AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

26 ott 2020
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Director : David Mallet
Producer : Dione Orrom
Set Design : Peter Bingemann
Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd

  • Fortnite

    KyleKyle45 minuti fa
  • thumbnail looks like young trump

    Jarl BalgruufJarl Balgruuf47 minuti fa
  • still have it! it may be simple. the tone is still there. an catchy. i'm glad there still been around. way better than the music out now!!!! thanks brian, phil, cliff, steve , angus. be safe stay strong!!!!!!!!

    jimicrack29 thibodeauxjimicrack29 thibodeaux50 minuti fa
  • 90s style cool

    DAWODAWO54 minuti fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lukáš PoradaLukáš PoradaOra fa
  • looking good for their age ,,as all us old rockers do , born of brimstone and fire,,not like the sissy millennial snowflakes these days.

    TheMTB TrailcookTheMTB TrailcookOra fa
  • No time, no space, brothers on this planet and the whole universe! God, if ever there's one, bless you guys !!! LOVE YOU !!! ...from the deep of my soul...

    S GS GOra fa
  • the music world should bring a genre named ACDC.

    Bharat NairBharat NairOra fa
  • Which other proofs, if it's still needed, that No One can "Replace" Brian Johnson even if You're Axl Rose... 😉😃👍 this album is 200% pure Ac Dc, too bad Malcolm couldn't "stand" long enough to be part of this one but it sounds good anyway Another Salute to another one Missed in the Acdcs family....

    jenfrancois Campojenfrancois Campo2 ore fa
  • This is not a new song.. they have been playing this since 1973. haha

    BigG99BigG992 ore fa
  • coolest boomers to ever exist

    Daniel SDaniel S2 ore fa

  • Toby keith whos your daddy sample?

  • É a volta dos que não foram porraaa 🇧🇷🤘🏻

    TorugoTorugo3 ore fa
  • AC / DC is pure energy !!! pure rock in roll !!!

    Geovanni SouzaGeovanni Souza3 ore fa
  • Este álbum fue lo mejor que le pasó al 2020. This album was the best thing that happened to 2020

    CuentaCuenta4 ore fa
  • Joli

    bourdon845bourdon8454 ore fa
  • this has what i hear some from rocknroll train :)

    pollisoongpollisoong4 ore fa
  • Shot In The Dark es energía pura

    Carlos JordanCarlos Jordan5 ore fa
  • OLD BUT COOL AC/DC never DIe this guys stay young in soul :)

    Erik SchmidtErik Schmidt5 ore fa
  • Malcolm would most certainly be proud

    Blake LejeuneBlake Lejeune5 ore fa
  • best early christmas present

    Lucas ChristianLucas Christian6 ore fa
  • My neighbors already know this song and i dont care they like it or not

    Delirious gamerDelirious gamer6 ore fa
  • que son bobos esos que le dan dislike... agradezcan escuchar AC-DC 🇪🇨 🇪🇨 🇪🇨

    fernando jimafernando jima6 ore fa
  • Thanks for never change!!!

    Steven El ErizoSteven El Erizo6 ore fa
  • Heavy Metal Senior Citizens!

    Ken HoeyKen Hoey6 ore fa
  • OMG!!! This is so amazing!!

    Frank YapFrank Yap7 ore fa
  • 3ппорпо🏁🚩🚩🏁🌇🚞🚝🚈🏡🎼🏝️🚊😘😇😇🍇🚊🍓🥪🍄🥪🏡🎼🏟️🥪🏟️🏝️🍇🏝️🍄🥪🚉💄🥪🥪🥪🍓🚊🍄🥪🥪🍄💄🥪🏟️🥪🥓🏝️🍲😇🥓🏝️🏖️🥪🥪🥓🚊😇🍇🚉🏖️😇🚅🥪🍓🏝️🌉🐈😇🍓🥪🍄🍄🥪🍇🏝️🍄🚉🐈😘😇😇😇😇🥪😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    Олег ГладковОлег Гладков7 ore fa
  • Кшущуд🏭🍟🥘🏠🍕😋😍🙃🏥🔇🔈🌮🥓🌭👠⛲🎹🔉🔉🏢🥑💎💄🏟️🏡💍🎼🏝️🥪😇😘🐈🍇🍓🍄🥓🍲🍠🚈🚉🚊🚝🚞🚋🚅🌉🌇🏖️

    Олег ГладковОлег Гладков7 ore fa
  • I listened many times, still as the first

    FranFran7 ore fa
  • brian johnson is just cool. Talk about RnR swagger

    brig woodbrig wood8 ore fa
  • I wish, I have grandfather like him.

    HuskaHuska8 ore fa
  • Thank you Angus, The Guys & Your Spouses!

    Airads WorldwideAirads Worldwide8 ore fa
  • Back at it

    Sons of AnarchySons of Anarchy8 ore fa
  • I just heard the whole album, it's fantastic!!! thank you AC/DC for making us forget this "annus horribilis" for a while. F... COVID!, AC/DC IS BACK!!!

    Galo DonosoGalo Donoso8 ore fa
  • years trully are just a number

    Milan KunčakMilan Kunčak8 ore fa
  • A shot of what???

    DrewTube50DrewTube508 ore fa
  • Omg Brian sounds so good! And who is the new rhythm guitarist? I miss Malcolm, but this outstanding! I’m sure he’s very proud of the gang, and he’s having a pint with bon scott ☺️

    SojaSoja9 ore fa
    • That is Stevie Young, nephew to Angus and Malcolm Young

      Blake LejeuneBlake Lejeune23 minuti fa
  • Someone mentioned in the comments about maiden and acdc ressemblence of how they rock hard would mention maidens songs are longer and on the proggy side although they too repeat a riff or two most of it is always moving ahead, dance of death sounds like a symphony and rainmaker is totally different to pashendale but acdc gives you that rock and roll vibe in every track sometimes you feel like was this the same chorus on the other song..but then again its their vibe and their energy that is just fun.

    Roshen PhilipRoshen Philip10 ore fa
  • Generic accadacca that could be from any album from razors edge onwards. Yawn fest..I'll stick to my cds from RE and previous thanks for variety.

    felix wankelfelix wankel11 ore fa
  • 🇹🇭❤️🎸

    ง้าวพเนจร ออนทัวร์ง้าวพเนจร ออนทัวร์11 ore fa
  • It's really legendary music! Sorry for my English. I'm from Russia:)

    Даниил МиринскийДаниил Миринский12 ore fa

    Miguel angelMiguel angel13 ore fa
  • No aparece mi comentario JAJAJA pero la neta gran rolón desde que salió, Brian tienes mis respetos a tus 73 años 🤘🏻😎

    Jorge Gabriel Sandoval XicotencatlJorge Gabriel Sandoval Xicotencatl14 ore fa
    • are my idols

      MoliblacksMoliblacks14 ore fa
  • All these new so called rock bands could learn a thing are 2 just by watching this video.

    fortheloveofdirt.netfortheloveofdirt.net14 ore fa
    • are my idols

      MoliblacksMoliblacks14 ore fa
  • How do people enjoy this I can barely understand him

    owen williamsowen williams14 ore fa
  • Amazing how AI has duplicated their "younger voices" so wonderfully. 😜

    David BealsDavid Beals14 ore fa
  • hahaha segura os tiozin!!!! Viva o rock'n'roll

    Pedro JesusPedro Jesus16 ore fa
  • Behold!...the power of cocaine.

    Anibal Emperor God KingAnibal Emperor God King16 ore fa
  • I didn't realize they still made music. But im so glad that i am. Keep rocking✌

    Isaac MartinezIsaac Martinez17 ore fa
  • This is the best fuckin' thing about 2020 right here!..............................anyone disagree?

    pedrawpedraw17 ore fa

    Abraham YsasAbraham Ysas17 ore fa
  • It sounds like their saying “I shot the dog” in the chorus.

    K0rcept 0K0rcept 018 ore fa
  • Angus still duck walkin

    Big RichBig Rich19 ore fa
  • how the fuck does he still have the awesome vocals!!!!!!

    jssc crsjssc crs19 ore fa
  • Still the greatest

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez19 ore fa
  • Dedicate this tune to my brothers in the U.S. Army 1st Armored Division "OLD IRON SIDES"

    The Crimson KnightThe Crimson Knight19 ore fa
  • Long live old man rock n roll

    Titori AlianoTitori Aliano19 ore fa
  • S U V I V O R S E R I E S 2 0 2 0

    Ezekiel GonzalesEzekiel Gonzales19 ore fa
  • They are back

    JGBY, Dono Da NoitosferaJGBY, Dono Da Noitosfera20 ore fa
  • song that they put in the fortnite event 🔥🔥

    The GamesYTThe GamesYT21 ora fa
  • Won’t get tired listening to this!

    Marinella FernandezMarinella Fernandez21 ora fa
  • Move over youngins let Gramps show you how this shit's done!!!!

    Michael HungateMichael Hungate21 ora fa
  • My God. They haven't aged at all. I don't think anybody growing up during the 80s and 90s aged at all.

    LibertyEconomicsLibertyEconomics21 ora fa
  • wow very good, the best song of the 2020

    landiv Gameslandiv Games22 ore fa
  • May we all have those knees! He does that the entire show btw. Or did!

    Hightower OneHightower One22 ore fa
  • Impressionante

    Joao BarrosJoao Barros22 ore fa
  • Bon Scott once said in a 1977 interview that they weren’t gonna change for nobody, he was right.

    Kentucky BasketballKentucky Basketball22 ore fa
  • Long Live Rock And Roll

    Sassy SasquatchSassy Sasquatch23 ore fa
  • Van halen twiyer

    Rodrigo RamirezRodrigo Ramirez23 ore fa
  • Fortnite?

    yisus el chidoyisus el chidoGiorno fa

    RaudoRaudoGiorno fa
    • Gaaaa ps :v

      HoperHoper17 ore fa
  • Yeeeeeeaaahhh! 😎🎉🎊🎉🎊

  • It’s the fortnite song

    Bruh BruhBruh BruhGiorno fa
    • @Gabe bass man Addison it was in some fortnite event

      CleaningDetergentsCleaningDetergents21 ora fa
    • What do you mean what does it have to do with fortnite?

      Gabe bass man AddisonGabe bass man Addison23 ore fa
  • Wow this song is a bomb babe🎸🎸🎷🎧

    rock and roll baberock and roll babeGiorno fa
  • real deal....back to roots.....

    Bojan TavželjBojan TavželjGiorno fa

    ᴘᴀssᴀʀᴏᴘᴀssᴀʀᴏGiorno fa
    • @Gabe bass man Addison have a good day :)

    • @MUSTAFA ASSADI oh ok yeah I stopped playing that a long time ago so I had no idea

      Gabe bass man AddisonGabe bass man Addison22 ore fa
    • @Gabe bass man Addison ok so there was a fortnite live event and well there was ac/dc music in the backround so yep thats why there freaking out

    • What thing?

      Gabe bass man AddisonGabe bass man Addison23 ore fa
  • ok i have to admmit. im here because of fortnite

    Vinícius Silva MacenaVinícius Silva MacenaGiorno fa
  • Эти парни знают толк в хорошей музыки😎🤟🤟

    Александр ПершинАлександр ПершинGiorno fa
  • Angus still hasnt lost his pep in his step, shit is crazy

    Austin LawlerAustin LawlerGiorno fa
  • 20 years ago, this was the music needed to get me drunk. Today I can travel 120km on my mountain Bike just listening to it.

    Vladimir MorenoVladimir MorenoGiorno fa
  • Something about Brian Johnson, that dude will still look tough as nails when he's 90. Kinda like Lemmy would have. RIP

    Jason VoorheesJason VoorheesGiorno fa
  • What do you get when you play a new AC/DC album backwards?You get to hear every previous album they've made.Just kidding,this is a good album.Their music isn't complicated, it's just fun to listen to.

    Alex 35Alex 35Giorno fa
  • Best comback OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I an idiot are you an idiot OfficialAm I an idiot are you an idiot OfficialGiorno fa
  • I was with my dad sat in the car in a carpark and this came on the radio we were just vibing to it and my dad is proud of me for liking their music...I would be proud of my child if they liked it aswell 😌🤚

    Idk what to put hereIdk what to put hereGiorno fa
  • Billie Eilish: i got famous because of my voice in my age. Brian Johnson: *hold my wheelchair*

    SuperWowSuperWowGiorno fa
    • definitely :D

      reff_reff_13 ore fa
  • 😍❤️

    Nico StrobelNico StrobelGiorno fa
  • Aqui do Brasil acompanhando mais essa explosão sonora do AC/DC

    brinitt souzabrinitt souzaGiorno fa

    pinantipinantiGiorno fa
  • For forty days and forty nights I've listened to this album and I aint tired yet 😄

    Roy 1776Roy 1776Giorno fa
  • AC/DC ARE BACK!!!!! Who said 2020 was a shit year!! They just get better and better with every album and this is no exception. Malcolm would be so proud of this. Living proof that true music, written by true masters of the blues riff will live on for ever. C'mon Angus!!!

    Andrew HaleAndrew HaleGiorno fa
  • Acdc rock on

    Mark WaldronMark WaldronGiorno fa
  • What! A new song? As Jim Breuer said, it's the same every time, but it rocks! When it comes to consistency, AC/DC are the most consistent.

    Amadeus190890Amadeus190890Giorno fa
  • We like fortnite we like fortnite kill me

    Tay-k mustyTay-k mustyGiorno fa
  • mark my words. we will get ACDC Song well into the 2040s. if they have to sit in rocking chairs on stage so be it. These men will absolutely not stop to rock.

    LungshenliLungshenliGiorno fa
  • Goood

    alex Recaldealex RecaldeGiorno fa
  • The same old stuff... They never was able to innovate...

    UltracriticalUltracriticalGiorno fa
  • 😈🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🎸🥁😝 AC ⚡ DC Typical sound of all his songs. Greetings from Spain.

    Dani VDani VGiorno fa
  • Gosh I miss Malcolm Young

    Kim R.Kim R.Giorno fa
  • Great to see you Guys back in the Game . Stay Healthy

    Sanie XSanie XGiorno fa