The End of the Main Event Between Darby Allin & 10 is Must See | AEW Dynamite, 4/28/21

28 apr 2021
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AEW Dynamite, 4/28/21 2117
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  • Sting and Darby will get revenge soon !!!

    David SummersDavid Summers22 ore fa
  • I'm all in for a Scorpio Sky vs Sting match

    Eggman's WrathEggman's Wrath23 ore fa
  • Ethan page and scorpio sky why don't you two wrestle with the women because ya'll are not brave enough to fight men without jumping them from behind

    William ByrdWilliam ByrdGiorno fa
  • I feel like Darby is barely winning his matches...

    Diego RodriguezDiego RodriguezGiorno fa
  • why did this even happen? you bring out 10 and make him say hes doing this for brodie then have him lose? and with another babyface...what a waste, and why would a heel go out to help 3 babyfaces.

    RyseZenRyseZenGiorno fa
  • Sting is not in the best shape. That being said why is he aligned with Darby? Not to be mean but Darby is the size of most women wrestlers. I am hoping the new angle puts Sting with Murder Hawk.

    Travis HooverTravis HooverGiorno fa
  • AEW made Sting look weak and easy to beat over the years :(

    Kobe Bryant MontalesKobe Bryant MontalesGiorno fa
  • Sting always leaves Darby behind he never has Darby's back? My dude Darby got thrown down a flight of concrete stairs by two guys. Sting wasn't even no where around???? Sting wasn't helping Darby that's not cool Sting.

    Jeremy WolfJeremy Wolf2 giorni fa
  • Look like darbie lost aha

    Taua LaiTaua Lai3 giorni fa
  • AEW fans

    Shawn D. DawkinsShawn D. Dawkins4 giorni fa
  • Good match but I feel like it lessened the dark orders position as a heel group or whatever perception they are trying to be.

    Issac Joel RojasIssac Joel Rojas4 giorni fa
  • I watch this video because the legend Sting

    Gaming updatesGaming updates4 giorni fa
  • Nice

    Munna TalukderMunna Talukder4 giorni fa
  • Darby, Sting and Archer should join Dark Order!!!

    Gustavo AguirreGustavo Aguirre4 giorni fa
  • Sting, Darby, Preston Vance, Lance Archer w/Jake The Snake Roberts. That would be one helluva faction right there

    Michael SantangeloMichael Santangelo4 giorni fa
  • Love how Sting accompanies his close Nephew Darby to the ring.

    Faraan BabarFaraan Babar4 giorni fa
  • Darby reminds me of Thomas Shelby but a wrestling version idk why

    Avery BurkeAvery Burke5 giorni fa
  • Wondering how commentary missed 10's right shoulder being off the mat and the referee not seeing it...

    Shadow WolfeShadow Wolfe5 giorni fa
  • Ĺ0ppp

    Kishan NayakKishan Nayak5 giorni fa
  • That was a waste of my 3 minutes

    Braids1984Braids19845 giorni fa
  • Fuckin darby alin🤙💯💨

    Smokey JSmokey J5 giorni fa
  • Randvo chakko

    wwe13tywwe13ty5 giorni fa
  • 0:17 I see Darby watched Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper. Nice pin kid.

    George SalgadoGeorge Salgado5 giorni fa
  • Sting is like 80 years old

    Mark SamuelMark Samuel5 giorni fa
  • Murder hawk is a face now!!

    John MerlinJohn Merlin5 giorni fa
  • murderbird

    Tonky TronTonky Tron6 giorni fa
  • i love aew but im sorry i dont want to see theses 70 year old wrestlers adding nothing to the show. that money could be paid to somone thats actually going to do something other then stand failing at looking intimidating

    mcstonerdomcstonerdo6 giorni fa
  • They killing AEW having this pint size stick beating everyone with potential smh they need to feed him extras not the future of the company

    Edgar FloresEdgar Flores6 giorni fa
  • I love it. It feels amazing to see Sting still in action.

    Altamush Nayyer KhanAltamush Nayyer Khan6 giorni fa
  • Sting getting buried in AEW too smh

    Thanus AnusThanus Anus6 giorni fa
  • Must See? What did I miss? PATHETIC

    Notey NoteNotey Note6 giorni fa
  • 9 successful TNT title defenses in history

    Khayree McCauleyKhayree McCauley6 giorni fa
  • Imagine that dream match the dark order and hangman and Darby and lance archer w// sting vs team Taz and Hardy family office and scorpio sky and Ethan page w//Hook at double or nothing

    Rayan BRayan B6 giorni fa
  • I feel like Darby Allin is the real AEW champion, defending his title every week, while Omega seems like an Impact wrestler who just appears every now and then to pick fights with Moxley or whoever, then skedaddles back to Impact for a month.

    Someguy1785Someguy17856 giorni fa
  • Does every match need a run-in at the end of it with multiple people? Also why is Rick Knox officiating the man is the complete shits I mean drizzling shits

    john Warnejohn Warne6 giorni fa
  • So love that they have Darby focusing on what truly makes a great reign: number of defenses > length of time held.

    Jose PaganJose Pagan6 giorni fa
  • If they don’t make this man the aew champion I stg. I feel like omega vs Darby would be amazing

    MVNIK N.v.RofficialMVNIK N.v.Rofficial7 giorni fa
  • His right shoulder wasn't down

    SmithsRusSmithsRus7 giorni fa
  • Tony Schiavone saying we're out of time reminds me of WCW

    J RobJ Rob7 giorni fa
  • Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how well Ethan Page does the part of a heel.

    Thaddaeus GovenderThaddaeus Govender7 giorni fa
  • Darby Allin is the Man

    Sotos MountzSotos Mountz7 giorni fa
  • It looks so awkward that such muscular man getting defeated by such a skinny guy although he looks its easy

    shamim abbas laskarshamim abbas laskar7 giorni fa
  • I stopped liking scorpio sky about a year ago.

    Dr. Rick Progressive commercialDr. Rick Progressive commercial7 giorni fa
  • Right, so Hangman just lost to Cage, so isn't going after Omega yet (would be way too soon). Darby is facing members of the DO for the thinking what I'm thinking? Hangman is the one to eventually dethrone Darby, having a long-ish title reign so that Omega can have a really long reign with the World Title, then Hangman loses the belt, then eventually starts a program with Omega and dethrones him (after what I think should be a year-plus reign easily to sell him as a hated heel, especially with BC by his side). Would make Hangman the ultimate face, give him some prior credit, establish Omega and the BC as the top heels and give Omega a brilliant, long title reign...I think that would be the best possible storyline. Or, actually, to prolong Omega's reign even more and give yet another person the push they deserve: Miro beats Darby, Hangman beats Miro and then the same as earlier. Or Miro is just the one to beat Hangman for the TNT title, then same as earlier. Or maybe Scorpio actually beats Darby, then Hangman beats Scorpio, Miro beats Hangman and then, once again, same as earlier. Either way, I think one of these is the direction we are probably heading in.

    Charlie Vernon HickeyCharlie Vernon Hickey7 giorni fa
  • استینگ بدبخت چیکار کرده

    سروش وحیدیسروش وحیدی7 giorni fa
  • Ssmoa Joe - New TNT Champion. Open Challenge the Dynamite after Double Or Nothing

    Jake LumisJake Lumis7 giorni fa
  • Please be careful with sting

    Detroit World TelevisionDetroit World Television7 giorni fa
  • If only Drew McIntyre thought of that pin strategy.

    Coding CallsCoding Calls7 giorni fa
  • Excellent stuff!!🇨🇦

    Brent LefrancoisBrent Lefrancois7 giorni fa
  • 10!

    RDK 619RDK 6197 giorni fa
  • Dark Order needs to go back to being heals.

    Darryl JonesDarryl Jones7 giorni fa
  • I'm getting sick of Scorpio sky and Ethan they are pathetic pair of them are 🙄 love the match with 10 and Darby great tribute to Brodie he is still a legend

    EmmaEmma7 giorni fa
  • The Good book beats all. 👋

    Kevin James HannantKevin James Hannant7 giorni fa
  • Easy peasy trivia for the day: What all time classic match did they borrow this finish from? *There are actually 2 that immediately come to mind

    Purorasslin' TVPurorasslin' TV7 giorni fa
  • I must say that was actually a solid match..not a fan of AEWs product...the jump session after the match is why..they have constant jump attacks or run ins..this may as well be late 90s WCW, roster full of talent that gets overlooked because one or two groups hog all the camera time and poor story telling. Constant interference or attacks is just lazy writing. But good match by Darby and 10

    Cynfully SinicalCynfully Sinical7 giorni fa
  • Darby vs Page is gonna be really good I remember the feud they had i EVOLVE it's gonna be awesome. If you can check out their No Hold's Barred they had you won't be disappointed.

    Jeremy DieselJeremy Diesel8 giorni fa
  • Why the dark order didnt run in, escapes me.

    inciting a riotinciting a riot8 giorni fa
  • AEW needs to take the TNT Television Title and rename it to The Brodie Lee/TNT Television Championship Belt

    detric harrisdetric harris8 giorni fa
  • Derby..Is that a wrestler??

    Awesome TruthAwesome Truth8 giorni fa
  • Uupepa

    Guadalupe Alvarez avalosGuadalupe Alvarez avalos8 giorni fa
  • Anyone else thing Sky turning heel is just a bit dreadful? Should team back with Kaz and replace Daniels

    MockingApe1MockingApe18 giorni fa
  • What a match the respect too after shaking hands.

    Jose CarranzaJose Carranza8 giorni fa
  • Critsin

    Petrus LewerissaPetrus Lewerissa8 giorni fa
  • what are those bastards that attack on Sting Dury, I hope there will follow the week they get caught back in a fair fight, no one can beat Durby Ellen in the AEW most they jealous of Durby Ellen

    Petrus LewerissaPetrus Lewerissa8 giorni fa
  • Can someone please explain why Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are a team

    Eric10_22_99Eric10_22_998 giorni fa
  • 2:00 check out the left knee how it cracks the guy with the pink polo.

    Arnold TapiaArnold Tapia8 giorni fa
  • They never addressed sky and scu did they? On bte or anything?

    Ben CBen C8 giorni fa
  • where are the smarks whining about a win via rollup?

    Tyler WolfTyler Wolf8 giorni fa
  • Don't touch my Stinger! 😡

    LofraLofra8 giorni fa
  • Ethan Paige has been in Florida less then a year. And he already looks like a Florida a-hole... perfect!

    A. FreelandA. Freeland8 giorni fa
  • Should've been Miro who cut through the dark order and Darby. Not Page

    Ghostfac3Ghostfac38 giorni fa
  • - next fights the best fighters fighting among them. Monday and Tuesday

    time of Fighttime of Fight8 giorni fa
  • AEW has turned me back on to pro wrestling!!! But this flyweight Darby Allin beating heavyweights week after week is a joke. I cannot root for him. Indeed, I lose respect for those who job to him.

    Joel PerryJoel Perry8 giorni fa
  • Why is the ending after every aew match the same

    UV 999UV 9998 giorni fa
  • Man, Darby and Sting are such a badass team of masked warriors!

    Goku Super SaiyanGoku Super Saiyan8 giorni fa
  • Great match. Darby is a unique talent and 10 just keeps getting better.

    jjeffery worboysjjeffery worboys8 giorni fa
  • Aew giveing youngsters fro topi

    diron & prashathdiron & prashath8 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail: Sting throwing a tantrum.

    유우령유우령8 giorni fa
  • *Are we really supposed to take a guy in short shorts and a pink polo shirt seriously*

    Black NapalmBlack Napalm8 giorni fa
  • This budget zombie is so damn tiring. First the generic bastard rips of a zombie sort of, then sting in the rafters, then rips off hbk wm entrance, then he rips of bret harts reversal tonight..

    kolz4ever1980kolz4ever19808 giorni fa
  • We all knew Sky and Page gonna attack Darby every week untill the match get booked

    Connor WongConnor Wong8 giorni fa

    Juicee PabloJuicee Pablo8 giorni fa
  • 10 vs shawn spears. Book it

    Reymart JustoReymart Justo8 giorni fa
  • Sting is legend

    Sting ytSting yt8 giorni fa
  • Anyone else notice Ethan page bent his own knee backwards a bit stomping at 2:00

    Tarrin DanielTarrin Daniel8 giorni fa
  • This is why I don't buy the people claiming the Dark Order is being baby faced, if it were true that would have been the perfect time to come running back out and defend the guy who'd just shown Brody Lee some mad respect.

    John OwenJohn Owen8 giorni fa
  • Some point sting is going to heel turn and get Derby

    Chris RobinsChris Robins8 giorni fa
  • Ethan Page has a bright future. He has a punchable face and him wearing that polo shirt and shorts make his even look more arrogant, this plus his ego will hopefully be great things to come in the future for him. How the hell did Darby Win that match when he didn't even pin 10? big confusion there to be honest. The visual of the finish didn't match the climax.

    CollinzCollinz8 giorni fa
  • Sting selling like a BOSS! Open up the world for the next gen Pro Westler! Sting is, as if we didn't already know but this match is a slight reminder, A FUCKIN BOSS!

    Wayne FielderWayne Fielder8 giorni fa
  • Ok question I haven’t been watching so since when has scorpio been a heel?

    ATK_2kMonstaATK_2kMonsta8 giorni fa
  • Not gonna lie this sky and page seems rite of passage

    Marc Del RosarioMarc Del Rosario8 giorni fa
  • that's the classic Bret Hart finish but it makes 10 look like a jackass....let go of the full nelson if you're on your's not rocket science

    William BlackfyreWilliam Blackfyre8 giorni fa
  • 1:13 CLASS ACT

    BestForBusinessBestForBusiness8 giorni fa
  • The finish was so good

    BestForBusinessBestForBusiness8 giorni fa
  • So you have 2 wrestlers with the last name page and 2 wrestlers with the last name cage.

    Dan KristDan Krist8 giorni fa
  • The finish reminds me of the finish of Bret Hart vs SCSA at Survivor Series 1996.

    Jericho VentanillaJericho Ventanilla8 giorni fa
  • Darby Allin has had a great reign as TNT Champion. I'd love to see Ethan Page or Miro take the title away from him.

    Seth Freakin RollinsSeth Freakin Rollins8 giorni fa
  • Beautiful tribute to Brodie Lee at the end. May he rest in peace.

    Seth Freakin RollinsSeth Freakin Rollins8 giorni fa
  • I love how Sting and Darby Allin feel like a father and son duo.

    Seth Freakin RollinsSeth Freakin Rollins8 giorni fa
    • Or Batman & Robin minus the abusive relationship

      Creighton Chaney 1941Creighton Chaney 19412 giorni fa
    • More like teacher student

      7th Vigilante7th Vigilante2 giorni fa
  • 10 should have won

    x LatinAssazzinx LatinAssazzin8 giorni fa