Fighting Goddess Tifa - Neoclassicism x O2 studio

8 apr 2021
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Brands/团队: Neoclassicism x O2
Product/作品: Fighting Goddess Tifa, 格斗女​​神蒂法
Height, Width, Length/高,宽,长: 1/4
Normal - Exchangeable breast + removable skirts + realistic eyes sticker
Normal - 上身替换胸,短裙可脱卸, 写实水贴眼睛
Deluxe - 1 more extra head with glass eyes head sculpt / 多一个特点玻璃眼珠版头雕

  • *sigh* I guess *unzips pants*

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  • I watched the video for the plot guys

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  • You bought the stand and figurine is only extra? Holy shit its so detailed

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  • I won't lie her face was a bit disappointing lmao

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  • Love Tifa, this is an awesome piece! At first I wasn't crazy about how the chest looked but that was very quickly fixed after the underarm was added 😂 forgot that's like a signature look for her.

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  • What's under the skirt

  • Why do they give these characters such big warlocks....

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  • Fighting goddess Tifa? Naw, thats Big Tiddy Tifa.

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