I asked my girlfriend if I could curl her hair 😂 (topperguild) #shorts

7 apr 2021
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  • Cameraman : I have drinked invisible potion from minecraft.

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  • Ya yazık

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  • Very funny

    bennett3073bennett30735 ore fa
  • How are you not songle with all this pranks?

    #Unifox -_-#Unifox -_-6 ore fa
  • the fakest prank i have ever seen ..... lol!

    Sajjad ShahSajjad Shah6 ore fa
  • ITworlds should not allow to increase brightness without users permission.shitty reels

    A NA N7 ore fa
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  • Me iso reír mucho 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😆😆

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  • What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Saltanat SarsenbaevaSaltanat Sarsenbaeva9 ore fa
  • Don't worry the cameraman drank an invisibility potion

    ImOliviaYT StančiukaitėImOliviaYT Stančiukaitė9 ore fa
  • hhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Yılan sən nedən korkuduyosun adamları ya bən sana söylemedimmmi korkudma adamları bekle sən bekle

    Səma İbrahimliSəma İbrahimli11 ore fa
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  • Everytime I see his videos my phones brightness goes beyond its limit

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  • Camera kan:transparant

    Fahrez AzraFahrez Azra13 ore fa
  • Omg invisible camera and camera man 😂😂

    The Gorgeous SistersThe Gorgeous Sisters13 ore fa
  • She would feel the hair being burned off

    CloudSHMofCloudSHMof13 ore fa
  • Dude ur so annoying stop pranking her ur lucky a girl likes u bruhh

    Splodey MelodySplodey Melody13 ore fa
  • How tf do I get rid of this bs from my recommended, I mean the guy Is cute but the amount of brain activity is extremely low

    kamil górakamil góra13 ore fa
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  • Lolll 501th comment

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  • Yes

    Suresh BhulSuresh Bhul16 ore fa
  • invisible man!!!!

    Nich AdnefoNich Adnefo17 ore fa
  • He totally look like Ayush Sharma Salman Khan sister's husband ❤️

    Sameera ZafarSameera Zafar17 ore fa
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  • Invisible ceraman 😒

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  • Cute hu

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  • How this scripted video has many likes

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  • I like the loop brod

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  • 😈😈😈 diabo mesmo esse moleque

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  • La pobre se ase creer una broma porbel novio

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  • You got her good

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  • "If you ever feel useless in life remember this video"

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  • Please stop bleaching and go bald then let it grow

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  • Toxic

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  • انا احب الرعب و اكره الدراما و الحب و قويه

    عاشقة الرعب I love animalsعاشقة الرعب I love animalsGiorno fa
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    • Go to my home

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  • The camera man is that annoying friend of yours whom you dont give a shit about.

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  • That's so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Go to my home

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    diana dolidzediana dolidzeGiorno fa
  • Did camera man drink in invisible drink ???

    Harshiya S BHarshiya S BGiorno fa
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  • Are they grown up Gavin magnus and coco Quinn

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  • Jajaja

    Antonella MartinezAntonella MartinezGiorno fa
  • i am do tired of your screaming that I'm just gonna go bleach my ears

    Abdul Rahim BuhianAbdul Rahim BuhianGiorno fa
  • Abe yeah ladki pagal hai kiya janti hai prank kar rha hai tab bhi chitiyon ki tarha chillati hai

  • Girl friend needs to give this guy a lesson in hair grooming..just think ppl make money off this bullshit

    Richard WhiteRichard WhiteGiorno fa
  • Guys it's just for entertainment purposes only. Don't take it seriously.

    Lyka Bueza TurredaLyka Bueza TurredaGiorno fa
  • Yeah she dont see the camera man and that tge hair is another color

    Roshan KarimiRoshan KarimiGiorno fa
  • IT is so funny

    Rob GrillRob GrillGiorno fa
  • Hahaha lol maybe if i were you, i'll be vedy shock

    Miran noonaMiran noonaGiorno fa
  • Cameraman invisible

    Black Wolf YTBlack Wolf YTGiorno fa
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  • 太爛

    hsiaofen Yhsiaofen YGiorno fa
  • They have to change hair color coz they look like siblings to me lmaoooo 😂 ... And boys having short hair gf be like : 😇

    zahra ansarizahra ansariGiorno fa
    • 136%-;6%+*--6&-5*+&--&/

      srabontiislamnidi nodi 1234srabontiislamnidi nodi 123412 ore fa
  • Super comed

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  • Kiss your girlfriend in video

    panda gamingpanda gamingGiorno fa
  • Did u fart???

    OMG its AhsanOMG its AhsanGiorno fa
  • Tik tok virus getting out of handle.

    I'm subbiñg to everyone who sùbs to me.I'm subbiñg to everyone who sùbs to me.Giorno fa
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    srirahayu desvitasrirahayu desvitaGiorno fa
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    Gerlyn NoblejasGerlyn NoblejasGiorno fa
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  • Bruh he literally pasted the extension in front of her like whattttttttttttttt

    poonam bindalpoonam bindalGiorno fa
  • He is the type of guy to throw a boomerang at the ground and wonder why it never came back .

    monique davismonique davisGiorno fa
  • You got her so bad 😂😂🤣🤣😂

    Gunavardhan GvrGunavardhan GvrGiorno fa
  • Hello

    Zoya KhattakZoya KhattakGiorno fa
  • Jajaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Liz Paiva RengifoLiz Paiva RengifoGiorno fa
  • Well scripted

    M4 TECHM4 TECHGiorno fa
  • I think this is clickbait like I mean he is so close with her gf and her gf is looking at the mirror and theres a camera man then its prob clickbait

    regvicregvicGiorno fa
  • No body likes this videos but they making money with as by commenting..🤔🤔 we know they acting but we still commenting 🙄soy tonto 🤤🤤

    Gerry ZellesGerry ZellesGiorno fa
  • This is the kind of guy to go in the shower with all his clothes on thinks they will get clean

    Cosmic AppleCosmic AppleGiorno fa
  • yujl

    Rey john GonzagaRey john GonzagaGiorno fa
  • 123

    Keyla DemetrioKeyla DemetrioGiorno fa
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  • Just casually having 2 same hair straightener at home. An invisible cameraman. Every video is a prank yet still gets pranked. Logics everywhere

    Salman MalikSalman MalikGiorno fa
  • Weren’t you in Koski’s challenge the girl cole

    Fuck you George AbdullahFuck you George Abdullah2 giorni fa