First Helicopter Lesson! Robinson R44

26 lug 2020
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(Sorry for the long wait, it took me a while to produce this one!!)
A few weeks ago I had my very first helicopter flight training… It was awesome! Join me as I step into the world of rotor flying, attempt my first hover, and learn all about autorotation.
This is all new to me, and I’m eager to learn these new skills!
A big thank you to my sponsor Norm Stetson, my wonderful instructor Bjorn, and only the best cameraman Maarten for making this all possible! And of course, I also want to thank my boyfriend Maurits for filming and editing this special experience into a video that I can now share with all of you.

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- Editing has removed certain context
- I am speaking out of my own experience, rules and regulations may vary per aircraft and/or country
- I am learning and improving everyday and encourage you to share your insights or point out any areas of improvement :-)

  • Great video and editing. Helo flying is a whole new world. So much fun. You’re a natural.

    C.W. LemoineC.W. Lemoine4 mesi fa
    • Good seeing you over here Mover.

      Chiko KishiChiko Kishi2 mesi fa
    • @Pilot Bambi now even rotor flying - you expand your boundaries step by step! xD

      ardschuna88ardschuna883 mesi fa
    • Thank you!! I'm having a blast with the training 😁definitely a whole new world!!

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi3 mesi fa
  • I'm a fixed wing pilot, and I got my helicopter add-on rating after about 250 hours of fixed wing. I got the rating in about 35 hours before my check ride. Needless to say, I felt pretty cocky about my performance. But, if a had to compare my first lesson to yours, I'd have to admit that you put me to shame. Really impressive job! I think you found your calling.

    Carlos WaznyCarlos Wazny10 ore fa
  • Thanyou to everyone that commented on the initial upload!! Unfortunately due to a ITworlds bug, I had to re-upload 😢 A good reason to re-watch 😉

    Edilberto TemploEdilberto Templo2 giorni fa
  • Good job, you obviously have a great feel on your control inputs.

    james johnsonjames johnson2 giorni fa
  • How far can you go in a helicopter like this?

    Eli SparksEli Sparks4 giorni fa

    ساندیسساندیس5 giorni fa
  • Great presentation. I’m surprised by how bare-bones the helicopter really is. The control yoke looks like bicycle handlebars.

    SuperPussyFingerSuperPussyFinger5 giorni fa
  • She seems to be looking at him instead of concentrating on what’ she is doing He looks like a fantastic trainer 👍

    jeffrosamsonjeffrosamson6 giorni fa
  • That was great. He's also an excellent instructor.

    ReticuliReticuli6 giorni fa
  • Hovedring in the first lesson.. just hand her the license

    Payt LarosPayt Laros6 giorni fa
  • Good.

    유대수유대수6 giorni fa
  • Hey, I know the guy that runs that place

    Rich GRich G7 giorni fa
  • You couldn’t get me into a Robinson 44 if you stuck a gun to my head.

    LairdDougalLairdDougal7 giorni fa
  • Amazing effort Bambi, you were really so cool about it all. This video is really good to watch. Also really nice is your taste in music, the one where you were checking the aircraft was short and I am pining for it, lol. What's the artist and title of the music at 4:51 please?

    VictorVictor7 giorni fa
  • Dús! Cursus stonecole English.

    henk vrielinghenk vrieling7 giorni fa
  • Congrats Well done 👍

    ZifahZifah7 giorni fa
  • Can't believe that was your first rotary lesson. Marvelous!

    Mike T ScottMike T Scott8 giorni fa
  • May i training? How much cost. Iam in india.

    Samson guntaganiSamson guntagani8 giorni fa
  • Great video , great istructor .

    Samson guntaganiSamson guntagani8 giorni fa
  • The two biggest smiles for a pilot, your first flight and your first solo flight. :-)

    Rick GRick G9 giorni fa
    • Three - passing your flight test!

      George ReynoldsGeorge Reynolds5 giorni fa
  • What’s the cost??

    Antonio RodriguezAntonio Rodriguez10 giorni fa
  • Where is this at??

    Antonio RodriguezAntonio Rodriguez10 giorni fa
  • 🤔 a perfect hover is not as easy as it looks both the helicopter and wether are fighting you at all times...

    Michael BeckMichael Beck10 giorni fa
  • 🤔 Much respect... flying a helicopter is not easy ... a helicopter should not be able to fly at all ... YOU have to be on top of it 120 % AT all time in air other wise it will kill you , IT IS trying the best it can at all time only thing stopping this from happening is a good and cool pilot.

    Michael BeckMichael Beck10 giorni fa
    • Same applies to many jobs and activities!

      George ReynoldsGeorge Reynolds5 giorni fa
  • Nice colour!

    Victoria NjeriVictoria Njeri11 giorni fa
  • That chopper is like a Dyson design!

  • how much per hour are these to fly?

    Rob TRob T11 giorni fa
  • Just curious: Was there a single second from the GoPro Max in this video?

    YemskyYemsky11 giorni fa
  • Yes 🥰 in Bell 47 I flow solo only on the ground hover after 7 hours no instructor big lap after 20 hour solo never forget it was a blast 10 - 4 US - Springfield,Mo. Airpark south ! You did absolut amazing I can believe it - I flow R 44 / 2019 the very first time at Mallorca and R 22 first time in 1990 California and Mallorca 2018 ! Autorotation's the fun part Bell 47 I did with wooden Rotorblates very awesome 👍 my one per hours US - 123, - US $ / Mallorca R 22 per hour 400, - Euro ! R 44 - 600, - € yes check your money 💰 box

    Werner WiedonWerner Wiedon11 giorni fa
  • Wow. It took me hours just to remember to push the left pedal when adding power instead of the right pedal. ;)

    Andrew DiamondAndrew Diamond12 giorni fa
  • 18:12 my heart dropped i thought that was gonna be a tail strike

    Majd AL HADYMajd AL HADY12 giorni fa
  • Wow! What quick progress for a first Heli flight!

    The Begg Family AnticsThe Begg Family Antics12 giorni fa
  • Bravo! I'd fly with this crew! Definitely! Blessings 🙏

    LoveLight ShiningLoveLight Shining12 giorni fa
  • Sounds like she's a natural. She can fly that Red Bull helicopter with loops =D

    Joe SmithJoe Smith13 giorni fa
  • Yeah... From what I understand is the Robinson aircraft(R22 and R44) are extremely nimble and agile. At least that's what it's like in my FS Sim. They say if you can,fly an Robinson you can fly any helo.

    shakenamashakenama13 giorni fa
  • I’m a mama of two and finally working on myself and decided to go and get my license in flying a helicopters. Is there any tips other than what’s in the video?

    Celina AndersonCelina Anderson13 giorni fa
  • Amazing

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day17 giorni fa
  • Watchout my channel if u want to see R44 flying at Himalaya.

    Mr. YetiMr. Yeti17 giorni fa
  • Sexy both women & heli

    JesseFpvJesseFpv18 giorni fa
  • You made this look SO FUN! Hope to do this myself someday, especially now :)

    Jason MillerJason Miller18 giorni fa
  • Try that in a 22 without hydraulics and uprated blades . R44 great machine, well done very impressed 😎

    kevin joneskevin jones19 giorni fa
  • Really well done! Congratulations!

    Doug ForceDoug Force19 giorni fa
  • I wanna be ur flying love honey I love aircrafts

    Ryan MoRyan Mo19 giorni fa
  • its good

    Yin Mei ManYin Mei Man22 giorni fa
  • I have my first lesson tomorrow.

    Mr PercivalMr Percival22 giorni fa
  • Omg! a female and a helicopter? I can just see her flying into the next hill as she's texting her friend saying " guess what I'm doing right now"

    Music SchoolMusic School23 giorni fa
  • WOW I think that nice lady did SO so well in that helicopter for her FIRST lesson, I hope she keeps it up, and become a fantastic Helicopter Pilot, I'm sure she will.

    Graeme WilceGraeme Wilce27 giorni fa
  • I'm a 47 year old man in the US. I've always wanted a career flying helicopters, but I couldn't join the regular military to get my start. I've been a laborer for 30 years and never could afford lessons. I chose to spend my extra money rescuing and caring for unwanted animals. My heart is full of love, but it's a dream I've had since I was 15. I'm so glad to see others get to live their dream! I'll keep just doing the purpose God gave me. Maybe I'll fly in my next life? I dunno. I've got a better job because I give my little ones a chance they never would have and they are so HAPPY!!!!!

    UniqueLifter205#UniqueLifter205#28 giorni fa
    • @Halil Köroğlu Sadly there are no jobs that PAY. You have to pay to help stray animals.

      UniqueLifter205#UniqueLifter205#8 giorni fa
    • Sir, could you share a bit information about your job? I help stray animals too, but I dont know what kind of career opportunities about it over there.

      Halil KöroğluHalil Köroğlu8 giorni fa
  • Wayyyyy to many ads

    allworthtallworthtMese fa
  • Your trains pilot she has no gloves for pre Flt inspection for safety Thanks

    Liaqat KhanLiaqat KhanMese fa
  • Great 👍

    Harjinder SinghHarjinder SinghMese fa
  • you fly really good for the first time and you look like real Pilot I'm proud of you good luck 👍

    j kj kMese fa
  • What an awesome job of flying this gorgeous gal did, and she's cute too!!!

    Terry GarrettTerry GarrettMese fa
  • Great !!

    Keith RaynerKeith RaynerMese fa
  • Even watching the intro makes me incredibly jealous!!!!

    Disco in KernowDisco in KernowMese fa
  • Think my t shirt would be dark grey.

    mike Jamesmike JamesMese fa
  • Fantastic first flight. Now I wish I had done this after I got my private.

    Dennis CornellDennis CornellMese fa
  • The FAA Accident Investigation Office keeps, as a lark, one of those "Days Since Last Accidents" board that you see in construction sites. Except this one has "Days Since Last Robinson Accident". It never gets to the double digits.

    Drink SnappleDrink SnappleMese fa
  • Great job!!! Ah I see C.W. was here great channel as well. @pilot Bambi I look forward to your helicopter success!

    J TimeJ TimeMese fa
  • Does a helicopter flight simulator exist so that one can gain the "feel" without expen$ive helicopter time?

    Robert GiftRobert GiftMese fa
  • One day I will grow my channel and collaborate with you! 😌✈️

    Addon C. MerlyAddon C. MerlyMese fa
  • Enjoyed this,thankyou.

    Tony BennettTony BennettMese fa
  • Wow, the dude looks at the fuel gauge for fuel capacity. A monstrously big no no. A good pilot will ALWAYS stick the tank for capacity.

    Bart SimpsonBart SimpsonMese fa
  • Great instructor and great flying Bambi. Have fun!

    Roy GradidgeRoy GradidgeMese fa
  • great video.. thanks for sharing

    Richard CarewRichard CarewMese fa
  • Great job very impressive! Thanks for the video.

    Taylor PembertonTaylor PembertonMese fa
  • Sir you are a good instructer ,can you teach me the flying,I am Dara Singh Jat from India

    dara singhdara singhMese fa
  • The first part of the video seemed like Helicopter porn 😂😂

    Luke CagueLuke CagueMese fa
  • Bambi, You did a great job on your first flight. It will not take you long at all to get as comfortable in the Helo cockpit as you are in the cockpit of a plane. Well done young lady, very well done. I look forward to your next video.

    Phillip BromePhillip BromeMese fa
  • Great video. Looks like a blast.

    omniomnivoromniomnivorMese fa
  • That's a millionaires' hobby

    candelita2011candelita2011Mese fa
  • Wow nice job.

    john mckeejohn mckeeMese fa
  • I will watch every video and wishing you the best of luck Bambi. i will also share a story of flying a heli we had just bought from the Sheriffs Office. I'm surprised he doesn't have a piece of yarn glued on the center windshield strip. I just noticed he does have it there :)

    Florida WildlifeFlorida WildlifeMese fa
  • I started flying the R22 in 1985 out of Helistream at John Wayne airport in OC, Ca. One thing you will never forget is your first required cross country flight. Back then I could rent the R22 for $100 per hour including fuel. Good luck and thanks for posting this video! I also have hours in the bell Jet Ranger and OMG, like a Lambo compared to a VW Ghia. I'm 61 now and only fly my drones. With fpv goggles it is as immersive as piloting a heli but much safer. Liked and subbed!

    Florida WildlifeFlorida WildlifeMese fa
  • informative video

    Wilbur SaraminesWilbur SaraminesMese fa
  • Awesome video ty. I didnt know you could keep throttle at around 25% and take off like that. Interesting info

    Mr RubensteinMr RubensteinMese fa
  • Fantastic lesson. Looks like so much fun. Instructor was so chill and Bambi was a natural can't wait to fly 1 day :)

    The Kid GTThe Kid GTMese fa
    • Thanks!! Happy you liked the video :)

      Pilot BambiPilot BambiMese fa
  • Very well done!! You have a real touch for rotary wing. Keep training!!

    Stephen HairStephen Hair2 mesi fa
  • Nice✅

    Lauro SaldanaLauro Saldana2 mesi fa
    • Pilot Bambi yes you are fire 🔥 😉

      Lauro SaldanaLauro Saldana2 mesi fa
    • Thanks 🔥

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • cantik banget

    Dwi YantoDwi Yanto2 mesi fa
  • I wish I could get my license. I bet I could hover and fly also.

    Bobby SBobby S2 mesi fa
    • I'm sure you could too!😁

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • She needs my collective stick to help her to come stable in altitude.

    JAZZ CehicJAZZ Cehic2 mesi fa
  • Liked it? - LOVED IT!!!!

    Gus FoundryGus Foundry2 mesi fa
    • Thanks!! 😁

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • how are you, i hope you and your family are happy and safe ..which country you are from ..

    S R MS R M2 mesi fa
  • good job flying it he is a good instructor as well explains things I love helicopters my favourite is the US APACHE 🚁

    VPPAFVPPAF2 mesi fa
  • great vid..thanks

    defect2889defect28892 mesi fa
  • From a pilot's perspective, this video shows how valuable a great instructor can be. He was very low-key, positive, polite and relaxed and Bambi was as well 👌. Now some instructor's are so hands-on and stressed and the students pickup on that, and they start getting stressed. By the time your hour is over, both instructor and student need a stiff drink and massage to relax and get the knots out of your neck. This was a perfect lesson in training 👌. Low key and positive attitude. Great job Bambi 🙂👍

    jazzdad24jazzdad242 mesi fa
  • Some got it,and some don't. Bambi has it. She's a natural talent, it's in her blood. Great job, Bambi 👍😎 Proud of you girl. 😉

    jazzdad24jazzdad242 mesi fa
  • The first lesson was fantastic. I understand all the words. Nice video ;) Have a nice flight.

    Cesar GarciaCesar Garcia2 mesi fa
  • I am assuming these new helicopters have electronic rotor speed control. I didnt hear "Watch your rotor speed" one time. I learned in a 55 UH12C Hiller and later in a early Bell G3. Both of these helicopters require constant attention to rpm as the only correlation is a tube that pulls on the throttle as you increase collective. First Jet Ranger I flew I thought I was in an elevator. Lets see her do it in an old Bell.

    Anthony SpadaforaAnthony Spadafora2 mesi fa
  • Very very good! The same way to fly in Brazil! Congratulations to instructor, very educate. The R44 is very good!

    Marcus SoaresMarcus Soares2 mesi fa
    • Glad you enjoyed it Thankyou!

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa

  • When i was a kid i always thought flying a helicopter was easier then a plane but when i got older i learned otherwise

    Jacob StrangJacob Strang2 mesi fa
  • does flying RC helicopters count too!

    Ferr FerrFerr Ferr2 mesi fa
    • Ofcourse!

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • Hi Rosita. I am also passionate about aviation. I see you flying small planes and I am very impressed. I am glad that such a beautiful woman is a pilot! This is amazing!!! You are also doing very well with the helicopter. You can see that the machine is listening to you. I must admit that the Robinson R44 is a stable pilot. The instructor is perfect. I am from Poland and with us general aviation is very popular as in the Netherlands. Although I am personally interested in larger machines. I wish you all the best and see you in the sky in the future. ✈🛩🛫🚁

    Wojtas 25Wojtas 252 mesi fa
  • You really need a 3d thinking mind to fly helicopter.

    Patrick PedigoPatrick Pedigo2 mesi fa
    • first few flights are chaos, but I think I'm getting the hang of it 😁

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • Very good Flight instructor after watch this VDO I would like to learn with him.

    DON MIKYDON MIKY2 mesi fa
    • He really is the best!😁

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • Very good editing, keep up the good work

    Lacey ProductionsLacey Productions2 mesi fa
    • Appreciate it! Thank you😁

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa
  • I was 13 when the R44 came out. I was the "yard boy" for the small local airfield local Navy pilots used when their were flying small private planes. (basically did FOD walk downs of the runways and made sure the bathrooms were clean) Bonus: Got check flight in private planes with ACTUAL Combat NAVY fighter pilots. Growing up as a Navy Brat back in the 1980s had it benefits..and video games helped me learn to fly a helicopter

    Old Man MercenaryOld Man Mercenary2 mesi fa
  • Great instructor, great student.

    Shuffler703Shuffler7032 mesi fa
    • Thank you kindly!

      Pilot BambiPilot Bambi2 mesi fa