NANOWAR OF STEEL - Der Fluch des Kapt’n Iglo (Official Video) | Napalm Records

27 apr 2021
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@Maurizio Merluzzo
@Mark The Hammer / Marco Arata
NANOWAR OF STEEL bassist/singer Gatto Panceri 666 about „Der Fluch des Käptn Iglo“:
"We sailed long and hard throughout the seven seas to tell you the story of the most merciless, the most terrific, the most crispy and crunchy pirate that ever lived: Capitan Findus/Kaptn Iglo! Are you ready to fry a school of cod, grill some shrimps and roast a salmon with us on our quest for a treasure wrapped in golden breadcrumbs?"
Nanowar Of Steel online:

  • I'm glad my German classes in junior high made me understand enough of this to find it absolutely ridiculous, and hilarious. And awesome.

    PeTTs0n88PeTTs0n8837 minuti fa
  • wie geil is das denn....! You´re the best!!!!

    Ehbauer RalfEhbauer Ralf9 ore fa
  • Me as a Mexican I say: tacos beats all.

    Gustavo GuilbertGustavo Guilbert15 ore fa
  • As a German i Love it

    Darion AlvarezDarion Alvarez20 ore fa
  • der hahahaha

    reizerqwareizerqwa23 ore fa
  • i truly hope they make a song about that ?(lasagne i think?) food mom made :)

    sean huybrechtssean huybrechts23 ore fa
  • this is the best Fishsticks ad i've seen, why ITworlds ads can't be like this?

    Sergio ReynaSergio ReynaGiorno fa
  • The subtlety here of the one and only thing its for an italian man or woman, making food its so much epic like if you're battling a Dragon. I can see my Nonna doing food with this passion! EPIC AS ALWAYS NANOWAR!

    José Antonio SalasJosé Antonio SalasGiorno fa
  • Okay, who of you guys spent a semester at a German uni and lived in a Wohngemeinschaft where Fischstäbchen, drugs and alcohol abounded? This North German has tears of laughter in his eyes. Grazie!

    Muschel SchubserMuschel SchubserGiorno fa
  • Der Text erinnert mich stellenweise an "Schneiden, Rendern, Hochladen..."

    TheSteniusTheSteniusGiorno fa
  • Santiano auf Metal. Erinnert mich an Captain Morgan's Revenge. Auf jeden Fall lustig.

    yt rghyt rghGiorno fa
  • Le sujet de Capitaine Igloo a déjà été traité par Ultra Vomit et en mieux.

    GurimarukinGurimarukinGiorno fa
  • E dopo aver visto questo video anche in tedesco, posso andare a letto felice.

    Peo il PeyotePeo il PeyoteGiorno fa
  • The legacy of Running Wild still lives on! FIRE!

    Slightly_MadSlightly_MadGiorno fa
  • This is both the most elaborated and amazing add i've seen in a long time

    BehudoesBehudoesGiorno fa
  • It was ridiculous, it was hilarious, it was glorious. Thank you Nanowar of Steel for this masterpiece. I will now go, buy some fischstäbchen and support the Blitzkriegfischerei! Also Knusperbrösel und Klassenkampf will, from now on, be my official greeting for everyone!

    Stephan ScholzStephan ScholzGiorno fa

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVOGiorno fa
  • As an Italian former voice actor, I'm proud of my homeland

    Davide IoriDavide IoriGiorno fa
  • Buon Appetito!

    Morton OlsonMorton OlsonGiorno fa
  • This song is so fucking epic i would play it on guitar hero or rocksmith 2014 remaster if there is a custom chart for it.

    Honkinator 22Honkinator 22Giorno fa
  • Metti like se hai letto il commento

  • Chi è qui perché ha saputo, dal video di Maurizio Merluzzo, l' esistenza di questa canzone?

    Nicholas OrsognaNicholas Orsogna2 giorni fa
    • Io

  • I saw this one before the Italian version so I actually thought they'd created a fake of captain findus at first! That said... Merluzzo's very Italian "eh..." at the end of it cracks me up every single time, especially listening to the German version!

    NepturnalHarianneNepturnalHarianne2 giorni fa
  • You kids think you know war? You should've seen the kitchen war of the 21st...

    RewasderRewasder2 giorni fa
  • Well im from Germany i dont know how to react to this.. xD

    ChopperChopper2 giorni fa
    • Einfach mal Fischstaebchen essen!

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVOGiorno fa
  • Well... That answers what i'll have for lunch today...

    BardoBardo2 giorni fa
  • Wie kommt man auf sowas :D

    mindfestvideomindfestvideo2 giorni fa
    • @nanowarVEVO :D :D :D Nur das!

      mindfestvideomindfestvideoGiorno fa
    • Frischer Fisch auf dem Tisch

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVOGiorno fa
  • Was passiert hier gerade hahahaha :D Gibts jetzt eine Deutsche Welle in Italien wie damals in Frankreich zu Tokio Hotel Zeiten? :D

    mindfestvideomindfestvideo2 giorni fa
  • Mama und Oma Küche ist halt einfach beste.

    Meister EisenfaustMeister Eisenfaust2 giorni fa
  • "Der Pirat der Tiefkühltruhe, den Lachs bist du grade los, lässt Kanäle nicht in ruhe, du bist wild wie ein halber Toast, und die Kriesmarie ist machtlos gegen Blitzkrieg Fisch-äh?-rei! [...] und die Fischvergiftung fängt an ab so fort! XDDD

    SchattenbaroeeSchattenbaroee2 giorni fa
  • Ma che cazz?

    LeonardoLeonardo2 giorni fa
  • Die beste Fischstäbchenwerbung ever!!!! Muchas gracias, äh ich meine Grazie molto!

    André BrodbeckAndré Brodbeck2 giorni fa
  • Megagut :D Kind of sad, that the animation does not have a white "Rauschebart" :D

    TheMaddi96TheMaddi962 giorni fa
  • Mauri sa imitare anche il tedesco

    King 'Pizza Boi' SteelKing 'Pizza Boi' Steel2 giorni fa

    rockymentisrockymentis2 giorni fa
  • i am so confused... 10/10

    Christoph StahlChristoph Stahl3 giorni fa
  • Yepp...

    TheAlchemyGothic StiegTheAlchemyGothic Stieg3 giorni fa
  • Luca Brassi approves this song.

    KorleoneKorleone3 giorni fa
  • 4:27 das Ikea-Boot

    Pixelgamer 99Pixelgamer 993 giorni fa
  • 💪🏻Neue Werbespot mit dem Lied bitte

    Bloody SunriseBloody Sunrise3 giorni fa
  • Cos'è questo... un episodio crossover?

    Yuri RidleyYuri Ridley3 giorni fa
  • 😂

    GARY CollingwoodGARY Collingwood3 giorni fa
  • WTF did I watch?! ...more!

    Lith MaethorLith Maethor3 giorni fa
  • Oh no, both have different text...

    Kulovi CZKulovi CZ3 giorni fa
  • Them: Arr! *Chris Bowes liked this*

    CharlieOscar602CharlieOscar6023 giorni fa
  • And you tell ME i skip leg day???

    Some Random GuySome Random Guy3 giorni fa
  • Großartig, Meisterwerk, danke! 🤘

    Daniel ErdmannDaniel Erdmann3 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one wishing for Alestorm to cover this song?

    MeldierMeldier3 giorni fa
    • no

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • Awesome! Their songs are always a surprise. A song about competing fish brands. In German.

    Rosemary KayeRosemary Kaye3 giorni fa
  • As a german Fischkopp (fish head, the north part of germany) i have tears of bliss and joy in my eyes.......i can´t work with this .....danke und tschüss

    Victorian RabbitVictorian Rabbit3 giorni fa
    • Danke dir!

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • TIL Nanowar is Italian folk metal

    Greg GoodenoughGreg Goodenough3 giorni fa
  • Einfach nur geil 👍🤘😂

    The Metal BeastThe Metal Beast3 giorni fa
  • I demand a song by nanowar of style in french please

    THESOS TecTHESOS Tec3 giorni fa
    • on y va

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • Arr!

    Tennou BerkutTennou Berkut4 giorni fa
  • Compliments on your German. A slight accent, but not one wrong grammatical form! Hilarious. But why "Klassenkampf"? Nothing I would have associated Käpt'n Iglo with. (But good spotting of the pedo stuff.) Waiting for Alestorm's response now. This could be fun.

    OliphantOliphant4 giorni fa
    • Here is an explanation of why they use 'Klassenkampf':

      uli_m_muli_m_m3 giorni fa
  • The Kriegsmarine will declare you war for throwing Fischstäbchen into the trash and the Marina Militare might join in for throwing Spaghetti in the trash too! However depending how long the war lasts, the Marina Militare might back down because they had the Lasagne from Mama instead...

    T-Me NitrobacterT-Me Nitrobacter4 giorni fa
  • "Hey, magst du Fischstäbchen?" "Ja.." "Magst du Fischtsäbchen in den Mund stecken?" "Ja..." "Alter, bist du ein schwuler Fisch oder was?!"

    greekfreak1980greekfreak19804 giorni fa
  • Musstet ihr dafür das Essen wegkippen ?

    LeborlasLeborlas4 giorni fa
  • Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und unterliegt den Vorgaben der Küstenwache

    IgorIgor4 giorni fa
    • aber die Küstenwache Liechtensteins

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • Ich weiß nicht was überhaupt.

    Tenzhi Ti HsienTenzhi Ti Hsien4 giorni fa
  • Puh, was für eine Sch...

    Hans MeyerHans Meyer4 giorni fa
    • Schade!

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • Jetzt erstmal Spaghetti mit Fischstäbchen .......

    KampfknusperliKampfknusperli4 giorni fa
  • Ma io voglio ascoltarvi in tedesco per tutta la vita

    Diana PoheDiana Pohe4 giorni fa
  • So i see Germany has its own Ultravomit. Pretty sure i'm missing a lot without understanding it

    Thibaut DupréThibaut Dupré4 giorni fa
    • mais on va faire quelque chose en Français aussi, pas de soucis

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
    • @Marco Favaro oh that's mein bad there ;)

      Thibaut DupréThibaut Dupré3 giorni fa
    • They are Italian but they also sing in English (and German sometimes).

      Marco FavaroMarco Favaro3 giorni fa
  • ...Aah, ho capito, volete gonfiarci gli zebedei cantandola in tante lingue come Kitograd, El Campo De Nabos, etc., per farci vedere che nn siete solo metallari da strapazzo ma avete mooolta cultura ( soprattutto musicale ) e siete poliglotti...NN ATTACCA !. E poi in quelle quattro perle ( ?!? , pirle...) c'erano storie di omosex, qui massimo di un piccolo laido pedofilo...Però...Oddio, nn sarà che tra Maurizio e Marco...gays ?!. Naah !. P.S. : Quando arrivate a farla in Swahili notificatemi subito, che avrei sempre voluto studiare quel semplice idioma... Idioti ! 😂😂😈😇

    Dadocon7facceDadocon7facce4 giorni fa
    • @Marco Favaro Lo so, lo so, già vista, è chiaro che è stata la prima notifica che mi è arrivata, ma...che c'entra ?. Volevo solo commenta' il fatto che ora probabilmente la faranno ( alla grande ) anche in altre lingue. Hai ragione però se dici che ( se ricordo bene ) di quelle 4 nn c'era una versione italiana, e sul fatto che, siccome loro sul loro Vevo spesso rispondono, qui invece mi sa che nn la leggeranno nemmeno ! Più che altro per commentare questa in tedesco sarei dovuto andare su Nanowar Vevo, ma nn c'è la versione col video ( mi pare...), c'è solo quella "normale" ( 4' 14" mi sembra )... mo mi tocca fa' copia e incolla di quel commento e metterlo lì comunque, sperando che 'sti filibustieri rispondano !. P.S. : Oh, questi sono come il vino buono, + invecchia e lo bevono tutto !😂🎵🎸😈.

      Dadocon7facceDadocon7facce3 giorni fa
    • Va che quella in Italiano è sul loro VEVO mica su Napalm. I target son diversi

      Marco FavaroMarco Favaro3 giorni fa
  • This is a song about fucking fishsticks. Why does it low-key slap?

    Max the PaladinMax the Paladin4 giorni fa
  • Hab schon die italienische(?) Version gefeiert ( und jetzt noch eingedeutscht, Klasse :D Ahoi Capitan Findus

    Andreas SchreierAndreas Schreier5 giorni fa
  • My first thought when this video showed up on my yt front page was "sigh what did they do this time" and i wasn't disappointed xD

    Misa MisaaMisa Misaa5 giorni fa
  • This Channel becomes more like a weird Battle between Alestorm and Nanowar of Steel 😂

    suit1337suit13375 giorni fa
  • ¿Alemán? nunca me ha gustado el Alemán para el metal. Mucho mejor en Ingles o Italiano.

    Rhymes Of ArcadiaRhymes Of Arcadia5 giorni fa
    • @nanowarVEVO si?? ahora mismo voy a escucharlo! la canción es brutal!

      Rhymes Of ArcadiaRhymes Of Arcadia3 giorni fa
    • pues hay una version en Italiano del mismo tema

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
  • Throw food... No, step aside the dishes...

    Gerard SolsonaGerard Solsona5 giorni fa
  • Sono un crucco und ich muss sagen: (Piraten)hut ab. Bellissimo.

    Rathwulven BushcraftRathwulven Bushcraft5 giorni fa
  • Ma è davvero necessario fare canzoni italiane tradotte in altre lingue? L'originale non è sempre meglio?

    Angelo DichiaraAngelo Dichiara5 giorni fa
    • l'originale è in tedesco infatti

      nanowarVEVOnanowarVEVO3 giorni fa
    • This one was released 30 min earlier, so maybe this one is the original? ;)

      uli_m_muli_m_m4 giorni fa
    • TI diro che io preferisco questa. La voce roca di Gatto e` molto piu` piratesca in tedesco.

      scumbagnamechooserscumbagnamechooser4 giorni fa
  • Les batonnets de poissons, le vrai trésor du Cap'tain !

    FyraltariFyraltari5 giorni fa
  • This comment section is now property of the Federal Republic of Germany. You knew the rules and so do I

    CookieSheogorathCookieSheogorath5 giorni fa
  • Genius, best advertisement of smth.

    Ivan ZlatoustovIvan Zlatoustov5 giorni fa
  • Made my day 😂

    Nobunaga_AKANobunaga_AKA5 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂 Nothing like mamas meal. Even in tupper!!! Jejeje Hugs from Vasque Country!!

    Ismael OcònIsmael Ocòn5 giorni fa
  • I feel bad for all the non german speaking people, who don't understand the song to it's total potential :D

    FenrirFenrir5 giorni fa
    • Now you know how italians feel about their songs in italian :D

      scumbagnamechooserscumbagnamechooser4 giorni fa
  • Missed opportunity to get some Alestorm / Rumahoy / Capain Yarrface references in!

    Ira JacobsIra Jacobs5 giorni fa
  • Aber... Aber... sein Bart ist gar nicht weiß!

    Mareike BuckingMareike Bucking5 giorni fa
    • Das in dem Video ist auch eine Mischung aus Käpt'n Iglo und Maurizio Merluzzo und nicht "nur" Käpt'n Iglo :) Der andere Typ ist ja auch nicht "bloß" Jack Sparrow, sondern teilweise auch Mark the Hammer.

      uli_m_muli_m_m4 giorni fa
    • Jetzt schon :)

      Squirrel WoodSquirrel Wood4 giorni fa
  • Ist das ein Spaß ein geiles Teil 🔉🎶🎵🎶

    Mathias BermannMathias Bermann5 giorni fa
  • Italian Folk Metal sung in German and in the style of a certain Swedish Metal band?

    ErkilmarlErkilmarl5 giorni fa
  • Dies hat meine volle Unterstützung! :D

    IncapableLPIncapableLP5 giorni fa
  • Awesome music, funny video, but that waste of food at the end, dammit!

    Schazmen RassirSchazmen Rassir5 giorni fa
  • MEIN GOTT !!! Pure in tedesco!!! Sorpresona! Dopotutto è la patria del pop melodico...

    DreimarDreimar5 giorni fa
  • Also, ich muss der fairness halber aber auch sagen, der gezeichnete Käptn Iglo hat einen braunen Bart :p

    EzekielRageTVEzekielRageTV5 giorni fa
    • Das in dem Video ist auch eine Fusion aus Käpt'n Iglo und Maurizio Merluzzo und nicht "nur" Käpt'n Iglo ;) Der andere Typ ist ja auch nicht "bloß" Jack Sparrow, sondern teilweise auch Mark the Hammer.

      uli_m_muli_m_m5 giorni fa
  • People who don't like this song will never be able to understand the real me.

    Jason WorrallJason Worrall5 giorni fa
  • Dieses Lied ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland?

    neileratorneilerator6 giorni fa
    • Nein es ist eigentum des Fuerstentums Liechtenstein

      GattoPanceri666GattoPanceri6665 giorni fa
  • I was just watching the last few seconds of the video when my son came along. 5-year old: why do they throw away the food? MAMA: they do it for the video. 5-year old: also that in the pot? mama: I don't know 5-year old: but mom, you said no food was thrown in the trash. this is a waste of food. otherwise a good song and video.

    Nova SingerNova Singer6 giorni fa
  • For some reason people seem to think that this is pro-Fischstäbchen... let me disappoint you, boys ...

    Jonathan SchmidtJonathan Schmidt6 giorni fa
  • this makes me want to buy fishticks for dinner

    Marvin HubregtseMarvin Hubregtse6 giorni fa
  • I've been so lonely girl I've been so sad and down Couldn't understand my head is joked around I wanted to be free With other creatures like me

    tsartomatotsartomato6 giorni fa

    BloodGedBloodGed6 giorni fa
  • merluzzo + inaspettato cambio verso il metal = top

    Vault Boy 101Vault Boy 1016 giorni fa
  • Jungs ihr seid krank...find ich gut, spero che ci vediamo presto in Germania

    D. PagiD. Pagi6 giorni fa
  • Okay WOW! So the song started out as Italian folk metal in German about fish sticks, littered with WW2 references and by the fourth minute it has fully devolved into pedo jokes. HOW?!

    AnduszAndusz6 giorni fa
    • Tor-Pedo?

      dabbadabba6 giorni fa
    • Don't Forget Lasagna 😎

      Antonio DessìAntonio Dessì6 giorni fa
  • wär der song schon vor 10 jahren rausgekommen würde ich den heute noch im suff mit meinen freunden gröhlen

    sven treschelsven treschel6 giorni fa
    • Sobald Partys wieder erlaubt sind weiß ich was ich auf Partys gröhlen werde

      Riley SchererRiley Scherer3 giorni fa
    • Alter, was hält dich ab?! HAU RAUS!

      FearlessSpinnerFearlessSpinner4 giorni fa
  • 𝕯𝖎𝖊𝖘𝖊𝖗 𝕶𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖆̈𝖗𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖊𝖎𝖈𝖍 𝖎𝖘𝖙 𝖏𝖊𝖙𝖟𝖙 𝖉𝖆𝖘 𝕰𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖚𝖒 𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝕭𝖚𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖘𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖇𝖑𝖎𝖐 𝕯𝖊𝖚𝖙𝖘𝖈𝖍𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖉

    Andrii FedoryshynAndrii Fedoryshyn6 giorni fa
  • Finally a new song that's not pop!

    WormweedWormweed6 giorni fa
  • No idea what they said, and stayed through the whole fucking song because \m/ETAL

    Viking_Sith_LordViking_Sith_Lord6 giorni fa