Billie Eilish - No Time To Die

1 ott 2020
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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    Roxanna SandovalRoxanna Sandoval9 minuti fa
  • Hello my name is DULCE and I love billie eilish and I am from Mexico to speak Spanish but I still speak English but since I know that at best billie does not attract attention the comments in Spanish so I do everything for her and that is why I am learning to speak English Jajajaj good goodbye 👋🏻 I just wanted to say that 😉 These are the people who love billie 👇🏻👇🏻

    Dulce Aylin Reyes CalzadaDulce Aylin Reyes CalzadaOra fa
  • Thank you for this..

    Christian CChristian C2 ore fa
  • So this is called music in 2020? So depressing. No thank you.

    Roman MaksymowskiRoman Maksymowski3 ore fa
  • Love bond

    jimmy wilsonjimmy wilson3 ore fa
  • Best bond song since goldeneye

    ToneTone3 ore fa
  • 24k dislikes! seriously?

    Keith ParsonsKeith Parsons4 ore fa
  • I will always sing along with you Billie Eilish

    attlordgattlordg4 ore fa

    LiXiLiXi4 ore fa
  • SEGUIME EN TIKTOK= Serepedrini17 :D

    Sere PedriniSere Pedrini4 ore fa
  • I'm partially deaf (I have about 25% hearing total) This song has a gentle tone but I only get about 10% of the words Billie is singing 😥

    Joseph PortmanJoseph Portman4 ore fa
  • Billie ❤️

    martu uwu :Dmartu uwu :D5 ore fa
  • Isn't he like old enough to be her Dad tho

    Bradley ReederBradley Reeder6 ore fa
  • nobody: that one dude who spams the same comment: 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

    Kendra QuinnKendra Quinn6 ore fa
  • She has 36M subscribers and only 23M views for this video? What kind of subscribers are those?

    YusoYuso6 ore fa
  • جيمس بوند

    Football For liveFootball For live7 ore fa
  • Okey. I cry.

    BlackroseBlackrose8 ore fa
  • ✨Muito deusa ✨

    coxinha de flangocoxinha de flango8 ore fa
  • JUST LOVE IT! By the way, I' ve done cover on this song...I was really trying-you' ll like it, so come to my youtube chaneel to watch this.I will be very glad to communicate with you)And..I have just forgotten to say- Billie,YOU are the best!!!

    Аrt PianoАrt Piano9 ore fa
  • Im the only one who feel like heard this song before?

    Nicoleta VasilacheNicoleta Vasilache9 ore fa
  • SINGLES out there!! SHOUT IT out loud ... she nailed it man!!

    muktha nagrajmuktha nagraj9 ore fa
  • Sam's Smith writings on the wall is arguably the best bond theme song

    Stuart ChilongoziStuart Chilongozi9 ore fa
  • Director:How many colours do you want in this music video? Billie:No

    Exotic Potato Genesis UmbrellaExotic Potato Genesis Umbrella10 ore fa
  • You don't need to be a British spy to identify with this song

    EvangeliaEvangelia10 ore fa
  • The song is of another vibe and Billie made the right hit at the right time. .....its a masterpiece 😢

    Saraleo _k-chinguSaraleo _k-chingu10 ore fa
  • She has this certain quality in her voice that makes her sing this as a bond song perfectly. Its that airy effortlessness when she sings.

    Levi WoodallLevi Woodall10 ore fa
  • Meh.

    M. RedlegM. Redleg10 ore fa
  • Iloveyoubillieeilish💚

    Nigar XudayevaNigar Xudayeva11 ore fa
  • I think this song is perfect for Her and this movie. If you are reading this Great Job.

    The Javier Arrieta ChannelThe Javier Arrieta Channel11 ore fa
  • 😍

    Jungwon ChoiJungwon Choi11 ore fa
  • Love love

    Gυєixα brGυєixα br11 ore fa
  • I love You 💕

    ᦔꪊꪖꪀꪶꪀꪶᦔꪊꪖꪀꪶꪀꪶ11 ore fa
  • So much feeling, so much pain. The best song from all Bondiana!

    Вероника VVVВероника VVV11 ore fa
  • She just has 18 Years and is so successfull,at my 18 Years just get an internet connection 😂😂

    Vitoko skullerxVitoko skullerx12 ore fa
  • Her best song. The worst James Bond soundtrack. Fax only.

    Cutie_doggie69Cutie_doggie6912 ore fa
  • Her hair is so long!

    TikTokCompilationsTikTokCompilations12 ore fa
  • I lovd3it 😭😭😭💜💜💚💚🖤🖤

    Abby YigzawAbby Yigzaw12 ore fa
  • 🥵🥵🥵💗💗 i Love youuu

    Andzi ParjaszewskaAndzi Parjaszewska13 ore fa

    **********13 ore fa
  • The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

    Ta HienTa Hien13 ore fa
  • Does this remind anyone of Writings on the Wall? The melody is oddly similar

    T3rra _T3rra _16 ore fa
  • Her voice is just so beautiful 😍 in this bond song xx

    Rachel WrightRachel Wright17 ore fa
  • I love you beautifully you sing just are amazing!

    Not So Funny KateNot So Funny Kate17 ore fa
  • Wonderful song and lyrics, deserves the Oscar.

    László MegyesiLászló Megyesi20 ore fa
  • This song and Billie's voice are giving me full body chills. What a bond song.

    Yoruno KurayamiYoruno Kurayami21 ora fa
  • Billie Elish is cute in a weird way.

    Sam MoussaSam Moussa21 ora fa
  • 3:20 My favorite part ❤️❤️😢

    Axel GuelAxel Guel23 ore fa
  • came here after ola englund said he liked this song from her in a 'FAQing with wife' episode. (burp) lol

    Sigma WolfSigma WolfGiorno fa
  • Yooo this is pretty good way better then spectre

    SnakefateSnakefateGiorno fa
  • How in the hell can someone dislike this song !! It's just a beautiful piece of art

    siril alisiril aliGiorno fa
  • esta música, me encanta billie eillie tiene hermosa voz. :3

    EduardoUWUEduardoUWUGiorno fa
  • Very segnificant - this the pandemic time..Thank you, Billie for hope)

    Ayleen AppleAyleen AppleGiorno fa
  • Every time I hear Your voice Billie, every time my eyes rain, but there is still time, to live before we die, not all men are so bad, men cry too, just like you ♥ Would you accept a coffee in Paris? Radek Instagram @dreamcatcherdesign2020

    Dreamcatcher Design Tshirts Hoodies Leggins PillowsDreamcatcher Design Tshirts Hoodies Leggins PillowsGiorno fa
  • You are the best on songs

    • I know right

      Samuel CavanaghSamuel CavanaghGiorno fa

      Samuel CavanaghSamuel CavanaghGiorno fa
  • Hands down the best BE song

    DoodahDoodahGiorno fa
    • Absolutely

      Samuel CavanaghSamuel CavanaghGiorno fa

      Samuel CavanaghSamuel CavanaghGiorno fa
  • My song favorite

    Dafne HuDafne HuGiorno fa

      soccer beat vsoccer beat vGiorno fa
  • Essa música mds ❤❤

    Yasmin AlmeidaYasmin AlmeidaGiorno fa
  • Best song ever, you're so talented bellie 🖤🖤

    Victoria GreeVictoria GreeGiorno fa
  • And I love you from the bottom of my heart billie

    Jayrath VanjaraJayrath VanjaraGiorno fa
  • Goosebumps

    Gowtham 19CS033Gowtham 19CS033Giorno fa
  • I'm not really a Billie Eilish fan but she nailed this song, it's one of my new favorite songs.

    Emmanuel FonsecaEmmanuel FonsecaGiorno fa
  • One of the best Bond songs and also one that perfectly fits the dark and melancholic style of the Bond movies with Daniel Craig. Even better than Adele's 'Skyfall'.

    Flo23MFlo23MGiorno fa
  • Satan Luzifer Hollywood and music Industrie

    Timon itzekkkTimon itzekkkGiorno fa
  • How is the movie ?

    joko7038joko7038Giorno fa
  • why is this not an action movie

    NightFox CreationsNightFox CreationsGiorno fa
  • Два типа песен Билли: 1)про депрессию 2) про то что ещё не время умирать

    Айша АсаубекАйша АсаубекGiorno fa
  • Billie:nails the song Me try’s:there’s just no time to DiEEEeeeeEEE

    Mrs. MobileMrs. MobileGiorno fa
  • She is unique

    Луиза ГалабаеваЛуиза ГалабаеваGiorno fa
  • Awesome song!!! WOW!!!!

    Brenda HonnBrenda HonnGiorno fa
  • This song and the theme itself sound like those old tragic Turkish series. Love u billie 🤧

    Fatima NurFatima NurGiorno fa
  • mega!!!!

    Kajus ZakovaKajus ZakovaGiorno fa
  • Hoy 3 de Diciembre del 2020 volví a estar por aquí🤍

    Danna LeónDanna LeónGiorno fa
  • Moc krásná písnička

    Šárka KaderkováŠárka KaderkováGiorno fa
  • I love you Billie 💚🖤

    Anna KarskaAnna KarskaGiorno fa
  • 😢😢👌

    UğurtamerUğurtamerGiorno fa
  • Mr. Craig - Best 007. Waiting for "No Time To Die..."

    Андрей ТуляковАндрей ТуляковGiorno fa
  • AMAZING 🥵🥵🥵🥵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    GRYSN1YGRYSN1YGiorno fa

  • When I listen to this song, I go somewhere in my world of mind

    Muhammed Fatih AksuMuhammed Fatih AksuGiorno fa
  • Her voice♥️

    DiaDiaGiorno fa
  • I love her hair long 🥺 🖤 🤍

    Zayshawn GeorgeZayshawn GeorgeGiorno fa
  • 😱😱😱🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️l love you 😍

    Klu. veronikaKlu. veronikaGiorno fa
  • why am i crying ..........?

    N_E _E_RN_E _E_RGiorno fa
  • Who came here after watching Justin's cover on no time to die😁😁

    Praveena and BhargavPraveena and BhargavGiorno fa
  • Which movie scene show in song

    Siddhant GuptaSiddhant GuptaGiorno fa
  • No Time To Die Billie Eilish Tradução Sem Tempo Para Morrer Eu deveria saber Que eu partiria sozinha Isso só mostra Que você só sangra o sangue que você deve Nós éramos um par Mas eu te vi lá Foi demais para suportar Você era a minha vida, mas ela está longe de ser justa Eu fui idiota por te amar? Fui descuidada em ajudar? Estava óbvio para todos os outros? Que eu caí na mentira Você nunca esteve ao meu lado Me engana uma vez, me engana duas vezes Você é a morte ou o paraíso? Agora você nunca me verá chorar Simplesmente não há tempo para morrer Eu deixei queimar Você não é mais a minha preocupação, mmm Faces do meu passado retornam Ainda há outra lição a aprender Que eu caí na mentira Você nunca esteve ao meu lado Me engana uma vez, me engana duas vezes Você é a morte ou o paraíso? Agora você nunca me verá chorar Simplesmente não há tempo para morrer Não há tempo para morrer, mmm Não há tempo para morrer, ooh Me engana uma vez, me engana duas vezes Você é a morte ou o paraíso? Agora você nunca me verá chorar Simplesmente não há tempo para morrer Composição: Billie Eilish / Finneas O'Connell

    millie editsmillie editsGiorno fa
  • Tomorrow never dies .. but today , No Time To Die

    Foxtrot HotelFoxtrot HotelGiorno fa
  • Released on my birthday didn't realise

    Fatima NaharFatima Nahar2 giorni fa
  • Éssa é a 327382736 vezes que estou aqui ksks🖤🖤💖

    NICK_ GAMESNICK_ GAMES2 giorni fa
  • First time hearing her

  • I can't believe people like this. It's awful.

    Jason AllenJason Allen2 giorni fa
  • Her voice sounds like kz tandingan..

    Edrean SajulgaEdrean Sajulga2 giorni fa
  • Esta es una música muy hermosa y dice cosas muy ciertas que a veces te identificas con ellas

    Kimberly ValleKimberly Valle2 giorni fa
  • 2:17 Can we appreciate how beautiful her hair looks😍

    Sophia RichardsonSophia Richardson2 giorni fa
  • They should do a movie tie in with the COVID vaccine & the new James Bond movie. With your vaccine, get complimentary tickets to No Time to Die

    Bryan RingosBryan Ringos2 giorni fa
  • The song is beautiful and chilling at the same time to me. Don't know why.

    Ifti AlamIfti Alam2 giorni fa
    • ... because you like oo7,s love WomanBlueFfemaleArtistin ??? ... Greetings Jan

      Jan HeuerJan Heuer2 giorni fa
  • Anyone else getting Sam Smith Writing On The Wall vibes from this???

    Dan MoreDan More2 giorni fa

    Braighlin CorderyBraighlin Cordery2 giorni fa
  • i don't like this one

    Robert PosarićRobert Posarić2 giorni fa
  • Humm, I am just leaving this here ;)