Social Media: The Unverified Rusical 📲🎶 RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13

21 feb 2021
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Our Queens broke the internet with their showstopping performance of ‘Social Media: The Unverified Rusical.’
#VH1 #DragRace
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  • 1. how tf was tina in the bottom for this? 2. Utica deserved to be high! her performance was amazing! 3. Rosé was the only one that really shined. 4. Olivia was wearing a tank top....for rupaul’s drag race..? 5. Elliott was actually really good! (as a gen-z’er) 6. this could’ve honestly been a double win between Denali and Rosé. 7. was the lipsync a double shantay? Kandy won that 1000%

    ZafiraZafira3 secondi fa
  • I still don't know of which ones they were

    Geana DimopoulosGeana Dimopoulos2 ore fa
  • Is it just me who loved Elliot in this?

    Daisy SawbridgeDaisy Sawbridge3 ore fa
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this season's Rusical and I like that Rupaul's Rusicals are becoming more political with each passing season. Keep it coming Rupaul! Oh dear :-/ this opinion's going to be unpopular - judging from the other comments :( Oh well!

    Jo VollmerJo Vollmer4 ore fa
  • Utica all the way.

    Conway JolleyConway Jolley4 ore fa
  • 6:40

    Adrian MendozaAdrian Mendoza5 ore fa
  • 6:29

    Adrian MendozaAdrian Mendoza5 ore fa
  • What was Kandy's app? I'm still so confused what it is

    IDislikeYouVeryMuch RnIDislikeYouVeryMuch Rn5 ore fa
  • The worst Rusical in the Herstory

    Alan FregosoAlan Fregoso6 ore fa
  • Rosé did awesome and I think she deserve her win but I think Utica did just as good & she definitely could’ve got put in top 3

    danydia hullumdanydia hullum7 ore fa
  • 3:26 4:49 my face 'bout this whole rusical

    soakedlemon _soakedlemon _9 ore fa
  • so are we gonna pretend this wasn´t a f^cking mess?...season eleven`s rucical looking pretty good now isn`t it

    Darwin R.Darwin R.10 ore fa
  • What app was Kandy even girl bye

    5 year old realness5 year old realness10 ore fa
    • LinkedIn

      Buddy CaratBuddy Carat9 ore fa
  • 1st- Rose 2nd - Tina 3rd- Denali 4th- Gottmik 5th-Olivia 6th- Utica 7th- eliott 8th- Kandy 9th- Symone This is just my ranking, most of them wernt that bad at all for what they had and honestly fro 2-4th i could see them changing and 5-6 i could aswell, but i loved the performances anyway and they did amazing! Just wish that the category was something different...

    Queen NoahQueen Noah11 ore fa
  • I couldn’t tell at first if Symone was saying “hot” or “heart” when they all came out in the cell phone frames 😂

    Lizzy ThompsonLizzy Thompson11 ore fa
  • this is literally so bad old people need to stop with this.......

    satele ssatele s12 ore fa
  • you know Rose is being treated like how Jan should have been treated last season.

    Moonstone UniverseMoonstone Universe12 ore fa
  • Some of the characters in this confuse me, like the Russian dolls and utica are some of the highlights of this but I don't get who they're meant to be referencing? Can someone explain to me please :)

    Emmi WalshEmmi Walsh12 ore fa
    • utica is twitter, not completely sure about the russian dolls tho

      Rae Is GayRae Is Gay12 ore fa
  • Everyone yawning at this performance while I’m over here fangirling for the Russian Bots part. They were awesome!

    I'm Just LucyI'm Just Lucy13 ore fa
  • Why do they channel the Arctic Tundra in the workroom and an Easybake oven on the main stage, where people are moving?

    Liv Learns LifeLiv Learns Life13 ore fa
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Elliott's 2 T's: Jaida: *LOOK OVER HERE*

    Alan HoekAlan Hoek14 ore fa
  • Ok legit question- any Eliott stans pls help me, on eliotts instagram he had a lot of racisms and kandy even spoke on him being very rude with microaggressions off camera And idk what to do

    A A A A A A A A POQA A A A A A A A POQ15 ore fa
  • The visual of Tina briefly resurrecting herself to pose and smile and then go back to being dead sends me every time

    mashed potatoesmashed potatoes16 ore fa

    Makenzie heheMakenzie hehe17 ore fa
  • Watching Kandys performance makes me ✨Uncomfy✨

    Makenzie heheMakenzie hehe17 ore fa
  • What app was kandy for?

    LoveItLeaLoveItLea17 ore fa
    • Linkedin

      apostolis plitsisapostolis plitsis14 ore fa
  • who's the animal print girl? i like her voice lol

    untrusxuntrusx18 ore fa
  • I really didn’t lie, this rusical I feel like their running out of different ideas so they just did a social media one but the singing and acting were amazing

    Anna dobrevAnna dobrev18 ore fa
    • Like*

      Anna dobrevAnna dobrev18 ore fa
  • WROST RUSICAL..........

  • Unpopular opinion: This Rusical wasn't too bad

    AbioticantAbioticant19 ore fa
  • If production gave them the outfits, how on Earth was Olivia’s and Utica’s even

    No one importantNo one important19 ore fa
  • There were so many options for who the linkd in character could have been, like Pinterest or snapchat literally any other app would have been better

    No one importantNo one important20 ore fa
  • That outfit and sunglasses did not help Symone at all

    No one importantNo one important20 ore fa
  • Everyone is sleeping on Utica and Elliot and I literally don’t know why or how😒

    24kdr3mzz24kdr3mzz20 ore fa
  • Tbh mik wasny that good but the keep eating her up

    Benjamin CBenjamin C20 ore fa
  • 3:36 best moment

    Samuel BautistaSamuel Bautista21 ora fa
  • Symone looks like monet in this

    XX 25 XXXX 25 XX21 ora fa
  • i actually liked elliots

    Tigg ThetiggerTigg Thetigger21 ora fa
  • The way they called out TikToks perfomative activism 😬

    Tobias HermanssonTobias Hermansson21 ora fa
  • I’d listen to gotmilk and denalis song over and over again 🤷🏽‍♀️

    c r e a mc r e a m21 ora fa
  • How dare you butcher cell block tango and don’t rain on my parade

    poison lovepoison love21 ora fa
  • *to collect everyoned personal data*

    Jroe On NintendoJroe On Nintendo21 ora fa
  • the expectations after madonna the rusical was so high but that doesnt excuse this crapshow...

    Jroe On NintendoJroe On Nintendo21 ora fa
  • I wanna talk to the person who ruined cell block tango in this I just want to ask when did the pain start

    poison lovepoison love21 ora fa
  • Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, alright ... but LinkIn? I mean if that was supposed to be the odd one out they didn't really lean into it, they should have done ITworlds, could have been the Rev. Dr. Mrs. You-Better-WerkTube! Instead of Resume, it would have been Like Button, maybe a 5-4-3-2-1 into an ad rap breakdown, before abruptly skipping back into the song, and at the end maybe even drop a curse word and complain about getting demonitized!

    Dark MaskDark Mask23 ore fa
  • Unpopular opinion: Olivia should be low or bottom

    Augusto PAugusto P23 ore fa
  • "Meh"

    Resymond HoustonResymond Houston23 ore fa
  • utica and tina shouldve been in the top...

    Duxaluxa3005LOLDuxaluxa3005LOLGiorno fa
  • This is the worst thing i have EVER seen ......

    Vinícius Valles AlvesVinícius Valles AlvesGiorno fa
  • I think this was the worst rusical yet...

    RorentsoRorentsoGiorno fa
  • Utica is Gigi Goode And Crystal Methyds child

    Eliana Blac RoséEliana Blac RoséGiorno fa
  • who decided anything for eliotts character? every part of it was horrible and it haunts my dreams

    Rae Is GayRae Is GayGiorno fa
  • this might actually be one of my fav rose performance despite this being maybe one of the worst rusicals in herstory,,

    mikamikaGiorno fa
    • her and utica had my favorite solos,, tho oliva def was close second for her singing solo - even her outfit was not the best.

      mikamikaGiorno fa
  • Yesss!!! Utica deserves the thumbnail

  • 8:27 ✌👩🏽

    Eggu owoEggu owoGiorno fa
  • So Symone was Instagram. Utica was Twitter. Elliott was TikTok. So what was Kandy, Facebook?

    tommy a smithtommy a smithGiorno fa
    • Ok

      tommy a smithtommy a smith20 ore fa
    • They said it in the start I think

      Daddy FishDaddy FishGiorno fa
    • Linkin

      Daddy FishDaddy FishGiorno fa
  • This was pretty Boring But Utica, Olivia, and Tina deserved WAYYYYYY better then what happened. Olivia's outfit, Tina in the bottom. and Utica SAFE?! Utica Had THE most challenging lyrics and did AMAZING! But personally My rankings are: tops: Rose, Denali, Utica, and Mik safe: Elliot, Tina, and Olivia bottoms: Kandy, and symone (idk if I forgot anyone and idk how to spell most things -w-)

    x.Bunni-Cake .xx.Bunni-Cake .xGiorno fa
  • I love uticas outfit the most out of everyone's

    tommy a smithtommy a smithGiorno fa
  • Was I the only one who thought Elliott deserved top and Utica obviously deserved it

    Cyanzebra PeepsCyanzebra PeepsGiorno fa
  • The worst Rusical ever

    Alan CostaAlan CostaGiorno fa
  • 3:35 Utica replay button

    Alan HoekAlan HoekGiorno fa
  • Can we all just agree that Elliott killed the look in this challenge? I lived for the character!

    sun0sansun0sanGiorno fa
  • I LOVE THIS SO MUCH WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK ITS BAD 😭😭😭 mik and nali sound so good!

    evie averyevie averyGiorno fa
  • Nothing personal but I have no idea how Kandy is still in the running. Listen to all the critiques... Elliott, Utica, Rose are my top 3

    Chiara OxleyChiara OxleyGiorno fa
  • Olivias outfit was well... choices

    Georgia DGeorgia DGiorno fa
  • A mess. Lmao

    Gabriel Alexander JGabriel Alexander JGiorno fa
  • “Trollers and scrollers” this was definitely written by 50 year olds

    LynnH 1223LynnH 1223Giorno fa
  • for everyone's sanity, im so glad tumblr didnt come into this.

    Ash ViperAsh ViperGiorno fa
  • A Britney Spears the rusical would have been fitting to this season

    Jeric Louis NaigJeric Louis NaigGiorno fa
  • The judges are legit pulling that face because this is. The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

    Chris BloyChris BloyGiorno fa
  • Opinions: This was meh, Utica was overlooked, rose deserved the win, Tina wasn’t THAT BAD and wtf was tik tok miss two tts? And the double save (deserved or not) was a production choice

    Confetti it's a paradeConfetti it's a paradeGiorno fa
  • what a shitty rusical. not cuz of the girls, cuz of whoever write this. yikes

    elizabeth annelizabeth annGiorno fa
  • idk if anyone said this but symone singing "heart" at around 2:40 sounds like a villager from minecraft lmao

    b i t t e r yb i t t e r yGiorno fa
  • Denali deserves better she was so underrated in the every one is talking about Mik but ignores Denali

    Kennedy MichaelKennedy MichaelGiorno fa
  • I didn’t know Katya was in here 🤣🤣. Jk

    Katie HettingerKatie HettingerGiorno fa
  • Utica deserved to be in the top 3

    Don WoodburyDon WoodburyGiorno fa
  • UTICA 💗💀😭💓🥺💖🙏🏻💓🥺💖

    Clara RodriguezClara RodriguezGiorno fa
  • I’m sorry but Utica owned this preformqnce

    Antonio CerrilloAntonio CerrilloGiorno fa
  • Am I the only one who’s still confused which social platform Kandy was supposed to be? Not Kandy’s fault just the writing

    A AA AGiorno fa
  • 6:09. You're welcome.

    Pietro Jujubee Di CarloPietro Jujubee Di CarloGiorno fa
  • Bitch Elliott was so underrated. Her vocals were on point for a Billie type song, and always delivering with the choreo.

    cad ocampocad ocampoGiorno fa
  • Y'all know why foxy said she have a bone to pick with all of the social media? Because Ms. Foxy got replaced by Ms. Google, and got left. Some people don't even know Firefox chrome still exist skakskskskldlxnssj

    john michaeljohn michaelGiorno fa
  • Why is no one talking about how sweaty everyone is

    Andry VasquezAndry VasquezGiorno fa
  • 3:36, 5:07 and 6:30 you're welcome

    Cyan MimeCyan MimeGiorno fa
  • Of all social media platforms they didn’t include Grindr...

    HansHansGiorno fa
    • what i was thinking, this episode was a mess

      jocojocoGiorno fa
  • Like i watch the epesiode but what was kandy suppose to be

    jallah's lifejallah's lifeGiorno fa
  • the writers of this musical (and especially the tiktok part)... I'm not sorry my dears. Sashay- Away

    デーモンPurpleデーモンPurpleGiorno fa
  • Love Rosè, Gotmik, and Denali but honestly thought Utica looked and did the best in her part.

    Tenten32321Tenten32321Giorno fa
  • I can’t be the only one to actually like elliots performance ??

    Sam CarsonSam CarsonGiorno fa
  • I don't use tiktok but I'm also from Gen Z, so what's the "just 15 seconds to save the earth"? Was this trending on tiktok at some point or is it a popular Gen Z thing that I'm supposed to know?

    Warlock_ WallanceWarlock_ WallanceGiorno fa
    • Okay so I (also Gen Z) don't use tiktok either, but I *think* the 15 seconds refer to the length of a tiktok and 'to save the earth' refers to the fact that it is mostly Gen Z who are concerned about the climate and social injustice and those things. That's just how I interpreted it, but I might be wrong

      k mk mGiorno fa
  • This season is so biased. Seems to be all about Symone, Olivia and gotmik. Utica should’ve been in the top and Olivia should’ve been in the bottom

    ImnotcoolImnotcool2 giorni fa
  • Whoever wrote this rusical...*reloads shotgun with totally no malicious intent*... I just wanna talk with you.

    Mihail DimitrovMihail Dimitrov2 giorni fa
  • No h&m but what olivia and this outfit is ok somehow?? Tights and a tank top that could be from gasp...... Wal-Mart?

    J SecrestJ Secrest2 giorni fa
    • In her defense, the Rusical outfits are made by the show and not by the queens. They still could have done something more interesting tho

      k mk mGiorno fa
  • I don't know who wrote toktik but i’m pretty sure they have straight dancing for you page

    lejkalejka2 giorni fa
  • Also featuring, Utica!!!

    S WayS Way2 giorni fa
  • How did Olivia win this challenge in jeggins and tennis shoes?

    S WayS Way2 giorni fa
    • She did in my mind!

      S WayS WayGiorno fa
    • she literally didnt lol

      jocojocoGiorno fa
    • Olivia didn't win though

      Buddy CaratBuddy Carat2 giorni fa
  • Utica's was so underated

    knt jroknt jro2 giorni fa
  • Love Rose in this 🤩😍

    Loretta SmithLoretta Smith2 giorni fa
  • _All people want sex not body shaming!_ *Asexuals:* _Well yes, but no..._

    [ S o l i t a ][ S o l i t a ]2 giorni fa
  • It really was shady to have denali and rose audition for the role but give it to utica without a doubt.

    OncetasticOncetastic2 giorni fa