Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake (Official Video)

19 ott 2018
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Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.
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  • You know why I’m here

    Achilles BedouetAchilles Bedouet24 minuti fa
  • I just watched this video with all lights off while tripping on acid. Today is the best day of my life.

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  • Travi patty

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  • Whos here from 2020:↩️↩️↩️↩️

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  • ...

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  • 0:25 GRIFFITH

    Thomas HughesThomas Hughes56 minuti fa
  • exelent since peru afternoon

    Abel Josue Varas ArmasAbel Josue Varas ArmasOra fa
  • Why at 1:53 that quick cameo of that chick, looks exactly identical to 6ix9ines baby momma Sara??! Is it just me or anyone else notice that??? I might be mistaking cuz it was a 1 second clip, but damn that girl looks exactly like 69s baby moms

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  • Sur coté

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  • Director: i have an idea we cou... Travis: yes

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  • Waaa

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  • 2:18

    CyberDyllCyberDyllOra fa
  • me when i get all the pokemon

    Santiago Tomás ReganSantiago Tomás ReganOra fa
  • *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

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  • Its not even that good?

    Mr SamehMr Sameh2 ore fa
  • Travis simp

    G65 PlayzG65 Playz2 ore fa
    • @Shreyas shintre don't listen to him he is a brain dead 5 year old

      FearherodoesytFearherodoesyt6 minuti fa
    • What

      Shreyas shintreShreyas shintre2 ore fa
  • Te amo

    Lupita ÁlvarezLupita Álvarez2 ore fa
  • Cool!!! Like.

    Walking in BrazilWalking in Brazil2 ore fa
  • congratulations on getting a fortnite event travis and drake

    The marvel ChickenXDThe marvel ChickenXD3 ore fa
  • i just realised this was posted on my bday, tbh thats nothing special but the song is just amazing

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  • S I C K O M O D E

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  • Today

  • i

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  • 1:00 Sasuke Gen-Jutsu

    Gamer CastGamer Cast3 ore fa
    • @Fearherodoesyt dam can’t take a joke lmao

      Gamer CastGamer Cast4 minuti fa
    • please shut he fuck up it has nothing to do with Naruto

      FearherodoesytFearherodoesyt6 minuti fa
  • Batman??

    Fachu XSFachu XS4 ore fa
  • Batman is it you?

    TottisTottis4 ore fa
  • Okay but if Travis and drake fought who would win 🤔

    devin chrishaundevin chrishaun4 ore fa
  • 2 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.

    Help me reach 25k for no reason challengeHelp me reach 25k for no reason challenge4 ore fa
  • 2 years ago and this song is still a legend

    Garisse SoudanGarisse Soudan4 ore fa
  • it's that guy from fortnite!

    Nikoss_07Nikoss_074 ore fa
  • nss lembro do ATEEZ dançando essa musica, muito boa

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  • Thailand 🇹🇭❤💸

  • GG

    Tony MancaTony Manca5 ore fa
  • RIP Maradona

    CarryMinatiCarryMinati5 ore fa
  • normal rappers: lambos and cool cars .... Travis: hehe, horse go neigh neigh

    winder zhaowinder zhao5 ore fa
  • I don't speak English but I love this song

    Fer Comino villaFer Comino villa5 ore fa
  • i don't even think this is a bad song, just that white girls using it on tik tok for unfunny shit kinda ruined it

    Najera Rodriguez RafaelNajera Rodriguez Rafael5 ore fa
    • It was more ruined by memes

      Shreyas shintreShreyas shintre2 ore fa
  • Travis killed it

    Abdulrazak AhmmedAbdulrazak Ahmmed6 ore fa
  • 4:23 xxtentacion????

    marilia cristina dos santosmarilia cristina dos santos6 ore fa
  • fortnite jeje

    Marcos Ezequiel SalomeMarcos Ezequiel Salome6 ore fa
  • Travvy patty

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  • “Ey man so how you want the edit?” Travis: “You ever had acid?”

  • He probably predicted lock down

    black nite#black nite#6 ore fa
  • I remember that song fornite it was so good

    Sam LassySam Lassy6 ore fa
  • Why is the statue of Travis' head is creepy?

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  • Hola

    Nicolás BarbajosaNicolás Barbajosa7 ore fa
  • Asu kayang

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  • buenardo

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  • I’m here before a billion! And I make beats! Check out my page!

  • Travis you are my favorite rapper

    Scarlat Alexandru StefanScarlat Alexandru Stefan7 ore fa
    • Same

      Shreyas shintreShreyas shintre2 ore fa
  • Let’s be honest this wasn’t a recommendation, you searched for it

    LucaLuca7 ore fa
  • Dad: stop changing the song Me: ...It's the same song

    PranjalPranjal7 ore fa
    • Happy ThanksGiving

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  • A

    DORIAN SmithDORIAN Smith7 ore fa
  • Yeet bring back the memes

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  • Love it

    Autistic cookie RamshawAutistic cookie Ramshaw7 ore fa
  • She in love with who I am, I wish I could say the same about me

    Aaron LamAaron Lam8 ore fa
  • Two, four months lockdown... we made no move

    Toni AnonymToni Anonym8 ore fa
  • never stop making these songs, they are very good !!

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  • i have most kills in cs go match me : im the highest in the TAB

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  • #Sickomode mafucc y'all💪💪💪👹👹

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  • Nobody: Not Even Disney: Every Movie produced by universal when The brightness darkens: 1:03

    hima Chowdhuryhima Chowdhury9 ore fa
  • My cat put this song on and now we vibeing............. nice job travis

    Emilio GanemEmilio Ganem9 ore fa
  • I love this song this was my first song

    21 Savage Vasquez21 Savage Vasquez9 ore fa
  • Nobody: Not Even Disney: Every Movie produced by universal when The brightness darkens: 1:03

    EpiccEpicc9 ore fa
    • Kapa

      SansSans6 ore fa
  • He looks very uncomfortable on that horse... maybe had more plans for the horse but it wasnt working so well ...

    Peter OBrienPeter OBrien9 ore fa
  • You know travis was high as fuck making this

    Digital XceptionDigital Xception11 ore fa
  • i bet that aliens will be vibing when they enter ASTROWORLD

    RealfinxRealfinx11 ore fa
  • אורי טמבל

    אורי המלךאורי המלך11 ore fa
  • That FUCKING beat.

    DeftonesFan867DeftonesFan86711 ore fa
  • flexing ultra pro max X 100!🤣

    Sagar DasSagar Das11 ore fa
  • I dont think travis is having a sick mode the editor is

    Augustas PAugustas P12 ore fa
  • "Bước lên show anh em tao đi đông như quân nguyên" =)))

    Thinh VuThinh Vu12 ore fa
  • Once i was at a Virgin store and some employee blasted this shit at max volume on a huge damn speaker and my eardrums almost popped lol

    — BL2277 —— BL2277 —12 ore fa
  • Nigga mode

    teddy flowerbear blueberry bearteddy flowerbear blueberry bear14 ore fa
  • Who s the white hair girl at min 2:01 ?

    George GodinaGeorge Godina14 ore fa

    Irum ZahraIrum Zahra15 ore fa
  • Travis scott is the last great rapper

    the sandmanthe sandman15 ore fa
  • 4:23 wow the disrespect

    joey conigjoey conig15 ore fa
    • its xxxtentacion if anyone didnt know

      joey conigjoey conig4 ore fa
  • Yesterday i donated my phone, wallet and watch to a poor guy. You cant imagine the happiness that i felt as i saw him putting the gun back on his pocket.

    Ashley RafolsAshley Rafols15 ore fa
  • This song is on fire 🔥

    Jose ChavarriaJose Chavarria15 ore fa
  • Fun fact he's girlfriend is the daughter of Bruce Jenner and he is now a woman since 2015

    San Andreas GamerSan Andreas Gamer15 ore fa
  • This look 😎✌️

    Maxi XD GAMER TAGMaxi XD GAMER TAG15 ore fa
  • who else watching in 2023 lmaao this quarantine got me back into pre apocalypse songs

    Christian AlinsugayChristian Alinsugay15 ore fa
  • mems

    SloomSloom15 ore fa
  • Travis Scott: Sicko mode Producer WTF is that ITworlds be like: Sicko mode song, that hot

    Michael VitharanaMichael Vitharana16 ore fa
    • L

      Skull TikoSkull Tiko16 ore fa
  • Hey Travis Scott you got your fortnight live event and it was really cool and good

    Gochin PepGochin Pep16 ore fa
  • Still this song in 2020......... ITS LIT

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha16 ore fa
  • great beat, great lyrics

    27C7227C7216 ore fa
  • i dont understand how this shit takes about a dozen "writers" to make. also drake gets fucked up on half a xan... lightweight.

    aboveaxisaboveaxis17 ore fa

  • If Aliens find this when we're gone, make sure we put the "Sweet Victory" tease in front of it to show how disappointing our life was going.

    Ace The EccentricAce The Eccentric17 ore fa
  • sucko mode

    Mangio le rose e così cosa With Weird ArtworkMangio le rose e così cosa With Weird Artwork17 ore fa
  • You act like a kid to me MR.BURNS

    John Patrick BurnsJohn Patrick Burns18 ore fa
  • Tell me more

    John Patrick BurnsJohn Patrick Burns18 ore fa
  • Like you know JESUS

    John Patrick BurnsJohn Patrick Burns18 ore fa
  • Yeah stop acting like you dont no noe me

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  • This what I mean forget RAP devil

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  • Goats live 18 to 15 years then HOW IS TRAVIS SCOTT ALIVE

    Kaden HockKaden Hock18 ore fa
  • 00:01 Sounds like cat chorus

    Noon NostalgiaNoon Nostalgia18 ore fa
  • "Aku Sayang Kamu,Asu Kayang"

    Farel PramedhaniFarel Pramedhani19 ore fa