18 feb 2021
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  • Got invited by monbebe here! Time to watch this masterpiece

    Mingyu AjusshiMingyu Ajusshi4 minuti fa
  • Tan cute ♡.♡

    Lo nuestro es fuego monbebeLo nuestro es fuego monbebe11 minuti fa
  • GOD DAMN IT!! I like it so much 🤤

    Yllas RodavlasYllas Rodavlas14 minuti fa
  • It's amusing to me how when you listen to this song but didn't watch the MV, you may think that it's just a sexy song. But when you factor in the MV, it suddenly becomes this multi-layered song and makes you think, that maybe there's more to it. The MV gave a clear visual representation of the song. amazing.

    IaeIae14 minuti fa
  • we get it, you're hot, changkyunnie. ok but fr, so proud of you. this is phenomenal.

    sabreena shahzadsabreena shahzad25 minuti fa
  • God damn

  • I love you I.M I love this album

    WeBeeWeBee33 minuti fa
  • I.m الحب

    Hw 9Hw 940 minuti fa
  • I.M You are amazing

    Faezeh PlFaezeh Pl41 minuto fa
  • اول شي خطر علي بالي من شفتها جسدك

    فَانْ قِيرَلْ جُولْيِ ٠فَانْ قِيرَلْ جُولْيِ ٠46 minuti fa
  • وربي مره ينفع زوجي نفس موصفاتي بارد و عنده اوشام وباد حتى يدخن واووووووووووووووووووووووو

    MariaMaria48 minuti fa
  • ذا حبقلبي اي ام دونت احتكاك والا الموت ☺

    MariaMaria49 minuti fa
  • شفيه ذا خقمز كذا 🙂 من طرف ماغيا

    فَانْ قِيرَلْ جُولْيِ ٠فَانْ قِيرَلْ جُولْيِ ٠50 minuti fa
  • الاوشام اللي في يده وقعت في حبهها

    MariaMaria50 minuti fa
  • Lo primero que hago al despertar- escuchar god damn Lo último que hago antes de mimir- escuchar god damn :3

    Ana BenitezAna Benitez52 minuti fa
  • god this album is so changkyun like i love it

    simpforkii xxsimpforkii xx53 minuti fa
  • monbebe sigamos así!!!!!!! por favor no se olviden de JooHeon Kihyun todos los chicos y sus trabajos en solitario apoyemos a todos por igual

    Ingrid VarelaIngrid Varela53 minuti fa
  • People who take this as a sign to finally stan Monsta X: "GODDAMN IT I LIKE IT"

    marsbars marsbarsmarsbars marsbars56 minuti fa
  • La facilidad con la que te atrapa

    B Chan · CRAVITYB Chan · CRAVITY56 minuti fa
  • Hay un anuncio de god damn en la app choeaedol! A alguien ya le salió? :3

    Ana BenitezAna Benitez57 minuti fa
  • sigamos y lleguemos aca a los 3M, pasen por Wonho lose y por los MV de honey y wanted

    Estefania GonzalezEstefania GonzalezOra fa
  • I had to pause to catch a breath and calm down.

    LuvBear브론윈LuvBear브론윈Ora fa
  • Al fin tuve tiempo de ver el video. No esperaba menos de I.M Uno de mis raperos favoritos de la industria, me encanta este trabajo espero que le vaya súper bien.

    V StayV StayOra fa
  • лайк лайк лайк лайк лайк класс подписка

    alersnnyealersnnyeOra fa
  • реально это так красиво боже клип на котором я готова жениться

    alersnnyealersnnyeOra fa
  • омагад бро итс со секси

    alersnnyealersnnyeOra fa
  • God Damn, Howlin' and Flower-ed are my favourite songs from the album

    war farewar fareOra fa
  • Nadamas por ustedes, me veo los anuncios completos

    Lee JoohoneyLee JoohoneyOra fa
  • What was doing before this song ? I dont really know! ✨✨✨ART✨✨✨

    Ana Lucía FernandezAna Lucía FernandezOra fa
  • lose god damn love killa wanted psyche smoky intro ambition o.m.o.m repeat

    Natalia VelazquezNatalia VelazquezOra fa
  • Sólo para recordarles que nos tomó *23 horas y 40 minutos* llegar al millón con God Damn.

    Montserrat ArriagaMontserrat ArriagaOra fa
  • I'm speechless . . . Every single time I come here, I have to remind myself that I'm very loyal to Honey

    GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest waysGOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest waysOra fa
  • How he can look that tormented and sexy at the same time?

    Diana GilDiana GilOra fa
  • Str34m more

    Daysi FDaysi FOra fa
  • Kyunbebes where are you

    Rose HanRose HanOra fa
  • How many kyunbebes are proud of him

    Rose HanRose HanOra fa
  • Vamos por más

    Danidani 7Danidani 72 ore fa
  • IM please share oxygen with me cause I can't breath right now...

    Lil MeowLil Meow2 ore fa
  • Sigamos, sigamos, sigamos!!!

    Dayli NoveloDayli Novelo2 ore fa
  • Sigue siendo mi canción favorita junto con happy to die~~ aunque es difícil elegir con las joyas que hay en este álbum

    kyun xkyun x2 ore fa
  • God damn i like it!!!!!

    Got7 sunshineGot7 sunshine2 ore fa
  • Dios quiero ver ese 3M yaaa T.T

    Natalia VelazquezNatalia Velazquez2 ore fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Maria GomezMaria Gomez2 ore fa
  • wowwww, AMAZING I.M!

    Mari OakMari Oak2 ore fa
  • Veo en los comentarios que dicen que la canción trata de una relación tóxica y más, me recuerda cuando Chang dijo que la canción que le representaba era missbehave la cual creo que tb trata de una relación tóxica, me pregunto si él vivió/vive eso xdd

    Ana BenitezAna Benitez2 ore fa
  • its really good, I.M you amazing

    anna loves honeyanna loves honey2 ore fa
  • Changkyun duality ♡

    Only MonbebeOnly Monbebe2 ore fa

    Aruzhan RakhimovaAruzhan Rakhimova2 ore fa
  • me salió el mv de wonho como anuncio aaakajdjsk

    god monstagod monsta2 ore fa
  • 3M voy por ustedes

    god monstagod monsta2 ore fa
  • 2.743.207 str34m please ^^

    Diana CloudDiana Cloud3 ore fa
  • One of my favorite songs

    Potato SamaPotato Sama3 ore fa
  • I just Loved

    Potato SamaPotato Sama3 ore fa
  • Abi kardeş ikisi de beni bitirdi

    JaleJale3 ore fa
  • Eu dançando com corpinho de Lagartixa 👁️👄👁️🤚

    Potato SamaPotato Sama3 ore fa
  • OMG..

    Potato SamaPotato Sama3 ore fa
  • god damn it i'm obsessed

    0325제하0325제하3 ore fa
  • Burdan Merveye tişikkir edirim bana bu şarkıyı önerdiği için eheheh:)))

    Aysel Nur YılmazAysel Nur Yılmaz3 ore fa
  • I know he doesn't want to perform in music show, but SSE should do better in promoting his solo :(

    Antonia V.Antonia V.3 ore fa
    • Yeah starship literally gave 0 promotion for this. No variety show or radio. No ad too. They didnt do anything for him even tho he is doing well in chart

      Pem anPem an3 ore fa


  • I'm stay here again, 'cause I' m haven't gotten over this song

    changkyun biasedchangkyun biased3 ore fa
  • Çok güzelsin ve mv

    sheymashi TURKEY TURKİSHsheymashi TURKEY TURKİSH3 ore fa
  • Dear Changkyun, thank you for your hard work. please stay healthy and know that we are always here for you. we love you the way you are and will *FOREVER* support you ♡

    SarahSarah3 ore fa
  • Amazing

    pinkskiesbluecloudspinkskiesblueclouds3 ore fa

    vectra lahuvectra lahu3 ore fa
  • 1.5 bin kişinin neyi beğenmediğini sorguladım mv boyunca bulamadım

    ZiacoZiaco3 ore fa
  • Elleri

    ZiacoZiaco3 ore fa
  • God damn it i like it ~

    SENASENA3 ore fa
  • Fire

    Rama Al-shaweishRama Al-shaweish3 ore fa
  • Por favor que antes del lunes, llegue a 3M... Chang nos quiso decir que no todo el tiempo se siente bien, quizás ahora este bajoneado sigamos haciendo buenos números por nuestro lindo maknae!

    Ana BenitezAna Benitez4 ore fa
    • También hagan str34m a Wonho! Y a Jooheon kiki a todos!

      Ana BenitezAna Benitez4 ore fa
  • Keep str3aming. Less than 300k for 3 million. Also keep str3aming LOSE

    061 Rhea dsouza061 Rhea dsouza4 ore fa
  • love the comments of people seeing it in their recommneded and loving it :): go and listen to the full album on spotify

    Natalia VelazquezNatalia Velazquez4 ore fa
  • I love you

    Dan AyukavaDan Ayukava4 ore fa
  • 3 M

    DeyaneiraDeyaneira4 ore fa
  • Dang starship really dont want to promote him at all as a solo huh?? I dont see starship doing any promotion for him?? I understand they didnt promote this song on music broadcast but still no solo variety show or radio?? Or korea interview?? The only thing he did for his promotion in korea only dispatch interview which is I hate it and I dont wanna support any dispatch content even tho they did interview with my faves.

    Pem anPem an4 ore fa
    • @Pem an yes i hope too. he has great potential it's sad that a lot of people still don't know him

      war farewar fareOra fa
    • @war fare oh he is def not their priority. I hope after their contract end, he will finally free and leave starship so no one will be stopping him doing solo project n releasing all his music n his efforts and hardworks will not be neglected. Starship basically is wasting his time and talents.

      Pem anPem an2 ore fa
    • I was thinking about it too. I guess Starship pretended that there was no solo. Maybe it would be better for them if he flopped because he is not in the priority of the company

      war farewar fare2 ore fa
  • Ohhh sexy

    chastiser Lonechastiser Lone4 ore fa
  • Ay hadi artık 3m olsun ya

    berraaaberraaa4 ore fa
  • Lan yorumlarım gitmiyor ağliçam

    Firuze Hanım'n Kepçük Loey' iFiruze Hanım'n Kepçük Loey' i4 ore fa
  • Goddammit I like this. This came in my tl and bless youtube for recommending something so good

    Aditi MajhiAditi Majhi4 ore fa
  • This is my daily regimen. Watch God Damn everyday for a better quality of life. I love this man ♥️

    TJ NTJ N4 ore fa
  • I don't need to watch the mv ... I already know this song give sexy vibe .. because of his voice ... Seeing the mv .. now I'm dying .. *Sorry for my broken English

    Adila KhairyAdila Khairy5 ore fa
  • Hope we get 3m soon!!!

    Ohmykyuness KkukkungieOhmykyuness Kkukkungie5 ore fa
  • opss I really can't stop listening to this song. INSANE

    ka teka te5 ore fa
  • I need a BTS for this MV please Starship!

    Sarzie ZoneSarzie Zone5 ore fa
  • Why the heck did youtube just recommended this today

    Nazreen NavaNazreen Nava5 ore fa
  • I love u I.M

    Danidani 7Danidani 75 ore fa
  • Biraz da bu hsp

    ziaco3ziaco35 ore fa
  • I Love you I.m

    فان سندريلاة الكيبوب شاشاشا سنسونفان سندريلاة الكيبوب شاشاشا سنسون5 ore fa
  • i watch this video everyday

    Tumise AyoadeTumise Ayoade5 ore fa

    MX SGMX SG6 ore fa

    MX SGMX SG6 ore fa
  • 2.7M

    MX SGMX SG6 ore fa
  • I love u changkyun

    Govt. Rathi Sr. Sec. School, NokhaGovt. Rathi Sr. Sec. School, Nokha6 ore fa
  • Changkyun world domination

    Govt. Rathi Sr. Sec. School, NokhaGovt. Rathi Sr. Sec. School, Nokha6 ore fa
  • St34m Wanted God damn Lose Also, their mixtapes ,covers ,and ost

    gss Nandragss Nandra6 ore fa
  • Changkyun supermacy

    gss Nandragss Nandra6 ore fa
  • Allhm tahmini şu mv nin ne zmn 3 oldupunu görürüz ya

    ZiacoZiaco6 ore fa
  • im done with KISS ME DOWN TILL IM NAKED hshshshshsh

    Hara ParkHara Park6 ore fa

    OttipawaOttipawa7 ore fa
    • Bnede vallaa nolur tez vakitte gelsin ya rndm

      ZiacoZiaco6 ore fa