1200HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT3 *HUGE TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

26 nov 2020
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1200HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT3 *HUGE TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL
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IT: Auto-Top è una società che si occupa di riprese e test drive. Non siamo interessati a macchine che consumano o inquinano poco (a meno che non siamo veramente veloci). Noi vogliamo sentire scarichi che urlano e turbo che soffiano!! Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto sportiva. Nelle nostre playlist troverai sound di scarichi, riprese onboard, test di accelerazione con launch control (0-100, 0-200) e il suono unico e riconoscibile di ogni auto. Supersportive, hothatches e berline cavallate.. Proviamo di tutto!!
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  • This is how you ruin a great Porsche GT3! Any GT3 owner will appreciate with a pain beside, because an original GT3 raise its value year by year, and i really dont think this here doesn’t!

    Isdera1985Isdera19852 ore fa
  • I could not stop laughing at your reaction 🤣🤣🤣

    Alex AlexAlex Alex2 ore fa
  • 14:07 coasting out of 340 km/h and still checks to see if anything coming up on the right lol

    Conor Ó BeoláinConor Ó Beoláin3 ore fa
  • Magnific

    PauloPaulo4 ore fa
  • We need that in carwow drag racing

    Γιαννης ΣαπαλιδηςΓιαννης Σαπαλιδης5 ore fa
  • 340km/h🤣🤣🤣💪💪💪

    MusicismyremedyMusicismyremedy5 ore fa
  • “Holly molly!!!! What is this machine!!!!”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MusicismyremedyMusicismyremedy6 ore fa
  • 14:08 - Shakey

    __________6 ore fa
  • Please continue driving until you reach my house, in Malaysia.

    Tokey AutoTokey Auto10 ore fa
  • What name thats app.

  • How did you not know that was trac control

    ZenyachtyZenyachty15 ore fa
  • No no no no no YES YES YES! Hahaha

    whatthehell1012whatthehell101218 ore fa
  • Awesome video

    curt iscurt is19 ore fa
  • Kevlar fuck me thats bulletproof...... right?

    Peter LanePeter Lane21 ora fa
  • This car sound like the CCX on nfs undercover on ps2

    Wukong ManWukong Man23 ore fa
  • Any chance of a quick service gotta been gone in an hour

    NRT Vegas45NRT Vegas45Giorno fa
  • The gold stripe could be done better. There is nothing negative to say. Good recovery on the roof.

    hansenlealhansenlealGiorno fa
  • Why does he stop when he see a car, he is afraid

  • Foguete

    ZequinhaZequinhaGiorno fa
  • Se necesitan huevos para correrlo así! Yo corrí a 260 km/hr y sentía que iba volando! Congratulation

  • I cracked when he said: “ this is the... this is the.. freaking shit” 🤣

    FenixBeatzFenixBeatzGiorno fa
  • dude i wanna travel to eu just to do this lmao

    EinkieEinkieGiorno fa
  • If my car doesn’t make me this happy I don’t want it

    Random RanteeRandom RanteeGiorno fa
  • 14:09 angel cam @ 340kmph / 211mph

    E. R.E. R.Giorno fa
  • "I'm going to take it easy" 5 seconds later: 271kmh

    MMGiorno fa
  • R.I.P revlimiter

    NCM -No Copyright MusicNCM -No Copyright MusicGiorno fa
  • True, ok tune the Bugatti at same level than this car and restart :)

    joao tinojoao tinoGiorno fa
  • 350km/h ?

    Andrea Di TucciAndrea Di TucciGiorno fa
  • stay focused when driving

    Chris WhollyhatChris WhollyhatGiorno fa
  • Wowwa woo wee

    Mason DaviesMason DaviesGiorno fa
  • Race Matt from Carwow with this!

    SR.ASR.AGiorno fa
  • They need this massiv thing to compete with the HOONICORN !!!

    julian_loewejulian_loewe2 giorni fa
  • I'll take two

    FreiGeistFreiGeist2 giorni fa
  • HOWLY MOWLYYYY !!!! What is this ?? Hahahaha

    Maurobeade LouzaiMaurobeade Louzai2 giorni fa
  • 14.08 very lucky

    vdgggamevdgggame2 giorni fa
  • 14:08 controls that like a boss

    Anonymous BulletAnonymous Bullet2 giorni fa
  • You should film the gas level , that would be hilarious. Awesome car tho , curious what would it do against the hoonicorn

    Gabriel D.Gabriel D.2 giorni fa
  • Glad it's in stick too, thank God!

    Adam A.Adam A.2 giorni fa
  • Every video of a 9ff I see makes me giggle, the emotional response from every reviewer comes out in every video. Keep doing what you're doing, 9ff, the world needs you!

    TypeTuberTypeTuber2 giorni fa
  • What a shit.

    ramoposramopos2 giorni fa
  • "*Test preformed by an experienced driver" is clearly a lie- when he doesn't know how to use a turn signal. Or adjust his mirrors BEFORE getting on the road. Lack of experience is more correct. Otherwise if he had more experience, he'd have considered those things before pulling away. Sad

    darkstars101darkstars1012 giorni fa
    • He has driven hundreds of supercars at great speeds. He is experienced. You are just being extra safe, nothing wrong, but that meant no trouble for him.

      Arthur G. MachadoArthur G. MachadoGiorno fa
  • I love the tone of these videos. You seem so genuinely happy to share all the facts about all the cars you review :)

    Lnhrt but DifferentLnhrt but Different2 giorni fa
  • Now I want one ☹️🤤

    Lee HoltomLee Holtom3 giorni fa
  • what's that watch ; crazy beautiful video ! thanks !

    Olivier Dalcourt-MalenfantOlivier Dalcourt-Malenfant3 giorni fa
  • Porscheman

    itachi uchihaitachi uchiha3 giorni fa
  • All cars should be awd with that kind of power to be safer

    Paul Allen's business card !Paul Allen's business card !3 giorni fa
  • Wow I love this car

    jammychapjammychap3 giorni fa
  • Can't stop watching these videos

    ultemciaultemcia3 giorni fa
  • Hello guys. I posted a horror car accident in my last video. You can check it if you want.

  • Awesome video, hell of a machine!!!

    Blake BynumBlake Bynum3 giorni fa
  • 14:08 omg

    Machillo BackMachillo Back3 giorni fa
  • Wat a car!! Wow!

    Stefan Lage AmbeckerStefan Lage Ambecker3 giorni fa
  • The Germans are gods in making cars !!!

    Pat RicePat Rice3 giorni fa
  • I just got goosebumps watching you go to 340 THAT quick wtf!

    HowlHowl3 giorni fa
  • Daaaammmn!!!

    Blade SupernovaBlade Supernova4 giorni fa
  • This is pure motivation to do something with my life.

    Big RedBig Red4 giorni fa
  • That Just put smile on my face

    ProStarProStar4 giorni fa
  • I just had a crash today

    Jozefino J.O.M.Jozefino J.O.M.4 giorni fa
  • what a sound brooooo

    dropedrope4 giorni fa
  • Wow amazing car, great to see a manual super car nowadays!

    curly10808curly108084 giorni fa
  • I love Porsche for the feature of driving it and actually feeling the car completely. It seems like you are the car. I think there are more beautiful looking cars out there, but the driving experience in a Porsche is from another world.

    AnalytikerAnalytiker4 giorni fa
  • I think the word is "Visceral"

    m.p. moyerm.p. moyer4 giorni fa
  • Please add this car to forza horizon 4 for the love of Christ.

    Äżüßå MûkåmïÄżüßå Mûkåmï4 giorni fa
  • There are some cars that can kill you But this one it's actually want to kill you - Jeeza

    Salman RamadhanSalman Ramadhan4 giorni fa
  • This car actually secretly has a warp drive.

    Tawny GahuTawny Gahu4 giorni fa

    Laal PoonLaal Poon4 giorni fa
  • Best video so far; and I am referring to all car videos. That performance is indescribable.

    J GJ G4 giorni fa
  • 24:37 if you dont want to commit suicide one day, dont do this :/

    MakozerMakozer4 giorni fa
  • What is this machine!

    Luke BlackwellLuke Blackwell4 giorni fa
  • Nice car,don’t like his language

    shane fabershane faber4 giorni fa
  • Those dutch ppl and their accents are funny as always ......... But their engineering wizzardry and knowledge are very impressive as always :D

    mplewpmplewp4 giorni fa
  • I could not drive so fast, too much for me..

    Joy OJoy O4 giorni fa
  • 14:09 @340kmph you almost died. You know what i'm talking about. Drive safe man. God bless.☮️

    Bho LooBho Loo5 giorni fa
  • Wow

    Barry Bazz man of spiritBarry Bazz man of spirit5 giorni fa
  • Had a little wobble going over the bumps

    Thomas WinterThomas Winter5 giorni fa
  • so sick....excatly sick...

    Minjae SeoMinjae Seo5 giorni fa
  • "When I floor it it cuts power. Is that normal?" "Have you checked this? It's the traction control." omfg.

    MarvinMarvin5 giorni fa
  • No AutoTopNL video is complete without a HOLY MOLY!

    PasqualePasquale5 giorni fa
  • “This is the freakin shit” lol

    Rey VillanuevaRey Villanueva5 giorni fa
  • How is nobody mentioned that this man dosnt take his foot off the gas when he shifts and it bothers me...

    Fk8_CommunityFk8_Community5 giorni fa
  • La voiture de mes rêve ♥️

    SOLO FpvSOLO Fpv5 giorni fa
  • that speed on a 2- lane Autobahn... You understood nothing i assume. how should other people savely react? leave germany, maybe...

    Fx HoodFx Hood5 giorni fa
  • Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for sharing such wonderful cars with us 😍

    Vollgasmus 7Vollgasmus 75 giorni fa
  • Hearing a German man yell with glee in a Porsche going 340k's on the Autobahn has filled with me with such joy. Its what I imagine every great German Engineer/Scientist sounded when their work bared unimaginable fruit. "This isn't human" "What the hell is this" "This isn't normal" "I don't know if this is supposed to be happening, but I love it"

    The JobeThe Jobe5 giorni fa
  • Oh please do just one video in German! 😬

    Patrick A.Patrick A.5 giorni fa
  • This car is so fast!! Which car is faster? 😅

    NightPOV CarsNightPOV Cars5 giorni fa
  • sad accent. don't try imitate to much..

    Henk van LeijenHenk van Leijen5 giorni fa
  • "I'm going to take it easy at first"....immediately goes 280km/h

    teoooo09teoooo096 giorni fa
  • Che goduria. Vera libidine!😍

    Aldo AltieriAldo Altieri6 giorni fa
  • 9k rpm do it pls

    talklogantalklogan6 giorni fa
  • Is this the snake oil guy??

    Mark MontgomeryMark Montgomery6 giorni fa
  • I imagine I would freak out like this if I ever got to so this

    Mark MontgomeryMark Montgomery6 giorni fa
  • Дак она и 400 поедет

    PanihidaPanihida6 giorni fa
  • It has a clutch pedal and a stick shift... that's coool

    Mark MontgomeryMark Montgomery6 giorni fa
  • Buggati chiron or Porsche 9ff who's the fastest?

    VogueVogue6 giorni fa
  • The camera on the head is horrible!

    2nd Amendment2nd Amendment6 giorni fa
  • I want it

    CLCL6 giorni fa
  • Who saw the windshield get covered in bugs at 300 ks

    PriMeePriMee6 giorni fa
  • Do you think he sounds like he is enjoying this........?

    Nicolas RoseNicolas Rose6 giorni fa
  • 독일은 진짜 교통 법규 잘 지킨다.. 1차로 다 비켜줌.. 뒷차 빠르면ㅜㅜ 꿈의 도로ㅜㅜ

    king kongking kong6 giorni fa