UFC 259 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

19 feb 2021
5 344 805 visualizzazioni

A stacked UFC 259 featuring three title fights is right around the corner on Saturday, March 6. Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will move up a weight class to take on light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event. Watch Adesanya's last title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last year on Fight Island to get ready for UFC 259.
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  • liked seeing costa get kod. he was goofin around way to much. I feel like he did that as an excuse for if he lost

    BenjyBenjy2 ore fa
  • them kicks hurt Costa badly

    Brian KeaneBrian Keane2 ore fa
  • costa scared 100%

    Abderrahmane HAbderrahmane H2 ore fa
  • He got a special pec and nipple from smoking weed. Imagine what BS nowadays has been told... He did outclass Costa. But with PEDS.

    KwarkusmodiusKwarkusmodius2 ore fa
  • Ne pas lutter pour votre confort, c'est comme ne pas boire de médicaments pour vous guérir. Si l'injustice ne s'arrête pas, la sédition ne s'arrêtera pas

    ibrahima kaneibrahima kane3 ore fa
  • Paulo mistake was to get in that leg kick game

    IdcIdc3 ore fa
  • Izzy.. U r my favorite African at the moment..

    Roland AgambakiRoland Agambaki3 ore fa
  • Commentary it's front this marks on Costa legs been already bofere the fight, it's looks like they after buble therapy

    Witalis KubisWitalis Kubis4 ore fa
  • That was actually an amazing fight

    sonny monroesonny monroe4 ore fa
  • You know what’s separated Izzy from the rest? He has everything lol dude has heart of lion. (Even Robbie lawler said that) 2: his fight IQ is out of this world 3: he has very intelligent team n coaches behind. 4: he has that African mentality (killed or he killed) 5: he has a lot BJJ teachers who help him. (I heard some of the best BJJ teachers even travel for him) 6: Izzy uses mind games. He in his opponents head most of the time. 7: Izzy is very disciplined. Unlike these dudes who eat a lot outside of fight comp. dude always looks the same. Which means he watches his diet. 7: his skills n timing is not something we ever seen. 8: pressure. I have never seen anybody deal with pressure better than him. 9: he never gets injured. 10: he has eyes on Jones which motivates him.

    Waani WaaaniWaani Waaani4 ore fa
  • I thought this would be a tough fight for izzy but he destroyed him

    Eire SaoirseEire Saoirse4 ore fa
  • Costa reminds me of the villan from the movie - Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    mikin liroumikin lirou5 ore fa
  • Dude straight up t-bagged him

    dluxgamer06dluxgamer065 ore fa
  • anyone wanna take about Israel doing the Itachi pose

    Gareth LoGareth Lo5 ore fa
  • This is how one fight can end a career. Or at least a persona

    Neil SolomanNeil Soloman5 ore fa
  • I love the end when he call his name

    #P. RECORDS#P. RECORDS5 ore fa
  • Costa trying to mock him and Izzy is just insulting

    giannosforgiannosfor5 ore fa
    • Costa is a juiced up airhead. He's not even close to Izzys level

      mikin liroumikin lirou5 ore fa
  • 2:59 did he say habibi yalla yalla!?😂

    omar 161omar 1615 ore fa
  • Bones jones will beat the shit out this guy he ain’t show me nun impressive

    HitmanHitman5 ore fa
  • The craziest thing about this fight is that Israel knocked him out basically the very first time Costa threw a punch

    NippleOfOdin MMANippleOfOdin MMA6 ore fa
  • Adesanya fighting IQ is crazy

    Timur KarimkulovTimur Karimkulov6 ore fa
  • If disappointment was a fight...

    Luís SilvaLuís Silva6 ore fa
  • He was killing his leg

    SevereDripJay **SevereDripJay **6 ore fa
  • What a crap stoppage from the ref. Costa was clearly moving position and trying to defend himself. Early stoppage.

    Cyber BatmanCyber Batman6 ore fa
  • Costa robbed us in this one.

    9MRSG9MRSG6 ore fa
  • Good fight Izzy right boob was distracting wtf people are actually saying he is grace Jones..

    Dark cadenceDark cadence6 ore fa
  • Did anyone notice Izzy checked the thigh kick by stepping into it @1:25 and threw a hook right after his fighting IQ is crazy

    Louis RuizLouis Ruiz7 ore fa
  • 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

    akilla killsakilla kills7 ore fa
  • This fight should show the people that thought Izzy was scared of Romero what happens to these dude's when they feel his presence.

    Tom GuyTom Guy7 ore fa
  • Fixed fight!!just like all sports.play this back at slow speed and look when he went to ground he wasn't even hitting him if he did it was all show.the ref come breaking it up like he was killing him.

    Clear WaterClear Water7 ore fa
  • Costa is a juiced up airhead. He's not even close to Izzys level

    ili Jeganuili Jeganu7 ore fa
  • That was honestly beautiful. A master class of striking holyshit. This was an absolute beating of technical design. He reminded me of Floyd cuz of how tactful he was

    Andrew RobinsonAndrew Robinson7 ore fa
  • I love isreal dance and style

    Jacob EkoJacob Eko7 ore fa
  • So how much do you think costa weighed on fight day

    AlienUnleashedAlienUnleashed8 ore fa
  • #AndNew

  • itworlds.info/round/knVtn6Wga9Geo3w/video

    Mehmet IrgatMehmet Irgat9 ore fa
  • Costa was so predictable in this fight🤣🤣🤣 Izzy is the king👑👑

    Thatboy 365Thatboy 3659 ore fa
  • Costa the joking Potato bag. Deserved to loose.

    SportYSportY9 ore fa
  • Only those who understand the sport would know how fun and stressful those rounds were. People are so used to all the action that they dont understand how beautiful this fight was straight from the first bell. Chess game to the very end. So much fun!

    KatimaGamingKatimaGaming9 ore fa
  • The unable test unusually recognise because seaplane moberly crack except a abaft male. zonked, finicky responsibility

    Avolo ServicesAvolo Services9 ore fa
  • Costa is annoying as f to watch. Literally getting beat up and putting his hands behind his back to try and act cool. What an idiot. Get this dude out of here.

    TopherTopher10 ore fa
  • 10:28 Can we appreciate that izzy knocked him out with a LEFT hook to the LEFT temple like wtf thats so elite 😳😳😳

    immaculateon3immaculateon310 ore fa
  • Минус ноги у косты!)

    Рандеву с природойРандеву с природой10 ore fa
  • beef

    Daramfon AkpanobongDaramfon Akpanobong10 ore fa
  • That was just a terrible fucking trash fight from both but especially Costa wtf was he doing so cringe

    Warriorlike 1Warriorlike 110 ore fa
  • 10:03 WTF 🤣🤣

    DamonSkatesDamonSkates11 ore fa
  • Costa felt like if he threw something he would get countered

    Deimos ProjectDeimos Project11 ore fa
  • Israel Adesanya vs Habib Nurmagomedov

    LaVaSHLaVaSH11 ore fa
  • Wtf is with challengers thinking the champion should pressure THEM? The champion is the fortress that YOU have to take. Bums.

    calebcaleb11 ore fa
  • Izzy strapped a welcome mat to Costas ass saying I'm open for business Daddy

    matai turnermatai turner11 ore fa
  • Paulo did nothing the whole fight

    Shahrukh ShahShahrukh Shah11 ore fa
  • Dont underestimate the power of anime and Israel's love for anime

    Rohit TeshashRohit Teshash11 ore fa
  • Polish Express❤

    Jacob DzikJacob Dzik11 ore fa
  • Costas antics in the ring are unprofessional, distracting and useless! Just fight eh?

    Blue eyesBlue eyes11 ore fa
  • Man, how can you be such a good fighter and such a clown at the same time..

    R4VENR4VEN11 ore fa
  • Подставной бой, всё фигня давай по новой

    Mr. DimonMr. Dimon12 ore fa
  • 1:57 ガード意識してー

    Fedor S.Fedor S.12 ore fa
  • Wtf costa trying to be conor

    Jack RyderJack Ryder12 ore fa
  • GG

    Lucas TuscheLucas Tusche13 ore fa
  • 11:23 he related to Usain Bolt

    thatkidmarcusthatkidmarcus13 ore fa
  • That was simply MASTERFUL!!!

    Ricky QueenRicky Queen13 ore fa
  • I was really rooting for costa but when I saw him not doing his usual aggressive fight style made me upset cause he's afraid.

    Romulo_Conrado6921Romulo_Conrado692114 ore fa
  • Отстой

    Алексей СорокинАлексей Сорокин14 ore fa
  • Its the head shots that weakens his leg, split second loss of consciousness. one second loss of consciousness would leave your body uncontrolled, thus you'll totally fall. Bad choice of style against a slick master, Costa has higher chance of winning in grappling, but he missed the chance thinking that its still early and there's a lot of time.

    Ely CruzEly Cruz14 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/oHyOj7qJfruraHw/video

    Fuck NiggersFuck Niggers14 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/l3-xoq2hhqhthXg/video

    Fuck NiggersFuck Niggers14 ore fa
  • Classless, but a great fighter it seems against opponents thus far. I am not a hater, but the junk I could do w/o. JMO

    Randall TranthamRandall Trantham15 ore fa
  • Even though Adesanya obliterated costa in this fight, it became evident that he hates close quarters. Costa got him to the fence once in this fight and Adesanya immediately raised his arms in a weird attempt to intercept Costas arms. Considering that Blachowicz is extremely good at close dirty striking, i can see problems for Adesanya.

    QA ZzzQA Zzz15 ore fa
  • Izzy's ring generalship is underrated. He always knows where he is at

    Ryu KenRyu Ken16 ore fa
  • He who disrespects his opponents is no role model whatsoever.

    El CheEl Che16 ore fa
  • Adesanya has gynécomastie. He should stop testosterone injections

    Luis Alberto Pinto SanchezLuis Alberto Pinto Sanchez16 ore fa
  • Costa is forever changed...he was writing checks his butt....I mean hump couldn't cash.

    Paul MillPaul Mill17 ore fa
  • Israel is the truth... His ring IQ is truly impressive... His technique and execution are 2nd to none... The Style Bender The Dojo Breaker

    Rich JacksonRich Jackson17 ore fa
    • @Rich Jackson ok bro i got it

      Craig The BruteCraig The Brute10 ore fa
    • @Craig The Brute You don't understand... The man has come to the UFC on a mission to prove he is the real deal... Now that he has proven that... That makes him the Truth of the Middleweight devision

      Rich JacksonRich Jackson10 ore fa
    • israel is at the top.. but man israel being the truth part is cringe af

      Craig The BruteCraig The Brute10 ore fa
    • Simp

      B1ackjackB1ackjack10 ore fa
    • Ye

      ThawhidThawhid11 ore fa
  • That was absolutely feeble. I.A. lands, literally a few moderately decent leg kicks, then a glancing punch to the ear and Costa goes down?!?! That is definetely one of the paid dives that Chris Leben said takes place so often in the UFC. No way was he even close to being hurt or stunned. What a f-ing joke. If I had bought tickets to that event, I would be demanding my damn money back.

    zar ambushzar ambush17 ore fa
  • Costa looks like hes 30lbs heavier... damn

    Nate TuohyNate Tuohy17 ore fa
  • What’s going in with Paulo Costa’s right hand. Didn’t use it once🤔 Still good fight Izzy.

    Adam SabanAdam Saban18 ore fa
  • I love how everyone who was hating on Izzy before this fight is now on the bandwagon 🙄🙄

    The Kids NiceThe Kids Nice18 ore fa
  • Bad stoppage but izzy is beast

    j cj c18 ore fa
  • 1000 kicks gets boring honest oponion if kicks were illegal this dude wouldn't be in the UFC.

    Cindi PerezCindi Perez18 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/amR4Y9Z-l9VuoWM/video

    Loyalty Ron RonLoyalty Ron Ron18 ore fa
  • Who did it better the dry humb by Izzy? Or Brock riding Crazy horse well like a horse! Haha

    King HulkKing Hulk18 ore fa
  • 4:35 has got to be one of the nastiest kicks!!

    King HulkKing Hulk19 ore fa
  • Damn, my boy Costa got played.🍆

    Murad PervezMurad Pervez19 ore fa
  • Costa should just gtab and smash on that mosquito crushing power

    J FarmerJ Farmer19 ore fa
  • Thanks UFC for the Free Fight- We don't have to go to LBRY

    Elbert BasaElbert Basa19 ore fa
  • Bad stoppage.

    Techno BassTechno Bass20 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/nX5udLB9g5esmWM/video

    Wilber HubertWilber Hubert20 ore fa
  • He beat costa so easy. If they rematch he would probably KO him faster. The fight was only this long because costas work rate was so low.

    Alextwopoint0Alextwopoint020 ore fa
  • 2:23

    TechnyqTechnyq20 ore fa
  • “He looks skinny” “go to the gym bro” “costa is going to run him down”

    TechnyqTechnyq20 ore fa
  • The tame word hepatosplenomegaly applaud because perch previously license against a large polo. lively, seemly cheque

    Swoosh SageSwoosh Sage20 ore fa
  • "my peck was a balloon" 🎈

    daltanionwavesdaltanionwaves20 ore fa
  • Israel is kinda ok at UFC Fighting we would love to see how things would turn out for him in a back alley street fight . We would bet millions that he would be dropped immediately out here in the streets.

    God rugal Alpha.omegaGod rugal Alpha.omega21 ora fa
  • Costa is such a hate-able fighter. I love watching cocky fighters get dropped

    3.0 Colorado3.0 Colorado21 ora fa
  • this is bullshit man! what a fall

    Qatra BandQatra Band21 ora fa
  • I’ll smack the shit out of Izzy. Costa will get his revenge

    Guy blerpGuy blerp21 ora fa
    • @HughJass who cares if he was being an asshole or not? “It’s a fight. Fuckit” wise words from Mike Tyson

      Guy blerpGuy blerp8 ore fa
    • Costa earned his humiliation for being an asshole in the octagon. karma got his ass beat.

      HughJassHughJass17 ore fa
  • I am so glad UFC is uploading many Free Fights !!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Abraham IpeAbraham Ipe21 ora fa
  • Costa this is a title fight ..you can't win if you rush it and focus ..you play like child that's why you lose the fight

    Jr OnengJr Oneng21 ora fa
  • Izzy deserved a crowd so badly for this one😭😪😪😪😪

    kidyoopkidyoop21 ora fa
  • itworlds.info/round/n3OBgrd9gdmpeWs/video

    legendary ssjlegendary ssj22 ore fa