Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask

11 feb 2021
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  • "I'm here live, i'm not a cat." *Sounds like exactly something a cat would say.*

    ZockmeisterZockmeister18 giorni fa
    • @0:53 he looks so scared and nervous. LoI. Like he got caught. If I was the judge I would say: "Mr. Poten, in order to prove you're not a real cat I'm gonna need to run some tests here...what is this that I'm holding up? 🐟 👌🏼" *cat goes crazy.*

      PepitoPepitoGiorno fa
    • Warte du bist deutscher

      canuko uzumakicanuko uzumaki2 giorni fa
    • Seems pretty SUS tho

      IgnauituisFlame9IgnauituisFlame99 giorni fa
    • I don't even post anything and I almost have 700 subs. Weird

      RJ RECORDZRJ RECORDZ10 giorni fa
    • How many subs from this comment Currently- E

      kikokiko13 giorni fa
  • ooooooo

    Dappled NippyCatDappled NippyCat3 minuti fa
  • Dude's literally telling us random things and we admit we can't take our eyes off.

    Leonard ShepardLeonard ShepardOra fa
  • i think the cat has been possessed

    Murz ChannelMurz ChannelOra fa
  • 2:34 I am adopting this dog now or kidnapping it

    Cat {cannibalistic}{neko}Cat {cannibalistic}{neko}Ora fa
  • The frog is so hilarious!

    ViplolViplol2 ore fa
  • "This is what it looks like when a *insert the bird name* goes fishing" The fish: wait- what- huh-

    Someone RandomSomeone Random2 ore fa

    Laith Al makhamrehLaith Al makhamreh2 ore fa
  • "Itsy bitsy frogy goes up the water sprout..."

    Sarita PurtySarita Purty2 ore fa
  • grapes are just rotten dried grapes- :C

    sponge- pob-sponge- pob-2 ore fa
  • am I the only one who didn't know raisins were just old grapes🤯

    Young Keyboard PlayerYoung Keyboard Player2 ore fa
  • man with mask: *talks* everyone: VENTROLOQUIST???

    marblERkinmarblERkin2 ore fa
  • So raises are rotten grapes!!!????

    Faded FusionXFaded FusionX2 ore fa
  • 00:36 the best

    Wojtek GolderWojtek Golder3 ore fa
  • omg ur voice is so kalming my dog fall asleep :)

    Lili LeeLili Lee3 ore fa
  • I feel bad about that guy

    loqzloqz3 ore fa
  • Thats the best mask ever

    buddyroachbuddyroach3 ore fa
  • 0:35 That cat sounds like the Predator, geez.

    Jay MontanaJay Montana4 ore fa
  • Yikes, he should have kept the mask on LOL

    Sarah G. KingSarah G. King4 ore fa
  • Why did the dog at the end look cute and ugly at the same time!

    Tomo RoboTomo Robo4 ore fa
  • Me:What will the cat do Cat:blelelelenlelebebenenelee brrrererererrebelelelel

    Miko LimMiko Lim4 ore fa
  • Que bueno el camaleón

    suxo Mendoza claveriasuxo Mendoza claveria4 ore fa
  • 1:33 me after 10 minutes of being in the pool

    Alexander RamosAlexander Ramos5 ore fa
  • Can I adopt that coloured dog pwease:)

    Faye ClearyFaye Cleary5 ore fa
  • 1:51 offended

    sxssxs5 ore fa
  • The obtainable soybean prospectively bounce because cancer intralysosomally spill beyond a hard kiss. magenta, enthusiastic creature

    andy mariusandy marius5 ore fa
  • 2:42 I thought they spray painted the dog TvT

    SlxaneSlxane5 ore fa
  • Hi

    Malin RudaMalin Ruda5 ore fa
  • 0:41 ?????? LOL

    BriskUnknownBriskUnknown6 ore fa
  • What the he[[

    Aaron PiersonAaron Pierson6 ore fa
  • recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited ITworlds : prohibited go brrrrr

    amirtamirt6 ore fa
  • cattt

    Gooi GhGooi Gh6 ore fa
  • 0:15 Finally, I can start my career in ventriloquism.

    uTubeNoITubeuTubeNoITube6 ore fa
  • I'm not eating a grape again

    Paul XRX HartlinePaul XRX Hartline6 ore fa

    Chandra-Lily LatchmanChandra-Lily Latchman7 ore fa
  • Why does the frog look like its peeing?

    Chandra-Lily LatchmanChandra-Lily Latchman7 ore fa
  • shes 100% dead 0:31

    Mom Belle Of New YorkMom Belle Of New York7 ore fa
  • Jesus loves you, follow him and be saved before it's too late. John 3:16 "For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life." Live for Jesus and not for this world

    F0LL0W J3SÜSF0LL0W J3SÜS7 ore fa
  • He said he wasn’t a cat but everybody already knew.... *he was fe-lying*

    • Strawberry Beans •• Strawberry Beans •7 ore fa
  • "That's why I say hey man nice shot".

    HonklertonHonklerton7 ore fa
  • Up comes the frog and not the spider

    Nicholas MarroneNicholas Marrone7 ore fa
  • The broad stage reversely man because lynx explicitly judge including a zesty beginner. offbeat, obedient year

    Vault SpplyVault Spply7 ore fa
  • 2:40 my mans got a sunburn

    RandomDork989RandomDork9897 ore fa
  • Lmao the cat!!!

    SpenceSpence7 ore fa
  • 2:56 Me: *Aww Smol Froggo* Froggo: Me: *Boop snoot* Froggo: *Jump attac* Me: *AAAAAAAAA*

    •EeveeGamer 3600••EeveeGamer 3600•7 ore fa
  • "Esto es Un Poco De Todo" xD

    CarlDreZZ :vCarlDreZZ :v8 ore fa
  • Hahaaaa

    the play storethe play store8 ore fa
  • him: walking the other guy:can u raise up your mask him: i do the other guy: Can You pls put ur mask on him: see the other guy: oh... the other guy: **CAN YOU PLS KEEP YOUR MASK ON**

    James WarfieldJames Warfield8 ore fa
  • 2:11 fish i am flying

    Wiki 23Wiki 238 ore fa
  • The fish just like 🐟🦅

    Aiman MunamAiman Munam8 ore fa
  • 2:35 *Pets the screen softly*

    kitty Garverickkitty Garverick8 ore fa
  • WOW

    J DJ D9 ore fa
  • 1:13 IM NOT A CAT GUYS

    Ayla’s LifeAyla’s Life9 ore fa
  • People need to mind own damn business.

    S.p BeanS.p Bean9 ore fa
  • so no one gonna talk about the volcano....

    Faith VlogsFaith Vlogs9 ore fa
  • jsjssjs Un poco de todo en ingles XD

    Noble SixNoble Six9 ore fa
  • 2:47 That's what she said

    Henrique AnselmoHenrique Anselmo9 ore fa
  • The cat a new raper

    CloverThymeCloverThyme9 ore fa
  • “This is what it looks like when an ass spray goes fishing.” 😂

    Jason SledgeJason Sledge9 ore fa
  • the top left corner in the zoom

    Jabub GamingJabub Gaming9 ore fa
  • The Guy Giving Voice... Please Grow Soon

    Kavi KumaranKavi Kumaran9 ore fa
  • 2:53 Jiraiya-sensei?! What are you doing there?

    María Vargas :DMaría Vargas :D9 ore fa
  • This is content.

    White Night PlayzWhite Night Playz10 ore fa
  • Back in the day My friend had a cat with a fatter pouch

    Emilio OrtizEmilio Ortiz10 ore fa
  • The aquatic captain perioperaively disapprove because lock spatially squeal amid a repulsive chime. reminiscent, uninterested territory

    ----10 ore fa
  • Dog: *barks* Person: *barks back* Dog: *you weren’t supposed to do that*

    A very polite catA very polite cat10 ore fa
  • 2:51 "Debit or credit?"

    Alegna HanbergAlegna Hanberg10 ore fa
  • Stupid masks😒

    Prince ErickPrince Erick10 ore fa
  • Leafy

    Maria ZunigaMaria Zuniga10 ore fa
  • I love that unique looking dog! He was to cute!!!

    VampishFNVampishFN10 ore fa
  • 2:20 you call that big? you should see my cat's

    UnU AnimeUnU Anime10 ore fa
  • Nobody: Me in the morning: 2:58

    Water SheepWater Sheep10 ore fa
  • Lol

    Cristal RamiersCristal Ramiers10 ore fa
  • The frog was just taking a bath leave him alone

    Potatoes_Potatoes_11 ore fa

    Isaac3011Isaac301111 ore fa
  • 1:44 now it turns into kurma

    Jump BoatJump Boat11 ore fa
  • mdesdagv;

    tgetge11 ore fa

    You Will never Know The Password dieYou Will never Know The Password die11 ore fa
  • 2:07 and he's got his meal 🍴🦅

    Kerry GreenKerry Green11 ore fa
  • 1:21 that’s some Junji Itō shit right there.

    0MemeMan00MemeMan011 ore fa
  • the cat at 0:43 reminded me of Transformers xd

    NjantteNjantte11 ore fa
  • This is alpha 2:21

    Zakaria SHBZakaria SHB11 ore fa
  • Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask

    Hampus FrölanderHampus Frölander11 ore fa
  • How nice of the bird to save the fish from drowing

    XxCam87xXXxCam87xX12 ore fa
  • Nose covered or not....they DON’T work! 🙄 Just stop already!?

    Eric KerrEric Kerr12 ore fa
  • the cat

    Black Onyx OceanBlack Onyx Ocean12 ore fa
  • that aint no premordial pouch thats a big ballsack

    Yellow Flamingo [Ditzy]Yellow Flamingo [Ditzy]12 ore fa
  • Regarding the guy with the face mask... he's just another trumpite trying to trigger the libs. If people weren't dying from this virus... the dude just needs his ass kicked HARD.

    WW13 ore fa
  • that frog is adorable

    jenny wakemanjenny wakeman13 ore fa
  • This is literally a “face-mask”...

    YeetDriftsYeetDrifts13 ore fa
  • My cat has a big pouch too! It flaps when she runs and it always makes us giggle.

    Nikeel A.WNikeel A.W13 ore fa
  • So what are those barber shop guys now? 110?

    Nikeel A.WNikeel A.W13 ore fa
  • Everyone's talking about the "cat" not being a human, but no one is talking about how it says in the top left corner, "Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited."

    XenothusXenothus13 ore fa
  • Btw I saw this and I know ur face

    Gaming stuff Or is itGaming stuff Or is it13 ore fa
  • this is cool

    Audriana KlineAudriana Kline13 ore fa
  • 0:52 Notice it says, "Recording prohibited". Hmmm, now who was breaking that rule..?

    GachaGamerGachaGamer13 ore fa
    • lol i just said that

      XenothusXenothus13 ore fa

    Mr.raedraedMr.raedraed14 ore fa
  • How comes I never knew raisins came from grapes🤦‍♂️

    Rico CorderoRico Cordero14 ore fa
  • lolll

    HelloHello14 ore fa
  • The cool thing is that his mask just show one mouth expression, but when he smiles, the mask also make it looks like he is smiling without the mask up.

    RonfRonf15 ore fa