Friday Night Funkin' - Sky VS Tankman (Duet Ugh Song) [FNF Week 7]

21 apr 2021
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Friday Night Funkin' side by side comparison of official Week 7 Tankman Ugh vs Sky Ugh Mod for the PC in 1080p Ultra HD. The beginning of the video has both of them sing at the same time and eventually they'll take turns singing the ugh song on their own.
Out of these 2 characters, which one do you think sings the ugh song the best?
Sky Mod:
Sky sings Ugh:
Playable Tankmen:
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High Effort Ugh 2.0 Mod:
Disclaimer: I edited the dialogue text in as a joke so it's not official.
Friday Night Funkin' Week 7 is the newest update featuring Tankman, the Newgrounds mascot and Pico. A Newgrounds timed exclusive, also has a couple of his friends holding Girlfriend as a hostage. It's up to Boyfriend to save her the only way he can: the power of music!
1080p 60fps Friday Night Funkin' gameplay by CommunityGame (2021)
Friday Night Funkin' - WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes & Game Over Screens:
Friday Night Funkin' - Week 7: Hard Difficulty Gameplay & Cutscenes:
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  • Tankman: Ugh Sky: *fangirl screaming*

    Domination MachineDomination Machine19 giorni fa
    • SIMP

      Sidney ClAyToNSidney ClAyToNGiorno fa
    • Is tankman discusted or mad?

      PeelsPeels2 giorni fa
    • Sye: screams at the top of her lungs gets mad easily

      kathylynstarrkathylynstarr2 giorni fa
    • Tank man ugh and says Bad words .-.

      kathylynstarrkathylynstarr2 giorni fa
    • @tankman lol twin cap

      tankman captain [FNF] new groundtankman captain [FNF] new ground2 giorni fa
  • Tankman wins

    NooobNooob55 minuti fa
  • Tankman no Sky why boyfriend win First Sky not tankman!

    Claudia FeliciClaudia FeliciOra fa
  • Sky won tankman line is green sky wins

    Lucio EscobarLucio EscobarOra fa
  • Tank man Wins

    Khalid Garcia HarmoshKhalid Garcia Harmosh2 ore fa
  • i think tankman won i love him

    Kanzi H5779Kanzi H57795 ore fa
  • Tankman wins

    Okan BadalovOkan Badalov5 ore fa
  • Tank man wins I mean he is very cool and what he said is this if you did listen closely he said poop your pants ugh THAT MAN CAN ROAST

    I am Ziad Yay I am happyI am Ziad Yay I am happy7 ore fa
  • I think sky wins

    alya arissaalya arissa7 ore fa
  • sky won, her voice is so good and it shows how realistic she's angry and fustrated. she totally won.

    Amy KooAmy Koo8 ore fa
  • Tekmen i love me💓💓💓

    ian andriantoian andrianto9 ore fa
  • I choose sky Bec of the "ugh" line it sound like a lil girl qwq

    Xxmoon_ nigthxXXxmoon_ nigthxX12 ore fa
  • i think sky won her voice

    Micahvian MendozaMicahvian Mendoza12 ore fa
  • Ok did anyone heard this: Tankman: ugh And sky- Sky: AAUGHH

    Yein CaragYein Carag13 ore fa
  • SKY won

    ELMA ve SOĞANELMA ve SOĞAN13 ore fa
  • 0:39 no, please, i don't want to ship them... ... maybe?

    GsGnG 24GsGnG 2416 ore fa
  • Sky or tankman Me:first of all sky's ugh like the kids taking there toys away from them cause there toys are zombies Me second tankman two of them they wanna fight and say bad words soooo I pick me

    zarin zidanezarin zidane17 ore fa
  • Sky!!!

    farisha 1234farisha 123417 ore fa
  • Fangirl : UghU

    • yunavelv •• yunavelv •18 ore fa
  • Omg skys whine is so adorable

    Werewolfgirl 12Werewolfgirl 1219 ore fa
  • i think sky or tankman- i can't decide

    -.Glitch-Katie-.Glitch-Katie21 ora fa
  • Ok sky sounds like a singing cat😂

    Avery McMillanAvery McMillan21 ora fa
  • CR:]p

    Austin BrownAustin Brown21 ora fa
  • sku won

    Karlson CetouteKarlson CetouteGiorno fa
  • Tankman

    Pokémon LoverPokémon LoverGiorno fa
  • I think tank man won because first sky was out of the line but tank man still was on the line to he has to win.

    Khalid KhalifaKhalid KhalifaGiorno fa
  • Tankman: ^_____^ Sky: X_X

    _Loloprep __Loloprep _Giorno fa
  • Sky is like tank man

    Haytham ZenbaieHaytham ZenbaieGiorno fa
  • tankman:ugh gross sky:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >:(

    Sasuke uchihaSasuke uchihaGiorno fa
  • Both they where really good

    Damien StratzDamien StratzGiorno fa
  • fun fact: say stuff kinda simular to like the comment you love jesus and then change your comment to something else and put edit: and say thanks for the likes

    Kilynn Simon-GarnerKilynn Simon-GarnerGiorno fa
  • u hh i think sky

    Lina RajiLina RajiGiorno fa
  • we all know that Tankman deserves the win..I guess people voted for Sky just because she's cute......

    WertyberWertyberGiorno fa
  • I think tankman won because he is my farvorite tankman: farvorite😍

    Ralph OclosRalph OclosGiorno fa
  • Sky won duhhh

    Jericho ZikoJericho ZikoGiorno fa
  • Tank man

    RedX Thunder123RedX Thunder123Giorno fa
  • I think tank man won

    PlushTJ927PlushTJ927Giorno fa
  • Tankman: ugh. Sky : ugh

    Aiden RosalesAiden RosalesGiorno fa
  • Sky

    Gabriela Serpa MaltaGabriela Serpa MaltaGiorno fa
  • Sky

    Gabriela Serpa MaltaGabriela Serpa MaltaGiorno fa
  • I think sky won

    the random kid named Emmettthe random kid named EmmettGiorno fa
  • tankman won he lost after sky

    Pat AndersonPat AndersonGiorno fa
  • 😾😾😾😾😼

    Tanya's loveTanya's loveGiorno fa
  • Takeman won

    Marshmallow FluffMarshmallow Fluff2 giorni fa
  • My ugh was better than sky but i do like the scream!

    tankman captain [FNF] new groundtankman captain [FNF] new ground2 giorni fa
  • I touldily won lol

    tankman captain [FNF] new groundtankman captain [FNF] new ground2 giorni fa
  • when are the turn of sky see tank man and viceverse

    GNG CRACKGNG CRACK2 giorni fa
    • are funny Xd

      GNG CRACKGNG CRACK2 giorni fa
  • Won sky

    Concepcion CompeanConcepcion Compean2 giorni fa
  • I'm still Sky and Carole like...mods or..? Cause I'm not up to date😅

    Midnight LunaMidnight Luna2 giorni fa
  • Sky won

    Emily CEmily C2 giorni fa
  • sky mod is amazing even when she has the tankman helmet XD

    Sivan SegalSivan Segal2 giorni fa
  • i think sky won

    alie Banguraalie Bangura2 giorni fa
  • Sky

    andronnette turkandronnette turk2 giorni fa
  • I think sky and tankman belong with each other

    NRS Extra AccountNRS Extra Account2 giorni fa
  • Tankman: urgh Sky: AAHH

    Nur Hana Dhiya Mohd FathullahNur Hana Dhiya Mohd Fathullah2 giorni fa
  • chaos

    T0XZillaYTT0XZillaYT2 giorni fa
  • I Love Sky Sky is Winner!!

    Chirel CrispolonChirel Crispolon2 giorni fa
  • Sky winner

    My Name Is Ciko HebatMy Name Is Ciko Hebat2 giorni fa
  • sky

    Judith Gail BautistaJudith Gail Bautista2 giorni fa
  • tankman & sky: battling bf with the same song bf: I did this song once'll do it again I already know what to say 🙄

    purple guy wifepurple guy wife2 giorni fa
  • Me gusta el ugh de Sky xD Que pena que borraron el mod

    xXLUISXxxXLUISXx2 giorni fa
  • Sky is win 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🎊🎊🎊🎊🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

    Manda PermatasariManda Permatasari2 giorni fa
  • Sky WON!!!!!!!!

    Oliver Niño BATINGALOliver Niño BATINGAL2 giorni fa
  • technichally sky won. Sorry Tankman.

    Teresa WardTeresa Ward2 giorni fa
  • Tankman wins sky loses

    Diana MartinezDiana Martinez2 giorni fa
  • tank man: ugh sky: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me: seriously shut up

    Le FishLe Fish2 giorni fa
  • Hands down, new fav vid/mashup

    Legacy BlackwatchLegacy Blackwatch2 giorni fa
  • Tank man won

    Danielle TeagueDanielle Teague2 giorni fa
  • I like Sky's fangirl scream over the "ugh", but overall Tankman definitely won.

    Apocalypse VideosApocalypse Videos3 giorni fa
  • Sky won

    Justin LittleJustin Little3 giorni fa
  • tankman: ugh sky: *tf2 spy death noise*

    Peur aka. SpyPeur aka. Spy3 giorni fa
  • Tankman: Ugh Sky: *gasp*

    Benyamin Garcia GomezBenyamin Garcia Gomez3 giorni fa
  • Squeezy

    annie leungannie leung3 giorni fa
  • For some reason i think tankman Win

    GamerPedro ツGamerPedro ツ3 giorni fa

    Carter BryantCarter Bryant3 giorni fa
  • 0:40

    MixxyAnimatezMixxyAnimatez3 giorni fa
  • 0:36

    MixxyAnimatezMixxyAnimatez3 giorni fa
  • whitty: *electric guitar* sky: *fangirl scream* tankman: UGH BF: beep GF: left, right, left, right daddy dearest: *male vocal chop* mommy must murder: *female vocal chop* pico: man with the deepest voice on earth spooky kids: yay daddy dearest + mommy must murder: (i don't know how i explain it) senpai: teenager me while playing ballistic: *just about dying but manages to complete it*

    da CATda CAT3 giorni fa
  • Tank man won

    Jose LlaczaJose Llacza3 giorni fa
  • Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fnaf fan glitchchrapfnaf fan glitchchrap3 giorni fa
  • Freaking jam dude

    Fnaf FanFnaf Fan3 giorni fa
  • 🙃:)

    Bancu NeculaiBancu Neculai3 giorni fa
  • Sky: Let's battle boyfriend Boyfriend: ugh you again

    Liz KnightLiz Knight3 giorni fa
  • everyone wants to see sky date tankman

    World Of FunWorld Of Fun3 giorni fa
  • both

    darrel tristan Añodarrel tristan Año3 giorni fa
  • Tankman obviously eon

    Fedor TaráskinFedor Taráskin3 giorni fa
  • I think sky wins

    NatmanNatman3 giorni fa
  • Tanınan

    Hazır OyunHazır Oyun3 giorni fa
  • Tankman

    Ammar AyubAmmar Ayub3 giorni fa
  • The sky

    super cracksuper crack3 giorni fa
  • I just noticed, sky mod notes are different than tank man aka week 7

    Carl Simon SamsonCarl Simon Samson3 giorni fa
  • Sky won

    Valerie WicksValerie Wicks4 giorni fa
  • tankman

    halo rookiehalo rookie4 giorni fa
  • tankman: HA! your girlfriend must have left you. gf siting right there

    Stacy NankooStacy Nankoo4 giorni fa
  • btw the two ones lose

  • if sky won then tank man would have called an army to shoot her.

    Marg RobertsonMarg Robertson4 giorni fa
  • Tankmans voice just suits the song better

    FearlessFearless4 giorni fa
  • i think sky or tankman

    Paul OmongosPaul Omongos4 giorni fa
  • Ugh 100000000%

    Abdulmatin HussainiAbdulmatin Hussaini4 giorni fa
  • The girl one I want to see them date🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    Ezekiel DausEzekiel Daus4 giorni fa