Delivering a USB - Overpackaged

3 mag 2021
617 315 visualizzazioni

Sometimes online orders are just a little too overpackaged... delivered in a MASSIVE box
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    Janluke CeballosJanluke Ceballos2 ore fa
  • This is extra fun for me as we do get packages like this from time to time at work.

    TonyTony2 ore fa
  • Should have ended it with the box going into a shipping container lol..

    dean hydedean hyde3 ore fa
  • waste so many material to package a USB :)

    老菜玩游戲老菜玩游戲4 ore fa
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    Heena SolankiHeena Solanki5 ore fa
  • Byron reminds me a lot of Zach Galifianakis

    SmolTacoSmolTaco5 ore fa
  • He went postal after this.

    GlacierBlueGlacierBlue10 ore fa
  • 3:55 a serial killer is born at that moment

    geoffrey wonggeoffrey wong14 ore fa
  • You know, suddenly I don't feel so bad about the skit where Byron tried to take an entire train of packages on a bike.

    Grant PflumGrant Pflum14 ore fa
  • Every Amazon package ever.

    Sandy JenkinsSandy Jenkins15 ore fa
  • Plot twist, the 2 USB sticks were ordered by hamish

    Jason NewmanJason Newman15 ore fa
  • 2:48 When did Byron put the small box into de big one?

    christian camilo maldonado contreraschristian camilo maldonado contreras15 ore fa
  • My son is watching Power Rangers and Byron is in the episode right Now , a same moment im watching this video. WTF xD what is the chances

    William BergeronWilliam Bergeron16 ore fa
  • I think he either killed everybody or just walked away without saying anything

    kayastorkayastor22 ore fa
  • My airpods came in like this from Costco 😂

    Tarif AdibTarif AdibGiorno fa
  • yes! missed Byron!!! 💯

    Theo CamachoTheo CamachoGiorno fa
  • I think he single handedly destroyed the environment with plastic boxes over the course of a week.

    SCIZOR 713SCIZOR 713Giorno fa
  • Awesomeness I had a day like that today 🤣🤣🤣

    SeveredWolf 57SeveredWolf 57Giorno fa
  • It probably is ending in the neer dumpster.

    leugimrcleugimrcGiorno fa
  • Hey congrats Byron on the new movie Shadow in the Cloud. I can always spot you. Just watched it last night.

    Chandler LangfordChandler LangfordGiorno fa
  • The gangs all here!

    matt Hintonmatt HintonGiorno fa
  • 0:20 i got a mousepad once that came in a package equal to the one in the middle of those he's holding. It wasn't even a big mousepad.

    Krise9939Krise9939Giorno fa
  • This explains about half the shipments I receive.

    TheInsomniaddictTheInsomniaddictGiorno fa
  • What was in the smaller boxes if he had to do all that for a USB? Sd card?

    Margarito TrevinoMargarito TrevinoGiorno fa
  • Ahh byron is one of the best characters

    Legends-of MattyLegends-of MattyGiorno fa
    • Click faster when I see its a byron episode

      Legends-of MattyLegends-of MattyGiorno fa
  • Hahahaha I hope to see more of this guy

    killiankillianGiorno fa
  • r/maliciouscompliance

    Edward MaumbauerEdward MaumbauerGiorno fa
  • He never placed the other box in the big box

    Dakota JohnstonDakota JohnstonGiorno fa
  • Byron, you are definitely amazon certified. They would be so proud.

    Quality Of LifeQuality Of LifeGiorno fa
  • I ordered a 10tb hard drive that was maybe 6 inches long and a inch thick and it came in a box making me think I ordered another PC with it by accident.

    William GrimesWilliam GrimesGiorno fa
  • Jesus, dude, put a little more effort into your work or those packages will be damaged in transit. You know how the customers love to have their boxes arrive in tip top condition.

    KhonoKhonoGiorno fa
  • r/maliciouscompliance in action.

    yunafiresyunafiresGiorno fa
  • Could you imagine that customer complaint?

    Brandon BossBrandon BossGiorno fa
  • Really missed Byron, best deliver ever ahahahahah!

    Lucas MuraroLucas MuraroGiorno fa
  • Bet this was the last episode ever...Tomorrows head line " ITworldsr killed by storage employee!!"

    Christian PönoppChristian PönoppGiorno fa
  • hes my fav xd

    Stefan EmanuelStefan EmanuelGiorno fa
  • REAL QUESTION HERE: Do these guys actually have a store? Can we go and buy some headphones and flat-clicker from 'em?

    Inthe FlowInthe FlowGiorno fa
    • It's not _their_ store, but it's real

      Francesco BuffoliFrancesco Buffoli7 ore fa
  • I see Byron moon lights at Amazon.

    Vagabond820Vagabond820Giorno fa
  • I need so much more Byron in my life

    samtherat6samtherat6Giorno fa
  • Box...

    Maxy SilverMaxy SilverGiorno fa
  • r/maliciouscompliance

    BalancedBalancedGiorno fa
  • At this moment they knew they f'd up

    TheOneAboveAllTheOneAboveAllGiorno fa
  • He is my favorite character!!

    Kyle LindstrandKyle LindstrandGiorno fa
  • Whenever I need a box now, I say it just like Byron.

    Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson2 giorni fa
  • You know it's not real because he didn't close the first two boxes with tape :S

    felixantoinetremblayfelixantoinetremblay2 giorni fa
  • I hope they actually sent that to someone 🤣

    ForgeProgrammerForgeProgrammer2 giorni fa
  • I love this delivery man theme cause i use online shopping often

    Qasmoc YTQasmoc YT2 giorni fa
  • Subscribed because of the fear I have of the wrath of a patient man.

    Taylor HeningerTaylor Heninger2 giorni fa
  • Byron should go to Hollywood. I am rooting for this guy

    Julian CamuJulian Camu2 giorni fa
  • In a Galaxy far far away: "The dark side getting much stronger I sense".

    LeavethebuildingLeavethebuilding2 giorni fa
  • Someone put the bell towers on high alert -_-

    Alex BishopAlex Bishop2 giorni fa
  • It's exactly what happens when I orders new headphones... Why the box was so big?

    AurélieAurélie2 giorni fa
  • The rest of the crew had better start watching their backs, I'm sure Byron will have some way to even things up.

    Robert RosenthalRobert Rosenthal2 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know the ending song??

    Devlin FernaldyDevlin Fernaldy2 giorni fa
    • Arc de Soleil - Trying to escape

      Francesco BuffoliFrancesco Buffoli6 ore fa
  • The guy playing Byron is funny! You guys should have him more in your videos! 😁

    Dean NDean N2 giorni fa
  • I’m sitting here watching ITworlds with my girlfriend and she casually points out that Alan looks like Jaskier from The Witcher and I literally can’t unsee it now.

    Renee GarafolaRenee Garafola2 giorni fa
  • Nice

    Troy SmithTroy Smith2 giorni fa
  • Meanwhile, in the United States, if you order a motherboard it comes in a box with no padding and visible signs of shock damage to the armor against the board. All companies seem to package multi-hundred dollar components in a box that’s flush with height but with only one strip of padding to only one side...nothing for the other side, top, or bottom...and most of the time there’s a gap in the single sided padding which defeats the purpose of padding altogether! I wish my motherboards and other expensive components came with as much care and protection as this USB stick Edit: I would GLADLY experience even a full week delay if it meant my stuff was packaged with care. Side note, I always choose the longest shipping time in hopes it gives more time for packaging, but still always the same experience. This world needs more Byrons

    Slog NogSlog Nog2 giorni fa
  • Just, whyy?

    Sknera KoniecznySknera Konieczny2 giorni fa
  • 3:48 the moment that he felt dead inside 🥺

    Khang LoganKhang Logan2 giorni fa
  • Love it, classic Mr. Bean in Love Actually.

    controalcontroal2 giorni fa
  • Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    Nine BreakerNine Breaker2 giorni fa
  • I see Byron, I click... simple 😁

    Stephen BienStephen Bien2 giorni fa
  • I don't understand this... joke, sorry.

    VideorebusVideorebus2 giorni fa
  • I can't believe Byron would package a USB stick this way. The National Delivery Managers Union (NDMU) has rules to protect the saftey of their members and the integrity of the packages they deliver. This USB stick is way too underpackaged. There is not nearly enough package stuffing to protect the product! Not only that, but did you see how much he exerted himself packaging that? He needs to slow down or he might hurt himself. And to top it off he picks up that package by himself. That is clearly a two person lift. I'm afraid we'll have to revoke Byron's membership in the NDMU. We have rules for a reason, and Byron is clearly not a team player.

    WolflordyWolflordy2 giorni fa
  • Easiest way to fire Byron.

    Stephen DiasStephen Dias2 giorni fa
  • I am literally the head of a shipping department, my sales guys ask me for little last second changes on tricky international shipments that just. Really make my day fun!

    MR.BOWSERMR.BOWSER2 giorni fa
  • He'll be fine

  • As a delivery guy I do not find this funny....

    a coopa coop2 giorni fa
  • one day byron will lose all of his patience lol

    QwertyQwerty2 giorni fa
  • Byron looks like a chubby balder from the new god of war game

    Ash CharlieAsh Charlie2 giorni fa
  • Working as a Doordash driver:

    WizzyTrippyWizzyTrippy2 giorni fa
  • I work in a warehouse so all that packaging for the USB stick is not needed. However, it’s not about whether it’s needed or not, it’s about last minute request. Too many people take shipping departments for granted. Always with the last minute orders cutting it close to the pickup or drop off time. The over packaging wasn’t needed, but the point was. Byron made a point today, he was our hero, our packaging hero. Thank you Byron 🙏, you are the hero of all shipment departments, the packaging king. We will forever be in your gratitude, and will hoist up monuments in your honor. Byron has showed us the light, the way, here forward we will follow his path, the path of the enlightened one 👼!

    MsSaltyGigglesMsSaltyGiggles2 giorni fa
  • My work does this. We have software for a piece of medical equipment that comes on a usb. It was in a small box bubble wrapped in a box big enough to hold a pair of combat boots.

    jhaas68865jhaas688652 giorni fa
  • When Amazon workers get overworked...

    Radiation KingRadiation King2 giorni fa
  • That's how Mightyape packs their small stuff

    Tim MacdonaldTim Macdonald2 giorni fa
  • Was hoping he'd tape it between two of the bubbles before he put in the first box and put the other bubble wrap in it

    SinisterShiftSinisterShift2 giorni fa
  • I really thought a murder was going to happen....

    Inthe FlowInthe Flow2 giorni fa
  • Seriously we need Byron to star on the next Death Stranding game by Kojima hahaha. He really loves his job as a delivery man

    eyesscream051eyesscream0512 giorni fa
  • Hurray, byron is back (Hurray means hurra o me equivoco?)

    filiberto2014filiberto20142 giorni fa
  • "And then the murders began..." :D

    jtcbrownjtcbrown2 giorni fa
  • Shoulda packed two boxes with two layers of boxes in them in a box for a red hearing Box

    bloxrocksbloxrocks2 giorni fa
  • Byron is so close to having a mental breakdown and Killing them all

    Iron IndustriesIron Industries2 giorni fa
  • I suppose Byron is still in purgatory for gaming with an Apple PC.

    OrlophOrloph2 giorni fa
  • The death stranding one was pure gold 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ziron2008Ziron20082 giorni fa
  • I don't get the motive

    GreatBritonGreatBriton2 giorni fa
  • He never put any bubblewrap on top of the USB though. It was always on the bottom. Not to mention such inefficient use of the bubblewrap, with the amount he used, could have easily wrapped it in multiple layers and covered with tape before putting it in boxes.

    Logan ReedLogan Reed2 giorni fa
  • Byron is the Best! Love his acting!

    IguanaFur GamingIguanaFur Gaming2 giorni fa
  • LOL there's an overseas company I buy from and I swear to gawd they pack like this. I will order a pack of stickers and a button (not even a huge button) and they pack it in the biggest dang box with all this crap around it. Absolutely ridiculous!

    Lehsa BendenLehsa Benden2 giorni fa
  • I think he went thru at least on roll of bubble wrap lol

    Elizabeth CalvertElizabeth Calvert2 giorni fa
  • I ordered a 10 ml bottle of PH test kit drops for aquarium, it came in a 20cmx20cm box with bubble wrap. 🤣🤣

    Playingwith3DPlayingwith3D2 giorni fa
  • I really love byron just an amazing humoristic acting. Like Mr. Bean xD

    GoodkatGoodkat2 giorni fa
  • Too long didn't read Customer now gets a refrigerator sized box

    Derrick MosesDerrick Moses2 giorni fa
  • I actually thought he was going to put it on the shrink wrap machine

    Derrick MosesDerrick Moses2 giorni fa
  • It's amazing how much cardboard Amazon will waste on a little USB. When it comes to a very delicate item though, one very thin box

    Derrick MosesDerrick Moses2 giorni fa
  • Packaging is ASMR

    jmechbuetjmechbuet3 giorni fa
  • What would have really sold the dynamics of the workplace if each person came over and asked what he was packaging. Ellie would get a nice and polite reply, as she's the princess of the employees. Adam would get an angry, sweary reply, with Rowan threatening another paycut in the background.

    Evan FlynnEvan Flynn3 giorni fa
  • Good to see Byron. I love it.

    Elly KitsElly Kits3 giorni fa
  • I dont know who this guy is, but his beard is magnificent!

    JoiDKJoiDK3 giorni fa
  • I feel his pain we all work for assholes like this.

    A BA B3 giorni fa