РЅG VS Маn сіty 1-2 All Goals & Highlights - 2021

28 apr 2021
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РЅG VS Маn сіty 1-2 All Goals & Highlights - 2021
РЅG VS Маn сіty 1-2 All Goals & Highlights - 2021
РЅG VS Маn сіty 1-2 All Goals & Highlights - 2021

  • Juventus vs Porto 2.0

    Eugene NoahEugene Noah9 giorni fa
  • Bf

    Onah UgochukwuOnah Ugochukwu9 giorni fa
  • Gongret.

    Ejvind AndersenEjvind Andersen9 giorni fa
  • psg muito ruim kkkkk

    SrDasTrevasSrDasTrevas9 giorni fa
  • Psg?? Bla bla bla....

    Gianfranco IacopiniGianfranco Iacopini9 giorni fa
  • Que narração espetacular!

    Felipe ReolonFelipe Reolon9 giorni fa
  • Kdb ghost goal was amazing...

    irama senjairama senja9 giorni fa
  • Manchester city 🏆🏆

    Hari Rahmat HariHari Rahmat Hari9 giorni fa
  • only britain's club from manchester can win in paris.

    priamanis pekkabatapriamanis pekkabata9 giorni fa
  • Psg mental ciki👎

    Amanda OppoAmanda Oppo9 giorni fa
  • Zzz

    Ika ParlinaIka Parlina9 giorni fa
  • SPG ko kalah..🤣🤣

    Fatimah AzzahraFatimah Azzahra9 giorni fa
  • Esse PSG é o VARmengo da Europa, sem a Globolixo e a CBFlixo e o VAR ele não é nada !

    claudeci sobralclaudeci sobral9 giorni fa
  • Refa mama tu

    Salim LiembaSalim Liemba9 giorni fa
  • แมนซิตี้คือแชมป์

    ขัตติยพงษ์ วงศ์สิงห์ขัตติยพงษ์ วงศ์สิงห์9 giorni fa
  • Don’t mention the score idiots

    henk vrielinghenk vrieling9 giorni fa
  • I always say we don't need any more in the lineup with sterling and jesus instead of meheraz, Bernardo and foden

    Abdilahi Hussein OfficialAbdilahi Hussein Official9 giorni fa
  • Ewako m united

    Mnorali AliMnorali Ali9 giorni fa
  • Psg is champion

    Ali ShabanAli Shaban9 giorni fa
  • Çok zorlanacak paris çook!

    GrassiplierGrassiplier9 giorni fa
  • Neymar is champion to pretend fake fault.

    Tsering KaljanTsering Kaljan9 giorni fa
  • Mahrez African best player

    Ibrahim MakameIbrahim Makame9 giorni fa
  • De unde as putea cumpara si ce pret are o pereche

    Mihai FintaMihai Finta9 giorni fa
  • Leg k2 city k.o

    YudikYudik9 giorni fa
  • Maquinos played really well

  • Mahrez freeckick😎😎😎😎😎

    thomas mutungathomas mutunga9 giorni fa
  • Gas 1- oil 2 😹

    Bharat JadhavBharat Jadhav9 giorni fa
  • Hahaha Neymar the Hollywood Oscar winner player still at his antics of diving at the slightest touch by opponents.

    C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
  • PSG had so many chances

    tope ladapotope ladapo9 giorni fa
  • Biasanya yg tandang duluan gk lolos. Kayanya final all inggris

    Aji SaputraAji Saputra9 giorni fa
  • Manchester City

    Sancho TrindadeSancho Trindade9 giorni fa
  • cancelo is afighter

    Edwin SachiyaEdwin Sachiya9 giorni fa
  • O

    Marco AurelioMarco Aurelio9 giorni fa
  • tunggu leg 2👊

    Ilham AndreyantoIlham Andreyanto9 giorni fa
    • Iya bro. Jadi 4-1

      Reyka PurwokoReyka Purwoko9 giorni fa
  • Esp@ba

    LM S10LM S109 giorni fa
  • This game was 🔥🔥🔥can't wait for the 2nd leg

    Oliver NdikaOliver Ndika9 giorni fa
  • Paris vai reverter esse jogo

    E. SAMPAIOE. SAMPAIO9 giorni fa
  • PSG home game is not good in UCL Vs Barca Vs Bayern Vs M City Hope they will win away game

    navin chandnavin chand9 giorni fa
  • Perdonenme pero discúlpenme pero Nome gusta como juega el city es un juego solo estratégico y aburrido juegan bien pero es un juego sin vida sin sorpresa espero e l PSG lo de vuelta por el bien del futbol

    Felix HuamaniFelix Huamani9 giorni fa
  • Seru

    Jhony AhingJhony Ahing9 giorni fa
  • Only Di Maria and debrun played for mancity yesterday

    Trust MarionTrust Marion9 giorni fa
  • Joel de mesa

    ROQUE PYROQUE PY9 giorni fa
  • Neymar is Dolphin

    Salam TresnoSalam Tresno9 giorni fa
  • Se nao acharao ninguem pra Peitar o PSG achou o Manchester City ai Galera

    Elismar Miu da pedraElismar Miu da pedra9 giorni fa
  • good psg

    Nasim IslamNasim Islam9 giorni fa
  • Tengo fe en el city👏

  • Cancelo on fire

    HYpocry 1000HYpocry 10009 giorni fa
  • All england final

    Tri HadiTri Hadi9 giorni fa
  • Terasa pertandingan final

    sef apriansahsef apriansah9 giorni fa
  • Jajaja El Psg equipo de moda y las modas pasan ya lo vieron lo volvieron a su realidad, grande Manchester City.

    Jarohol Manases Galarreta RojasJarohol Manases Galarreta Rojas9 giorni fa
  • Manchester is Blue

    Farhan_ mtqn99Farhan_ mtqn999 giorni fa
  • Whoever win this semi final will wins the ucl

    Awais AslamAwais Aslam9 giorni fa
  • Toda la vida cuadro cagon el psg

    Jose SanchezJose Sanchez9 giorni fa
  • Paris a dominé le match il sortions vainqueur au retour

    Yaya P SanogoYaya P Sanogo9 giorni fa
  • Madrid vs citty go final

    Wanto NKR71Wanto NKR719 giorni fa
  • Mais uma vítima do Tubarão Azul. O melhor time do futebol mundial no momento.

    [DC]:Texas City[DC]:Texas City9 giorni fa
  • jogo disputado

    Cleilson MeirelesCleilson Meireles9 giorni fa
  • Seems like Mbappé and Neymar will never grow up. Cristiano had two devastating loses against AC Milan, but after a few years, he evolved and became what he was and is. Neymar and Mbappé don't have the grit to lead

    Mario FariasMario Farias9 giorni fa
    • neymar has failed to grow, yet he's mature, not even that a team player to me.

      Criterion91 incCriterion91 inc9 giorni fa
    • Totally agree. Between Mybappe and Neymar, the Hollywood Oscar goes to Neymar for his spectacular dives and falls when, at times, opposing players either hardly touched him or never even touched him.

      C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
  • Mantap city 👏👏👏

    Agus NurayAgus Nuray9 giorni fa
  • เล่นกันโคตรหนักเลย เนมาร์ อ่วมเลย

    มารวย มั่งมีมารวย มั่งมี9 giorni fa
  • Kura2 ninja keok alias psg😂😂😂

    Matondang 123Matondang 1239 giorni fa
  • The Cityzen is the Best

    Juwant channelJuwant channel9 giorni fa
  • The Cityzen is the Best

    Juwant channelJuwant channel9 giorni fa
  • High pace high tension. This should be on final, I guess :')

    bokir mandarabokir mandara9 giorni fa
  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    Jeffrey JamesJeffrey James9 giorni fa
    • @John Ndirangu yeah

      Jessica CharlesJessica Charles7 giorni fa
    • @John Ndirangu she is really good at making good profit

      Jessica CharlesJessica Charles7 giorni fa
    • @John Ndirangu I will recommend you to a professional who will guide you through

      Zdravko BodrožićZdravko Bodrožić7 giorni fa
    • @John Ndirangu you need a professional who can guide you through

      Melissa BettyMelissa Betty7 giorni fa
    • @Jessica Charles is it true I invest through her

      John NdiranguJohn Ndirangu9 giorni fa
  • เนมา โดนอัดสักร่อง เล่นไม่ออก.. แมนฯซิตี้ ยังคงมาฐานอยู่ ล้มเขาอยาก

    Arifee UsohArifee Usoh9 giorni fa
  • Man city u are the best😍

    呂怡 Jo Fred Salon呂怡 Jo Fred Salon9 giorni fa
    • @Nbv Duy are u city fan???

      呂怡 Jo Fred Salon呂怡 Jo Fred Salon9 giorni fa
    • 💋

      Nbv DuyNbv Duy9 giorni fa
  • Yappy..🐷

    Nbv DuyNbv Duy9 giorni fa
  • Man City needs a striker

    Victor OlisaVictor Olisa9 giorni fa
    • They have one. Aguero. But somehow the coach sidelined him even though has been prolific in every season

      C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
    • 💋

      Nbv DuyNbv Duy9 giorni fa
  • เอาแชมช์ไปเลยปารีส

    พิทักษ์ กุระภาพิทักษ์ กุระภา9 giorni fa
    • จบแล้วเปแอสเช

      Manchester city champion UCL 2021Manchester city champion UCL 20219 giorni fa
  • Mcs prods

    Beto MaycoBeto Mayco9 giorni fa

    Alioune NdoyeAlioune Ndoye9 giorni fa
  • navas tava noiado no jogo kkk mds

    MâʯćØŊ Vɨńl·ćïùʂMâʯćØŊ Vɨńl·ćïùʂ9 giorni fa
  • สะะะสระใจโว้ย

    อนุวรรตน์ แก้วปัญญาอนุวรรตน์ แก้วปัญญา9 giorni fa
  • คลิปเดียวโฆษณา3

    VIEW -XVIEW -X9 giorni fa
  • Que golazos los del city ufffff

    eddedd9 giorni fa
  • Que eliminen ese PSG. De la champions

    Fredy AmayaFredy Amaya9 giorni fa
  • What man city did through out the match was to injure PSG key players and they think we don't see it,😒🙄even the referee was in support of man city

    Chukwuemeka JestureChukwuemeka Jesture9 giorni fa
    • @Chukwuemeka Jesture 🤣😅😂🤣kid lol

      irama senjairama senja9 giorni fa
    • Sore loser. PSG players, particularly Neymar, should get Oscar awards for diving and drama

      C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
    • @Daniel Akintunde yeah

      Chukwuemeka JestureChukwuemeka Jesture9 giorni fa
    • Are you sure you watched the same match?

      Daniel AkintundeDaniel Akintunde9 giorni fa
  • อ่อนว่ะปารีส ดีแต่ปาก555

    มัน กัญชามัน กัญชา9 giorni fa
  • Psg kasar,,,hahaha panik gk ??

    Deden HidayatDeden Hidayat9 giorni fa

    Tommy SailoTommy Sailo9 giorni fa
  • ปารีส เล่นแบบนี้ตกรอบแน่นอน

    Num TanawatNum Tanawat9 giorni fa
  • psg out

    Blessed NjugushBlessed Njugush9 giorni fa
  • PSG es como el Cerro porteño de Paraguay, tremendos Maria'i son 🤣

    César JacquetCésar Jacquet9 giorni fa
  • Chupa nei kkk 👊👊

    Luk53 Tay nes MoneyLuk53 Tay nes Money9 giorni fa
  • Bravo Man City. So happy to see Netmar's crying face 😂

    Maroof HossenMaroof Hossen9 giorni fa
    • He won the Oscar for theatrics but still end up crying

      C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
  • This Manchester city thing is not good

    Yeukai ConeYeukai Cone9 giorni fa
  • Only Di Maria and De bruyne show🔥🔥🔥🔥

    deepak chavandeepak chavan9 giorni fa
  • Kalah karna kartu merah

    Ridho Tv87Ridho Tv879 giorni fa
    • @irama senja hahahaaa.

      Ridho Tv87Ridho Tv879 giorni fa
    • Iri bilang bosss hahaha

      irama senjairama senja9 giorni fa
  • Ese payaso de neymar para en el suelo tratando de sorprender al árbitro que no le hizo caso bien el árbitro muy mal el payasaso de neymar

    Florentino Arias palominoFlorentino Arias palomino9 giorni fa
  • 👸👸👸👸👸

    vheronika salmonvheronika salmon9 giorni fa
  • bavo

    Echelder NelsonEchelder Nelson9 giorni fa
  • 😳psg

    bhh hhgbhh hhg9 giorni fa
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    fg hfg h9 giorni fa
  • City huge mistake are not playing Aguero

    KhazmaJrKhazmaJr9 giorni fa
    • I agree. Aguero their best striker but yet being dumped.

      C.C. LowC.C. Low9 giorni fa
  • Manchester city rusuh

    Nadirul PgrNadirul Pgr9 giorni fa
  • City🔥

    Riduan AldairRiduan Aldair9 giorni fa
  • Mbapppe sok kepedeannnn...😴😴😴

    Neville OchieNeville Ochie9 giorni fa
  • Jogo feio esse de hoje muitas falta

    Lindomarsilvalima Silva limaLindomarsilvalima Silva lima9 giorni fa