Types Of Boba Straw Stabbers tiktok andvngn

24 apr 2021
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Types Of Boba Straw Stabbers tiktok andvngn
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  • Y'all take it out of the plastic first i just rip the plastic the stab it in the take to plastic out

    shadow reapershadow reaperOra fa
  • If yall want to torture your hand, I reccomend the technical way

    Lee RaquelLee Raquel2 ore fa
  • I enjoy puncturing that lid so much I normally do it like a dozen times It feels great

    this account isn't realthis account isn't real3 ore fa
  • Pr the vsco guy (Idk how he gets the pearls out with his straw)

    cløud dreamzcløud dreamz4 ore fa
  • *nice*

    Ilya YakymenkoIlya Yakymenko4 ore fa
  • The one that doesn't drink boba

    bigbass_fishinbigbass_fishin5 ore fa
  • You forgot the one that shouts "nani"

    isa grankeisa granke5 ore fa
  • number 2 good feeling the invirment clran

    Victoria BolandVictoria Boland5 ore fa
  • What is a boba?

    TobbskenTobbsken6 ore fa
  • Eco friendly 😂😂

  • Just do it like a decent person

    Creedence Kahotea-BowringCreedence Kahotea-Bowring7 ore fa
  • Boba Tea

    Veera PennanenVeera Pennanen7 ore fa
  • I would just peel it off

    AngiospermAngiosperm7 ore fa
  • Just drink out of the fucking cup

    smug mansmug man8 ore fa
  • Such a waste of plastic

    RaggiestOfRagsRaggiestOfRags8 ore fa
  • We should all be the eco friendly one

    Showey the showerShowey the shower9 ore fa
  • You forgot me the one who gets the tea everywhere

    Madyson ReedMadyson Reed9 ore fa
  • The normal one: Orders literally anything other than Boba tea

    HunkulesHunkules10 ore fa
  • That monster who removes the lid

    gems gachagems gacha13 ore fa
  • Is boba good what does it taste like is it expensive I have so many questions 😃🤔

    YT_RadiationYT_Radiation13 ore fa
  • That shit looks disgusting

    XandXand15 ore fa
  • so abut metal straws they are far from eco friendly making them is much less eco friendly than using a plastic one to make up for how much carbon is released by making those youd have to use it over 1000 times

    Chad MatChad Mat15 ore fa
  • The extra technical one is me when they give me paper straw that just folds when I try to stab the little metal cover in the chucky container... My dumbass older brother would never

    InLoveWithThat PandaInLoveWithThat Panda15 ore fa
  • 1.grab the straw. 2. Open the straw. 3.put straw in drink

    DizzleDizzle17 ore fa
  • Who cares

    SLR DanteSLR Dante18 ore fa
  • Just drink it from the cup

    BravadoCado YTBravadoCado YT18 ore fa
  • This horrific sound that I have heard throughout my time spent on the internet within the past few years that is known as the TTS feature has officially become the bane of the existence of every bit of matter and energy that forms me, an innocent being cursed with being given the sense of hearing only to have to listen to this absolute terror that takes the shape of the vibrations of the air particles adjacent to my ears who have only heard it a few times yet already have suffered from it for far too long.

    Wow 3Wow 320 ore fa
  • I never drank boba in my life :(

    Bacon_playzs YTBacon_playzs YT20 ore fa
  • To think people spent time making this to get some imaginary likes.

    Mellow YellowMellow Yellow20 ore fa
  • The hells a boba tea

    WebberNaturalsSleepSupportMelatoninWebberNaturalsSleepSupportMelatonin20 ore fa
  • Fuck coffe

    SadnessSadness21 ora fa
  • I've always wanted to try boba but I live no where near a boba place 😢

    Noelle ForemanNoelle Foreman21 ora fa
  • I'm the technical one 😂

    Nlop321Nlop32122 ore fa
  • Boba tea sucks

    SandwichSandwichGiorno fa
  • Never had boba with that lid seems about white

    Patrick ShermanPatrick ShermanGiorno fa
  • Yes yes.. Touch all the Straws cause there's no Dangerous virus or anything and no ones gonna use those Straws right?. 👁👄👁

    Reina_Kousak.aReina_Kousak.aGiorno fa
  • Iget

    Armando TorresArmando TorresGiorno fa
  • Walt es

    Armando TorresArmando TorresGiorno fa
  • Sobre

    Armando TorresArmando TorresGiorno fa
  • The metal straws are good for the environment but are extremely dangerous. One lady was walking down the stairs and had a cup with a metal straw in it, she slipped and the metal straw pierced her and it went tru her head and stabbed her brain. She didn’t make it. So be careful!!

    Dora the FattiDora the FattiGiorno fa
  • I take great pride in the fact that I've never had that nonsense. Anytime you see somebody drinking that shit just know they are a trendy douchebag who only does things because other people do them.

    Aquinsu OchaAquinsu OchaGiorno fa
  • Me and my bestie where sharing boba and were trying to put two straws in and it literally would not go in I have half a mango milk tea up my arm

    Plant obsessionPlant obsessionGiorno fa
  • I hate boba sooooo

    Ella CardonaElla CardonaGiorno fa
  • Those things are f’n gross

    kadie Casnerkadie CasnerGiorno fa
  • Boba fett

    Captain bricksCaptain bricksGiorno fa
  • Боба это про Вован Джапан?

    DabrovataDabrovataGiorno fa
  • Ive never had boba :(

    Mallory JonesMallory JonesGiorno fa
  • I swear people are just making videos to make videos these days. Just look at how trivial and pointless most those vids are. Not even entertaining

    Steven AnderssonSteven AnderssonGiorno fa
  • I am the type of person who doesn’t give a fucking shit because I’m not a teenage girl with depression

    Oliver Mckeever (Student)Oliver Mckeever (Student)Giorno fa
  • And the ones who can't stab at all

    VionaVionaGiorno fa
  • Me: doesn’t drink boba tea because I don’t like it

    MaryBerryMaryBerryGiorno fa
  • I hate the word Boba, sounds so stupid

    Carson B DotCarson B DotGiorno fa
  • Are bobas good?

    Yousuf NYousuf NGiorno fa
  • Animals r getting more intelligent I can see

    WalkyGalletaWalkyGalletaGiorno fa
  • I dont care

    RogueRogueGiorno fa
  • I have a question; The fuck is a boba

    The demonitization PoliceThe demonitization PoliceGiorno fa
  • I'm all of them BUT the eco-friendly.

    Andrew ChenAndrew ChenGiorno fa
  • Boba tell me more about this silly word Tiz a joke BTW

    Sugar gum , GamingSugar gum , GamingGiorno fa
  • The boinks, aka people with anxiety that are too scared to put enough force into it and it doesn't go thru

    Sebbie SwansonSebbie SwansonGiorno fa
  • I'm definitely the last one😂😂

    Duta Game IndonesiaDuta Game IndonesiaGiorno fa
  • And then there is people who use their brains and dont drink it at all

    king bach-ious IIIking bach-ious IIIGiorno fa
  • Aren't straws very bad fir the environment? Or are this like a special type of them? Sorry I've no idea what boba is

    Juan AcostaJuan AcostaGiorno fa
  • “The eco friendly one” denies the plastic straw and stabs the plastic lid with a steel one instead

    Tin of BeansTin of BeansGiorno fa
  • "The eco-friendly" also knows as The gay

    Citonho TavaresCitonho TavaresGiorno fa
  • Boba tea is disgusting and way too sweet

    YDYDGiorno fa
  • True story : got pulled over and car searched and found my reusable metal straw with a rubber tip on the end which sold like that for I guess kids idk , but they swabbed and tested it for illegal substances .. really thought they had something , I tried to tell them but they told me to shut the F up and of course harassed me to tell them where the drugs were ... then they found my vape and dissected and tested it , then they dumped out my entire tackle box , then they tested my Starbucks cups then they brought in the dogs cause they really thought those straws were drug paraphernalia ... I was aggravated cause they wouldn’t listen and were making themselves look really dumb ... they ended up shooting my dog in the car and now two years later I have six hundred thousand and some change left over from my eight hundred thousand dollar law suit . Never ever give up suing LE , they are supposed to protect and follow protocol ... all this was over a stolen car ... and they had the wrong car ! Sad thing is the money cannot replace my dog that was the only thing I really had left from my late husband who died in Afghanistan , protecting our freedom and these cops jobs ! We always supported our LE but now I accept there are assholes and prideful ones and I did everything right , my dog did everything right did what I told it to do and sit , my dog was a certified service working dog , I heard them and on their cctv u hear the officers talk about putting it down in order to bring in their K-9 unit .... disgusting ! No they were not fired or put on leave . One of the officers had fifty grievances put out on him .. how and why

    Harmony HarmonyHarmony HarmonyGiorno fa
  • I wanna try boba at some point. It seems cool.

    Cutie MeganCutie MeganGiorno fa
  • The one who uses cyanide pills instead of boba

    jayden124343 johnsonyaboiijayden124343 johnsonyaboiiGiorno fa
  • 🤣

    Aram HusinAram HusinGiorno fa
  • Me: putting in the straw slowly and the drink is spilling everywhere...

    Airin AzrienaAirin AzrienaGiorno fa
  • You forgot to include the stabber that somehow always explodes their drink

    nostalgicsimsnostalgicsimsGiorno fa

    Hyuga ClanHyuga ClanGiorno fa
  • The upside down and the wrong straw

  • I'm a guy. I just drink it like a boss out of the cup

    CALICOTV301CALICOTV301Giorno fa
  • I’ve never heard of this in my life

    CffrfgbfbfbfCffrfgbfbfbfGiorno fa
  • Or the ones that just destroy the bottle somehow

    yandereswap blueberry sansyandereswap blueberry sansGiorno fa
  • U forgot one. 'The ones who makes meaningless videos on straws' on tiktok

    Donald BidenDonald BidenGiorno fa
  • I like how they say eco friendly and they are frinking out of a plastic bottle '-'

    killer_rose25killer_rose25Giorno fa
    • Drinking*

      killer_rose25killer_rose25Giorno fa
  • You forgot the one that tells everyone to stop commenting “you forgot the...”

    Maxime Cristofari-LittleMaxime Cristofari-LittleGiorno fa
  • Imagine judging people on the way people pierce their straw like bro chill

    Not WarriorDanNot WarriorDanGiorno fa
  • I'm that one type of boba straw stabbers who r just scared that they would make a mess and then ends up actually making a mess

    ꧁Moonlight꧂꧁Moonlight꧂Giorno fa
  • Yo vi que es mejor usar uno fe jebe o de plastico reutilizable xd pq el de metal puede que dañe tus dientes xd , osea , en si esta bien , pero han avido casos en donde con la pajilla de metal te puedes golpear el diente y a veces lo puede romper xd , nose muy bien como es eso , pero asi lo vi de un dentista explicando

    Paty BPaty BGiorno fa
  • Those things taste like shit

    Destroyer of WorldsDestroyer of WorldsGiorno fa
  • You forgot the one where you realise you don’t have a business since you make TikToks instead of actual teas

    Axie SEMAxie SEMGiorno fa
  • "eco friendly" But the cup is plastic. 🤡

    FueledByMiIkTeaFueledByMiIkTeaGiorno fa
  • Me who thought Boba was a bounty Hunter: 👁👄👁

    Akagami no ShanksAkagami no ShanksGiorno fa
  • The mantel straw is a stabbing weapon. When someone is drinking with a metal straw, push the straw up inside their mouth and it will cut through the insides and it could go in further and choke them

    Just Some Box With Internet AccessJust Some Box With Internet AccessGiorno fa
  • ...what the fuck is boba?

    VequitasVequitasGiorno fa
  • I dont think theres a need to make this video

    Rwn1 MedRwn1 MedGiorno fa
  • And theres micheal reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he fucking murders it

    The fitness gram pacer testThe fitness gram pacer testGiorno fa
  • The last one is me

    ?Derp Shadow¿?Derp Shadow¿Giorno fa
  • You forgot the people who do it willy-nilly (aka with too much force) and completely destroy the cup XD

    Vanguard16Vanguard16Giorno fa
  • me: the trickshot 360 jump stabber

    Miguel BaltazarMiguel BaltazarGiorno fa
  • The one who never stabs hard

    python boipython boiGiorno fa
  • Is boba even good lmao

    pimpinhoes 14pimpinhoes 14Giorno fa
  • They're all still straw, okay

    LisaLisaGiorno fa
  • Boba is absolutely disgusting. It feels like you’re drinking caviar.

    Micah SmithMicah SmithGiorno fa
  • Buys a gigantic plastic glass, doesn’t use a plastic straw. Bring your glass from home next time! Everyone

    AmberFurAmberFurGiorno fa
  • and then there’s my sister who always tries to stab the people in the picture

    Your Typical FangirlYour Typical FangirlGiorno fa
  • Get in, we finna see who asked

    Rylan HEADRICKRylan HEADRICKGiorno fa