The Legend of Scooby (Animation)

12 nov 2020
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Just some puppers being playful using the ancient destructive powers of the gods :O
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SFX: Strelok (
Voice of Shaggy's Nephew: Emma Breezy (
Voice of Buff Dog/Toe: Tom Schalk (
Voice of Scoob: Narmak
Backgrounds: kanna
Ending Music: Sander The Composer (
IG: @narmak.animations (
FFXV- What a Hoot
FFXV- Regis Boss Theme
Ending Music:

  • For all my OG fans, Scooby is finally gonna get his REVENGE against Shaggy!! MWAHAHAHA If you like my vids and want to support their creation, pick up a shirt or sticker on the New Memeland store: Also got a juicy Patreon as well for you dank delinquents: Thank you to Strelok, the voice actors, and the BG artist kanna for their assistance! I'm hoping to expand the team with some animators through your guys' support on the store and patreon. Check out my lil' helpers on their socials in the description!

    NarmakNarmak18 giorni fa
    • This just got to a jojo reference than a epic fucking anime battle

      Terry YangTerry YangGiorno fa

      dstar pyrodstar pyro3 giorni fa
    • So has shabby change and became good or is he still evil

      skyman wilsonskyman wilson4 giorni fa
    • ive waited 4 years for this

      K KenK Ken4 giorni fa
    • Ok

      Azzuar Arif MaulanaAzzuar Arif Maulana4 giorni fa

    • That kid

  • Give me some of that merch!!😱

    Elston TroupeElston Troupe3 ore fa
  • L o n g N e c k K i d

    Bernadeth AvilesBernadeth Aviles3 ore fa
  • I guess molesting animals runs in his blood

    Just some random anime fan 1Just some random anime fan 14 ore fa
  • when next episode and how many seasons willl there be

    dom christmasdom christmas4 ore fa
  • Oh I hear a saga

    Josh FreerJosh Freer6 ore fa
  • Man this is good

    winter wolfwinter wolf6 ore fa
  • Wait if Shaggy is an uncle he has a brother so ho is he or perhaps her? Its still a mistery but still please tell me you're theories it would be cool to know you're opinion. (Please don't discriminate the other person's opinion thanks)

    eli360 eli360eli360 eli3607 ore fa
  • Bro I hope to see a shaggy vs scooby final showdown

    Manga x Anime ClubManga x Anime Club9 ore fa
  • I know believe that narmak has a foot fetish

    NotanecuadorianNotanecuadorian10 ore fa
  • We need scooby vs shaggy

    Big nice BoiBig nice Boi11 ore fa
  • Why need shaggy baby scooby

    Big nice BoiBig nice Boi11 ore fa

    Kakashi SenseiKakashi Sensei12 ore fa
  • 0:31 he's coming everyone

    Horhay SFMHorhay SFM12 ore fa
  • Shagy's last name is Uchiha?!?!

    matii44matii4415 ore fa
  • Idk how many doggy treats have you eaten in your life 😂🤣

    incoming Atlasincoming Atlas16 ore fa
  • Why not when he say when he says you’re a come I want you to see it in your head but instead of his voice do a man’s voice and close your eyes it sounds so wrong

    Jacob DiazJacob Diaz19 ore fa
  • I love the explosion it's cool 🙂😁😁

    Lelina amigable realm 54Lelina amigable realm 5420 ore fa
  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Narmack, happy birthday to you!

    CoralCoral21 ora fa
  • I see the f u

    Weijun CuiWeijun Cui22 ore fa
  • What a smug sob (lil shaggy)

    Legend_god_85 *Legend_god_85 *22 ore fa
  • I don’t like thinking about the first one

    LardjAR-14LardjAR-1423 ore fa
  • "Where's Raggy?"

    Dunch MasterDunch Master23 ore fa
  • I think he should make this a season like sponge bob anime

    0th3r Guy0th3r GuyGiorno fa
  • Dogs toe: give me the SUCC!

    luffynumber luffynumberluffynumber luffynumberGiorno fa
  • God of destruction scooby

    Gokhan the super fusionGokhan the super fusionGiorno fa
  • Fun fact: pupper means titties in Norwegian

    TheNineTailedFoxTheNineTailedFoxGiorno fa
  • Why is this so fucking epic

    Havok99Havok99Giorno fa
  • Damn that kid can take hits like there nothing

    Shadow HoundShadow HoundGiorno fa
  • No one is gonna talk about that fact that Shaggy has the Sharengan...? Okay.

    Basma SoukratiBasma SoukratiGiorno fa
  • Not only did shaggy achieve ultra isntinc, he's also awoken the sharingun

    Crimson ScytheCrimson ScytheGiorno fa
  • why

    nightlight.nightlight.Giorno fa
  • puppy looks like a villain from BOBOBOBOBOBOBOBO

    Mathieu LeaderMathieu LeaderGiorno fa
  • this is better than i expected even the plot is amazing lmfao

    Michael Arren GervacioMichael Arren GervacioGiorno fa
  • Are we not gonna talk about how shaggy had Sharingan

  • Ehat dog vs scoob doo

    Leonilda RodriguesLeonilda RodriguesGiorno fa
  • Whattttt

    Leonilda RodriguesLeonilda RodriguesGiorno fa
  • This man is just creating multiple storylines that hes never gonna continue

    Adequate Haybale DirectionAdequate Haybale DirectionGiorno fa
  • If Shaggy was fighting there you would hear “Ka-Kachi-Daze”

    Saiyan JohnSaiyan JohnGiorno fa
  • When shitpost go plus ultra

    Booop de BoopBooop de BoopGiorno fa
  • Thumbnail changed to the dog so it kinda looks innocent but..... Its epik

    Surprise AttackSurprise AttackGiorno fa
  • Like, shaggy is only using 0.0001% of his power

    Mohammad MMohammad MGiorno fa
  • This must be a work from an enemy doggo

    Bruh what's thatBruh what's thatGiorno fa
  • Oh soo scoobydoo was a kaynine

    Chara MiloChara MiloGiorno fa
  • the battle against meow muscles against this dog would be epic 0:46

    andres zunigaandres zunigaGiorno fa
  • is that ash?

    PhyoGamer • 200 years agoPhyoGamer • 200 years agoGiorno fa
  • Jojo reference pog.

    BigboifernandoBigboifernandoGiorno fa
  • That toe is a fiend 😂

    BootyKlap BoiBootyKlap BoiGiorno fa
  • I keep replaying this for the music right here 3:16

    Your AnnouncerYour AnnouncerGiorno fa
  • S U C C

    I ScottI ScottGiorno fa
  • 1:34 When no more scobby doo snacks

    JB Jason69JB Jason69Giorno fa
  • based on a true story.

    Bob Tillyman.Bob Tillyman.Giorno fa

    Marcus KorsonMarcus KorsonGiorno fa
  • Why does his toe remind me of that foot fungus episode of courage the cowardly dog

    Tropical Tyrant AQTropical Tyrant AQ2 giorni fa
  • Bro when I watch this this looks like Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z

    Caroline ReedCaroline Reed2 giorni fa
  • Man this channel is the best! 💟😄

    ItachiUchia The Soul KingItachiUchia The Soul King2 giorni fa
  • 0:31 😳

    R.Walker xdR.Walker xd2 giorni fa

    Martin PesheloMartin Peshelo2 giorni fa
  • Welp time to wait for a whole year

    Diego CruzDiego Cruz2 giorni fa

    Rayane MomoRayane Momo2 giorni fa

    KalsterKalster2 giorni fa

    KalsterKalster2 giorni fa

    Superb TheifSuperb Theif2 giorni fa
  • This was proved to be only .000000000000000000000001% of his power

    Killer FoxKiller Fox2 giorni fa
  • I- I, like I’m lost for words. Wtf did I just watch.

    Your AnnouncerYour Announcer2 giorni fa
  • Bruh this kid took all those punches without a single scratch...

    Ashony'ti MooreAshony'ti Moore2 giorni fa
  • Woah

    Joshua AustriaJoshua Austria2 giorni fa
  • Ruh roh

    jokerboiiijokerboiii2 giorni fa

    Buenaflor Stephan JadeBuenaflor Stephan Jade2 giorni fa
  • You know this dude should join jojo bizzare u can help their animation

    unknownunknown2 giorni fa
  • Did anyone else notice that the sun changed face

    That cake Cake cake cake BOIIThat cake Cake cake cake BOII2 giorni fa
  • Q

    Judith SalasJudith Salas2 giorni fa
  • They can’t arrest that dog for attacking the child because his body is to perfect

    Yas!Yas!2 giorni fa
  • What happened to the thumbnail?

    Sanicking2Sanicking22 giorni fa
  • Shaggy uchiha?

    Thomas TerryThomas Terry2 giorni fa
  • Im soo hyped

    Nate The mate2020Nate The mate20202 giorni fa
  • Not going to lie the music is fire

    That CatThat Cat2 giorni fa
  • This man took NO DAMAGE at all from an anime styled dog

    The Crioneese Video MakerThe Crioneese Video Maker2 giorni fa
  • A

    pug gamingpug gaming2 giorni fa
  • This is whut happens when you make dog anime

    Crispojjoi5Crispojjoi53 giorni fa
  • This went from -10 to 100000000000000 in 10 seconds

    Doug dimmadomeDoug dimmadome3 giorni fa
  • “How many doggy treats have you eaten in your life” “Insert goirno theme

    Avatar RokuAvatar Roku3 giorni fa
  • Wait wasn't scoby-do with him in the fight cuz I remember him turning super saiyan

    Daker RecciDaker Recci3 giorni fa
  • What happened to toe sama

    Jakub AtkiewiczJakub Atkiewicz3 giorni fa
  • song at the end kinda slaps ngl

    [imcooldude][imcooldude]3 giorni fa
  • scooby dooby REQuim

    Oomio woomioOomio woomio3 giorni fa
  • What would you do if there was a child right in front of you Dog: 1:14

    blackcat badluckblackcat badluck3 giorni fa
  • More of this plz

    Ddawg 23Ddawg 233 giorni fa
  • Wait so Shaggy had time to abuse his stand so much in the fight with Johnny that his stand became a real person?

    SlyShyGuySlyShyGuy3 giorni fa
    • No, scooby was gone for years. Shaggy created the stand to replace the friend he had betrayed.

      Reed CostelloReed Costello3 giorni fa
  • 1:51

    Dallas ToliverDallas Toliver3 giorni fa
  • the fact that scooby didnt even move from his spot made it even better

    Bright SpaceBright Space3 giorni fa
  • "you see, this Neanderthal groped my body" I dont know why that made me chuckle .

    Bright SpaceBright Space3 giorni fa
  • so in short shaggy's stand is scooby and scooby's aura is a snake scooby

    insert_account _nameinsert_account _name3 giorni fa
  • This has no reason to be so well made o...o high quality shit posts right here!

    PuppyLuvU2PuppyLuvU23 giorni fa
  • He stood at the top, the apex of strength. Thousands came across the world to challenge him but in the end those challengers were laid low. This man who stood atop the peak, his name is Matt. One day, one a single challenger came. This man was a cut above the rest, for he struck down all others in his path to the peak. This challenger is named Shaggy. Thought Shaggy’s strength was monumental, his speed tremendous, and his looks...oh so sexy. Mattered little in the end for like all others that came to challenge Matt was laid low. Driven into the ground with the pitiful worms. The Matt acknowledged that this young warrior was far greater than any other before but his arrogance and lust for was so off putting. So he spoke these words that ingrained themselves into the mind of Shaggy. “For countless years I stood at the apex of strength, I stood at the peak and I do still stand atop it. Young Usurper! You are not the one! You will never cast me down from the peak I stand upon! You are not the one I wait for!”

    Some GuySome Guy3 giorni fa
  • So scooby is as strong as shaggy?!

    super Samu I.super Samu I.3 giorni fa
  • Lol the sharingan got me must be how he boots slapped him 🤣 😂

    random vlogsrandom vlogs3 giorni fa
  • Мне просто интересно, тут есть руские?

    pati bomboxpati bombox3 giorni fa
  • It is really disturbing.

    Эльнар ХамидулловЭльнар Хамидуллов3 giorni fa
    • You don't know the half of it.

      Reed CostelloReed Costello3 giorni fa