The terrifying, confusing world of "Princess Christmas" movies

20 nov 2020
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  • The best one by far is: Prince of Peoria: A Christmas Moose Miracle

    Red EraRed Era12 minuti fa
  • I love the protein shake joke, but he forgot the protein

    Peter OseladorPeter Oselador2 ore fa
  • Calpirnia is the name of a character from To Kill a Mockingbird for gods sake

    RomanRoman8 ore fa
  • 2:42 God's last name isn't Damn. Praised be the Name of the Lord!

    MariusIoannesPMariusIoannesP10 ore fa
  • My grandmother and I love watching those Christmas princess movies not because we like them but because they are SO BAD that we can't help but laugh.

    Milonia DaemonMilonia Daemon12 ore fa
  • An ordinary woman and a princess switch places. That sounds awfully a lot like Garfield 2: a tail of 2 Kitties

    WagWanPiffTingFamAlamWagWanPiffTingFamAlam15 ore fa
  • Drew Gooden looks different here

    Courtnie KomCourtnie Kom17 ore fa
  • 2:54 And is set in a place, which if you look it up, looks nothing like its portrayed in the movie... XD

    KayDubsKayDubs18 ore fa
  • I think one of those Snowglobe movies might be a mockbuster of the one that came before.

    John ReviewsJohn Reviews18 ore fa
  • The reason they don't use real countries is because their target audience knows the names of every member of the royal family

    Oliver PearceOliver Pearce18 ore fa
  • Oh Uh Woopsie Doodle I have now Brain Ambalyism

    Alphon MöllerAlphon Möller20 ore fa
  • I expect royalty free Christmas songs 8 to contain sleigh bells under the Christmas snow.

  • Next on Jack Talks: the magical world of Adam Sandler's movies.

    Trash #666Trash #666Giorno fa
  • bold of you to assume adult women watch your content

    QuerppQuerppGiorno fa
  • Jack you're losing your mind about them making A Christmas Prince Trilogy and Princess Switch sequel, when it goes deeper, they also crossover. The characters from Christmas Prince show up in the Princess Switch 2.

    Rooney DuncanRooney DuncanGiorno fa
  • How have I never seen one of these Hallmark christmas movies? I used to watch christmas movies non stop every year.

    breadsandwichbreadsandwichGiorno fa
  • i feel like jack is drew gonzales' drunk angry uncle

    Grace StimeGrace StimeGiorno fa
  • Jack is cultured on the good movie series The Princess Diaries. We live to see it

    Your Grunkle StanYour Grunkle StanGiorno fa
  • What am I gonna do in Christmas? Watch all the Yiay episodes

    A Talking SwordA Talking SwordGiorno fa
  • Theres gotta be a Night Train Into Christmas movie made, where a poor girl runs into and falls in love with a prince on a train that has a fireplace and a Christmas tree.

    Alex PanzerAlex PanzerGiorno fa
  • Its porn for women

    Alex PanzerAlex PanzerGiorno fa
  • I showed this to my mom and she got very upset 😂😂 She was even like those weren’t all hallmark movies! My dad thought it was hilarious

    Chloe20134Chloe20134Giorno fa
  • “Royalty Filled Christmas Movies” PUT EM ANYWHEEEEERRRREEE!

    J DiesoJ DiesoGiorno fa
  • Bring back autotune jesus you coward

    Norrin RaddNorrin RaddGiorno fa
  • love how a princess for christmas is being advertised to me in the sidebar

    lynlynGiorno fa
  • For a second there I was like: "wait! Maldovia's a real place..." but then I realized they just spelled it wrong to pretend it's not a name of an actual place in Europe...

    FromAsgard32FromAsgard32Giorno fa
  • Saw the title and immediately thought of 'braver'

    LuxLux2 giorni fa
  • LOL I work regularly for the company that made “Christmas with a Prince” the poster you showed at 2:18. I even worked on the sequel “Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal”. We do all the filming here in Canada, most of the talent is Canadian too. The thing to understand about these movies is that we who make these movies are all well aware that we’re making the same garbage that’s been made hundreds of times. The networks who hire studios like the one I work for are just looking for the romance concept that their demographic will watch because its got the right buzzwords. It’s essentially click bait for middle-aged American white women. It makes money, which is the sad part.

    Patrick MunroePatrick Munroe2 giorni fa
  • Damn the wtf blanket brings me back

    NoSatireVEVONoSatireVEVO2 giorni fa
  • id love to watch jack make a video essay about ANYTHING

    amirhassiflolamirhassiflol2 giorni fa
  • i have never seen you this invested since the emoji movie

    janejane2 giorni fa
  • How did I go from not knowing this was even a thing to seeing this pop up in my Facebook feed? "Princess Switch 2 Affects the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe Canon"

    ZkartsZkarts2 giorni fa
  • As a lady I personally have restraining orders on every prince from an -adovia

    Amina RouineAmina Rouine2 giorni fa
  • Welcome to : White people complaining about irrelevant shit S1E1

    Red XRed X2 giorni fa
  • I'm not sure I would even take issue if Jack did a more "traditional" commentary video in the vein of IHE, Internet Historian, idubbbz etc. where he just talks about a subject with some editing, clips and research thrown in.

    Warvell1Warvell12 giorni fa
  • *Vietnam war flashbacks*

    RoRo1299RoRo12992 giorni fa
    • K i l l m e

      RoRo1299RoRo12992 giorni fa
    • My mom watches these

      RoRo1299RoRo12992 giorni fa
  • Hey you’re not Drew Gooden.

    James RogersJames Rogers2 giorni fa
  • Please make more of these. This is the only thing keeping me happy over break 😂

    Jackson LongJackson Long2 giorni fa
  • I would also like to point out the The Princess Switch is getting a third movie! So there will be another trilogy!!!

    MeetingtheMorning13MeetingtheMorning132 giorni fa
  • I’ve only watched the princess switch sksjs

    headass stephheadass steph2 giorni fa
  • This is why I thought Denmark wasn't real when I watched the Prince and Me

    I donut carrot allI donut carrot all2 giorni fa
  • My grandma will not turn these off starting the week before Halloween

    tv tissuetv tissue2 giorni fa
  • I love hating people who enjoy these movies, sorry John

    Anthony SalazarAnthony Salazar2 giorni fa
  • i love that there's a little protein in the poster. Subtle easter egg that I'm sure not everyone got.

    DendumiDendumi2 giorni fa
  • Jack NEEDS to make more commentary videos

    Marlie VélezMarlie Vélez2 giorni fa
  • Is Jack now a commentary channel? I’d be okay with it...

    Asher LightAsher Light2 giorni fa
  • Nobody: The multiple choice in the exam:

    i’d like to keep it on pleasei’d like to keep it on please2 giorni fa
  • Christina Millian plays a different role in "A Snowglobe Christmas", and the stories are actually quite different.

    Exotic ButterExotic Butter2 giorni fa
  • hello, woman here: becoming part of any royal family sounds like hell no matter how rich they are. I would prefer to be whisked away by some sort of witch person who lives in the woods.

    Nellie WarrenNellie Warren2 giorni fa
  • This vid should have been 30 mins long

    Gabriela GonzalezGabriela Gonzalez3 giorni fa
  • how about this fake country name for the prince to be from. I call it, nepal.

    HomelessNickHomelessNick3 giorni fa
  • The biggest poster is 50 usd and you bet your ass I'm gonna get it.

    Ryan R. L.Ryan R. L.3 giorni fa
  • this replaced jackasks

    thesupersmashbrotherthesupersmashbrother3 giorni fa
  • Pwetty pwese, give us the rules to The Christmas Movies Drinking Game.

    Phil -_-Phil -_-3 giorni fa
  • I actually love A Christmas Prince and I have no shame

    Courtney KramerCourtney Kramer3 giorni fa
  • This is the exact content I subscribed for

    Albino TigergamingAlbino Tigergaming3 giorni fa
  • Wow they spelt actresses name wrong on the cover. Is it Christina or Chrisitina?

    Henry DawsonHenry Dawson3 giorni fa
  • Damn, imagine being in Power Rangers RPM and iZombie just to end up in fucking Hallmark Christmas movies smh Yes that's real, Tokusatsu just brings out the autism pegboard conspiracy mode within me

    Hayden FisherHayden Fisher3 giorni fa
    • Also technically, both Nero and Vergil played Power Rangers and Dante was in the original Japanese version of Beetleborgs, small world huh?

      Hayden FisherHayden Fisher3 giorni fa
  • If Jack did movie reviews I would sooo watch his reviews.

    Marney OlsonMarney Olson3 giorni fa
  • @jonhsfilms hello

    X Agex XX Agex X3 giorni fa
  • your forehead is too small in the poster

    Aubrie MAubrie M3 giorni fa
  • These days I mostly watch commentary videos, so this format was really up my alley. Make what you love, Jack! We love it, too!

    CC3 giorni fa
  • cardinia is a real place in Austria I'm like 80% sure

    David LammDavid Lamm3 giorni fa
  • Watching The mistletoes is my sisters and my Christmas tradition! We ALWAYS watch that movie every year. It’s our fav!! ❤️

    Abby &COAbby &CO3 giorni fa

    Jessie-Leonia KnightJessie-Leonia Knight3 giorni fa
  • Who's here after the latest YIAY

    NickNack PaddywackNickNack Paddywack3 giorni fa
  • I would pay good money to see Erin's drunk viewing of any of these Hallmark movies

    Nick MilliganNick Milligan3 giorni fa
  • i can promise this is not what women want no

    thedemonnextdoorthedemonnextdoor3 giorni fa
  • Oh no I understand the WTF Blanket I am a boomer send help

    Shut Up, Sprinkles!Shut Up, Sprinkles!3 giorni fa
  • What does that mean John Patrick Douglass I mean jack s films

    Late night CreatureLate night Creature3 giorni fa
  • If Elf was from Walter Hobb's POV instead of Buddy's then it would be the exact formula for the generic Hallmark Christmas movie that Jack describes in the beginning (maybe minus the returning to the small white town, but the rest applies really well lol)

    Madison SpencerMadison Spencer3 giorni fa
  • We need Jack to make a hallmark Christmas movie

    Broccoflower BaseballBroccoflower Baseball3 giorni fa
  • Calpurnia Addams is not amused

    Scribbler JohnnyScribbler Johnny3 giorni fa
  • Princess Christmas movies are isekai

    Andrew RoesAndrew Roes3 giorni fa
  • Can Jack just become the Rated T for Teens version of Charlie

    Joe KatJoe Kat3 giorni fa
  • did this video get claimed by "A Princess for Christmas"?

    VraisairsVraisairs3 giorni fa
  • I feel like there has to be a master list of hallmark Christmas titles because I find it very hard to believe they’ve avoided using the same title twice without it

    Danbo 22Danbo 223 giorni fa
  • John never call me a boomer again

    Emily DanielsonEmily Danielson3 giorni fa
  • You know that thing when you hear a word so many times it just becomes meaningless. I have that with Christmas.

    I found the space barI found the space bar3 giorni fa
  • jack pls do more commentary

    Maya NicoleMaya Nicole3 giorni fa
  • I just realized, 50 shades of grey is the *exact* same type of movie as these, but it's BDSM instead of a foreign kingdom

    A Goth Named WednessdayA Goth Named Wednessday3 giorni fa
  • I wonder how the guy who chooses what shitty Christmas movie is going to play at 3am on December 18th for whatever channel he works for actually makes the decision in the sea of films that are all the exact same

    MOLEMITTS12MOLEMITTS123 giorni fa
  • As a Polish person, yes - we have five rows of teeth and spit acid like a freaking xenomorph, we're definitely too exotic to be Christmas royalty.

    Michi YaslanaMichi Yaslana3 giorni fa
  • What does that mean John?

    Audio TunedAudio Tuned3 giorni fa
  • "Actual good movie, The Princess Diaries" Hell yeah, give Anne Hathaway and Lady Andrews some recognition

    Slightly Sleep DeprivedSlightly Sleep Deprived3 giorni fa
  • An yes, my famous home town, *Belgravia*

    smookie cookiessmookie cookies3 giorni fa
  • Thanks Jack, ITworlds movies now recommended me buying A Princess for Christmas....

    Chadron DraegerChadron Draeger3 giorni fa
  • Merry merry nice and hairy

    Underworld FilmsUnderworld Films3 giorni fa
  • Christmas isekai

    Min1mumMin1mum3 giorni fa
  • I want to know why one of the fictional countries is named after the maid in To Kill A Mockingbird

    Jake DeShiroJake DeShiro3 giorni fa
  • Jack can you make a list of all of these movies?

    WierdinatorWierdinator3 giorni fa
  • Hey Jack I've pre-ordered your limited edition YIAY hoodie looks dope. *Edit: goddamnit* I've just pre-ordered your limited edition YIAY hoodie and it was not cheap why bring out something else 😫 *2nd Edit: HEY* I've just looked at your charity poster it's not that expensive I might get one that I need something to hang on my wall besides gaming related posters.

    LENNY!LENNY!3 giorni fa
  • There is another movie my fiancee (also named Erin, weirdly enough) and I saw where there is a knight-to-be who time-travelled to the [current year] to who fell in love with a woman from the big city working on a project in a little town with an ex sprouting out here and there. It's on Netflix and we never had more fun just roasting it. It's called The Knight Before Christmas.

    Micheal BogensbergerMicheal Bogensberger3 giorni fa
  • The poster looks like ww2 propaganda

    LXIX ViprLXIX Vipr3 giorni fa
  • I want more rants from Jack

    Phoenyx 787Phoenyx 7873 giorni fa
  • i have a conspiracy theory that the reason these got popular is that the mid to late teenagers on tumblr that thought british men were hot are now grown up and can afford netflix

    vitalApocalypse [VA]vitalApocalypse [VA]3 giorni fa
  • dear jack, this is a great video. you should keep making the kinds of videos you want to. ps, you don't have to make this into a series. everything is gonna be alright

    no bodyno body3 giorni fa
  • Hello John. And some protein.

    enis serifienis serifi4 giorni fa
  • Your youtube profile pic is so gay i love it

    Wholesome HarryWholesome Harry4 giorni fa
  • Note how the main character has to deal with cliché social pressure, but is never involved with the governing part of being royal

    AngeygirlAngeygirl4 giorni fa