[MV] VICTON(빅톤) _ What I Said

11 gen 2021
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[MV] VICTON(빅톤) _ What I Said
K-POP Wonderland, 1theK
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  • 1.3M

    FfazFfaz16 ore fa

    AzlsAzls19 ore fa
  • Soo cool

    Hashimah MamatHashimah Mamat20 ore fa
  • Say wooo-ya

    BerfBerf20 ore fa
  • those ai ai ai’s have me screaming

    paigie inupaigie inuGiorno fa
  • Their fandom name is so cute, this song is a bop, the members are great, I might stan???

    erin clementeerin clementeGiorno fa
    • Hi! We Alices will welcoming you with open arms. Please do so, stan Victon. You not gonna regret ^^

      FfazFfazGiorno fa
    • yessss...stan victon ...

      Antswooya_ 1224Antswooya_ 1224Giorno fa
  • Hanse bbeeesstt bboooyy😭😔

    Reem TotoReem Toto2 giorni fa
  • This is my first time hearing a Victon song and I am so surprised the first guy has that voice!! He looks like he'd have a very low voice but he has that angelic ring to it!!! wow

    Andy SAndy S2 giorni fa
    • Hi! Thank you soo much for listening to Victon-What I Said ^^ The first guy, his name is Han Seungwoo (All rounder, 94liner). I would recommend you to check out his solo album "FAME" with title track 'Sacrifice'. Fame B-sides: -Fever -Reply -I just want love -Forest -Child Victon past title track recommendation, -Mayday -Howling -Time of Sorror -Nostalgic Night -Remember Me If you have time, have a listen 😊

      FfazFfazGiorno fa
  • Ya'll Hanse's rap is on fire!

    Mia_Mia_2 giorni fa
  • lmfao i swear i thought i misheard when i heard one of the boys say "no cap"

    AishaAisha2 giorni fa
  • When I first listened to this, I did not expect that voice to come from Seungwoo. I expected a much deeper voice because of his visuals.

    Little Lion YehetLittle Lion Yehet3 giorni fa
  • Who's that red guy with blue eyes?????

    Unaiza ArifUnaiza Arif3 giorni fa
    • His name is Lim Sejun (Lead Vocalist, Face of the group, Visual, 96liner)

      FfazFfaz3 giorni fa

    laureilaurei3 giorni fa
  • Melhor grupo de musicar

    Alessandra Sousa santosAlessandra Sousa santos4 giorni fa
  • Ho my good is lovely

    Emely SouzaEmely Souza6 giorni fa
  • Kings

    eyVICTONeyVICTON6 giorni fa
  • Arte

    Keila :3Keila :36 giorni fa
  • I came here because I saw Subin in the kdrama Fling at a Convenience Store and fell in love with him, but now I like all of them 🙈 this song is so good, I can't stop listening to it

    cataacataa6 giorni fa
    • Wow! Alices are so glad you decide to check them out. I hope you enjoy more of their music!

      wonderlandwoodzwonderlandwoodz2 giorni fa
    • Aww thanks for checking them out

      gamelittlegamelittle5 giorni fa
    • just in case - they have their own channel with this mv and other mvs, come visit

      nopenope6 giorni fa
  • nice song

    Laura PiechotaLaura Piechota6 giorni fa
  • 1.2M

    FfazFfaz7 giorni fa

    Vania CarrilloVania Carrillo7 giorni fa

    Vania CarrilloVania Carrillo7 giorni fa
  • saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ohh

    Vania CarrilloVania Carrillo7 giorni fa
  • Daily reminder that VICTON has their own channel when you can find MVs and more content. Check it and subscribe:)

    luizy choluizy cho7 giorni fa
  • i stumbled upon this video by chance and i just unlocked a new bias

    Melanie FuentesMelanie Fuentes8 giorni fa
  • Daily reminder to check VICTON's official account on ITworlds and watch Flip A Coin special video cause you're missing out a lot!

    luizy choluizy cho8 giorni fa
  • Ele é idol novo? Ele é bem bonito

    Vitoria RibeiroVitoria Ribeiro8 giorni fa
    • Hi, this is their comeback with their 1st full album. Called 'voice: the future is now'. They're VICTON and debuted on Nov 2016. Check them out, they're handsome, talented and funny

      gamelittlegamelittle5 giorni fa
  • يمه صوته يشبه صوت جيمين في 0:13😱حلو

    김 지수지수김 지수지수8 giorni fa
  • happy alice day everyone!! four years from today was the first day of when our fandom was officially made. stay well and safe alices ~

    Cindy PhanCindy Phan9 giorni fa
  • Underrated, deserves a win, our boy Han Se guns are so smooth

    Calamian HERNANDEZ Christopher MCalamian HERNANDEZ Christopher M9 giorni fa
  • this deserves bestest mv of the year award

    Kimberly Dela RosaKimberly Dela Rosa10 giorni fa
  • I've listened to the song before watching the MV and now I'm even more amazed!

    warmestmachinewarmestmachine10 giorni fa
  • Hermosos... VICTON FIGHTING!!!

    Alexandra AEAlexandra AE10 giorni fa
  • I came for chan

    Linda ThaoLinda Thao10 giorni fa
  • 14th February 2021 stats (and how much they've increased in the last 7 days) WIS MV : 14.323.801 (+ 4.272.320) WIS 1thek : 1.138.139 (+ 220.962) WIS Performance : 263.978 (+ 31.273) WIS audio : 336.382 (+ 45.903) WIS spotify : 1.964.115 (+ 372.894)

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton10 giorni fa
  • 😮👉itworlds.info/round/mpV6mcqMkJF9rms/video

    conectados TVconectados TV10 giorni fa

    BTS ArmyBTS Army10 giorni fa
  • it's so sad to know that ppl died before they could listen to this

    Sarah ElgayedSarah Elgayed11 giorni fa
  • Not a fans, but this MV is the best of them? Am I right? I already watched almost all of them, but my favorite is this song. Or maybe any recommendation? The cinematography, storyline, expression, voice, song, dance... I'm so addicted

    AmaliaAmalia11 giorni fa
    • I really love Howling and Mayday MVs but probably Howling the most then What I Said and Mayday. I really couldn't believe first that Victon finally got MVs like those, with that quality.

      luizy choluizy cho8 giorni fa
    • glad you like it ^^ what other songs have you listened to?

      LucyLucy10 giorni fa
  • whos the blue/green haired guy that starts the song off???????????????????????

    It's RomiIt's Romi11 giorni fa
    • Han Seungwoo ( All rounder, 94liner ). Check out his solo album ''FAME" with title track 'Sacrifice'. Have a listen ^^

      FfazFfaz11 giorni fa
  • !!!! LISTEN UP !!!!! THIS BAND NAMED FALLANC IS IN DANGER OF DISBANDING! THEIR MOST VIEWED VIDEO IS AT 24K VIEWS SO If you guys like "groovy" music then I suggest checking them out. If you don't like Nevermind the they have a song named Wave which is a ballad. If you don't like either then go about your day I truly don't mind if you do not like their music, but please give them a chance #Save_Fallanc

    IreneLuvsIreneLuvs11 giorni fa
  • yall dont forget to watch the mv on their official account too!

    ainain11 giorni fa
  • okie dokie i need to do some research on this group i like the song i hope i like the album too

    Black SnowBlack Snow11 giorni fa
    • album is fire, one of their best

      luizy choluizy cho8 giorni fa
  • say woo

    kpoper uureeekpoper uureee11 giorni fa
  • No one: Literally no one: Me all the day: Say WoOOo

    BerfBerf11 giorni fa
  • 1:29 Subin's tone... Oh, God...

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton11 giorni fa
  • This is the insanely the best... How can you not stan Victon?

    Mae KpopMae Kpop11 giorni fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

    陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror11 giorni fa
  • مساء الخير ، مرحبًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، حظًا سعيدًا ، مزدهر ، مزدهر ، أتمنى للجميع كل التوفيق ، روح التنين والحصان ، عام الثور ، نعمة عظيمة وآمنة وسهلة كل شيء

    陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror11 giorni fa
  • 1.1M ^^

    FfazFfaz11 giorni fa
  • la voz del chico del principio me dejo completamente cautivada ♥ es la primera canción que escucho de ellos, me encantó

    Melina MorinigoMelina Morinigo12 giorni fa
    • @Kim woojin INOCENTE así es mi estimado UwU

      gamelittlegamelittle5 giorni fa
    • @gamelittle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ puro talento

      Kim woojin INOCENTEKim woojin INOCENTE5 giorni fa
    • Han Seungwoo. Escucha su solo album 'fame' y el mv 'sacrifice' Y welcome to wonderland!!

      gamelittlegamelittle5 giorni fa
    • @Shaydee Luna MBB no me apareció en un anuncio, me apareció como recomendación por escuchar Ateez. Ya los estoy staneando

      Melina MorinigoMelina Morinigo7 giorni fa
    • @Shaydee Luna MBB yo ya lo hago, me vi en obligación de hacerlo uwu

      Kim woojin INOCENTEKim woojin INOCENTE8 giorni fa
  • Not here then .

    sedo I victon archives&playlists Isedo I victon archives&playlists I12 giorni fa
  • Uma das minhas preferidas agora. Essa música é perfeita ♥️

    Rynara BeatrizRynara Beatriz12 giorni fa
    • Vdd

      AssucenaAssucena12 giorni fa
  • I’m new, and this song is a bop, “ No Cap”

    HerbsGotMessyHairHerbsGotMessyHair12 giorni fa
  • One step closer to world domination with this comeback!

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton12 giorni fa
  • victon so cool

    kpoper uureeekpoper uureee12 giorni fa
  • go

    kpoper uureeekpoper uureee12 giorni fa
  • Fantastic.

    Ta MaTa Ma12 giorni fa
  • omg I love this sooooong!

    Aru RakhAru Rakh12 giorni fa
  • Oh my God 🥵

    Debora GomesDebora Gomes12 giorni fa
  • 😍🥵💖

    Debora GomesDebora Gomes12 giorni fa
  • they deserve more recognisation i say what i said

    ًnasuha safiahًnasuha safiah12 giorni fa
  • 1:36 this part. yes. mm hm. yeah.

    yeonderella and soobcharmingyeonderella and soobcharming12 giorni fa
  • what !!! why just 1M omggg u guys are okay???

    Leu issaLeu issa12 giorni fa
    • They have their own channel with this mv, come visit

      ali nationali nation12 giorni fa

    LudivineLudivine12 giorni fa
  • If you can, please go on Whosfan and go vote for VICTON What I Said on the Mcountdown Global Prevoting. It just opened today and will close on 2/15/21 9:00 (KST).

    Cindy PhanCindy Phan13 giorni fa
  • My first Victon song and *dang* they did not come to play this comeback

    Anna OAnna O13 giorni fa
  • 1:25 His lenses freaking good and really fits him UWU

    KİRA SamaKİRA Sama13 giorni fa
  • new group for me to stan, MULTISTAN heree. I love this song bc it's so gooooood

    Kiia KajokallioKiia Kajokallio13 giorni fa
    • Hi! Thank you so much for listening to Victon 😊 I would recommend you to check out 'Flip a Coin' special video. One of the b-side in "VOICE: THE FUTURE IS NOW" album. Actually, the whole album is great. So, have a listen if you have time. Past title track -Mayday -Howling -Nostalgic Night -Time of Sorrow

      FfazFfaz13 giorni fa
  • soty 0:43

    seonghwasimpseonghwasimp13 giorni fa
  • I really really like it like that, Seungwoo-ya! 💙💛

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton13 giorni fa
  • Ugh sejun is so disrespectful here🤧😤My weak heart can't handle this😔

    Hello darkness My old friendHello darkness My old friend14 giorni fa
  • I still can't get over Seungwoo's voice in this song.

    JulianneJulianne14 giorni fa
  • 1M ... WOOOOOOO ^^

    RohaNee [러하니] PinkPanda ThailandRohaNee [러하니] PinkPanda Thailand14 giorni fa
  • Woow finally 1M in 1TheK

    Subin AbohalalaSubin Abohalala14 giorni fa
  • OMG 😶🥺😍

    Rebecca Araujo SantosRebecca Araujo Santos14 giorni fa
  • Like a truth what i said boom booom boom

    Marta NMarta N14 giorni fa
  • I Love Hanse's rap that I keep replaying it.

    Alexandra LopezAlexandra Lopez14 giorni fa
  • The dimples kill me

    رانيا العزونىرانيا العزونى14 giorni fa
  • I'm dreaming of VICTON's greater success. On a daily basis. Can't wait to see it become reality.

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
  • kpop stans sure be stingy for pressing a like, is it not free

    say woosay woo14 giorni fa
    • I knooooww. Gah, it bothers me!

      Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
  • Well done alices

    luizy choluizy cho14 giorni fa
  • Wake up please , they are talented group

    NCT my lifeNCT my life14 giorni fa
  • I mil... Finally in 1thek channel.... Good job alices... and Thank you for non alices support too..

    Yusnita YusofYusnita Yusof14 giorni fa
  • I'm so glad we passed that million! Yuhuu!

    Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
  • please tell me who's that guy on 1:25?? he's killing me w his visual pls T^T

    JEI logJEI log14 giorni fa
    • @JEI log you're welcome!

      Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
    • @Dalla Iceton thankyou so much🥺💗

      JEI logJEI log14 giorni fa
    • Lim Sejun - a very talented and sweet strawberry

      Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
  • im late 😔

    Phabulous PhreddPhabulous Phredd14 giorni fa
  • It finally reached 1M😊

    Aya YagamiAya Yagami14 giorni fa
  • Wow! 1M 🥳

    FfazFfaz15 giorni fa
  • heyy 1M 😁

    don’t be shy stan victondon’t be shy stan victon15 giorni fa
  • 1M! 💙💛

    숩숩숩숩15 giorni fa
  • Less than 3k but YAY 1M

    say woosay woo15 giorni fa
  • I did not expect seungwoos voice to be like that at all omg

    jojobabiejojobabie15 giorni fa
  • A Seungsik le queda hermoso el cabello blanco

    gamelittlegamelittle15 giorni fa
    • Agreed

      Dalla IcetonDalla Iceton14 giorni fa
  • so close, let's go alices!

    VCT streaming teamVCT streaming team15 giorni fa
  • only 9k left.... non stans... non ALICES Oprah gif

    say woosay woo15 giorni fa
  • I came here by accident but .... I'm sure as hell staying.🙈🙊

    Addi MackAddi Mack15 giorni fa
    • Yay we’re glad you’re here! Hope you enjoy more of their songs :D

      wonderlandwoodzwonderlandwoodz2 giorni fa
    • they have their own channel with more mvs! Come visit :)

      say woosay woo15 giorni fa
  • casual reminder that victon has their own channel that you are really welcomed to visit and follow also twitter(s) and instagram(s).

    say woosay woo15 giorni fa
  • YES, I'LL STAN!!!

    :'6 meriah:'6 meriah15 giorni fa
  • go 1M

    kpoper uureeekpoper uureee15 giorni fa