit well with me. That will be obsolete in no time. I'd be happy with 16. 2. I don't _want_ to carry external drives. 256 gigs in a laptop is a joke. My phone has more than that, that would barely hold all the apps I have. If you're going to be carrying around drives and dongles everywhere, what's the point of even having a laptop? 3. Not entirely true. As of now there are still some apps that just straight up don't work in Rosetta 2. I am sure they will be fixed or updated for ARM but it's still a factor. I like these laptops a lot. They will be great for casual users and prosumers. What Apple is doing with the M1 is really groundbreaking. That said, it's a somewhat flawed product overall so quit simping for it. 🤣

      skrenjaskrenjaGiorno fa
    • 1: he did a RAM stress test, and 8gb did perfectly fine. So unless you open several pro apps at the same time and browses tens of tabs at the same time, 8gb is perfectly fine. 2: SSD amount isn't enough for some, but external drives should do it 3: Rosetta 2 is emulating x86 apps so well that the new m1 macs run x86 apps FASTER than comparably-priced intel laptops.

      MrPlasmaMrPlasmaGiorno fa
    • @Speakmymind777 Agreed and that's why I use firefox man!

      skrenjaskrenjaGiorno fa
    • In 2010, 6GB of RAM was cheap and the norm in laptops. Now, the industry wants us to settle for a mere 2 GB more with intensive applications and more multi-tasking? 16 GB would be the minimum for light web browsing and streaming media. If you want to do more, you need more RAM. Look at how the Chromium browsers especially if you have extensions installed. They suck up a lot of your RAM/resources.

      Speakmymind777Speakmymind777Giorno fa
  • thanks for the review. i have the air 13 inch 2017 model and i'm thinking of trading that in for the M1 air that was just released. with the trade in value it can be a bargain. only interested in browsing, streaming and using some apps-which is why i think the air is once again the model for me.

    Javy CJavy C2 giorni fa
  • CEO of "This is actually really impressive"

    Niels GadeNiels Gade2 giorni fa
  • i was planning on getting the pro because the touch bar is there but then i realized that the big computers like the iMac and Mac Pro don't have a touch bar so what is the point

    anastasia cadmusanastasia cadmus2 giorni fa
  • What about the display calibration? No reviewer is showing that, as a content creator it is a must to calibrate the display Does the display calibration like spyder 5 pro works accuratly on the new m1 chip macbooks..??

    table tennis by ritztable tennis by ritz2 giorni fa
  • I am a travel Vlog creator. Today, I made a special trip to the physical store to test the 8G MBP and 16G MBA with final cut pro X. I found that restricts the video export speed is memory. In the same video material, the 16G MBA is faster than the 8G. MBP is 40% faster, so I decided to buy a 256+16G MBA. I will also test the MacBook air 16+256 that I will purchase soon

    2020楊小西的環球旅行日記2020楊小西的環球旅行日記2 giorni fa
    • Common sense says 16 GB is faster. Back in 2010/2011 HP Laptops that were sold new for under $300 US (about $350 in 2020 dollars) new were the norm.

      Speakmymind777Speakmymind777Giorno fa
  • I wonder if cooling pad could help with the performance of m1 macbook air when undergoing stress test?

    Alen WongAlen Wong2 giorni fa
  • Anyone know if the 512 gig is much faster than the 256 gig drive on these?

    fourthtunzfourthtunz2 giorni fa
    • 512gig should be 20-30% faster, but the 256gig is already super fast

      MrPlasmaMrPlasmaGiorno fa
  • I bought the mb pro 16 inch i7 32 GB RAM 5500M 8 GB VRAM 6 months ago for 3150 euros. I have no complains with the performance using Davinci Resolve and editing 4k footage. But is it worth it to sell it for let's say 2800 euros to get the 16 GB ram mb pro 13 inch m1 which will cost me 1800 euros new? If the performance is the same or even better, I get 1000 euro back, and i have a more portable device. Any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance.

    SPIROSSPIROS2 giorni fa
  • Apple should start giving you review units. No other channel is even close in giving us this much details and helping potential buyers choosing. Well done!

    Aurelio Tomas TurbaoAurelio Tomas Turbao2 giorni fa
  • awesome video, Ive been trying to decide between the two.

    16views16views2 giorni fa
  • This is how u make a comparison video. Instant vote for me

    ce sneaksce sneaks2 giorni fa
  • This is how u make a comparison video. Instant vote for me

    rodolfo mayesrodolfo mayes2 giorni fa
  • The air sounds more balanced in the sound for the speakers, the pro sounds like an artificial bass boosting,, which is colourisation effect to ad to sounds.. makes a lot of music genres sound muddy, specially effects mens voices in videos, makes them louder and boomy/removes clarity and articulation in the voice.

    Soul EqualiserSoul Equaliser2 giorni fa
  • Air have a better microphone

    Rakshit GargRakshit Garg2 giorni fa
  • The sound that the air makes is amazing than the pro.

    NiniMini Kun!NiniMini Kun!2 giorni fa
  • Enough with the "you guys, please. It's unprofessional.

    Peter EmeryPeter Emery2 giorni fa
  • You have the Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 relationship backwards. USB 4 is a marketing reference to the ability of a PC able to utilise the full capability of Thunderbolt 3, which Macs have had since 2016. The Macs have Thunderbolt 3 which is identical to (other than in name) to USB 4.

    Peter EmeryPeter Emery2 giorni fa
  • Is that your teenage sister's music?

    MR GrimmerMR Grimmer2 giorni fa
  • Apple insider is dying-

    Emmanuel AgyemangEmmanuel Agyemang2 giorni fa
  • we might have to wait for the 20th generation Intel chip before its performance can get close to M1.

    Sam WSam W2 giorni fa
  • Darn! Intel must be very glad that Apple is not sharing M1 with other pc brands, otherwise Intel is doomed.

    Sam WSam W2 giorni fa
  • you must be kidding, it's 1199 on apple website and 1249 on amazon, is that really a discount???

    Desperado ShaoDesperado Shao2 giorni fa
  • Is it ok if we put a coolent under mac air to keep it cool i mean will it cause any harm to the mac if we put a 0 degree coolent

    Omkar ShindeOmkar Shinde2 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or did the microphone sound better on the Air?

    OpinionatorOpinionator2 giorni fa
  • Can you make a comparasion between Macbook Air with Base cooler fan ? I'm From Brazil and I work to @macbooksinrio ( instagram )

    Douglas MadeiraDouglas Madeira2 giorni fa
  • Test dota2

    willy houwilly hou2 giorni fa
  • Subscribed! Maybe you can test 400 nits vs 500 nits in outdoor situation

    Hanya Untuk Download Saja CuyHanya Untuk Download Saja Cuy2 giorni fa
  • The microphone sounded better on the Air

    Aerial SeanAerial Sean2 giorni fa
  • I recently ordered a MacBook Air w/ 256 GB SSD & 16 GB of ram. Do you think that the added ram would make it slightly faster than the base Pro? I was debating whether to go for the Pro or the Air but the Air with the added memory is still noticeably cheaper than the Pro. The touch bar and added 2 hrs of battery wasn't worth it imo.

    Max MaccarroneMax Maccarrone2 giorni fa
  • Also just saying the mic on the Pro is noticeably quieter than the mic on the Air

    Max MaccarroneMax Maccarrone2 giorni fa
  • A great comparison 👍

    Sui SanSui San2 giorni fa
  • Sooooo I play LoL and do use Premier Pro and starting to use Final Cut. I don’t do anything big so...which one should I buy? 😅 would the Air be enough?

    Wilson BeneditoWilson Benedito2 giorni fa
  • Thank you for your work. What about external monitors?

    rockstar2krockstar2k2 giorni fa
  • What if you put the air on one of those notebook supports that have a fan?

    Marco ToselliMarco Toselli3 giorni fa
  • great video thanks

    suatsekil_videographysuatsekil_videography3 giorni fa
  • thanks

    suatsekil_videographysuatsekil_videography3 giorni fa
  • Great video. No fluff, fillers, you get straight to the point; a rarity on youtube.

    anthony lipetrianthony lipetri3 giorni fa
  • Good video, thanks the sound from the mic on the pro was low. speakers both sound good.

    René PouliotRené Pouliot3 giorni fa
  • 300$ for a "useless" fan, a touch bar and 2 more usb 4 ports. I think the choice is obvious. At least I know which one I'm gonna buy :D

    lion24lion243 giorni fa
  • Hello, above all, great video, do you think that the 8-core air with 500GB can perform more approaching the Pro without heat problems? a greeting

    Joe RennJoe Renn3 giorni fa
  • thankyou for comparison! But what about battery lifetime? render or ITworlds

    Алексей ВершининАлексей Вершинин3 giorni fa
  • There’s not enough difference between the two. This is getting silly.

    Brad LeonardBrad Leonard3 giorni fa