Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut

20 feb 2021
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We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
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  • Mary-jun-wanna

    Addison McLellanAddison McLellan3 minuti fa
  • She said the doritos are missing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nari BabyNari Baby55 minuti fa
  • Marry Jue Anna No thanks ma'am i'm good.

    That OneguyThat Oneguy59 minuti fa
  • 3:38 that’s definitely Heathrow before he lost his legs (a madea family funeral)

    D WallD WallOra fa
  • Dante sounds like a black Seth rogan

    ScottScottOra fa
  • Tell me why Dante be up here sounding like Seth Rogen 😳😳😳😳

    Destiny RobertsonDestiny RobertsonOra fa
  • They were so rude to the man who was laughing a lot. I would have danced with him :(

    Miss TajaMiss Taja2 ore fa
  • Omfg I love Curtis I've loved him since I found this show btw I dont mean like I want to be in a relationship with him I just love his personality

    IRIR2 ore fa
  • The mom with the jean jacket is so chill.

    Molly MoooMolly Mooo2 ore fa
  • these moms are annoying asf

    Kayla comiskeyKayla comiskey3 ore fa
  • Me in Germany 🇩🇪😅: 👀👮‍♂️🙉🙊

    rstrst3 ore fa
  • The jolly older guy was the cutest I love him

    AngieAngie4 ore fa
  • I’m Amalia, Amalia is me😣😣

    Lele MarksLele Marks4 ore fa
  • DUVAL!

    christian shawchristian shaw5 ore fa
  • "When do you think it's okay for (your son) to smoke?" "Um...when he's out of my f*cking house? HAHAHAHAHA-"

    MC KingMC King5 ore fa
  • also they're so judgemental like you can admit to smoking weed and not be a stoner. you can smoke weed and be smart. you can smoke weed and dress nice. you can smoke weed and be productive. you can smoke weed and be a decent fucking human. The video is literally 'guess who's high' not 'guess whos a pothead through passive aggressive remarks'. And why tf they hating so hard like half of these people say they use it to just relax them and these moms are acting like its crack.

    Liv & SamLiv & Sam5 ore fa
  • all these moms are so fucking judgmental

    ashash5 ore fa
  • these moms did not pass the vibe check at all literally so rude for what

    Liv & SamLiv & Sam5 ore fa
  • pause girl was 26 with a 17 year old-

    myleah helwichmyleah helwich5 ore fa
  • holy shit the last girl is fried

    mPrismmPrism6 ore fa

    Ladii JadeLadii Jade7 ore fa
  • Not saying that I do but if my mom caught me smoking weed she would join me

    Ladii JadeLadii Jade7 ore fa
  • Dante gives me Seth rogen vibes 🤣

    Rosie KeirleRosie Keirle8 ore fa
  • Ayo Dante the black Seth rogen

    A JA J8 ore fa
  • 6:42

    Zaynah AZaynah A9 ore fa
  • I really really don't like the cheetah mom, wow, how can one person be soo full of s**t

    raees allyraees ally9 ore fa
  • These moms are kinda judgy

    raees allyraees ally9 ore fa
  • I would love to do a video. Her name is strange, but is she a striper or a house wife. What am I? Who knows 😁

    Cinamon RandlesCinamon Randles10 ore fa
  • 4:09 got me dead 😂

    Psycho BowserPsycho Bowser11 ore fa
  • Are you saying I can tell my psychiatrist to change my fluoxetine to weed? Inch resting, definitely inch resting.

    phoephoephoephoe11 ore fa
  • leopard jumper lady low key annoying

    xtxibaxtxiba13 ore fa
  • Don't you ever want to 🤜👩🏽‍🦱🐆

    possum childpossum child13 ore fa
  • The obsequious hovercraft contrastingly buzz because sundial aditionally belong through a closed look. yummy, handsomely cream

    Jota AlokeJota Aloke13 ore fa
  • Dante is high as balls

    Discord MemesDiscord Memes13 ore fa
  • "The Doritos r missing" me, who's never been high in her life: *eating a full ass party bag of Doritos*

    Lily PendergastLily Pendergast18 ore fa
  • If the stereotypes they’re following mean someone’s high then I must be high everyday, without being a smoker. This was stupid and embarrassing.

    lizzielizzie18 ore fa
  • Amalia seemed a little bit anxious

    Danae CanoDanae Cano18 ore fa
  • "The second I'm not cooking I'm ready to relax"- I have NEVER felt a sentence so hard

    Emily EngelEmily Engel19 ore fa
  • The mom with the bob is lowkey the worst

    Iris BlueIris Blue19 ore fa
  • these moms kinda are judgemental as fuck not fuckin wit they vibe rip they kids

    Sugar ValleySugar Valley19 ore fa
  • if the mom who had the blue shirt and cheetah print, if that was my mom i’d be EMBARRASSED for her to be my mom.

    Reagan ParkerReagan Parker19 ore fa
  • Anyone else get Seth rogan vibes

    Sharkie LewisSharkie Lewis19 ore fa
  • Dante looks and sounds like a biracial Seth rogen

    NatethagodNatethagod19 ore fa
  • Dante kinda looks and sounds Seth rogen

    Rumpelstiltskin boiRumpelstiltskin boi19 ore fa
  • Moms know

    DaevidDaevid19 ore fa
  • "When the doritos are missing" got me😂

    WakeUpGoldenWakeUpGolden19 ore fa
  • dante sounds like seth rogan

    Joshua BarillaroJoshua Barillaro20 ore fa
  • I swear all these moms r millennials and say I won’t get rid of my fuckin side part I won’t stop wearing skinny jeans 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😣😣😫😫😫😫

    Yuri TakamiYuri Takami20 ore fa
  • The girl in the Cheetah sweater is so rudeeeeee

    Janie LammersJanie Lammers20 ore fa
  • Weed only go up to $30😭that ain’t a lot

    Crave GamingCrave Gaming20 ore fa
  • i can't tell if i'm sensitive but these moms seem so mean

    emelie s.emelie s.20 ore fa
  • These moms are so rude & judgmental

    Audi RainAudi Rain21 ora fa
  • That second girl with the green set was so vibey and nice

    Angel WingsAngel Wings21 ora fa
  • Dante acts and talks like my dad lol

    • Tanaka Mikii •• Tanaka Mikii •22 ore fa
  • As a society we’ve progressed past the need for the stereotype that weed smokers & stoners are lazy or can’t accomplish anything.

    Will HWill HGiorno fa
  • I cannot STAND cheetah print mom.🙄

    Skyler JonesSkyler JonesGiorno fa
  • Rob just casually dressed like a witch and eating an orange I respect it.

    George MarceauGeorge MarceauGiorno fa
  • Dante gave me seth rogen vibes

    Kiara ShyannèKiara ShyannèGiorno fa
  • Oh my gosh when Amalia walked in I instantly knew she was high as a frickin kite😂😂😂

    Victoria YoderVictoria YoderGiorno fa
  • The private base neuropathologically fetch because disgust fundamentally groan above a wooden antarctica. ugly, delightful ladybug

    Macy WalkerMacy WalkerGiorno fa
  • Yo the black guy is legit a black seth rogan

    lochlyn fleminglochlyn flemingGiorno fa
  • Lmaoooo 🤣😭💀

    Jescah EJescah EGiorno fa
  • My best friend has ADHD and people ALWAYS assume she’s high or on something because her energy is so bubbly. I cannot believe she said the weed did long lasting “damage” what a square.

    Dacia BautistaDacia BautistaGiorno fa
  • Im so sorry to the cheeta woman's kids

    Jade MarieJade MarieGiorno fa
  • Yeah cheetah sweater don’t need to come back. She was hella rude.

    MonajwanaeMonajwanaeGiorno fa
  • “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” Yeah a mom

    J JiJ JiGiorno fa
  • ewww so many gross judgemental moms, unnecessarily rude towards the other people

    Steph AutumnSteph AutumnGiorno fa
  • how does the 26 year old have a 17 year old kid ...

    Sydney AtakliyanSydney AtakliyanGiorno fa
  • Kurtis ♥️♥️♥️

    Son Of SeaSon Of SeaGiorno fa
  • ms cheetah sweater stfu omggg

    Megan RoseMegan RoseGiorno fa
  • Why does everyone do my boi Daunte so dirty

    LoganArnoldKicksLoganArnoldKicksGiorno fa
  • Dude with glasses is like a light skin version of seth Rogen

    YYGiorno fa
  • “That weed did permanent damage” bruh he said he did acid and blow and stuff I promise you the weed wasn’t the problem.. besides that he was just a happy dude why would it be “damage”

    Joker4life03Joker4life03Giorno fa
  • I literally hate the cheetah mom but like low-key all of them actually they’re so fucking rude judge mental and stereotypical I don’t smoke and I’m offended.

    Thalia BaptisteThalia BaptisteGiorno fa
  • drug testing your kids? lmao way to make them distance themselves from you

    unironically slapping kneesunironically slapping kneesGiorno fa
  • Bring the black mom back as many times as you possibly can!

    Cameron IngramCameron IngramGiorno fa
  • Cops see this “forget about it it’s lunch”

    Gavin McConnaugheyGavin McConnaugheyGiorno fa
  • Too bad these moms smoked bad weed or were not with some cool people.... or just anxious!! Vibe matters!! Stoners know that

    Audrey EAudrey EGiorno fa
  • “SHE SAID THE WORD VIBE AND HER HANDS ARE BEHIND HER BACK LIKE THATS SHES HIGH” i- i- i do that but i’ve never- i- no how..

    Tali KirschnerTali KirschnerGiorno fa
  • Mom: “Are you high?” Interviewee: “No.” No one: Mom: “No, fug no. Then how she would do the IOWEJOIWJIJDAOWJDWJOJAOJD.”

    II_FIxridaII_FIxridaGiorno fa
  • All of these moms would benefit from smoking tbh

    Sarah ParkerSarah ParkerGiorno fa
  • That lady with the word vibe XD

    That's just Cottagecore babyyyThat's just Cottagecore babyyyGiorno fa
  • cheetah sweater mom was so rude for no reason. would hate to have her as my mom

    caitlincaitlinGiorno fa
    • "Hi"

      Calvin VissersCalvin Vissers2 minuti fa
  • these types of moms😐

    Ella QuiggsElla QuiggsGiorno fa

    Martin UmanaMartin UmanaGiorno fa
  • I do not like these moms, they are super rude and judgemental.

    Fabu NanFabu Nan2 giorni fa
  • Dante looks and sound at the same time like if Seth Rogen and Cheec Marin had a child together

    Sebastian KyhleSebastian Kyhle2 giorni fa
  • Thank GOD my mom be blowin O’s WITH me

    Michelle PackerMichelle Packer2 giorni fa
  • 2 of which smoke Mari G wanna

    Ezra PrzytykEzra Przytyk2 giorni fa
  • “If you got enough money to smoke weed, you got enough money to pay bills!” Amen to that!

    PaperwingPaperwing2 giorni fa
    • Um no. Weed isn't nearly as expensive as you think when bills can be at least $200. Your kids shouldn't have to pay for YOUR bills. That's incredibly stupid.

      ali viaali via11 ore fa
  • I smoke a lot of weed and vibe is not a word in my vocabulary. I love the typical thoughts that stoners are lazy and unproductive. Suuuuch a load of crap.

    hahaimabitch1hahaimabitch12 giorni fa
  • 3:33 : MAJOR Seth Rogan vibes!

    Alex The RobinsonAlex The Robinson2 giorni fa
  • yo i smoke weed and i have straight a’s doing honors english and have a whole plan for my life and these moms stereotype smokers as stupid people who don’t care abt anything

    Keira DowningKeira Downing2 giorni fa
  • That pimp sounds like Seth rogan

    Julie MacFadgenJulie MacFadgen2 giorni fa
  • all the moms are so judgy its triggering my fight or flight

    kyla carterkyla carter2 giorni fa
  • The guy in all black is just like my best friend. No one can tell if she is high.

    Meghan RoseMeghan Rose2 giorni fa
  • Tell me you’re a toxic mom without telling me you’re a toxic mom. All y’all need to smoke tbh

    Mar PMar P2 giorni fa
  • I love dante

    Julia WittJulia Witt2 giorni fa
  • Ok blue cheetah sweater that was fucking rude.

    Lisa 8aLisa 8a2 giorni fa
  • Never seen Amalia so calm and chilled XD

    Sarah T.Sarah T.2 giorni fa