21 Savage - Spiral (Official Music Video)

30 apr 2021
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21 Savage - Spiral (Official Music Video)
"Spiral" available at: 21Savage.lnk.to/Spiral_BookOfSaw
Spiral: From The Book Of Saw In Theaters May 14th
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(C) 2021 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  • this is the 21 Savage we deserve

    Sam SSam S3 ore fa
  • 21savage was the first purge

    Fakhrul HadiFakhrul Hadi3 ore fa
  • movie gon be cheeks

    thay0ungin3ld3rthay0ungin3ld3r3 ore fa
  • Another perfect rap again👍

    E/\/Ø \/ÂKE/\/Ø \/ÂK3 ore fa
  • Nos están matando en Colombia 🆘

    Nico NicoNico Nico4 ore fa
  • 1:17 Cole Young 21 Savage = MK Movie 2021 WHAT???!!! :D

    ILYAOILYAO4 ore fa
  • Did metro make this heat?

    v5q on the trackv5q on the track4 ore fa
  • he took a #2 with his rifle he got a 12 car garage but only got 6 cars

    kylekyle4 ore fa
  • idk what looked more low budget the movie clips or the music vid

    kylekyle4 ore fa
  • Dafuq is this

    POPOFFPOPOFF4 ore fa
  • Fast hard 🔥

    xnwxntedxnwxnted4 ore fa
  • Me: trying to escape a trap Him: wasting time and singing a song

    TimxlostinMc LagTimxlostinMc Lag5 ore fa
  • Affff💢💢💢💢❤️😈💢

    gHD DarkgHD Dark5 ore fa
  • one drop of savage leads to a boom bitch☄🧪😂😁👍

    V.M.G GOODV.M.G GOOD6 ore fa
  • ♨️Shiiiiiit🧪🩸💥

    V.M.G GOODV.M.G GOOD6 ore fa
  • ✊🏾✊🏾my people coming up!

    ThaVisionThaVision6 ore fa
  • 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

    Walter diasWalter dias7 ore fa
  • Does anyone know what variation of “hello zepp” was used? Not entirely sure if it’s the original or “hello Eric” “zepp 6” or “the final zepp” I’m thinking it’s the original but I’m not sure

    Rakerooo 1Rakerooo 18 ore fa
  • I honestly didn’t expect hello zepp to be used in the song lol

    Rakerooo 1Rakerooo 18 ore fa
  • Dammmn

    Jona thanJona than8 ore fa
  • vibe on low drip blood

    James ViiceJames Viice8 ore fa
  • "You can't give me no amount of money for my soul" He says, in the very same exact song he's selling out on...

    The Great HawkThe Great Hawk8 ore fa
  • Real!! Gnsta

    biDemonn AloofguybiDemonn Aloofguy8 ore fa
  • No real saw film would allow this trash fucking music

    Kevin ConboyKevin Conboy9 ore fa
  • 21 21 21

    manlove dorelusmanlove dorelus9 ore fa
  • DAAAAMN!!!🔥🔥

  • Mad track....21 Savage hoped from that Mortal Kombat soundtrack to a Saw soundtrack, what's next? Marvel????

    A.K. Run diz BeatA.K. Run diz Beat9 ore fa
  • the beat is kinda nostalgic for me

    JonathanJonathan9 ore fa
  • 1:18 me in my thearter seat hearing this

    SUPixioSUPixio10 ore fa
  • I never thought 21 would collab with SAW 😳

    PintexxPintexx10 ore fa
  • Oooohhhhh

    CusTarNat fanCusTarNat fan10 ore fa
  • Halloween

    Rushi WaghmareRushi Waghmare11 ore fa
  • 1:18 just Jigsaw vibin' to his new theme

    ZadeanZadean12 ore fa
  • 2121212121

    AtlusAtlus12 ore fa
  • Ain’t no way they causally sampled the saw theme song like that

    KingJordanVII 23KingJordanVII 2312 ore fa
  • bloody mary genre

    prodjorgegprodjorgeg12 ore fa
  • platonic solid gang*

    prodjorgegprodjorgeg12 ore fa
  • Why

    HasuneHasune13 ore fa

    vestvest13 ore fa
  • Damn 21 now I may not see this

  • “I took a number 2” -21 Savage

    BulldaBeast BAMBulldaBeast BAM13 ore fa
  • The iconic Saw theme music

    Shad EmnasShad Emnas13 ore fa
  • Man, is that Trump's face at 1:29 😂😂😂

    Lenwood MooreLenwood Moore14 ore fa
  • I saved it to watch later bu1 I'm watching it now.

    WreckageWreckage14 ore fa
  • I vowed to only play 21 savage for the firsr 21 days of owning my 1st car

    Omar HashemOmar Hashem14 ore fa
  • Lord Infamous would of been a perfect ft with 21

    DenisDenis14 ore fa
  • 21

    Felix Augusto GomezFelix Augusto Gomez14 ore fa
  • That beat... soo good

    zielony. robalzielony. robal14 ore fa
  • 21 21 31 🔥

    TeckoTecko15 ore fa
  • I hope Jorney Lucas will fix this song

    Maul AFMaul AF15 ore fa
  • Just took a shit, ima make it spin like a spiral

    CryptoAddictedSnarfCryptoAddictedSnarf15 ore fa
  • 21 brings savage to spiral

    Mr. PoobaMr. Pooba15 ore fa
  • 🔥🔥

    Dope Dune2Dope Dune215 ore fa
  • Fucking banger. Spiral

    Gary CrankGary Crank16 ore fa
  • Spiral official Soundtrack Starring-Selena Gómez💥👑 Directed by Petra Collins💫 Executive Pruducer- Drake🐐

    Hache ZetaHache Zeta16 ore fa
  • where's the mask? Kkk

    J A Z E E LバイブダックJ A Z E E Lバイブダック16 ore fa
  • He the hardest tho. O, and most consistent. Real recognize real

    Ian SadlerIan Sadler16 ore fa
  • This is a HUGE improvement to the previous stuff ive heard from him good work

    TWIRLTWIRL16 ore fa
  • This so hard

    Oak AyeOak Aye16 ore fa
  • That intro sound is from something, but dont remember what

    NostradamusNostradamus16 ore fa
  • Finally, a concept I always dreamed of

    RusaurusRusaurus16 ore fa
  • 963 spiral

    It's all about the VIBEIt's all about the VIBE17 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/cot_j9ppapqFnYg/video

    SickoBeatSickoBeat17 ore fa
  • did anyone else get the ad for the new saw movie

    Charles QuanCharles Quan17 ore fa
  • Hazel 🗡🔥

    Dreamer In The CutDreamer In The Cut18 ore fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Slum HoodstarSlum Hoodstar18 ore fa
  • Never really been into 21 savage but savage mode 2 and this song have really changed my opinion lol

    Kyo 2004Kyo 200418 ore fa
  • MVP

    вลи кยภвลи кยภ18 ore fa
  • savage ilk defa tarzın dışına çıkmışsın

    Aleyna ÇalışkanAleyna Çalışkan18 ore fa
  • He’s in gulag

    Robbie TadlockRobbie Tadlock18 ore fa

    Ylidan TempestadYlidan Tempestad18 ore fa
  • 🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦

    Don Hollywood Mack Don Hollywood MackDon Hollywood Mack Don Hollywood Mack19 ore fa
  • Big sean should hop on the Remix

    JTSGJTSG19 ore fa
  • This giving me rockstar vibes

    JTSGJTSG19 ore fa
  • This is not a commercial!

    Lucian CorneevLucian Corneev19 ore fa
    • Yeah its a fucking spoiler

      Coaster ArcadeCoaster Arcade13 ore fa

    D1 T1D1 T119 ore fa
  • harddd 🔥

    prod.moon505prod.moon50519 ore fa
  • Legend has it that even the haters liked the sound

    ewen. lmstrewen. lmstr19 ore fa
  • Who else saw the Chris Ramsey cameos? Apparently he’s in Spiral as minor character as Darren Lynn Bousman is a fan of his magic

    Chris GavinChris Gavin19 ore fa
  • he should make like a chainsaw massacre song on October shit would go hard cuz this was too good

    Ethan LebronEthan Lebron20 ore fa
  • fish and chips anyone ?

    RxbLxxRxbLxx20 ore fa
  • Well he obviously don’t know guns if he thinks an al round is a 76.3 instead of 76.2

    Dylan GobelDylan Gobel20 ore fa
  • (_ _)。゜zzZ⅟₀⁰😎😍😃

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid20 ore fa

    Joe TullyJoe Tully20 ore fa
  • can see all the vegans crying at this video

    EnvyEnvy20 ore fa
  • 21 21 21

    Dylan ContrerasDylan Contreras20 ore fa
  • He kinda look like x in the thumb

    Guilherme MartinsGuilherme Martins20 ore fa
  • When I heard this the first time i was reading a book and then that beat dropped harder than an anvel

    AD OfficialAD Official20 ore fa
  • 21 gotta start usin more horror movie type beats🔥

    Chungus2k _Chungus2k _20 ore fa
  • saw movieeee

    Laura BarbuLaura Barbu20 ore fa
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Big L

    PewnedBywat sPewnedBywat s20 ore fa
  • Ясно, из машины вывалилась украинская бимба

    Леонид ИвановЛеонид Иванов21 ora fa
  • when's the UK drill album dropping tho

    Harry RobertsHarry Roberts21 ora fa
  • 21 ssshhhh

    Sp4yR #_#Sp4yR #_#21 ora fa
  • Producers: how many spoilers you want? 21: YES

    Jeremiah FryJeremiah Fry21 ora fa
    • Lmao

      Coaster ArcadeCoaster Arcade18 ore fa
  • Danny Brown - Pneumonia?🤔

    Snorting ZvirjatkoSnorting Zvirjatko21 ora fa
  • And whoever did this beat need a damn grammy

    Underground Production CompanyUnderground Production Company21 ora fa
  • I stay fucking with 21 savage when's his birthday so I can call him 22 savagge

    Dr MatiasDr Matias21 ora fa