Rottweiler Dog Adopts Stray Puppy and Makes his Life Happy

18 feb 2021
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  • What a beautiful baby! 😍😍😭😭😭

    R SR S2 minuti fa
  • 😭

    Jeig0Jeig016 minuti fa
  • #help ive seen you guys are doing a real job, im very worried about another chanel that has dozens of kitten videos were she find bathes the kitten, but never do we see vet visit or pics of the kitten, grown up or adopted never a mention of what happened to last videos kitten just video after video of kittens but never vet visit and never after pics, the only alternative is shes killing them or redumping them chanel is called, lily ivo

    Polly gPolly g23 minuti fa
  • I dont know how People can put hand down under video like this :(

    SzogizSzogiz35 minuti fa
  • Archies a very good boy.

    Sandy WorkmanSandy Workman46 minuti fa
  • Dogs are such amazing creatures, their ability to love unconditionally is what makes them so important in ours lives.

    KyserKyser46 minuti fa
  • Well done!

    Matt R.Matt R.Ora fa
  • God bless you guys 🥰 all my love, from Canada 🇨🇦

    TorQueSS JTorQueSS JOra fa
  • What country is this in?? Also thank you for helping the puppy ❤❤

    Kay MarkKay MarkOra fa
  • You ladies are awesome.

    Dean LongthonDean LongthonOra fa
  • Ty guys for helping and caring.u should buy a baby bath to wash all the pups u guys help and use a jug or cup to take the shampoo off.the ❤🐶

    Sharon WhittakerSharon WhittakerOra fa
  • So, where's part 2. Can we get a vlog or something

    C.E.O BREEzeC.E.O BREEzeOra fa
  • Whoever abandoned this poor baby, I hope you fall in a deep hole.

    Kelcie BeckerKelcie BeckerOra fa
  • Omg. Poor little babe. Who could abandon a baby like this?!

    Susan Vaughan-schieleSusan Vaughan-schieleOra fa
  • Seriously crushes me that this happens ... glad that baby found a safe place ... much love

    T CT COra fa
  • He looks so sweet when he was picked up and cuddled. How could someone abandon this baby?

    MagiccitymamaMagiccitymama2 ore fa
  • Love people who love animal's even if they don't like me its not me that counts all they ask for is a loving home and what do BAPs do act like actors but real people have love.

    upforthe downstrokeupforthe downstroke2 ore fa
  • For those people who have helped Archie, please know that you made the world a whold lot better. Thank you. May God bless you more.

    Bryan GayoBryan Gayo2 ore fa
  • Every dog deserves a home.

    Bryan GayoBryan Gayo2 ore fa
  • If this is legitimate, great! God bless these people for helping these little animals. The world is has many terrible people. That said, what if the terrible people are doing this to the animals so they can make a capital gain by playing on your heart strings. Its suspect that many cases the animals are puppies. What is the likelihood that we are unwittingly supporters of animal cruelty by supporting unverified rescue channels like this?

    Rick foxRick fox3 ore fa
  • It’s just just too cute to cute I can’t handle it

    Max Thao.Max Thao.4 ore fa
  • God bless you all! Archie's is adorable and seems like a gentle little soul.

    Not YouNot You4 ore fa
  • I feel ya Archie...😉

    Preach MannPreach Mann4 ore fa
  • Love truly cures all. You are amazing!

    laura schulzlaura schulz4 ore fa
  • Precious.

    Lora ScelsiLora Scelsi4 ore fa
  • What a darling puppy. And you are darling people.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Nancy JeffriesNancy Jeffries4 ore fa
  • I owned a female Rottie. We rescued her at 4 years old. She was the most gentle, loving dog I've ever had. Rotties are nothing like their reputation.

    Greig CahillGreig Cahill4 ore fa
  • That was like a Disney movie. Well done everyone & good luck to Archie.

    Greig CahillGreig Cahill4 ore fa
  • Bless you 🙏💯!!!

    Healthy HippyHealthy Hippy4 ore fa
  • God bless🙏 you literally make my eyes wet

  • Thank you so much for saving that poor puppy!

    Jodi FJodi F5 ore fa
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    NathanNathan5 ore fa
  • God bless you guys really you are true hero's thank you thank you

    Edgar AramaniEdgar Aramani5 ore fa
  • why didn't the person who sent the video pick him up? They risked his life to freezing before the rescuers arrived. What if they couldn't find him?

    Kristi DukeKristi Duke5 ore fa
  • How sweet! Makes me teary-eyed. God bless your family. You guys are such sweet, wonderful and kind souls...!! ❤

    Richa GoelRicha Goel5 ore fa
  • Rough start for him...beautiful ending🙂

    Patty BarnesPatty Barnes5 ore fa
  • Archie is so adorable 😍 💖 and thank you for saving him 💗

    Diane ArmooganDiane Armoogan5 ore fa
  • And shows how loving rottweilers actually are too.

    Brandine MorganBrandine Morgan5 ore fa
  • The poor baby! Thank you soo much for helping the little one! This made me cry 😭

    Candace BaughmanCandace Baughman6 ore fa
  • Omg I hate people that is so cruel to leave that baby out there like that I'm a grown man and I'm literally crying have tears streaming down my face . I would kill someone for mistreating that baby ..

    Lambo LamboLambo Lambo6 ore fa
  • I hate people sometimes then I have to watch these videos so I know not everyone's a asshole

    Daniel BlakeleyDaniel Blakeley6 ore fa
  • The puppy needed nap time. He was so sleepy.

    Fil MartFil Mart6 ore fa
  • People dump animals like this are on the same level as pedophiles and well everyone know what should hsppen to them!

    Todd BaumannTodd Baumann6 ore fa
  • God bless you for rescuing that poor puppy💐 What does it say for the human that could dump a beautiful puppy like trash . I will never be able to understand this cruel behavior .

    Albert ParisiAlbert Parisi6 ore fa
  • Thank you guys, for your kindness...

    Leo HernandezLeo Hernandez6 ore fa
  • The subscriber couldn’t take it inside 😂🤷‍♂️

    Darcy BlohmDarcy Blohm6 ore fa
  • Because of this post i sent you a donation, it's more than the suggested amount. I will make this a regular thing. Thank you for the tremendous work you do.

    Garry ardenGarry arden6 ore fa
  • 💗💗💗

    Paivi ProjectPaivi Project6 ore fa
  • Starts at 2:30

    Greg MontañoGreg Montaño6 ore fa
  • You had the the opportunity to rescue him, and YOU DID! Thank you so, so much. Beautiful people and beautiful Rottie. Wishing you all a happy life 😘❤😘

    Cyn SchoumeuCyn Schoumeu7 ore fa
  • 😔😔😭😭💔💔🙏

    Rita MosesRita Moses7 ore fa
  • Cute little dog!

    Davis 1118Davis 11187 ore fa
  • nice

    heart attack on a plateheart attack on a plate7 ore fa
  • Remy is such a good mama! ❤

    sister golden hairsister golden hair7 ore fa
  • That picture at 6:39 it looks like puppy is laid back so relaxed with his front paws behind his head ,lol ADORABLE !

    Vb1953Vb19537 ore fa
  • so tired of these staged video's

    FleaFlea7 ore fa
  • I'm surprised that kitty doesn't attack the rotties long tail

    Mark PaulMark Paul7 ore fa
  • Rotties are the bestest of best friends

    Mark PaulMark Paul7 ore fa
  • People who abandon animals should be jailed for a long long time

    Peter AnkersPeter Ankers7 ore fa
  • I don't understand how someone can be so heartless to leave an animal to die alone.

    6Twisted6Twisted7 ore fa
  • Graças a Deus existe pessoas boas que acolhem este lindos Doguinhos... Eles merecem todo nosso amor e respeito. Parabéns à todas vcs que o acolheu. Sejam felizes 💖💞💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Luciene SoaresLuciene Soares8 ore fa
  • 👍👍👍✨✨✨

    Lil BabyLil Baby8 ore fa
  • There are truely good people around. Thank you for being the personal angels for Archie. May your lives always be blessed with love and with what you really need. You are a model for all of us.

    Reinhold BoboReinhold Bobo8 ore fa
  • Most of the video is of the people just looking for a dog and going to the vet

    Aaron DrakeAaron Drake8 ore fa
  • Sweet baby, bless you all who go above and beyond the call of loving all living unconditionally ❤,

    Lisa CrowleyLisa Crowley8 ore fa
  • Great Rescue!!

    Carol AlmeidaCarol Almeida8 ore fa
  • Im going to have too many animals one day....

    Alex 315Alex 3158 ore fa
  • Im a 6ft2 15stone man and shit like this makes me cry everytime lol

    ScottyScotty8 ore fa
  • The love you give is returning to your lives ten times over. God bless you 🙏

    Goddess CapricornGoddess Capricorn8 ore fa
  • Yall need to stop adding music to animal videos Jesus.. cute dog btw

    drno0o7drno0o79 ore fa
  • I don't get it, if i saw it i would be taking it home and makign it my new dog, not leaving it on the streets

    jocky 102jocky 1029 ore fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

    Younger Heavy industriesYounger Heavy industries9 ore fa
  • Real life super women 😍😍

    Scum Mobile GamingScum Mobile Gaming9 ore fa
  • Nice story! Like your choice of background music. Cute pup!

    Chris MartinChris Martin9 ore fa
  • Brasil 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Cilene GobboCilene Gobbo9 ore fa
  • Thanks 🙏

    Amo A Los perrosAmo A Los perros9 ore fa
  • God bless you. A life is a life.

    HappyJackSladeHappyJackSlade9 ore fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    spartiate20081spartiate200819 ore fa
  • It's a miracle he made it. In a -16C, a small dog has about an hour chance. He was there for about 2 hours till found. Why would anyone do this to an animal?!

    Anne HaaseAnne Haase9 ore fa
  • I’m more impressed the Rottie has a tail. Kudos

    Richard smithRichard smith9 ore fa
  • Brave uaglione!

    pigo & pogo malescypigo & pogo malescy10 ore fa
  • Dog thinks he’s in heaven

    JJ10 ore fa
  • At this point imma leave a sign say "if you can't care for the dog/cat etc drop it off at my door and I'll take care of them" IDC if I get like 50 animals. I hate seeing them out like this, if you can't care for them find a new owner or drop them off at an animal shelter :'(

    NoLife GamingNoLife Gaming10 ore fa
  • It begs the question of why didn't the finder take it inside to be collected securely?

    Roger FrancisRoger Francis10 ore fa
  • God bless you all.

    Gothnymph13Gothnymph1310 ore fa
  • Find them.

    SerienmörderSerienmörder11 ore fa
  • Its things like this thats restores faith in humanity.

    Tk FianderTk Fiander11 ore fa
  • You cannot adopt your own child.

    A Youtube ChannelA Youtube Channel11 ore fa
  • 🇮🇹🎆😥😥😥😥😥😥😥🇨🇵♥️☀️🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐶😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😀

    Lina BarbaraLina Barbara11 ore fa
  • I can't understand how someone could do that to a helpless little guy.. ☹️

    EinieN JEinieN J11 ore fa
  • Most humans still cave men level, loose only hair and not evolved moral

    jouni kjouni k11 ore fa
  • I have a rotweiler, a pitbull and a pocket dog (dont know what the breed is called) but damn -16, i was worried about that puppy and to think texan people cries at -1°c

    z.f. chickenz.f. chicken11 ore fa
  • ❤️🥰🐶🐾

    E SE S12 ore fa
  • I'm still trying to figure you out you show random things that taking place but it's not exactly relating to you

    Odaysa MonberasaiOdaysa Monberasai12 ore fa
  • Muchísimas gracias, precioso video 🙏❤️🙂

    Nuria de la VegaNuria de la Vega12 ore fa
  • Bless

    Patricia MangumPatricia Mangum12 ore fa
  • I was crying why can people do that. Thank you that you saved him

    Tom`s CollectionTom`s Collection12 ore fa
  • Oh how I would love to be chilling in my car and just see somebody dump a puppy in the snow and try to walk away thanks to my car they wouldn't have legs to walk away

    Daniel ChristyDaniel Christy13 ore fa
  • you ladies show that there is angels on earth. Thank you for what you do. I will sign up to donate.

    molly sunshinemolly sunshine13 ore fa
  • Ley PPP, no hay más que decir

    YA!YA!13 ore fa