The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

18 nov 2020
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Because Epic didn't really work. The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt.
Launches 18 December only on Prime Video.

  • "Omg! Omg! Holy shit!" I just took a lap around my living gf -"let me guess, you just saw the new GT commercial"...YESSS

    minij hooiminij hooi18 minuti fa
  • Привіт Українцям 🇺🇦

    Combo FailsCombo Fails4 ore fa
  • What is this, a commercial for a show that we still haven't seen?

    theodore Dow-mantheodore Dow-man5 ore fa
  • Im excited to 123movies this.

  • I thought this was about Amber Heard, but then I realized it was HUNT with an H. Viva Johnny Depp!!!

    Ivo VasilevIvo Vasilev8 ore fa
  • Its the Best information in 2020

    Kacper KuźmaKacper Kuźma9 ore fa
  • Finallyyy

    muhittin sambamuhittin samba9 ore fa
  • Бентли танк украли идею у Кости Академика

    Bond LavBond Lav9 ore fa
  • this better be 11 hours long.

    LordShitBirdLordShitBird10 ore fa
  • Sem*n and now a massive *unt.. Well done good sir haha

    Clain Wahyu DarmawanClain Wahyu Darmawan10 ore fa
  • I hope they make it back to Top Gear. 1 special a year is not worth my prime membership.

    Kevin KernKevin Kern13 ore fa
  • Hell yarrrr

    RatchetRatchet13 ore fa
  • Can't wait. Please let it be longer than previous episodes.

    Mahmud HasanMahmud Hasan16 ore fa

    Fortnite GamerFortnite Gamer17 ore fa
  • STUPID they paid $10,000 to use that Who song for the fakest lamest forced unfunny bullshit TV show in history.

    Darin CatesDarin Cates20 ore fa
  • Fınally something exciting at thıs show

    FurkaannTFurkaannT22 ore fa
  • EPIC!!!!

    Le PatronLe Patron22 ore fa
  • Grand tour 4?

    Rio MahatraRio Mahatra23 ore fa
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    Feel MakerFeel Maker23 ore fa
  • We've missed you guys!!!

    JoeJoeGiorno fa
  • God bless them. Thats gonna be the only good point of this year.

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyGiorno fa
  • Yes!!!!

    Shivek AniruthShivek AniruthGiorno fa
  • Lol An Epic Hunt.. sounds dirty

    James Peterson IIJames Peterson IIGiorno fa
  • Nothing can go wrong

    wiktorzwiktorzGiorno fa
  • They are literally looking for the next episode of the grand tour

    Jommy 2018Jommy 2018Giorno fa
    • Finally something to ease off the 2020 stress

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyGiorno fa
  • Want way way way more of these guys... Will do with more seasons of JM: Our Man in... Series!

    Saurabh GadekarSaurabh GadekarGiorno fa
  • Ну наконец-то!

    Кирилл ЦугаковКирилл ЦугаковGiorno fa
  • OH it was Hunt - not ....! Now I get it.

    Dalle SamllhalsDalle SamllhalsGiorno fa
    • @James Peterson II ..and you didn't get IT :-(

      Dalle SamllhalsDalle SamllhalsGiorno fa
    • It was epic hunt ..look at description

      James Peterson IIJames Peterson IIGiorno fa
  • AT LAST !!! Something GREAT for 2020 !!! My Son and I have missed u guys SO MUCH !

    joop hillbottomjoop hillbottomGiorno fa
  • Is Richard Hammond tony stark?

    Hilux 00Hilux 00Giorno fa
  • fucking finally

    Ryan TwomeyRyan TwomeyGiorno fa
  • my fuckin stunt idiot idol....

    ThunderdomeThunderdomeGiorno fa
  • Does this mean they are finally coming

  • A massive hunt… for the cure to COVID-19 I hope

    NeedForSpeed2004NeedForSpeed2004Giorno fa
  • Yessssssssssss

    RallockRallockGiorno fa
  • Предвкушаю бомбическую серию

    Карл МарксКарл МарксGiorno fa
  • That's awesome.

    Arturo ChambersArturo ChambersGiorno fa
  • Cant WAIT! My Body is Soooo ready!

    Anton BeukesAnton BeukesGiorno fa
  • Finally something to ease off the 2020 stress

    Alexander ShipmanAlexander ShipmanGiorno fa
  • Ну, наконец-то, блять

    Иван ОлиферИван ОлиферGiorno fa
  • Да неужели мы дождемся эту серию в 2020...

    Николай ОгурцовНиколай ОгурцовGiorno fa
  • О Господи,это будет шедевр 😁😁

    Слава ИскраСлава ИскраGiorno fa
  • Hâte de voir l'épisode

  • These guys need to do a serious off road Cape York trip.

    bear vbear vGiorno fa
  • Hell yeah!!!!

    Alison Lima MusicAlison Lima MusicGiorno fa
  • I been waiting for a new show for so long this makes me so freaking happy I love these guys me its like im traveling where they are going its awesome please do more series

    Digital NetworkerDigital NetworkerGiorno fa

    Johnny PlakidisJohnny PlakidisGiorno fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    riccardo !!riccardo !!Giorno fa
  • Clarkson Has hot aj new bentayga

    Dominik GardianDominik GardianGiorno fa
  • Yes... Bring it on!!

    SleekBlackSleekBlackGiorno fa

    HJWBHJWBGiorno fa
  • 😶 Well about time. e.eq

    Aaron RaminosAaron RaminosGiorno fa
  • Finally a new episode

    MR.REDSTONE 127!MR.REDSTONE 127!Giorno fa
  • Где и когда можно посмотреть?

    Толяныч ТоляновскийТоляныч Толяновский2 giorni fa
  • When this is released it will have been 1 year and 6 days since the last episode. The worlds longest wait for dramatic effect

    Abubakr BhyatAbubakr Bhyat2 giorni fa
  • Ещё немного)

    Хозяйские БудниХозяйские Будни2 giorni fa

    soinu foigsoinu foig2 giorni fa
  • Only reason I bought Amazon prime was for these three. When they leave I leave. Keep it up guys!

    c21h30o2c21h30o22 giorni fa
  • They’re back!!!!

    Leo NLeo N2 giorni fa
  • That’s some funny stuff boy awesome !

    aarontheobaldaarontheobald2 giorni fa
  • What happened to sea men??

    Ajax2295Ajax22952 giorni fa
  • It’ll be a sad day when these chaps stop doing this. 😔

    Bayer-Z28Bayer-Z282 giorni fa
  • These 3 need to go head to head with Tanner, Rut, and Adam. The most epic crossover.

    Gary FloresGary Flores2 giorni fa
  • Its about time

    Alex ShmalexAlex Shmalex2 giorni fa
  • Can't wait :)

    Steven RetroSteven Retro2 giorni fa
  • Next time call the club tana off road or mud gasy cars We are always ready for that kind of trip

    Hammy RakotomananaHammy Rakotomanana2 giorni fa
  • Ummm excuse me Amazon.... where’s Seamen part 2????

    Reefos JayReefos Jay2 giorni fa
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    Matt NortonMatt Norton2 giorni fa
  • Absolutely n 1 🖤 Hail from 🇮🇹

    Elbaisland ElbaislandElbaisland Elbaisland2 giorni fa
  • I cant waitng for

    SzalsoonSzalsoon2 giorni fa

    Monkey Wench Team of Pennsylvania Bigfoot ProjectMonkey Wench Team of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project2 giorni fa
  • Cheehoo! Welcome Back Boys! So Stoked For This!🤙🏼

    Robot Wolf ProductionsRobot Wolf Productions2 giorni fa
  • Tank You for this present.I Love These Guys😁😁😁😁

    Karlheinz WiedenrothKarlheinz Wiedenroth2 giorni fa
  • Быстрей бы!

    VirusnewfulVirusnewful2 giorni fa
  • Хаммммооонннд!

    михаил михайловмихаил михайлов2 giorni fa
  • they should have called it "The Big Hunt" - sounds better!!

    guernseyalguernseyal2 giorni fa
  • About Fucking time!!! Bring the show back!!!

    USMC03-1408USMC03-14082 giorni fa
  • AC/DC are back and so are Jeremy, Richard and Hammond, could this year get any better? It’s awesome 😎

    Duncan ShermanDuncan Sherman2 giorni fa

    SlashingMedal11SlashingMedal112 giorni fa
  • Omg I've been waiting forever!!! Cant wait to watch it 15 times!!!

    Mike HickmanMike Hickman2 giorni fa
  • Better late than never!

    Peter CrudgingtonPeter Crudgington2 giorni fa
  • Still grander adventures await!

    CSLFieroCSLFiero2 giorni fa
  • This guys financially motivated hatred for Tesla makes his sus af. I dont thumbs up a DAMN thing with him in it..

    Tommy NorthwoodTommy Northwood2 giorni fa
  • Thank the "baby Jesus". Was beginning to think the woke cancel culture got them.

    D DD D2 giorni fa
  • I waiting for them 😂

    ๋Peter Jeep๋Peter Jeep2 giorni fa
  • Yesss!!! Finally!

    Alexander PonmpskiAlexander Ponmpski2 giorni fa
  • Top gear will never be the same without these three.

    Rafael SantosRafael Santos2 giorni fa
  • Yeah !

    Kryku M.Kryku M.2 giorni fa
  • ahhh like the good old times

    SI MOSI MO2 giorni fa
  • When is it online ???

    97gani97gani2 giorni fa
  • the 1.3k dislikes are BBC spam bots - can't be anything else unless Hammonds crashed cars have learnt to use the internet?

    Ron BurgandyRon Burgandy2 giorni fa
  • Been waiting way too long for these still glad its coming on soon tho

    Conchubhar beatsConchubhar beats2 giorni fa
  • Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait!!!

    Akiva NomadAkiva Nomad2 giorni fa
  • yeeeeeeeeeees

    RHYTERHYTE2 giorni fa
  • first time ITworlds actually recommended an awesome thing

    Daksh SaranDaksh Saran2 giorni fa
  • Literally they are the only reason i renewed my prime membership.

    shubham sharmashubham sharma2 giorni fa
    • a real car fan wouldnt give two fks.

      woody Vallallellalungawoody Vallallellalunga10 ore fa
    • Well there are a few people who upload it on ITworlds. Let us hope 4-5 years late rthey start uploading grand tour on ITworlds

      Atarv HegdeAtarv Hegde15 ore fa
  • Русские вы где?

    NEONEO2 giorni fa
  • Da muss definitiv mehr kommen. Nicht nur zwei Filme im Jahr

    Max KordesMax Kordes2 giorni fa
  • james: idiot richard: little kid jeremy: circus ape on the run

    CedgeemoCedgeemo2 giorni fa
  • Выпуск вышел?

    Владислав КобяковВладислав Кобяков2 giorni fa