Is jordy2d The Best Sniper In Warzone? #shorts

2 mag 2021
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jordy2d is a good sniper on Call of Duty: Warzone (Primarily using the Kar98) but is he the best sniper in Warzone Season 3 Verdansk (new map)? #Warzone #CallofDuty #Twitch #CoD

  • Song??????

    Dougllas JonathanDougllas Jonathan57 minuti fa
  • Nice dog

    johnjohnOra fa
  • 😂😂😂

    Abraham AguilarAbraham Aguilar2 ore fa
  • Cringe

    Caleb KempCaleb Kemp3 ore fa
  • Nice Luck 👌

    Vivien MandonVivien Mandon3 ore fa
  • Vibe boi

    FrootiefyFrootiefy4 ore fa
  • Player: He's hacking Jordy: Taking it as a compliment

    ツSitDownYTツSitDownYT6 ore fa

    Roblox PlayerRoblox Player6 ore fa
  • na, the best sniper is zogoro search for him in ITworlds

    a_r0ch0_za_r0ch0_z7 ore fa
  • No hes not

    Alex DDAlex DD8 ore fa
  • ??

    Rick TheKillerRick TheKiller9 ore fa
  • Testyment: ?

    kannon0029kannon002910 ore fa
  • I rewatched it many times to just see the dog

    The DenThe Den10 ore fa
  • Jordy definitely isn’t hands down Sonic is

    RedRuby PlaysRedRuby Plays12 ore fa
  • Whatching for 100 times now for the dog lol

    Nannabanana_YTNannabanana_YT13 ore fa
  • Nah my mans metaphor would clap his cheeks

    Sisanda ZikalalaSisanda Zikalala15 ore fa
  • I.. need that dogo 0.o

    Krispy boiKrispy boi16 ore fa
  • no im the best sniper 😡

    AOT mikasaAOT mikasa16 ore fa
  • The cute little doggeeeee!!!!!

    Emmanuel RomayorEmmanuel Romayor17 ore fa
  • Ya I remember my first couple lucky shots too

    Some DUEDSome DUED18 ore fa
  • The doggy gave u his powers lol

    ZeplexZeplex18 ore fa
  • that ads time is bonkers, whats the loadout?

    Adriane BayarasAdriane Bayaras20 ore fa
  • Am I the only one dancing and giving with the dog?

    zoiiddyzoiiddy21 ora fa
  • That snipe was clean, so as the dog dancing too, his dance moves were clean.

    UwUUwU22 ore fa
  • He probably one of the best snipers in the world

    Garythee boomer23Garythee boomer23Giorno fa
  • Lol no Faze Testy 1000%

    Collin RawleCollin RawleGiorno fa
  • That dog got me weak 💀💀💀

    Daniel RodríguezDaniel RodríguezGiorno fa
  • No One russian left and metaphor

    Diann WilleDiann WilleGiorno fa
  • One way to prevent getting sniped by jordy is not keeping the vehicle in a straight line. The more straight line you take the more chances you’ll get killed.

    Mr. StarlyMr. StarlyGiorno fa
  • What da dog doin

    johhnyy twotimejohhnyy twotimeGiorno fa
  • but have u seen stod?

    Tzar-TZTzar-TZGiorno fa
  • aımbot: onlıne

    hackeer berhackeer berGiorno fa
  • No no he is not the best sniper

    Zack MitchellZack MitchellGiorno fa
  • Mom: alcohol won't affect my child The child 20 years later

    Hunter StuckerHunter StuckerGiorno fa
  • I’ll answer, no.

    Zac MarvelZac MarvelGiorno fa
  • Song???

    Cyberpunk 492Cyberpunk 492Giorno fa
  • Nope

    Yohanesmarvell ChristoYohanesmarvell ChristoGiorno fa
  • People hack and don't show it on screen guys

    Srt 8Srt 8Giorno fa
  • Hes deffinetly good but not best

    NiggtosisNiggtosisGiorno fa
  • I hit some snipes like this thinking I won't and potato shots that should be cake lmao

    Tyler SedwickTyler SedwickGiorno fa
  • i was here just for the dogo

    gjorgji najdeskigjorgji najdeskiGiorno fa
  • Sssssshe🥶

    Orange SliceOrange SliceGiorno fa
  • What da dog doin

    punkpunkGiorno fa
  • No he's the best hacker and we're all watching him.

    Boogiebomber21Boogiebomber21Giorno fa
    • Shush your mouth

      Didn’t ask Don’t careDidn’t ask Don’t careGiorno fa
  • This niggas funny on 300 different levels

    oscar peredooscar peredoGiorno fa
  • Hack

    Giovanna FaustinoGiovanna Faustino2 giorni fa
  • Blind luck not best

    fustangiu Dorian Pupincuristufustangiu Dorian Pupincuristu2 giorni fa
  • Yes definitely best sniper after showing two ok clips of sniping...

    Elitegamer 2773Elitegamer 27732 giorni fa
  • Hah gary hah

    Tree KamalTree Kamal2 giorni fa
  • 0:05

    Random CharlesRandom Charles2 giorni fa
  • Finally, a worthy opponent.

    Henry MullinHenry Mullin2 giorni fa
  • Yes he is. Why is he? Because he doesn’t say he’s the best sniper

    GoldfishGoldfish2 giorni fa
  • What is da dog doin

    Mr_Awesome_Pog YtMr_Awesome_Pog Yt2 giorni fa
  • Cute doggy dancing jordy you are awesome keep it up

    David FloresDavid Flores2 giorni fa
  • Song

    Pedofile BanannePedofile Bananne2 giorni fa
  • Faze nio is trash

    SS2 giorni fa
  • The dog is so cute

    David ApostolDavid Apostol2 giorni fa
  • That dog kinda cute tho

    Ikhwanzz1Ikhwanzz12 giorni fa
  • No metaphor is

    StinkeeStinkee2 giorni fa
  • The puppy gets me. He's so f*****g cute!

    Camdon NorrisCamdon Norris2 giorni fa
  • Puppy

    Julian EatonJulian Eaton2 giorni fa
  • (●♡∀♡)

    Aeron MagatAeron Magat2 giorni fa
  • The dog 🐶 is so cute

    Angelo JuarezAngelo Juarez2 giorni fa
  • The lil guy makes it 10x better

    Isacc GarciaIsacc Garcia2 giorni fa
  • Wtf is the dog

    ComerezComerez2 giorni fa
  • Song?

    Benedictus llBenedictus ll2 giorni fa
  • The best sniper in the game is obviously the two time back to back 1993-1994 blockbuster video game champion and a true international video gaming superstar!!! YAYAYA!!!

    lI 4dVICE IllI 4dVICE Il2 giorni fa
  • Smii7y has joined the chat

    ApoxifiedApoxified2 giorni fa
  • Don't even play warzone but I watch this man he make me laugh

    PlutoPluto2 giorni fa
  • skrew the clips that dog realy be vibin doe

    dragon slayer891dragon slayer8912 giorni fa
  • Cringe bro

    Joe BlowJoe Blow2 giorni fa
  • Sheeeeesh

    Hxdro4Hxdro42 giorni fa
  • Chris Kyles is that you

    Upside down TreesUpside down Trees2 giorni fa
  • The fog was the best part of this

    tactac2 giorni fa
  • Cute dog ❤️❤️

    Antonio Di MicheleAntonio Di Michele2 giorni fa
  • That doggy is so cute

    Dakota FrankDakota Frank2 giorni fa
  • Nooe faze testy

    DrezzyJackHDDrezzyJackHD2 giorni fa
  • Facts

    B16 Kurvey Blue PerezB16 Kurvey Blue Perez2 giorni fa
  • Darwin with the adlibs 😳

    CorreyCorrey2 giorni fa
  • Nah bro he's not cracked in the car you are the one cracked

    YaBoyGilYaBoyGil2 giorni fa
  • Bro maybe you are good sniper but the best ??? No no no no no no no

    Manuel CarrusManuel Carrus2 giorni fa
  • I still find it dumb that they still haven't moved the k98 to the snipers category in MW

    Boom OwlBoom Owl3 giorni fa
  • Nope. Speros is the best

    Jesse EspinalJesse Espinal3 giorni fa
  • I think the French bully is doing bachata

    adrian valerioadrian valerio3 giorni fa
  • Eyyy jordy are you sibling with dougmar?

    Tokyo RageTokyo Rage3 giorni fa
  • The dog id so cute

    Rifty ManRifty Man3 giorni fa
  • Fuck no shroud is

    keith hendersonkeith henderson3 giorni fa
  • Hes not the best sniper but bes the best at copying other peoples content

    EdwinOn GodEdwinOn God3 giorni fa
  • If you want to claim the title best sniper your gonna have to fight diabiffle and metaphor

    Cortize GghCortize Ggh3 giorni fa
  • I watch this multiple times just because the dog

    Cortize GghCortize Ggh3 giorni fa
  • I’ve wTched this 18 times

    The Silver DragonThe Silver Dragon3 giorni fa
  • I think he's a pretty good sniper.

    Gotya245Gotya2453 giorni fa
  • 0:10 "he's gotta be hacking" Hacker : i actually cant do that

    H a r uH a r u3 giorni fa
  • Nope only OneRussianLeft is de best sniping god

    Isaac GamerIsaac Gamer3 giorni fa
  • Stodeh

    pxpa_Jartpxpa_Jart3 giorni fa
  • Metaphor is the best sniper lol

    TenseEggTenseEgg3 giorni fa
  • Nah faze testy is the goat of sniping

    Dantheman 31Dantheman 313 giorni fa
  • Have you seen FAZE testy's snipes?

    SeanSean3 giorni fa
  • Dog be like. Sheeeesh

    JeanneniblettJeanneniblett3 giorni fa