28 mar 2021
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How unexpected!
Our Pterinochilus murinus “TCF” (Usambara Baboon “Tan Color Form”) tarantula just passed away today. What I’m concluding is that she expired of old age, considering I got her as a confirmed adult female, and have kept her for over 2 years (maybe even longer - I can’t quite remember). Who knows how long she’s lived before being handed over to me. The sad thing is that she’s the only “tcf” of this species that I’ve seen in the country. I’m afraid I may not be able to obtain another in the near future. Oh well ~ All part of hobby, I guess.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • Who else was wondering what it smelled like

    Tornadox31Tornadox3117 minuti fa
  • I had one tarantula that ended like that one and Mine tarantula cuted Her abdomen and then died so sad rest in peace

    Teo JerkovicTeo Jerkovic2 ore fa
  • There are many reasons why your trantula may have exploded. One reason is doing if you accidentally dropped them and yet they showed no side effects of being hurt. Sometimes that could happen. Also tranchulas also have a liquid type mechanism inside them that allows them to move that's literally their biology. Sometimes if a tarantula has been hurt or punctured that could build up causing it to rupture. I can send a link if you would like to delve deeper into knowing

    Bradley ThomasBradley Thomas5 ore fa
  • Its bad mold and old age

    luna McQueenluna McQueen6 ore fa
  • rip to her

    Madison MorreyMadison Morrey6 ore fa
  • well thats sad even is a R.i.P

    Leslie AlihuddinLeslie Alihuddin7 ore fa

    Anthony ProcacciniAnthony Procaccini10 ore fa
  • rest in peace

    josh robloxplayz YT official gaming channeljosh robloxplayz YT official gaming channel14 ore fa
  • The coucroch burst in to her head or body and boom paw that happens

    Erwin John Jr. PayabyabErwin John Jr. Payabyab17 ore fa
  • I recently learned a sad fact about spiders. Since spiders are filled with a pressurized liquid that enables them to move, the spider may have been punctured, and this pressure will suddenly build up at the puncture site before consequently exploding. That may be how she died. R.I.P

    Gamer MambaGamer Mamba17 ore fa
  • I think raw molt

    Tommy AtwoodTommy Atwood21 ora fa
  • Wait when I was little I was having old cats and then they died and then I got new cats

    brandon leebrandon lee22 ore fa
  • 🤮

    Sebastian AlvarezSebastian AlvarezGiorno fa
  • are you sure she has been eating her food? because my theory is if she let them escape like your lizard video the bugs teamed to kill the lizard so it could have happened to the spider or simply a blockage may have happened and it built up pressure and then exploded but yeah it cant just die of old age with guts exploded its a spider not a whale

    ZiahPlaysZiahPlaysGiorno fa
  • I'm actually drinking tea (but my stomach isn't so hard to get sick)

    Gamer SquashGamer SquashGiorno fa

    Alexandra TaraoiAlexandra TaraoiGiorno fa
  • And maybe the tarantula died by a bad molt ;-;

    Gacha cute kitty catGacha cute kitty catGiorno fa
  • "exploded like milkshake" hmmm...interesting(?)

    Lux UrioLux UrioGiorno fa
  • When my fish died and I make a grave in the garden and tomorrow I go to visit and saw my grandma throw the stone and the grave

    Rintea Desmond's broRintea Desmond's broGiorno fa
  • In thumbnail I thought it is a naked girl, bend down

    KINGKINGGiorno fa
  • Major respecc for this man to make a burial for his tarantula. May she rest in peace... Also, as a big spider lover, this was very emotional for me...

    non-binarymess13non-binarymess13Giorno fa
  • Why did u have to put milkshake in the title now I want one but I just can’t now...

    infernox 1313infernox 1313Giorno fa
  • what if she used to much of her web

  • what and the fuck made me click this video bro.

    Danyale LanfordDanyale LanfordGiorno fa
  • If this happened to me I would throw up 🤢

    XF WolfXF Wolf2 giorni fa
  • Should have not watch this while eating. Should have not watch this while eating

    Lara TatićLara Tatić2 giorni fa
  • I mean I know how spiders but do you want me to die help

    Adrian VelasquezAdrian Velasquez2 giorni fa
  • I used to be afraid of spiders but I watched like 30 of these and now I see spiders as a cute, fluffy thing that sometimes doesn't hurt you. In other words, I like spiders now!😎

    Stacy LeeStacy Lee2 giorni fa
  • It was probably and accident that happened with a bad molt, causing a blockage 😔

    Rasberry PuddingRasberry Pudding2 giorni fa
  • R.I.P the spider that I don't even know🙏

    Ben A BoiBen A Boi2 giorni fa
  • 2 year old “sees spider guys” cool BANANA MILKSHAKE

    Sans vs CharaSans vs Chara2 giorni fa
  • LMAO he pokes guts ahhh what am I even doing 😅

    Robert AyalaRobert Ayala2 giorni fa
  • Ik I think he couldn't vomit and that's why it exploded

    OuOOuO2 giorni fa
  • Food poisoning maybe?

    grand priest officialgrand priest official2 giorni fa
  • F

    Faustík CZFaustík CZ2 giorni fa
  • Why did you feed her Taco Bell!?

    Trung TranTrung Tran2 giorni fa
  • “We’ll see you in heaven” Me who doesn’t want to see spiders in heaven .....👀💧

    h ?h ?2 giorni fa
  • Awww R.I.P

    Adam Lewis Jon McBrydeAdam Lewis Jon McBryde3 giorni fa
  • So sorry you lost one of your favorites. RIP girl tarantula.

    Sandra JacksonSandra Jackson3 giorni fa
  • It’s so SAd I’m so sorry to hear this

    Lourdes CunananCarloLourdes CunananCarlo3 giorni fa
  • I'm very sorry for your lost man that poor Tarantula to me that's very heart breaking because I love tarantulas may that poor female Tarantula rest in peace 😥😢☹😪😔😭😭😭😭😭

    Aaron BMooreAaron BMoore3 giorni fa
  • R.I.P Tarantula We Will Miss You *Prays*

    Meeka AartsMeeka Aarts3 giorni fa
  • Everybody is saying it is an impaction basically this comment is for those who couldn't understand what happened basically An impaction occurs when the tarantula's anus(butt) becomes obstructed, rendering it unable to defecate(poop). The spider will often continue to eat and drink normally, giving the keeper little indication that something is amiss even as the waste builds up inside it so basically it blew up because of too much poop I take no credit for this comment because even I didn't know about it till I read other comments I just wrote this for those who couldn't find or understand the other comments explaining what happened Hope it helped :)

    17-Maahi Usman XB417-Maahi Usman XB43 giorni fa
  • Poor thing.. I hate spiders but I like tarantulas a little better.

    An OrphanAn Orphan3 giorni fa
  • maybe she was to old or her gust got cut open

    Emy BetdanEmy Betdan3 giorni fa
  • I'm sorry for your loss

    Just cringe Don't subJust cringe Don't sub3 giorni fa
  • :(

    Just cringe Don't subJust cringe Don't sub3 giorni fa
  • 2:05 the spider died, Kevin. The spider died and you yeeted its insides out.

    Stephen KolostyakStephen Kolostyak3 giorni fa
  • I think no one is watching your videos while eating 😂

    Max RanckeMax Rancke4 giorni fa
  • maybe a small sickness or the food might have had worms or something

    Luna the dragonLuna the dragon4 giorni fa
  • I can smell this video

    H SH S4 giorni fa
  • Once I say a beetle with its guts hanging out of its wings

    How to DrawHow to Draw4 giorni fa
  • 😭😭😭

    Jorge UgaldeJorge Ugalde4 giorni fa
  • rip lady OBT

    Christian VazquezChristian Vazquez4 giorni fa
    • also she probably cut open her abdomen while dying of old age anyway

      Christian VazquezChristian Vazquez4 giorni fa
  • So ew!

    Mag KidsMag Kids4 giorni fa
  • *Your pet died trying to take a shit-*

    LypholLyphol4 giorni fa
  • I Literally Closed My IPad Screen With My Hands

    BNL Animate // Minecraft And AmongUs FTW Roblox FTLBNL Animate // Minecraft And AmongUs FTW Roblox FTL4 giorni fa
  • Nice grave by spider

    Krys LoveKrys Love5 giorni fa
  • Your a nice man

    Krys LoveKrys Love5 giorni fa
  • Her neck is ripped of

    Krys LoveKrys Love5 giorni fa
  • Her neck look at neck

    Krys LoveKrys Love5 giorni fa
  • burring them is fine too

    Zoe WalwynZoe Walwyn5 giorni fa
  • while tarantulas alive - feed roches to them, while tarantulas dead - feed them to roaches

    Zoe WalwynZoe Walwyn5 giorni fa
  • I feel sorry man

    Nehemiah CrissWilliamsNehemiah CrissWilliams5 giorni fa
  • Explosive ammunition exploded.

    Unspeakable 6787Unspeakable 67875 giorni fa
  • Eww 🤢 I'm gonna 🤮

    Xymon King NepomucenoXymon King Nepomuceno5 giorni fa
  • That tarantula's butt is kinda busted

    nightmarenightmare5 giorni fa
  • Poor girl 😔😔🙏🙏😭😭😭

    Esli AgripinoEsli Agripino5 giorni fa
  • HUH 😀

    booboo5 giorni fa
  • That exact same thing happened to my straight horn baboon. Sending love

    Tommy StoneTommy Stone6 giorni fa
  • Hope she rests in peace Beautiful arachnid

    The Link Who drinksThe Link Who drinks6 giorni fa
  • RIP 🕯🙏🥺 bowel blockage. Humans get them too.

    skorpia gskorpia g6 giorni fa
  • i puked!!!

    Everal GameplayEveral Gameplay6 giorni fa
  • I’m thinking if she was sick and her guts exploded

    Kingmalcolmsco kingKingmalcolmsco king6 giorni fa
  • you got 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 tarantulas???😅😯😮😦😧😨😰😱

  • Tha was a big termite soldier.

    a wasp lover and a mushroom lover EN.a wasp lover and a mushroom lover EN.6 giorni fa
  • I'm a new subsiber :D(idk how to spell I little :

    Clarivel CabreraClarivel Cabrera6 giorni fa
  • Jesus christ

    Joseph ScottJoseph Scott6 giorni fa
  • I am thinking she died because she been stab a wood accedentaly

    VAMPERVAMPER6 giorni fa
  • OH NO D:

    Firey De Proto!Firey De Proto!6 giorni fa
  • I think she ate to much and died

    Santiago CaradeanoSantiago Caradeano6 giorni fa
  • ......

    Francisco GonzálezFrancisco González6 giorni fa
  • What The fuck is that

    Francisco GonzálezFrancisco González6 giorni fa
  • how did that even happen !?

    Ta'Myla CookTa'Myla Cook6 giorni fa
  • Is it just me who thinks he should but a copro in the enclosures to see everything thing that happens

    Damion RoweDamion Rowe7 giorni fa
  • She is not a pet. You uses this animals to your own purposes in your ITworlds channel that’s it; even if you take good care of them, you don’t give them that they deserve - FREEDOM - ||||||| 🪦 rip to the poor animal

    Johana QuirozJohana Quiroz7 giorni fa
  • Tarántulas get DEPRESIÓN because they need sun aire NATURE Freedom,.. you take care, but it is like HOSPITAL nobody likes to be in a HOSPITAL even if people take care for you. TAKE CONSCIOUS!!!!

    Johana QuirozJohana Quiroz7 giorni fa
  • She ate way to much

    IM - 05CM 817015 Alloa PSIM - 05CM 817015 Alloa PS7 giorni fa
  • Do u think she could have slipped and fell and ruptured her abdomen?

    truk bonestruk bones7 giorni fa
  • Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Lisa RussellLisa Russell7 giorni fa
  • Yayyy I'm eating 😋

    WowoStorm _2021WowoStorm _20217 giorni fa
  • Imagine someone watching this vid while drinking milk shake😶😶😶

    i. haikali. haikal7 giorni fa
  • I have 3 conditions now... 1. Arachnophobia... 2. Loss of appetite, nausea. 3. Fainting

    Louis LimLouis Lim7 giorni fa
  • Maybe she was sick and died 😧😨

    samsung accountsamsung account7 giorni fa
  • bubbletea anyone?

    Human ShyHuman Shy7 giorni fa
  • It kinda looks like Mac n cheese ngl

    Priya YoungPriya Young7 giorni fa
  • RIP

    Packing peanuts 5Packing peanuts 57 giorni fa
  • R.I.P

    Dark Crystal 666Dark Crystal 6667 giorni fa
  • Hi guys I have to tell you that the present I got was gay and that's why he committed dog 😭 and that's why your should never drink pillow

    ••Cleared Crystalz••••Cleared Crystalz••7 giorni fa
  • Im eating yoghurt and still watch it😭

    Gerardo RodriguezGerardo Rodriguez7 giorni fa