Bullied Cat Bursts Into Tears By A Man's Love Who Became His First Friend | Animal in Crisis EP217

3 feb 2021
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One day, a cat randomly showed up to the man who lives alone in the secluded mountain and after feeling sincere love from the man, the cat bursts into tears.. What happened to the cat before he met the man?
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    Kritter KlubKritter Klub26 giorni fa
    • Gostei muito , o gatinho que estava muito aborrecido com o jovem , mordia e arranhava , tornou se novamente seu amiguinho... 😁😍😍🤗🤔 parabéns, pelo carinho , gostei muito...🦊🐱🐺🦊🐈🐈🐈😁😍

      Maria CamiloMaria Camilo7 ore fa
    • 9

      Leny RodriguezLeny Rodriguez10 ore fa
    • They eating card😳🧐🤩😵

      Rassima HasselriisRassima Hasselriis12 ore fa
    • yay

      lucuteslucutes19 ore fa
    • @Juan Lopez that's very cool; you are humble; a gift, not many have. I think it has to do with honesty.

      Debra PoulosDebra Poulos22 ore fa
  • I feel so bad for the cat because he was cold and he was crying but luckily a man saved him.

    Deitra HicksDeitra Hicks2 minuti fa
  • 😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖👌🙏

    24 The Father24 The Father17 minuti fa
  • What a handsome pair, beautiful cat and handsome gentleman, who is kind to animals, it doesn't get any better than that🥰😍😘🤗❣️

    Julie E RobertsJulie E Roberts30 minuti fa
  • Какой стресс получил кот!!!!!

    Galina SikaljukGalina Sikaljuk33 minuti fa
  • Надеюсь, что кот получает не только ласку, но и питание

    Galina SikaljukGalina Sikaljuk34 minuti fa
  • 👏👏👏👏👏🐱😍

    Gabriel Miranda DiazGabriel Miranda Diaz41 minuto fa
  • Bravo

    Franca FranciniFranca Francini47 minuti fa
  • Aw I feel bad 💔💔💔💔💔 plz don't call the cops on me but I want to steal them they ARE SO CUTE

    Sleepy kitten Meow meowSleepy kitten Meow meow59 minuti fa
  • What a nice person, it is nice they find each other!

    MartinMartinOra fa

    Devesh KhoslaDevesh KhoslaOra fa
  • i hope that the dog can accept Nabi and be friend so they can now live happy together . so nabi wouldn't have to be left alone outside anymore .

    Just YuyunJust YuyunOra fa
  • A love stricken pest. LOL Like a friend that calls you up NON-STOP for no decent reason. Just coz they love ya. Poor feline must have been VERY ALONE, plus under constant attacks. This gentleman is the cats MASTER, whether he likes it or not... and guess what? This Asian legend is full of heart. Compassionate legend!!!

    Simon A CarsonSimon A CarsonOra fa
  • Lindo gatito.

    Jaime PadillaJaime PadillaOra fa
  • Да, интересное получилось знакомство, спасибо доброму человеку за заботу о кошке,молодец не бросает друга! 🤗😚

    Светлана СтолимоваСветлана СтолимоваOra fa
  • Delightful. What a lovely cat.

    andypandywaltersandypandywaltersOra fa
  • Waw c'est tellement mignon, ce chat et vraiment adorable avec l'humain je suis si heureuse pour eux. Mon chat me remercie aussi, elle avait perdue sa mère dans un accident de voiture et c'est retrouver affamé dans la rue avec ces frère et soeur! heureusement pour elle un association (assits'to chat) la récupérer et nous l'avons adoptée alors qu'elle avait une maladie ou ces poils se perdait (je vous rassure cette maladie est partie de notre chat elle ne l'a plus)

    Étøile De LuneÉtøile De Lune2 ore fa
  • 👍😻😺

    Wmm MWmm M2 ore fa
  • Just imagine the animation film about these three and their life

    Ванильный ИхарьВанильный Ихарь2 ore fa
  • The captions on this video are very cute, you're missing out if you don't have them on

    Haunted LamentHaunted Lament3 ore fa
  • My heart warms to great little stories like this , I love all creatures great and small and love my cat ,he was a street cat stray , just like this guy . When we show love they do too ...it’s special 🐈🐾💕

    Trixter YTTrixter YT3 ore fa
  • ¹

    Costanza MoffettiCostanza Moffetti3 ore fa
  • Amore😍

    Nadia xNadia x3 ore fa
  • Классное видео

    svetich svetichsvetich svetich3 ore fa
  • After a few minutes I realized this was in Japanese

    Devin BrinesDevin Brines3 ore fa
  • 🤍🤍🤍

    Umar AidarbekovUmar Aidarbekov3 ore fa
  • You have to earn their love

    terry biglerterry bigler4 ore fa
  • you'll never have a better friend than a cat

    terry biglerterry bigler4 ore fa
  • ready for Dim Sims

    Henryk ArndtHenryk Arndt4 ore fa
  • Plot twist: cat actually killed those animals' families and they were seeking revenge...

    Alfonso di AdermassiAlfonso di Adermassi4 ore fa
  • This cat is so adorable!😃❤️

    Yolanda SerranoYolanda Serrano5 ore fa
    • This man have a heart of gold, God bless his soul.🙏🏻

      Yolanda SerranoYolanda Serrano4 ore fa
  • 🥰 Awwwh....😻✨💫💜🙏🏾So VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!😇😘🥰😍

  • They came into each others life at the right time!

    Penny LanePenny Lane5 ore fa
  • Хороший друг.Хоккайдо похоже?

    валерий мостовскойвалерий мостовской5 ore fa
  • um...am i missing something here? The cat is bullied by imaginary cartoon ferrets? That cat looks happy and healthy, and he could beat that dog's ass if he wanted to. And where is the "bursting into tears" or any tears at all? That low-toned mewling is something cats commonly do, usually when they want to get outside (or in this case be let out of that room). Not sure why the guy closed him up in the room in the first place. He seems like a nice man, and that's a lovable cat, but this kritter klub video is pure CLICK BAIT.

    Victoria RobersohnVictoria Robersohn5 ore fa
  • My cat does the same thing. He will trup you up if your not careful.

    Kevin CKevin C5 ore fa
  • Lay down and sleep with the cat mister ;0;

    NightwingNightwing5 ore fa
  • Gracias por axistir al Gato,los dos están solos y se hacen compañía.Es un hermoso ejemplar bello, cariñoso.Compañero.El cane está celoso del Gato.Lo ideal sería que entre ellos se aceptarán y fueran amigos.!! Yo tengo cane y gato desde pequeños y son grandes amigos.!! Gracias por darle cariño a sus mascotas.!! atte Angela

    Angela Irasuzte RossoAngela Irasuzte Rosso5 ore fa
  • “Dad! I was scared! Stay with me!!!”

    NightwingNightwing5 ore fa
  • Кошка тоже человек...

    Светлана ТарасоваСветлана Тарасова5 ore fa
  • The poor thing was most likely dumped, people think pets can survive as wild animals but it couldnt be farther than the truth, ive seen a dog and a cat near my house, I think the one cat had kittens and the dog looked like all disheveled

    Muffinz ovoMuffinz ovo5 ore fa
  • Fofo

    Dr Easy FFDr Easy FF5 ore fa
  • Can we talk about how great this man's smile is? He is an attractive older man. And that cat has a flag for a tail. There is so much to love about this video lol

    Vanessa Van DownenVanessa Van Downen6 ore fa
  • thank you very much all animals are angels

    Antonio PeruAntonio Peru6 ore fa
  • Жена пойдет по стопам своего отца вот какой есть ее отец такая и она будет неикому не нужная .

    Ерлицк МистерЕрлицк Мистер6 ore fa
  • Вот хотите верьте хотите нет но я себя знаю всех по калечу из жены бомжиху зделаю вопшем скоро все будет .

    Ерлицк МистерЕрлицк Мистер6 ore fa
  • Larga vida a Nabi.

    Enrique CastroEnrique Castro6 ore fa
  • Фотка дочери с учительницой по фэисбуку меня разозлила не на шутку я буду убивать .

    Ерлицк МистерЕрлицк Мистер6 ore fa
  • Amp ese gato 😭😢😍

    delia sanchezdelia sanchez6 ore fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Luzia PaesLuzia Paes7 ore fa
  • Que fofa a história deles dois💖💖🐈


    Julia GallantJulia Gallant7 ore fa
  • Почувствовал друга

    Ivan AnglosaksIvan Anglosaks7 ore fa
  • Beautiful story... Such a love affair..

    Dhir PunianDhir Punian7 ore fa
  • Beautiful story... Such a love affair..

    Dhir PunianDhir Punian7 ore fa
  • He is a red mountain cat! Miau Ma Sha Allah

    lola bogdanovalola bogdanova7 ore fa
  • Please dont let the cat alone, he loves a man

    lola bogdanovalola bogdanova7 ore fa
  • Do you have little food for the cat?

    lola bogdanovalola bogdanova7 ore fa
    • That cat has been eating like a king, and it shows. If anything, he needs to go on a diet!

      Victoria RobersohnVictoria Robersohn5 ore fa
  • Los gatos encierran muchos misterios, pero lo que he leído es que nos hacen más bien ellos a nosotros los humanos, que nosotros a ellos. Me preocupa el perrito que se volvió prisionero en su propia casa, porq claro ve amenazado su territorio. Pero él también necesita atención.

    Luz Marina Suarez ArroyoLuz Marina Suarez Arroyo7 ore fa
  • ❤️

    Marcia LemosMarcia Lemos8 ore fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Creaciones JenutiCreaciones Jenuti8 ore fa
  • Subtitles would be nice. So turn on CC.

    Gohan TanakaGohan Tanaka8 ore fa
  • We Don't adopt them Animals, they adopt us! ♥️🐾🐾🐈♥️

    Michele Conley EckertMichele Conley Eckert9 ore fa
  • The way he named it butterfly 😭😭😭💕

    MySkyIsMoreBlueMySkyIsMoreBlue9 ore fa
  • That was SOOO CUTE!!!! ❤😍🐈

    Mike RojasMike Rojas9 ore fa
  • Cat seems healthy well feed

    Shane SmihShane Smih9 ore fa
  • That's precious. I have 3 furballs.

    Alpine WindsAlpine Winds9 ore fa
  • Where translations is there a button to translate

    Heather ColemanHeather Coleman9 ore fa
  • У него сломан хвостик. Такой хороший кот, ласковый. Каждому коту нужен свой человек 🐈

    leben liebenleben lieben9 ore fa
  • This so heart warming. I love cats..

    royal queenroyal queen9 ore fa
  • Só quer amor

    Beno Carlos RosinskiBeno Carlos Rosinski9 ore fa
  • Hard to resist a Velcro-cat 🤗.

    Vogon Poetry hourVogon Poetry hour10 ore fa
  • Que linda história!!!! Amo gatos e tds os animais! 😻🙏

    Profa. Ana Maria Bacellar - Língua PortuguesaProfa. Ana Maria Bacellar - Língua Portuguesa10 ore fa
  • haha, the footage of the gang-cats getting into trouble

    WiseWeeaboWiseWeeabo10 ore fa
  • น้องงงงงงง น่ารักกกกก😍

    King CloretKing Cloret10 ore fa
  • This man keeps describing himself as alone without the cat. However, he disregards his pet dog entirely, as if it no longer exists. That is cold and disloyal of the man. One day he will do the same to the cat.

    OronOfMontrealOronOfMontreal11 ore fa
  • Hello( hola)

    El PepeEl Pepe11 ore fa
  • Hello hola

    El PepeEl Pepe11 ore fa
  • Wild Japanese mountain cat.

    Bloomer bBloomer b11 ore fa
  • Hold, pet and feed your dog after it has done something you disapprove of... it's the stupidest way to deal with the problem. xD You pin down the dog and then yell at it a little so it gets who's the one you're angry at. If you yell after the dog is chasing something it will think you're just encouraging it.

    Leongon draws stuffLeongon draws stuff11 ore fa
  • I'm not crying you are 😭

    JowitaJowita11 ore fa
  • It's sad the man has a dog and of course Nabi is afraid of it, since he's had such bad experiences. The man did make a nice outdoor home for Nabi, but when does it have been nice it's nothing he could have lived inside with the man

    Just MonaJust Mona11 ore fa
  • ma i 1500 negativi, che problemi hanno??

    Valentina TValentina T11 ore fa
  • Good man

    plejaren1plejaren111 ore fa
  • So the dogs gets locked up all day? That's f up.

    Sr. SacaninhaSr. Sacaninha12 ore fa
  • Lovely story but I clicked on it mainly because I have never seen a cat " Bursts Into Tears"! Did I miss the spot or was that just clickbait I fell for?! 😏

    John L RiceJohn L Rice12 ore fa
  • Gato lindo e carinhoso ! Gostei do gato !

    Vania RebouçasVania Rebouças12 ore fa
  • 💞

    VyronaVyrona12 ore fa
  • There's a lot to be said about the love we have for our closest mammal friends. I suppose some are friends with non mammals, snakes , spiders etc. I gotta say that casual dating and my feline friends are all I require at the moment as I've aged and I'm not looking for romance currently, especially with the bimbo eruptions with fake young women looking for sugar daddys ( long distance romance, I don't think so " high maintenance " young women ignorant of the way life works, but they are determined and sell their phoney pitch to vulnerable seniors ( profiling seniors as lonely men looking for eye candy with which to validate themselves , I suppose, with a high maintenance , lying sack of deception. Between trolling for homeless chicks and 3 cats 5 to 17 yrs old, I got both close feline friends and sometimes things of a carnal nature, such as it is.🐱

    Alan JolinAlan Jolin12 ore fa
  • que belleza ! eso no es casual esos dos se tenian que encontrar !!! 😍😍😍😍😍💝💝💝💝💝

    Angela RolonAngela Rolon12 ore fa
  • I hope he can introduce the dog to the cat so they can both enjoy being outside with their master.

    Conscious CitizenConscious Citizen12 ore fa
  • You all see a pet owner.. I see a love triangle lolololol

    Nina SmithNina Smith12 ore fa
  • Ó meu Deus ! Pai pai 😹

    Chuamba FigueredoChuamba Figueredo12 ore fa
  • Teach the dog that the cat is family and bring that poor baby inside

    Momma BearMomma Bear12 ore fa
  • Magnifique histoire dont j'aurais aimé voir la suite ! dommage et merci du partage :)

    BB12 ore fa
  • 😍

    Orsola LelliOrsola Lelli13 ore fa
  • The way the cat walks between the mans legs xD Ah man, that's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!

    SofieSofie13 ore fa
  • I rescued an orange and white cat. They are always super friendly. Mine rarely leaves my side, even after 11 years.

    Wayne PetraliaWayne Petralia13 ore fa
  • 🥺🥰

    Caro RENOTONCaro RENOTON13 ore fa
  • Awwww thanks to this man for taking good care of this sweet cat..🙏⚘💖⚘

    Peggy Belle CruzPeggy Belle Cruz13 ore fa