Hamilton And Verstappen's Desert Duel | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

29 mar 2021
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Relive all the drama as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went toe-to-toe in Sakhir.
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  • This race was a joke!

    Lost boyLost boy12 ore fa
  • F1 2019 Hamilton vs Verstappen Hungary.

    Kiss MlunguKiss MlunguGiorno fa
  • I don't wanna put you F1 guys down but if you wanna see what a duel is you need to watch motogp...

    R DR D2 giorni fa
  • How was that an illegal overtake? How???

    Blade FosterBlade Foster2 giorni fa
  • Why are the best in every sport are also the best in defense?

    Lam rofLam rof2 giorni fa
  • Verstappen to LewHam looks just like what LewHam used to be with Schumacher.

    Sai RamSai Ram4 giorni fa
  • watching their duel from this angle, I now tend to think that it was unfair to make Max Verstappen give back the lead. Pause the video at 0:48 - Max Verstappen already had fully passed Lewis Hamilton (no 33 rear wing ahead of no 44 front wing). Then Max Verstappen went off the line.

    TheColinChapmanTheColinChapman5 giorni fa
    • @Wibb You are correct.

      Lam rofLam rof2 giorni fa
    • Because Verstappen couldn't make the corner, he carried too much speed to complete the overtake. So even though he was ahead, he couldn't make the corner entirely and had to give it back.

      WibbWibb4 giorni fa
  • its amazing how can he manage the old tyre to keep alive till the end of race

    catur skakcatur skak5 giorni fa
  • Mehria ljubaviii

    _DISORDER__DISORDER_7 giorni fa
    • Tupe dusoooo

      Moj Livi Mali Nozni NokatMoj Livi Mali Nozni Nokat7 giorni fa
  • to be fair max was completely ahead, and then went off track. the overtake was done, but in the onboard i think he accelerated too much, but i dont think going off track helped the overtake. he could've done it either way. whatever the case, this was an amazing race. please be this close for the rest of the season.

    TheMiataBoyTheMiataBoy7 giorni fa
    • nonsense

      Kiss MlunguKiss MlunguGiorno fa
    • going off track helped the overtake.

      Lam rofLam rof2 giorni fa
  • devo ammettere che è stato un bel duello e hamilton è stato bravo a difendersi. hamilton non mi piace molto perchè è meno spettacolare di senna o gille villeneuve, ma devo ammettere che è forte e bravo. anche per la sua età. però hamilton, non fare il fallito, fatti una famiglia e figli.

    Cristiano Rolando OttoCristiano Rolando Otto7 giorni fa
  • Those final laps. We were rooted in our seats anticipating anything from an overtake to a spin and crash.

    FarmYard GamingFarmYard Gaming8 giorni fa
  • Less like a duel more like a driving lesson...better tyres on this track better car couldnt best him... if you cant capitalise on Lewis when everythings in your favour it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season for verstappen fans Lewis will only get stronger....

    Bobayeka da bogeymanBobayeka da bogeyman8 giorni fa
    • Lewis will get stronger so will the Mercedes car. Verstappen has a tendency to lose his mind at times that cause him the wins. He totally forgot the rule in that moment, Lewis didn;t. He came on the Radio soon after and asked if his opponent gained unfair advantage. That is how you describe being cool under pressure, which only comes from the RIGHT experience.

      Lam rofLam rof2 giorni fa
  • They stole the victory from Verstappen. 1) at the braking point Verstappen is already in front of Hamilton 2) old fox Hamilton pushes Verstappen outside the track, even ending himself with two tyres on the kerb, then immediately complains that he was overtaken outside of the track. No. Verstappen was already in front and didn't gain anything by going wide. He did just because he was forced by Hamilton and he had to in order to avoid an accident. He was in front and did not overtake Hamilton by just going wide. Always the same story: either Hamilton wins by himself or they will help him.

    Alen VGAlen VG8 giorni fa
    • 2)L E W I S F L A S H B A C K

      鈴木二郎鈴木二郎4 giorni fa
    • @Toro Loco 1) there is a difference between you're and your. If you can't see it, choose another language or another brain. 2) from 0:44 before the braking point until 0:48 after the turn Verstappen is in front of Hamilton all the time. At the end of the turn both of them run wide, also Hamilton has tyres over the kerb. So he has little to complain. 3) oversteer? Where? Verstappen's car becomes just a little bit nervous the moment he accelerates with wheels out of the track. Maybe you wanted to say understeer as reason why he ends so wide. In this case, if you can't see the difference between oversteer and understeer, choose another sport, possibly without wheels.

      Alen VGAlen VG7 giorni fa
    • 1. a car is considered alongside if he is past you're rear wheels, but that's irrelevant because 2. max had a huge snap of oversteer. thats what pushed him wide and if you can't see that maybe choose another sport. and finally 3. an overtake is not considered complete until the exit

      Toro LocoToro Loco7 giorni fa
  • Verstappen is the future. Lewis is the best ever.

    Luís MachadoLuís Machado9 giorni fa
  • Letra gol

    Cesar luis Silva SouzaCesar luis Silva Souza9 giorni fa
  • That's why Lewis gets paid the big bucks, well done.

    SLO722SLO7229 giorni fa
  • Why don't watch Hamilton's on board?

    Indena RodriguezIndena Rodriguez10 giorni fa
  • 0.04 hamilton komplett neben der Strecke. Muss er da nicht schon den Verstappen vorbeilassen?

    bandreas wbandreas w10 giorni fa
  • And if Versttapen does not win the race, he manages to overtake Hamilton Verstappen deserved the victory

    AroundTheTrack F1 RacingAroundTheTrack F1 Racing10 giorni fa
  • how should max give the position back when lewis track extended there 27 times during the race

    Karen HowlettKaren Howlett10 giorni fa
    • ask Red bull, its them who complained

      Kiss MlunguKiss MlunguGiorno fa
  • the judges ruined the entire finish of the race!🤦‍♂️

    Anatoliy AutomaniacAnatoliy Automaniac11 giorni fa
  • Imagine if Sergio Perez didn't steal the first lap?

    xen70xen7012 giorni fa
  • Proof formula 1 is rigged. Give him back the lead with your faster car because race control is bought and paid for... last race I’m watching this year.

    GostfalconGostfalcon12 giorni fa
  • every comment here throwing roses.. I can't believe it... it was not fare at all. Go watch the video that shows the 29 times Hamilton used the corner that same way and was not penalized. Ok, tell Max to give back the position, but give a second to Hamilton for every time he went wide on curve 4.

    Kolo SchmittKolo Schmitt12 giorni fa
    • max did it himself plenty of times. go watch his onboard

      Toro LocoToro Loco7 giorni fa
  • Why aren't you showing Hamiltons forward facing camera during the pass?

    Jamie DeadmanJamie Deadman12 giorni fa
  • Something I didn't understand, Hamilton was out of the track for 2-3sec to take Speed back (were wheels was lock) and when Verstappen go P1 they was both outside.. Why he had to let Hamilton P1?

    KybanniKybanni12 giorni fa
    • outside means beyond the red and white kerb. Lewis was on it

      Toro LocoToro Loco7 giorni fa
  • Heart attack after heart attack

    ScraghoScragho12 giorni fa
  • i like when Lewis touched Max's shoulder and hugged him like "come on bro you gave me a hard fight, you did well, don't worry you will win soon !"

    You TeubYou Teub13 giorni fa
  • 29 times Hamilton went wide at turn 4 how much time did he steal and gain an advantage?

    Stephanie & Jelke JansenStephanie & Jelke Jansen13 giorni fa
  • 0:49 he clearly passed him off track even max said it so what’s the problem

    ShadowShadow13 giorni fa
  • Beautiful Desert Duel. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Pais LinoPais Lino13 giorni fa
  • I'm a bit of a lewis fan but verstappen should have had to give the place back, 0:47, you can clearly see verstappen was ahead of lewis a split second *BEFORE* going off the track, he should've been given a warning for track boundaries not ordered to give the place back

    TickingTimeBombTickingTimeBomb14 giorni fa
  • When Lewis came on the radio and said "leave it to me" that showed the difference between a champion and a runner up. No complaints he didn't blame his team he just took care of business.

    blackmantleblackmantle14 giorni fa
    • And the radio immediately went completely silent. I got chills.

      Lemtem PoktuiLemtem Poktui8 giorni fa
  • This is why Lewis is a 7 x world champion, He was great when he first came into F1 coming 2nd in his rookie year, but has just gotten better and better as he has gone on. I hope he makes it 8 but Verstappen could make it hard this year with Red Bull getting stronger. Verstappen's only failings are his temper could prove to be his downfall until he learns to mature in the cockpit.. Looking forward to more racing like this..Well done LH

    MacMac14 giorni fa
  • Shots on target for Max!!

    Mwangi MbuguaMwangi Mbugua14 giorni fa
  • This season will not be even close...wait..Lewis will destroy them again

    Lemmy MLemmy M14 giorni fa
  • Mafia f1

    sskkrrtt 01sskkrrtt 0114 giorni fa
  • Best promotion for this sport there can be: - sportsmanship - excellence - respect I'm really looking forward for this season. It's going to be a great competition between HAM + VER.

    Andreas KirschAndreas Kirsch14 giorni fa
  • Max did not overtake Hamilton outside the track, he overtake him before he slipped off the track

    Martin OmanMartin Oman14 giorni fa
  • Love these kind of races.

    Francis XyoojFrancis Xyooj14 giorni fa
  • that was unfair

    Wasaviveros9000Wasaviveros900014 giorni fa
  • Hamilton and Verstappen on a level of there own. When Lewis leaves F1 an era of dominance by Max will begin

    NSNS14 giorni fa
  • Hey you. Yes, YOU. I hear you complaining about Hamilton winning. How about you be happy that you got a close race for once yeah? That’s what you so desperately wanted right? That’s what you were begging for right?

    TMGTMG14 giorni fa
  • Only driver can stop Hamilton to take title - Max

    SkylinemanSkylineman15 giorni fa
  • 0:48 Max is a full car length ahead of Lewis before going wide. The overtake is totally legit, Max is robbed.

    Henno AppelHenno Appel15 giorni fa
    • @M T Lewis had 29x too much speed there. It's a totally robbery.

      Henno AppelHenno Appel14 giorni fa
    • Use you common sense man. The reason Max was ahead is because he carried too much speed to be able to control his car within track limits through the corner and without taking that speed in he would not have got past Hamilton to begin with. Its a basic rule that exists because if it didn't then all the drivers would just take every corner too fast and go off track to overtake other cars. You have to stay within track limits when overtaking another car and Max failed to do this. The move was not completed before they got through the corner. End of story.

      M TM T14 giorni fa
  • .....𝚂𝚒𝚛 𝙻𝚎𝚠𝚒𝚜 𝙷𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚝𝚘𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚌𝚛𝚢 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢..... 😭😭😭

    Nuvola GiulianiNuvola Giuliani15 giorni fa
  • When I pull a chair during quarantine: 1:35

    Zubair AhmedZubair Ahmed15 giorni fa
  • 0:48 That's a complete overtake right there... INSIDE the track. Or it would be if it was Mercedes.

    InvoxInvox15 giorni fa
    • You mean the guy that at one time boxed crossing the center line and got no penalty for it? I agree. He know exaclty how the rules work... for them.

      InvoxInvox13 giorni fa
    • No it wouldn't. Hamilton has been penalized for overtaking cars off track more than once way back in his earlier years. He knows exactly how this rule works.

      M TM T14 giorni fa
  • Track limit off rule is so strange .

    Choco BlackeyChoco Blackey15 giorni fa
  • Lewis can run off track with no penalty, but Max does it and gets a one...........hardly skill there when you are handed the race.

    Sim AddictionSim Addiction15 giorni fa
  • The Red Bull Crew reaction at @0:51 gives me shivers. Verstappen champion 2021, it's finally happening guys

    Nick FaberNick Faber15 giorni fa
  • Aah yess Verstappen the secret agent sent by Mercedes to ruin Vettel's Career by crashing into him and now he is coming after Hamilton. I am a Vettel fan but am so glad Hamilton won.

    Manuja KirindeManuja Kirinde15 giorni fa
  • lewis is a bad winner .max was already past him before leaving track .max is the winner of this race in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AnderZAnderZ15 giorni fa
  • Max got burnt.

    Gang Of FourGang Of Four15 giorni fa
  • Go Hamilton

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten Hitonokoe15 giorni fa
  • Lewis is just Best Of All Time Notning to Looooolloose

    Emanuel Fritz MarianneEmanuel Fritz Marianne16 giorni fa
    • Lewis von Faire Vomire Anti lewus Fans

      Emanuel Fritz MarianneEmanuel Fritz Marianne16 giorni fa
    • Der ist Der Best

      Emanuel Fritz MarianneEmanuel Fritz Marianne16 giorni fa
    • Lewis Ist Der Best RennFharer Der Welt Je Mals Gabt

      Emanuel Fritz MarianneEmanuel Fritz Marianne16 giorni fa
    • C est le Meilleur Aux Monde

      Emanuel Fritz MarianneEmanuel Fritz Marianne16 giorni fa
  • Hamilton ❤

    _kedo___kedo__16 giorni fa
  • In my opinion, Max was in front before he went of-track.

    Arthur De ConinckArthur De Coninck16 giorni fa
  • Shameful favoritism of the FIA and the track marshals for Hamilton. The only one sanctioned and in ten seconds they resolved !! Years waiting for parity in F1 and a fair victory is taken away from Verstappen. But the favored one is English and also non-white, in these times of political correctness and anti-white racism that helps to decide. So sensitive to politics the current F1, they fired the hostesses, they allow Hamilton and other drivers to do left-wing politics in every race. Never seen F1 do politics this way. If I'm not mistaken: Hamilton 30 times crossing the limits NOT SANCTIONED. Bottas record back jumping the limits NOT SANCTIONED. Verstappen passes Hamilton jumping the limits SANCTIONED AND ON RECORD TIME.

    Gustavo OlaizGustavo Olaiz16 giorni fa
    • @M T Black englishman. British black. Afrobritish. The race is one. Thank you.

      Gustavo OlaizGustavo Olaiz13 giorni fa
    • @Gustavo Olaiz The "black English"?

      M TM T13 giorni fa
    • @M T It's interpretation, you can think that Max overcame it and then jumped the track limits like everyone else. And besides, he made room for Lewis. That could have been interpreted if the situation was reversed and it was the black englishman who was harmed. Years waiting for parity and in the first race we have it, the parity is unbalanced by the FIA and the stewards.

      Gustavo OlaizGustavo Olaiz14 giorni fa
    • Why do people like you just keep pretending that the FIA weren't monitoring track limits at turn 4 until Red Bull brought it up? Hamilton stopped doing it once he was told he couldn't do it anymore but if Red Bull were smarter they'd have kept quiet and told Max to do it from the start of the race as well. Secondly, overtaking off track is a completely different scenario and is policed by it own regulation. You can not overtake another car by going off track. The track limits rule at T4 had nothing to do with this. You can't overtake off track at any corner.

      M TM T14 giorni fa
  • Hamilton saiu da pista 29 vezes na mesma curva. Sou fã de ambos, mas justiça seja feita

    MJR RCRMJR RCR16 giorni fa
  • That passing the white line during overtake is bs. Max was way ahead of lewis before entering the corner. Other way around it wouldnt have been a problem. Maybe they should kneel before the race for more equilty between the racers

    AP88AP8816 giorni fa
  • So how is this a correct decision by the FIA... Look at Max...(0:47) He was already ahead of the Mercedes when he left the track in turn 4, very much what Lewis has been doing for 30 laps.. As a matter of fact, Max was already ahead of the Mercedes, just when they turned into the corner (0:45)..If I was RB, looking at this footage, I would raise a complaint and fight the wrong choices of the FIA

    Rob BleekerRob Bleeker16 giorni fa
  • Max deserved to win.

    Rajkumar A.S.Rajkumar A.S.16 giorni fa
  • He completed the overtake before running off the track.

    gallahantgallahant16 giorni fa
  • But why Verstappen left the position at Lewis after he coming first?

    Lambolp91Lambolp9116 giorni fa
  • the BLNM

    Vapes FlavorsVapes Flavors16 giorni fa
  • I have a feeling bottas will be called many times by toto as the best wingman for lewis in the coming 22 races. Remember 2018 and 2019 when ferrari looked the team to beat

    cretan boolcretan bool16 giorni fa
  • car number 44 (29 times out of bounds) , F1 is a mafia

    Stephane B.Stephane B.16 giorni fa
  • FIA=Mercedes ;)

    bronze tunabronze tuna16 giorni fa
  • Next time, do let us know already that for Hamilton, the race track is a shorter one than others.

    Toshan ChandrakarToshan Chandrakar16 giorni fa
  • Lewis is a sore loser and a really cry baby

    Taufiq KhakiyaniTaufiq Khakiyani16 giorni fa
  • yes old man that's whys its Sir put some respect on his name!!!!!!Ouch that must of hurt a lot of people!!!!!!!!!!

    AWAS 1969AWAS 196917 giorni fa
  • Awesome ..Lewis showed Driver is the most important component of the car

    Real RacingReal Racing17 giorni fa
  • F1 makes a big effort to appear international but its clearly British!

    Leandro GiorniLeandro Giorni17 giorni fa
  • Max returning the position was the right thing, as overtaking using parts out of the track is not allowed. That's fine. It is the other thing with Lewis going wide 29 TIMES and then changing the rule mid race so others couldn't do it what bothers me. When Max started doing it (way before the overtake) the stewards changed the rule and now no one could do it. A little bit weird, isn't it? Hamilton was allowed to do so but when others started doing it they changed the rule mid race... and by the way, how is going wide at turn 4 29 TIMES not a lasting advantage? Palmer said it was one tenth per lap, so it could be roughly 3 seconds. Lewis won by 0.7 seconds. FIA needs to get clear on track limits.

    RodHammett95RodHammett9517 giorni fa
  • If Max had stayed on track Lewis would have tapped him as he did Albon twice last year. Lewis is indeed a sore loser.

    D RomanD Roman17 giorni fa
  • Freaking awesome every time I see it. I watched Lewis overtake in the rain at 13 years old. Then this. Why are some judging him negatively again?

    John MichealJohn Micheal17 giorni fa
  • Lewis show Hamilton

    Jairo CesarJairo Cesar17 giorni fa
  • "sir" Hamilton is complaining about track limits when Verstappen gets past him, while Hamilton himself was over those track limits almost the whole race. :)

    Ano NiemAno Niem17 giorni fa
    • @Jack Balfour wait what? I think Max was in minority drivers keeping track limits in a whole race.

      Kacper DzięciołKacper Dzięcioł16 giorni fa
    • @Jack Balfour max paid the debt, what about lewis? He did it almost the whole race.

      Tunahan MazlumTunahan Mazlum16 giorni fa
    • @Jack Balfour He didn't

      Ano NiemAno Niem16 giorni fa
    • Verstappen complained about Lewis useing track limits then did the same as Lewis for about 17 laps. They both complained and they both used track limits.

      Jack BalfourJack Balfour16 giorni fa
  • ITworlds doing great btw

    Dennis BakkerDennis Bakker17 giorni fa
  • Mad max vs Masterclass

    Gari VelezGari Velez17 giorni fa
  • Plot Twist: although Mercedes lost speed but this year's Pirrelis are going to help Hamilton.., though he would still complain but he would have his tyres in best shapes when comes to this kind of battles otherwise this is the same track where Cars eat a lot of tyres, so Pirreli have made a big step forward that's for sure..

    Meme RavenMeme Raven17 giorni fa
  • 0:22 and here it comes, a go-no-rreah

    David SalazarDavid Salazar17 giorni fa
  • A great blunder by the race management and the judges. Someone should be thrown off their seat. Where are fair-play rules?

    Marcin WozniakMarcin Wozniak17 giorni fa
  • 😪😪😪hamiltan say truck limits ...maybe he 10 times

    Barış AltayBarış Altay17 giorni fa
  • Man, Lewis is still the best driver out there. With Mercedes struggling with their car this year, we could not say that the car won them the race. What a sensational race!

    Fluff NstuffFluff Nstuff17 giorni fa
  • The only man who can stop lewis this season n valteri of course

    Kevin muhammad azhariKevin muhammad azhari17 giorni fa
  • What a race!!! This was for the fans, hope it'll be like that in the coming races.

    Chris ColumbusChris Columbus17 giorni fa
  • I remember a lot of races where the one who was passing outside was a Mercedes and the decision from race control was that the Mercedes driver was forced off-track

    Humor LatinoHumor Latino17 giorni fa
    • You have a selective memory.

      Yazzam XYazzam X17 giorni fa
  • Formula One as usual when it comes to doing Mercedes a favor. 1 or max stays first and is sanctioned with 5 seconds or 2 max stayed on the line and collided and then race control sanctioned him for causing a collision..

    Humor LatinoHumor Latino17 giorni fa
    • @Humor Latino - Try putting your obvious bias aside for once. If Red Bull felt cheated then they would have been shouting it out from the roof tops, with Horner and Verstappen making their anger known to everyone. But instead, BOTH were disappointed but still able to smile and joke after the race, including Max laughing a little with Lewis in the press conference when talking about seeing the back markers causing problems for Lewis's car, hence Max is clearly a happy (albeit disappointed with 2nd place) driver who knows he finally has a car that can fight for the championship. So Christian Horner doesn't feel cheated, Max doesn't feel cheated, Red Bull doesn't feel cheated, so why should you? Get over it :-)

      Yazzam XYazzam X17 giorni fa
    • @Yazzam X so inconsistent rules till some one else is doing it. 🤔

      Humor LatinoHumor Latino17 giorni fa
    • @Humor Latino - Irrelevant, that wasn't illegal under the inconsistent rules by race control, and hence there was no warning until much later in the race (and Lewis wasn't the only driver over that line multiple times, he just did it the most). The overtake by Max broke the rules for every corner at every track, and hence he had to give the position back, as Max acknowledged during the press conference. And again, Max didn't need to overtake when he did, since he had the faster car with the much fresher tires and more than enough laps with DRS to get the job done!

      Yazzam XYazzam X17 giorni fa
    • So you might 29 times gaining 0.100 going off-track in turn 4 was not illegal. 29x0.100=2.9 seconds until red bull told to max to do it because Mercedes was doing it Race Control do not have seen any of the 29 times

      Humor LatinoHumor Latino17 giorni fa
    • The overtake was illegal, where even Max said it *himself* during the post race press conference, and he should know, right? :-) If only Max had been patient for just one more lap or so then he would have passed Lewis cleanly on the track! So you can't pretend this was unfair to Red Bull, because the win was there for the taking had Max not fallen for the trap that Lewis set for him at turn 4 :-)

      Yazzam XYazzam X17 giorni fa
  • @FORMULA 1. ...VIDEO UNAVAILABLE, WHY??????? !!!!! Then delete it!!!!!

    duophon17duophon1717 giorni fa
  • Senna nunca teria deixado passar. Acabaria em primeiro e se viesse punição depois não apagaria sua vitória.

    BeckmanBeckman17 giorni fa
  • FIA changing the turn 4 rule mid race after Mercedes gain 3 seconds advantage over 29 laps. But when Red Bull want to take the same advantage the FIA forbid it. FIA helps Mercedes, so Hamilton must be disqualify and the win must go to Verstappen.

    Freedom VoiceFreedom Voice17 giorni fa
  • love to see redbull beat mercedes ..f1 not borring again

    hardi setyonohardi setyono17 giorni fa
  • Love You Michael Schumacher ❤️

    Rider Rx kingRider Rx king17 giorni fa
  • "let him pass"?!!! That's why I don't watch F1 anymore.

    carlos costacarlos costa17 giorni fa
  • 44, reasons again 2021,👍🇬🇧

    Pani SmithPani Smith17 giorni fa
  • MA FIA

    Herick CardosoHerick Cardoso18 giorni fa
  • Lewis pass track limits all GP and when Verstappen did it is ilegal, really?

    Ikono ProduccionesIkono Producciones18 giorni fa