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10 nov 2020
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Mini Crewmate Life | Among US Animation | GV Among Us
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  • Me gusta de la niña como lo mata a rojo JAJAJAJA

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  • Cheater

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  • My name is Gametoons

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  • The fuck I just watched

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  • No entiendo lo que dicen

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  • 👹

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  • 2:41 which anime?

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  • shit

    Marguerite NelsonMarguerite NelsonGiorno fa
  • yay pink is vote out

    Marguerite NelsonMarguerite NelsonGiorno fa
  • i want pink to die i hate mini crew i want them to suffer

    Marguerite NelsonMarguerite NelsonGiorno fa
  • Dang crewmate life sucks and imposter life to

    Lillian HarrisLillian HarrisGiorno fa
  • I like it when they have that feelings

  • Yellow is my favorite color he killed black yea

    mk is livemk is liveGiorno fa
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  • Congratulations pink you tiny person just killed everyone but no you are the heroes to do heroically

    Athan BarnardAthan BarnardGiorno fa
  • This is the plug of ITworlds go Away I don't care about this

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  • oh my god🤩

    Really special guy.Really special guy.Giorno fa
  • Why did eat table tennis is thet chocolate

    Aye aye khaineAye aye khaineGiorno fa
  • What kill impostor no idia

    L MML MMGiorno fa
  • the way she said NOPE. 1:04

    The Among Us animatorThe Among Us animatorGiorno fa
    • She was like now he’ll Now die

      heba shannagheba shannag7 ore fa
  • Engraçado 😂 😂 😂

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  • So sad

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  • Pourquoi le rose

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  • Devil black mini crewmate sumayoya snderyo &$€/€%^

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  • The thumbnail : Disgusting The sound effects : confusing The faces : should not be on thier visor and its confusing.

    Isa KleinmiddelinkIsa Kleinmiddelink2 giorni fa
    • @Nancy Patiño ?

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    • B

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  • Good job

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  • Хорошо

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  • Mr cheese 9:05

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  • Ffgdb

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  • Wtf is this that is not funny

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  • What is going on in the full video

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  • Kenapa?

    Toemirah SumiarjoToemirah Sumiarjo2 giorni fa
  • Cepat Impostor Dad

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  • watched the video and subscribed to your channel, the content was very interesting. Please watch and subscribe to the channel to support me. Thanks

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  • Longest is really fun

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  • Is This Like OGG Animations

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

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  • Crewmates haven't go face dumb!!!

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  • La animacion me gusta mucho

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  • 5:59

    Among Us Cyan / TCF Logo / Isca Azop AUTTPAmong Us Cyan / TCF Logo / Isca Azop AUTTP5 giorni fa
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