I Built a SEMA TRUCK in my DRIVEWAY!!!

27 ott 2019
2 224 959 visualizzazioni

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  • Step one have money

    KNW SlayerKNW Slayer14 ore fa
  • Please where did you buy the front and rear bumpers. I wanna buy the same like your bumpers

    Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez3 giorni fa
    • The bumper brings all the led light ???

      Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez3 giorni fa
    • Road Armor!

      RYAN MAYERRYAN MAYER3 giorni fa
  • holy music...can barely even hear the voices

    BadQualityGamingBadQualityGaming7 giorni fa
  • Why the color

    game timegame time14 giorni fa
  • Hey man nice work I love all your vids. Keep up the great work:)

    Jacob NicholsonJacob Nicholson15 giorni fa
  • Who is still watching in 2020

    Derek JeterDerek Jeter16 giorni fa
    • I am right now

      Richie SouthwickRichie Southwick15 giorni fa
  • It’s stick officer I swear

    SaucE NoodleYtSaucE NoodleYt17 giorni fa
  • @RYAN MAYER you got 2 nice girls

    Animal 44Animal 4418 giorni fa
  • you dont look tired you sound tired

    SPLASHY YTSPLASHY YT20 giorni fa
  • Bro I love trucks and my dream is to build one to look the way I would like it and your truck looks amazing bro

    graystone 95 Bradshaw 2029graystone 95 Bradshaw 202921 giorno fa
  • i love it my dremy truck.

    Benton WaldochBenton Waldoch22 giorni fa
  • GOOD job on the truck bro

    Fireside_2010Fireside_201024 giorni fa
  • 15 years from now your gonna wish you put all that $$$$ in a 401K.

    ChrisChris24 giorni fa
  • My dad put the same lift on his 2018 ram

    Nicholas BeloNicholas Belo25 giorni fa
  • You are very good at doing mechanics and stuff like that btw nice looking truck

    Breanne MarcouxBreanne Marcoux26 giorni fa
  • Every thing go just turn off the song

    Dareal Jayy16Dareal Jayy1626 giorni fa
  • you have a lucky wife

    ian smedleyian smedley27 giorni fa
  • Is your truck deleted

    Hunter SimonoHunter Simono27 giorni fa
  • I made a replica of the truck

    Gamer BroGamer Bro28 giorni fa
  • You took a brand new truck that was perfectly fine and turned into a pavement princess that will never see dirt ever what an idiot

    the flip showthe flip showMese fa
  • That truck looks so good

    James Speidell IIIJames Speidell IIIMese fa
  • Big props bud. All I read in the comments are jealous fucks. No wasn't done in your driveway, but who the fuck knows the shop could be on your property WHERE YOU BUILT YOUR TRUCK!! Looks good!!

    Jason MefferdJason MefferdMese fa
  • So I have a 2001 Dodge ram what would be the best lift kit for it I have 33-in tires with Moto metal wheels

  • WOW brotha, that was a crazy build.... but what a badass job

    Jason RandlesJason RandlesMese fa
  • I don’t get why people hate so hard are these trucks, this dude put some time into it. It looks great and tons of other people think so too.

    Minute Made VideosMinute Made VideosMese fa
  • Ryan is crazy what this truck it is today

    Kealton ReidKealton ReidMese fa
  • God damn hope you got a deal on it with an ugly ass paint color like that.

    CappsJDCappsJDMese fa
  • Did you use that spray gun for everything?

    Landon RochlerLandon Rochler2 mesi fa
  • Love the truck

    Pbomber4 MobilePbomber4 Mobile2 mesi fa
  • i am a Chevy guy but i like i

    Jackie MillerJackie Miller2 mesi fa
  • Needs a wide body kit

    ofd gangofd gang2 mesi fa
  • I’m seeing a lot of big mouths and shit talk coming from people who could only dream of building a truck like this. Just shut up and enjoy the transformation or watch another video. Absolutely ridiculous..

    Wyatt GeerWyatt Geer2 mesi fa
  • I remember watching this in 2017

    Nic GamerNic Gamer2 mesi fa
  • 👍

    Ricardo Andres Arango MontoyaRicardo Andres Arango Montoya2 mesi fa
  • I saw it in the Rules & Regulations but why you must have only 1/4 of gas in your tank? They dont want the place to blow up?

    Adam TammelaAdam Tammela2 mesi fa
    • RYAN MAYER I know this is extremely off topic. I currently have 02 F-150 Flareside which I love dearly (the rear curves) and I need bigger curves. I’m looking at 08 f-350 6.4 diesel mainly for the body and interior space but the 6.4L....... Theres a lot of mixed responses about the 6.4L. Whats your take on it?

      Adam TammelaAdam Tammela2 mesi fa
    • Adam Tammela yes! I guess lol

  • My brother it looks great !

    BratwireBratwire2 mesi fa
  • audiopipe) is the worse wire to use outside of a truck know from experience it corrodes and falls about

    Brandon TuckerBrandon Tucker2 mesi fa
  • Keep up to great work on the videos

    TAT Express Inc.TAT Express Inc.2 mesi fa
  • What size lift is this?

    Austin BlattAustin Blatt3 mesi fa
  • Not many people have 20 grand to just dump into a brand new truck or have people that own shops that you can just use.

    Xx412xxbluntzXx412xxbluntz3 mesi fa
  • Didnt put any solder into those wires? 😅

    Thompson from FINLANDThompson from FINLAND3 mesi fa
  • Boa tarde carro US mags m-one 1968 Chevy c-10 truck fotos vai amém bom

    Peterson OliveiraPeterson Oliveira3 mesi fa
  • Aaaa

    Cole JollimoreCole Jollimore3 mesi fa
  • There sure is a lot of haters on here. this kid worked hard on this truck and it’s clearly an awesome truck if you have the means then hell yeah. Lotta jealous ass people out there

    Chip BrownChip Brown3 mesi fa
  • the music is WAAAAAYYYYY too loud otherwise great vid!

    Jeremy MedlockJeremy Medlock3 mesi fa
  • Prob 50 k in this truck. Hard work pays off. Instead of you broke jealous scumbags knocking this kid step your sad life game up like this kid and your broke ass can have something nice too

    mikeggg1979mikeggg19794 mesi fa
  • dude your gf got a fat ass just saying mad respect for gettin her

    lucas woodlucas wood4 mesi fa
  • I’m proud of you man,hard work pays off now you got a hell of a truck to show for

    Aden PlaysAden Plays4 mesi fa
  • Sick ass Cummins

    chevy boy5chevy boy54 mesi fa
  • Atleast the music isn't to loud!

    cody Jonescody Jones4 mesi fa
  • Soooooooo we just gonna ignore that his gfs a baddie? Ight

    Merrick TjepkesMerrick Tjepkes4 mesi fa
  • can all of yall watching subscribe pls

    Pinto TMPinto TM4 mesi fa
  • I bet that guy got flash burns

    Michael ReevesMichael Reeves4 mesi fa
  • That's is 6.7 dodge ram

    Christian Lanson JrChristian Lanson Jr4 mesi fa
  • I just spent 29 minutes and 27 listening to this dude complain about being awake, time well spent

    Og_tartusOg_tartus4 mesi fa
    • mstell2 wait wut

      Sealions__Sealions__4 mesi fa
    • No one cares about what you don’t like

      mstell2mstell24 mesi fa
  • It’s the hulk machine

    dyna880dyna8804 mesi fa
  • God that truck looks fucking stupid.

    Stephen WrecsicsStephen Wrecsics4 mesi fa
  • Love the truck

    Lance DehartLance Dehart4 mesi fa
  • it looks like he just bought another truck and said its the same but it is not

    Owen SwiftOwen Swift4 mesi fa
  • That is my DREAM TRUCK 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Brandon NavarroBrandon Navarro4 mesi fa
  • The truck is butieful

    Jackson ColemanJackson Coleman4 mesi fa
  • This is a badass video man

    Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson4 mesi fa
  • Best color in the WORLD......

    David LyonsDavid Lyons4 mesi fa
  • Ryan - You have shown amazing ability and vision on your projects. What has kept me coming back was your awesome realistic attitude. My compliments on keeping it humble!

    Mike WilsonMike Wilson4 mesi fa
  • What a waste of money 😥😥😥

    Albay LegaspiAlbay Legaspi4 mesi fa
  • he should've painted whole truck purple so title could've been I Built a Thanos Car in my DRIVEWAY!!!

    Get RektGet Rekt4 mesi fa
  • The purple looks lit 🔥 bro love the way it’s coming out keep the good work up 👍

    Angel EscajedaAngel Escajeda4 mesi fa
  • HOW TO SUSPENSION silverado itworlds.info/round/i6yWlrpvss-Pams/video Don't for get to SUBSCRIBE!! thanks!!

    G ODEG ODE4 mesi fa
  • I never understood why someone would want s manual in anything other than a sports car

    Adam100AAdam100A5 mesi fa
    • Autos are for pussies

      Ryan Molyneaux MTBRyan Molyneaux MTB5 mesi fa
    • Take the stick outta the vehicle totally different feel! Manual is just fun in general!

  • This a sidewalk turd outside at SEMA

    Big Oh !Big Oh !5 mesi fa
  • You should make the door handles purple and badges

    MZ PLAYZMZ PLAYZ5 mesi fa
  • i dont like the background music

    gabriel arevalogabriel arevalo5 mesi fa
  • mulek melet mobilm iku bro .i love your car fery staile freand...

    Bang heriBang heri5 mesi fa
  • Do you have the guy's info that took your truck to Vegas

    Earnest CarterEarnest Carter5 mesi fa
  • Could you add flake into raptor liner for blue liner paint job

  • Putttt bigger tires ☹️

    Jovanni CastilloJovanni Castillo5 mesi fa
  • I don't understand why people added background music

    Prasanna PradeepPrasanna Pradeep5 mesi fa
  • Wow.....all i want suspension. ...nasty.

    Neil CruzNeil Cruz5 mesi fa
  • Just a little amusing how so many people think that the fact they broke is everyone else's problem lol go out and make it happen if you want it

    Sergio HerrejonSergio Herrejon5 mesi fa
  • Can you link your air horn set up ?

    Sergio HerrejonSergio Herrejon5 mesi fa
  • 98% built in a shop. All I see is money money, and some more money! But good job!

    Baden FlemingBaden Fleming5 mesi fa
  • All y’all hating cause y’all truck ain’t that clean 😂

    DustinDustin6 mesi fa
  • You eat like a slob!chew with ur mouth closed!

    1 31 36 mesi fa
  • Do you think about going bigger in the some what future

    adidiughadidiugh6 mesi fa
  • Is it a 6 speed

    Redneck TvRedneck Tv6 mesi fa
  • Bruh y the music tho

    YoBoiJDYoBoiJD6 mesi fa
  • I want to know a price on the purple Chevy

    Connor WhitneyConnor Whitney6 mesi fa
  • That thing is ugly

    Mitja HelblMitja Helbl6 mesi fa
  • 8:46

    Mason LivingstonMason Livingston6 mesi fa
  • Why wait til the last minute to rush a build for sema?

    Ray VlogsRay Vlogs6 mesi fa
  • dude kno wat he doin wen it come 2 truks

    Daniel ObiazorDaniel Obiazor6 mesi fa
  • wheneva i get a truk ima get his ass to do tha same shit 2 mine as he did 2 his or betta

    Daniel ObiazorDaniel Obiazor6 mesi fa
  • you could’ve syphoned the gas instead of burning it🤯

    Bevan PurvisBevan Purvis6 mesi fa
  • 8:46 what r u looking at😐

    Bevan PurvisBevan Purvis6 mesi fa
  • what like 2% done in your driveway. Its a cool truck but your clearly so full of shit with that title.

    james bixbyjames bixby6 mesi fa
  • You shut up ass holl

    J Bowie35J Bowie356 mesi fa
  • All these bitter people in the comments though....

    Nutmeg DonkeyNutmeg Donkey6 mesi fa
  • That's an awful color but at least it's a manual cummins

    Myron GainesMyron Gaines6 mesi fa
  • Idk why you stay up all night you damn sure didn't do this is no 24 hours

    andrews playlistandrews playlist6 mesi fa
  • Great job on the truck mate and that's also my dream truck but mud tiers and in red

    Kees Anthonie TalingKees Anthonie Taling6 mesi fa